Inspecting The Factors Affecting Brand Choice Of Youth Marketing Essay

Adolescents and immature grownups are now a yearss one of the most attractive and appealing market sections for the companies. It is one of the turning markets of today ‘s universe as teens and immature grownups are now indulging themselves more into the ingestion activities. This sort of young person market come across many trade names while purchasing the merchandises from which they have to do their pick.As we know that childs are often motivated by the assorted factors and due to outgrowth of young person market, the research on impacting factors have become of import as these factors influence their ingestion forms ( Eftychia & A ; Strong, 2006 ) . This survey is hence designed to analyze the different factors that affect the trade name pick of adolescents and immature grownups.

Adolescents and childs are considered of import market as in future they will go in future the worth clients for the company ( Spero & A ; Stone, 2004 ) .The factors impacting the trade name pick therefore are of import to be studied because the ingestion behaviours in immature age affect the behaviour at ulterior phase ( Mratin & A ; Bush, 2000 ) . There are a batch of factors that affect the trade name pick of adolescents and immature grownups. These act uponing factors can be societal factors like civilization, societal category, mention groups and besides these there might be some personal factors such as motive, personality, self image, beliefs and attitude ( Grant & A ; Stephen, 2005 ) .The factors like household, friends, advertizements, attitude, trade name monetary value, gross revenues point and gross revenues people and trade name quality and image were considered by Ali Akdemir and Selin Temil ( 2010 ) during their on childs trade name pick while they buy a nomadic phone. We would be hence finding the most influencing factor out of these seven factors that affect the young person of Pakistan in their trade name pick by sing Mobile phone Industry as an illustration.

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Mobile phones have become nomadic phones have become an simple portion of communicating. Few old ages back nomadic phones were merely a communicating tool for senior people but now a yearss immature people are more involved in nomadic phone purchases. They non merely see nomadic phones as merely a tool of communicating but besides a beginning of amusement. This attitude towards the nomadic phone influences the trade name pick of these immature people. The most common factor studied for the trade name pick of nomadic phone is the belongingss and characteristics of nomadic phones. , nevertheless the childs get influenced by many other underlying factors that affect their trade name pick sing the Mobile phones which will be focused in our survey.

We know that adolescents and immature people can be targeted through their emotions and advertizements are the beginning that can non merely impact the emotions but besides convey the hidden messages ( Devi & A ; Kotwal, 2008 ) .Therefore advertizements can be termed as major medium of act uponing the trade name pick of adolescents as they are present everyplace impacting the day-to-day lives of people puting themselves as one of the most noticeable mean of companies ‘ selling scheme. Childs presents are sedate users of media ; they get influence by different agencies of advertisement nevertheless they choose these media harmonizing to their personalities and communal demands therefore the advertisement mediums to aim these immature people are selected on the footing of each medium ‘s benefits and restrictions ( Cheoung, 2006 ) .For case telecasting advertizements addition childs interaction sing their ingestion with their parents as they can discourse it more with them and diminish the equal consequence ( Churchill & A ; Moschis, 1979 ) as they get more interacted with the parents while watching telecasting at place.

Person acquire affected by advertizement during every stage of life but advertisement is really of import during the adolescent periods of consumer because the consumer advertisement attitude and credibleness are formed during this clip period ( Moore & A ; Moshis, 1978 ) .Advertisements can play a really critical function in trade name pick of childs particularly females as they fancy themselves at topographic point of different theoretical accounts in the advertizements and determine their purchasing behaviours consequently ( Adomaitis & A ; Johnson, 2008 ) .

Though the witting facets of pick devising are studied a batch but the non witting factors have been ignored. Attitude is one of the non-conscious influencer on consumer trade name pick ( Fitzsimon, Hutchison, & A ; Williams, 2002 ) .For case male striplings are more concerned about their trade name pick this might be because they have more mercenary attitude and societal motives in order to construct position among his equals. Therefore the research workers are today be concentrating on the extent of attitude effects on the pick of consumer ( Greenwald & A ; Banaji 1995 ) .

