Interview With The Women Entrepreneur Marketing Essay

Now-a-days, Entrepreneurship is one among the most often heard footings in the Management watercourse. We see many intelligence columns and concern articles speaking about the successful enterprisers and their journey. An enterpriser is the 1 who innovates and identifies new ways of making successful and profitable concern. There are many persons or spouses who started up with a simple but an advanced thought and made immense sum of profitable concern along with good deliverables. Everyone with such thoughts and executions can be termed as an enterpriser. Entrepreneurship activities can non be generalized and reported. They vary harmonizing to the type of concern, environment and creativeness that might be involved. Entrepreneurship can be nurtured and learnt as a procedure. But, an persons ‘ character, desire to larn and run a concern, and some portion of fortune is required to accomplish the success. Acknowledging the demand, growing and benefits in the field of entrepreneurship, Management surveies are seeking to promote the range by presenting it as a construct of direction in the acquisition procedure.

The United Arab Emirates, holding observed the drastic alterations in the outside universe has started advancing entrepreneurship activities through assorted channels. The recent proclamation made by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan sing the entrepreneurship activities shows their committedness towards developing entrepreneurship activities. “ We are determined to be regional leaders. Successful entrepreneurship, we believe, will lend significantly to sustainable economic development and the edifice of a knowledge-based society, ” said Al Nahayan. He besides added that UAE would be committed towards advancing and developing entrepreneurship.

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UAE besides encourages adult females enterprisers by supplying them needed support, acknowledgment and therefore actuating others towards success. A study by Tanmia squad headed by Dubai and Abu Dhabi consultative panel in 2003 has provided the statistics and elaborate analysis of adult females enterprisers in and around UAE.

Bing interested towards entrepreneurship and related activities, adult females entrepreneurship particularly in Arabic states motivated me to carry on an interview and describe the inside informations. I conducted a personal interview with the one of the recent and immature successful adult females enterpriser, Mariam Mohammed Ahmed, proprietor of It is a 40-60 min interesting interaction and great learning experience. This study summarizes the whole inside informations with the purpose to propagate the successful journey to larn and better in 1s ‘ ain sphere.

Mariam Mohammed Ahmed

Mariam Mohammed Ahmed has been graduated from DWC in the twelvemonth 2000, finishing her grade in the Applied concern Science. Get downing her calling in 1999 with HSBC in the banking industry ; she is one among the first batches to undergo staff officers ‘ trainee plan with the name MUSTABALAK. She had experienced corporate banking every bit good as trade services for about 3 old ages remaining with HSBC. She played a cardinal function in the induction of the Factoring Services plan which is foremost of its sort in HSBC. She switched into the field of Audits and Management by fall ining the Highness Rulers ‘ tribunal in the Finance & A ; Audit section. She experienced audits direction for 6 old ages by remaining the Rulers ‘ tribunal after her outstanding public presentation at HSBC. Mariam Mohammed Ahmed is noted as the first Emirate female to take as the Head of Audit sector in the Financial Audit Department.

Leading and playing such cardinal functions, she entered as an enterpriser by get downing the web site which is foremost of its sort. provides services to everything related nuptialss and other activities. She besides a member of Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid constitution of immature concern Leaders. In her words, “ The regulations and ordinances of the College as a whole aid the pupils to go self-asserting and disciplined alumnuss and the graduation undertaking by itself combines all accomplishments required for a pupil to be ready for the workplace ” .


Murshed Mohammed Ahmed, one of the co-founders of has observed the tendencies and traditions followed in the Arab matrimonies. There are batch of activities involved in the nuptialss and the whole map can be organized good by spliting into group of similar activities and specializers working on them. He felt that incorporating all these and supplying services to them could be an first-class Emirati matrimony concern and surveyed market to place the functionalities of each of the nuptials related merchandises or sections. He observed that in the Emirati matrimony concern, most of the service suppliers runing from caterers to creative persons, including frock shapers, lensmans, and performing artists do non supply the information which the bride really looks for but focal points on other characteristics which the brides might really non be interested in. started off as a site that would supply an Emirati bride all that she is looking for a matrimony. Identifying this demand for supplying more precise and accurate information sing assorted services for would- be Emirati brides, classified the assorted necessities into 20 classs and offers the information on these services in a simple and easy manner and in Emirati speech pattern so that the brides can understand better.

Idea & A ; Implementation

Inspired by the above inside informations, Murshed Mohammed Ahmed and his spouse Mariam Mohammed Ahmed started Yebab is a name derived from Arab which means celebratory whistling made particularly by the adult females during w2eddings. It is disposed for the site which provides services which include all nuptials related merchandises by the persons from caterers to frock shapers. It besides provides the inside informations of the creative persons, lensmans and traditional instrumentalists who are once more one among the most common nuptials jubilation activities in UAE. Yebab targets local clients merely by supplying services entirely to the Arabic people following Arabic traditions and cater particularly to the Arabic nuptials maps. The basic thought behind the site is to make the bride head straight and supply all those services in traditional and Arabic manner.

