Internet application and electronic commerce

The Internet is an international computing machine web. It connects computing machine webs all over the universe. Peoples can acquire different sorts of information from cyberspace, and it is widely used in existent life. About the Internet Applications, we can chew the fat, play games, or shop something. Furthermore, advertisement and shopping are all used in Internet. At the same clip, Pizza Hut introduced on-line services and bringing system. It can present to the clients online and its e-commerce is so popular in our lives. Peoples can book and order the nutrient with the cyberspace anyplace.

My study is sing research on the cyberspace application based on two parts. One is the Internet, and another one is E-commerce. This study begins with a brief treatment of Pizza Hut to give an overview on online system. Then, comparing and building the treatment about similarities and differences in Pizza Hut.

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Internet application

Internet is really of import in our lives. Peoples frequently use it to pass on, acquire information online, every bit same as shopping. It besides linked people ‘s lives closely. However, Pizza Hut is utilizing those to pull more clients on cyberspace.

Communication is the most popular used in Internet, with email exceeding the list of all the engineerings used. Some types of communicating engineerings used include email treatment groups, picture and cyberspace telephone. It can give people to make a good environment for on-line communicating. At the same clip, client can besides link and direct electronic mail to Pizza Hut functionary web site when they have some remark ions and suggestions about telling online. Pizza Hut will reply and cover with your electronic mail every bit shortly as possible.

Online information is really of import for clients to purchase merchandises. Companies or endeavors provide relevant information through the web so that clients can understand more about merchandises. Customers can take to buy the merchandise through the company ‘s relevant information. Pizza Hut offers a batch of merchandise information to clients. Customers can take a assortment of merchandises online. Customers understand Pizza Hut the merchandise description and merchandise services, and purchase their satisfaction of pizza through the cyberspace.

Online shopping is the procedure whereby consumers straight buy goods or services from a marketer in real-time, without an intermediary service over the Internet. In order to run into the client ‘s ordination demands, Pizza Hut introduced on-line ordering service. Peoples can take their favorite pizza online. In on-line ordination, Pizza Hut ‘s bill of fare has many different sorts of pizza. Peoples can order the pizza which they want to eat through this bill of fare. Pizza ordered online can be delivered to your place really rapidly. It can salvage clip for you when you are busy at working.

Therefore, Internet is widely used in our lives. It contains communicating, information, and shopping online plays an of import function on the lives of people.


E-commerce merely means the minutess or footings of sale that are performed electronically. Buyers and Sellerss carry out assorted concern activities on the cyberspace, to accomplish on-line minutess between concerns. Therefore, E-commerce concern dealing includes, Business to consumer ( B2C ) , Consumer to consumer ( C2C ) and Business to concern ( B2B ) .

Business to concern ( B2B ) is through the Internet for merchandises, services and information exchange. This procedure includes Release supply-demand information, order and confirms orders, find the distribution program and supervise bringing procedure, etc. For case, Pizza Hut makers to do more delightful pizza, they needed flour mills supply good flour. To do makers convenience and fast to the flour Millss conduct a dealing, Pizza Hut makers and Millss for online concern minutess. During the class of the dealing both parties must corroborate orders and to guarantee a successful order. When Pizza Hut has been sent to the maker to corroborate goods, it will corroborate the payment to the Millers.

Consumer to consumer ( C2C ) e-commerce refers to e-commerce in which both the purchaser and the marketer are persons ( non concerns ) . C2C is conducted in several ways on the Internet. Furthermore, Pizza Hut in order to pull more clients, they give purchasers and Sellerss an on-line platform for on-line trading. They provide pizza to seller on the Internet, and the marketer in conformity with their pizza sold to purchasers at sensible monetary values. They make purchasers can eat to lower monetary values than usual the pizza.

Business to consumer ( B2C ) describes activities of concerns functioning terminal consumers with merchandises or services. It sells its merchandises or services to consumers over the Internet for its ain usage. Pizza Hut offers pizza online, clients can take any pizza. In order to hike gross revenues, pizza hut conducted a series of gross revenues publicity activity. In this gross revenues during the client can purchase low monetary value of pizza.

In general, E-commerce gives the clients the chance to look for cheaper and quality merchandises for people ‘s life and convey convenience.


Internet amusement consists of any activity which provides a recreation or permits people to divert themselves in their leisure clip. There are many ways online amusement. For illustration, game, picture, music and film, etc. However, some big companies are really advanced thought. In order to increase gross revenues rate, its merchandises made some related life or little game, to pull more clients to purchase the merchandise. They have the signifier of life or game to present their merchandises or new merchandises listed to clients. It can do the clients in assorted signifiers of information learn about the merchandises.

I think the Pizza Hut Company should increase some amusement undertaking for clients in online. Such as, life, game and picture ; when Pizza Hut introduced new merchandises, they can through life or picture to demo their merchandises. It can besides give clients more graphic and image show of new merchandises, and the client through the life and picture of the Pizza Hut pizza more relevant content. In the interim, Pizza hut should besides present some pizza little game to pull kids. So the kids can play games in the procedure of conveying the merriment to bask pizza. Animation, picture and game debut will convey more benefits to the Pizza Hut.


Harmonizing to the study done, Pizza hut can be said as the pizza leader in the industry. Pizza Hut has a complete system about internet application. Based on this information engineering system, Pizza Hut has become the most valuable trade name in a planetary pizza industry. Through the Internet and E-commerce, Pizza Hut will make the best on its cyberspace application.

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