International experience for young professionals

The chief intent of this study is to analysis the increasing importance on international experience for immature professionals. This study includes a instance survey about the experience of 14 Jordanian nursing alumnuss in American ( DeLucai??2005 ) . It besides makes a treatment incorporating the effects of international civilization and Earth environment on work attitudes, concern civilization, organisation civilization, and personal calling development.

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These Jordanian nursing alumnus pupils study in American would meet some jobs of transverse civilization, and those experiences would do them loneliness, anxiousness and feeling stressful, which could hold some affects on their future professional nursing ( DeLuca, 2005 ) . When they made a good ability to set to the nursing survey life in American, the different state learning manner and admittance standards became good to the Middle Eastern or Jordanian pupils. Their categories could allow them hold a better apprehension on the wellness attention in Jordan ( Kambutu, 2008 ) .

Of class, the meaningful international experience enemy across acquisition, these Jordanian pupils could take more attendings to the necessary working accomplishments, incorporating ague attention, place attention, preventative wellness, and the ability of communicating with nursing equals. The future nursing working picks for them would besides be wider and they can independently take challenges ( Pence, 2008 ) .

With the larning experience in American, the Jordanian nursing pupils would alter their attitudes on nursing work. They would go more positive and take enterprise to larn much more professional cognition. The differences of two states civilization besides have an affect on their apprehension on wellness attention or nursing professional. Confronting the same job, these Jordanian pupils have more positions to decide in their calling development.


For the classs survey of nursing pupils, it is necessary to hold consciousness of the political, societal and civilization influences on wellness attention. And besides the state ‘s ethic would impact the patient ‘s particular demands. So these above facets should be designed into the nursing instruction in diverse states.

To accomplish this intent, the different universities have different methods to develop nursing alumnuss, which are largely due to the civilization and faith difference. For illustration, the nursing pupils in Northern Ireland would hold an intensive feeling on that state ‘s two chief political signifiers: Protestant-British and Catholic-Irish. The Protestant-British people are really hard to understand the other group people ‘s interior feelings, particularly for those nursing pupils or health-care workers. So the nursing pedagogues or pupils should larn the regional or national civilization and faith before they set up a friendly relationship with patient household and take into the nursing professional.

When many nursing pupils could hold chance to analyze on board, the results of international experience in developed and developing states, incorporating personal and professional development, is different ( Thompson, 2000 ) . It is said that the nursing pupils should be given adequate cognition and practical accomplishments developing for wellness attention. Some pupils in developing states had positive consideration about this experience in developing states. They thought that they get insight into planetary position on civilization struggles and broad communicating on different professional accomplishments and wellness beliefs ( Green, 2008 ) . And the future professional connotation changed clear after the international acquisition experience. The same feelings had besides happened in developed state nursing survey. More importance is their ways of thought besides have changed, and became more international.

Jordan is the state with Islam as their chief faith, and the Islamic civilization has a profound impact on national life. The faith is a lifestyle and could make up one’s mind work attitude. They should obey the societal ethic, such as honouring parents, fall ining in the spiritual motions and so on. These Middle Eastern nursing pupils had hard jobs in fiscal, new linguistic communication, societal values and imposts and solitariness when they study in American universities. But the international experience would be of import and good to their hereafter wellness attention works.

The consequence of international experience on immature professional calling

International experience for the organisation have a positive function in advancing person ‘s work attitude, organisational civilization, determining, every bit good as leading and decision-making capacity.

The consequence of faith and civilization on work attitude

Because of it accent on faith and civilization, the spiritual activity would be first towards to work for the Jordan people. To some grade, the rating of occupation public presentation and ability will be added to the spiritual overtones. In Jordan, the state ‘s wellness attention service and nurse work, including communicating with patients, nursing attention and drug disposal, must take into history the different local characteristics. In the United States, faith is besides more varied, people ‘s medical intervention picks range from the patient ‘s specific patterns are considered less. Peoples are more interested in leisure clip outside of work, many professions have more preparation and exchange chances, and the employees are extremely nomadic. And the medical and nursing attention criterions in American are besides higher than that in Jordan.

The international experience comprises the reading of different states and parts ‘ civilization and usage, concern theoretical account and public policy and ethic. It besides contains the work experience in transnational and study experience in abroad. To these nursing pupils of Jordan survey in the United States, the acquisition experience abroad would be a sort of luck in their hereafter nursing attention. Treatment of nursing doctrine, work environment, will do them believe about how to break use advanced scientific and technological agencies in their profession. Their work attitude would be more positive and have an unfastened position on the wellness attention.

The consequence of national civilization on concern and organisation civilization

Differences in national civilization will hold an impact on the organisation or corporate culturei??not merely impact the development of each employee. The organisation as an economic entity, the constitution of its aims, scheme execution and the direction and operation of the full company will be the company where the state ‘s cultural impact. Even transnational companies are the same. Individual ‘s calling development will besides be indirectly affected by the impact of different cultural backgrounds. New workplace occupational ends, construct of organisation value, and the apprehension of corporate civilization, would hold an impact on the future self-development. Successful concern or organisation demands to hold good coordination of external and internal factors ( Carlsson, 2005 ) . Organizations on domestic and foreign policies and economic conditions of certainty, accommodation of organisational construction, leting persons obtain the ability to complex analysis of the state of affairs. And therefore the directors could hold control over the overall development of industry.

In Jordan and the United States, nursing calling direction have different direction attacks. Due to the different features of wellness attention system, at the beginning for these nursing pupils come ining the nursing profession, they can recognize the points of national civilization direction among different features of the industry. By understanding two different national wellness attention industry direction behaviours, they can more rapidly incorporate into this nursing profession, and have a more profound apprehension of these relationships with infirmary decision makers, co-workers, and patients. This international experience for wellness attention has a positive function on betterment and publicity of work ability.

3.3 The consequence of international environment on scheme and leading ability

If persons want to hold a development in calling, they must cultivate the leading and decision-making capacity. The organisation ‘s leading can non be all right in different national civilization systems trade with the impact of the organisation and alteration. Directors should be faced with different cultural forms, seting their direction and leading behaviour ( Magnusson, 2006 ) . For different state of affairss, it must set up clear and distinguishable regulations. Particularly in the multi-national companies, directors or executives need to be adjusted as the features of cross-cultural direction and to modify the decision-making, keeping the organisation ‘s rapid development ( Demir, 2007 ) . Due to cultural differences in different states, doing right determinations for whole organisation becomes more complicated and hard ( Li, 2009 ) .

For directors who have international experience, they can hold better comprehension of international state of affairs, including the international market, client and merchandise state of affairs ( Ferrariai??2005 ) . So that it is besides contributing to the full company or organisation ‘s long-run development. Similarly, the Jordan ‘s international learning experience of nursing pupils could acquire advancement in the wellness attention industry, and the possible development would be even greater. Even when they are promoted to the senior attention executive, their international experience is besides good to farther self-reformation.


In decision, the international experience is going more and more of import for immature professionals. The international state of affairs and national cultural features would hold a profound impact on all sectors. Regional or inter-regional economic cooperation is turning. Global diverseness has provided more options for concern and personal development. The development of commercial activities is besides a topic affected by the cultural, political, economic, and legal factors. Staff with international experience, can break accommodate to their ain occupations in the diverse and altering environment, and they could be able to fine-tune and adapt to organisations and companies. Actively take part in international co-operation and competition, can increase an employee ‘s ain fight, so that they have the universe ‘s planetary position and an unfastened mentality.

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