With this thought behind the background, both the spouses Mr. Musheed Ahmed and Mariam Ahmed planned to research cyberspace to supply the best of its services. Internet provides flexibleness but demands small overhead. With the aid of internet one can get down gaining before one spends anything. It is the hereafter of any concern. Therefore, by supplying rank to assorted marrying related merchandise specializers and service suppliers, they made an on-line portal supplying Arabians to entree their portal for cognizing approximately best of Arab nuptials services and set up them consequently. This is done sometimes utilizing pictures or images and it caters to a broad scope of gustatory sensations and budgets for the Emirati brides. In this manner, constructing an online web site and portal, has been a successful and profitable concern from the really beginning. The success has grown to such an extent that now the proprietors of the charges the service suppliers to read complete page on

Team and the Initiative

As mentioned above Murshed Mohammed Ahmed was the 1 with the thought to get down up with the Emirate Marriage Web concern. In the get downing itself he felt that it would necessitate a adult female for the concern to set up successfully. Keeping this in head, he started online seeking for the proceedings of the concern every bit good as a adult female with free clip and possible to get down up the concern. He so found his ain cousin sister, Mariam Ahmed finishing her Business graduation from Dubai Women ‘s ‘ college. Both of them as a brace and squad started up with Initially Mr. Ahmed has surveyed through their vicinities for the well known service suppliers and ahd observed their procedure of working. Miss Ahmed went through assorted facets of bride and her wants during nuptialss. Both of them so updated their web site with advertizements and services and created a portal for service suppliers to register and publicize themselves.

They did non confront much of hurdlings in the beginning because is the first nuptials portal in the UAE and they succeeded in the market from the really first twenty-four hours. Slowly with growing in the concern and the market, competition increased but maintained their service quality and has sustained in the concern doing new coactions and determinations. For illustration, National Net Ventures which is an Internet keeping company whose nucleus map is to develop online and synergistic ventures particularly web-based, has invested in the has made such a great bid in the market which forced N2V to put hugeA sum in, specialized in forming marrying jubilations in the UAE. The integrating of both these portals one being a complete nuptials concern portal and other being and investing portal, it would be a great chance offering value to assorted on-line communities particularly adult females communities in the UAE part.

Future Advancement holding more than 100 listed stores, nuptials merchandises and professional service suppliers makes immense net income. They gain income from the Advertising services every bit good from the minutess made by clients online. Supplying these services they make good sum every bit good as provide clients with better merchandises and trades.

Ms. Ahmed says it is merely a portion of their concern and it is turning at a good gait. She announced that they would shortly be establishing their portals in Saudi Arabia and Egypt every bit good spread outing their concern to farther geographicss. She besides said that e-commerce is still non that extensive in usage in UAE. She says that people do detect advertizements and tag their penchants but they do shopping offline instead than booking online. She said that they are seeking to better on this line to do their concern more productive and profitable. She besides said that they are aiming societal networking sites to propagate their concern and spread out successfully.

When questioned about the reproduction of thought, she said that demographically UAE is a immature populated state and engineering is playing a large function here. So she says that though it is non a new thought, reproduction of the concern in other states in the Arabic linguistic communication certainly would non neglect.

Interview Questions

All the above discussed inside informations are reported from the replies given by Ms. Mariam Mohammed Ahmed for the below mentioned inquiries. The inquiries were framed to understand the entrepreneurship constructs, about and its services, function of enterpriser and the benefits.

Entrepreneurship related Questions

What is meant by Entrepreneurship and who harmonizing to you is an enterpriser?

What made you take this field to make your concern?

Do you hold any function theoretical account as an enterpriser?

Whom do you experience as rivals for you in your concern?

How are you be aftering to go on your concern?

Are there any new programs to diversify?

How did you get down this concern? Who helped you in your journey?

How did you pull off the fundss and the net income devising of your concern?

How did you continue to implement the thought?

Are you satisfied with your public presentation in the market?

Personal Questions

Can you state us about your educational background?

Is it that you ever wanted to be an enterpriser or it happened?

What is the function of your household in your engagement in the concern?

If you have to give it to a individual individual the whole recognition, to whom it would be?

How did you experience when you were recognized as a member in the Young Business Leaders group?

How was your experience with Dubai Women College? related Questions

What is the function played by Mr. Ahmed in this concern?

Whose thought was it, yours or Mr. Ahmed?, how did you come up with the name?

Can you state us the position of your concern presently?

Do you hold any marks to accomplish?

Are you be aftering to increase and diversify your portal?

Are there any other persons involved with in the background?

How do you desire to publicize your merchandise in a individual line?


March 17, 2011

Dear Mariam Mohammad Ahmed,

It was so a great pleasance to run into with the successful adult female enterpriser in the UAE. It is a existent award for me to talk about the entrepreneurial constructs and discuss with you the inside informations of your merchandise

An enterpriser is the 1 who extremely advanced, antiphonal, flexible, organized, and enthusiastic which are all the features I was able to detect in you. In add-on to them, you besides possess an interesting characteristic of simple and cool minded while reacting throughout my interaction.

If given an chance, I would love to run into you once more and acquire an update over and its accomplishments. I am grateful to you for passing your valuable clip with me sharing your experiences with me.


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