These attitudes although greatly affect the trade name pick of the consumer nevertheless can themselves be affected due to the misinformation

sing the merchandise in the advertizements and existent merchandise experience

( Braun, 1999 ) .

These attitudes may besides acquire be affected by certain factors that might be the external or internal, for case the community in which the individual lives influences the attitude of the persons ( Howard & A ; Gengler, 2000 )

Brand image to a much extent is involved in trade name pick devising of childs. It is the defining term for trade name as perceive by the consumers same as the individuals are perceived in footings of their personalities in head of others ‘ ( Xue, 2008 ) . ) .If the companies are successful in making a positive trade name image in heads of consumers, trade name trueness of the consumer would be increased ( Roth, 1995 ) and therefore their trade name pick would be affected.

In the same manner trade name quality is perceived by the childs while purchasing the merchandise but it might be affected by assorted factors for case it can be influenced by the topographic point from where it is bought ( Jehangir & A ; Parvez, 2009 ) that means that point of gross revenues does impact the trade name quality perceptual experience and finally the trade name pick.

Consumers learn about the trade name and merchandises through socialisation known as consumer socialisation and household is one of the important influencer in this socialisation procedure. Family influences striplings ‘ ingestion and trade name pick as it is the major beginning of information and attitude development for these childs. And with the transition of clip this influence might acquire reduced due to change in relationships with the parents ( Felthom, 1998 ) . Family members purchasing behaviour can be imitated by the younger 1s in the household ( Moore & A ; Moschis, 1983 ) where it is non normally necessary that the influencer is the expert of the merchandise to be bought by the consumer ( Martenson & A ; Gronholdt, 2008 ) . As in most of instances the immature grownups and the adolescents depend financially on their parents, the younger people normally consider the function of their household members if the merchandises are high monetary value and if any societal hazard is involved ( Moschis, Moore & A ; Stephens 1977 ) .However the extent to which a household can exercise force per unit area sing the childs purchase determination depends on how concerned is the individual in the merchandise or trade name to be bought ( Levy & A ; Lee, 2004 )

It was found that friends go the important beginning of information sing trade name when kids reach their adolescence ( Moschis & A ; Moore, 1980 ) .Friends can therefore influence the trade name pick of the adolescents and childs. They might desire to travel for the trade names that are suggested by the friends or they might travel for different trade names in order to distinguish themselves from others ( Ariely & A ; Levav, 2000 ) so that they can bespeak their societal individuality ( Wernerfelt, 1990 ) .Thus these sort of mention and equal groups are used by the advertizers in order to actuate the consumers to travel for the peculiar trade name and merchandises ( Bearden & A ; Etzel, 1982 ) .

Besides all of the above discussed factors, function of trade name monetary value ever plays an of import function in childs purchasing behaviour as they get influence by other factors like sum of money available ( Hyat & A ; Dotson, 2005 ) that will do it executable for them to travel for a peculiar trade name.

In visible radiation of the above groundss of factors set uping consumer purchases we conclude that these factors have a function in young person market ‘s purchasing behaviour and trade name pick therefore we would be finding the function of above discussed factors in trade name pick of adolescents and immature grownups of Pakistan ‘s young person market while buying nomadic phones.


The study was conducted among 600 pupils based on the convenience sampling, from the 20 universities of duplicate metropoliss Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The respondents were to make full a ego administered questionnaire sing the function of the seven selected factors during their trade name pick of nomadic phone. The questionnaire consisted of few questions about demographics of the respondents and likert sentences sing the factors influence. Out of these 600 respondents, 7 were beyond our considered age group of childs. The study information was evaluated with the aid of SPSS. The most influencing factor was calculated by sing the sample as a whole while for the difference in factors ‘ influence, the respondents were divided into two groups ; 17-19 and from 20-25.

Analysis of Research findings

The demographic traits of the research sample are given in the tabular array 1.The sample consist of 48 % of males and 52 % of females. 46 % of the respondents autumn in the first age group from 17-19 old ages of age while the remainder of 54 % are of age 20-25.Almost 26 % of the respondents are presently utilizing the trade name Sony Ericsson while 31 % of the sample childs are holding their monthly outgos between 9000-12000 PKR.

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