Introduction Of Electronic Industry In Mexico Marketing Essay

Mexican electronic industry succeeds in the universe markets. Mexico is a taking maker of electronics and electronic devices in high-demand worldwide, such as cell phones, video game appliances, computing machines and telecastings, stand foring 1000000s of dollars in exports and Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) .

The industrial sector as a whole has benefited from trade liberalisation ; in 2000 it accounted for about 90 % of all export net incomes.

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Major Mexican industries include nutrient and drinks, baccy, chemicals, Fe and steel, crude oil, excavation, fabrics, vesture, motor vehicles, consumer durable goodss, touristry.

One of the fastest turning industries in Mexico and presently ranked fourth worldwide as an IT services supplier. Mexico has an mean growing rate of 15 % and a entire market value of US $ 4.03 billion ( 2010 ) .


Mexico ‘s electronic industry has a long history. Companies bring forthing points such as modular circuits for telephone equipment, treating units, computing machine equipment, telephone exchanging setup or laptop computing machines, have been runing in Mexico since the 1970s. Firms like Burroughs and Motorola were the first to detect and do the most of Mexico ‘s advantages. In the 1970s, both companies established maquiladora workss, giving birth to what 20 old ages subsequently would go the Mexican Silicon Valley, in the metropolis of Guadalajara.

Today, there are over 730 fabrication workss related to the electronic industry in Mexico. Eight out of 10 of the universe ‘s largest fabrication service providers operate in the state, including houses such as Flextronics, Jabil Circuit, Celestica and Sanmina SCI. Maps generated by the Ministry of Economy, mark the location of the most representative industries.

Electronicss is one of the fastest turning industries in Mexico in footings of export potency. Between 2003 and 2009, Mexican electronic industry exports registered an mean one-year growing of 17.1 % . In 2010, the sector exported 71.4 billion dollars ( Bachelor of Divinity ) , 20 % more than the old twelvemonth, stand foring 28 % of Mexican non-oil exports.

Presently, Mexico is the 2nd largest provider of electronic merchandises to the US market, which comprises sound and picture, telecommunications, computing machine equipment, and its parts. Mexico besides exports to other of import markets such as Canada, the Netherlands, Colombia, and Finland. It is besides deserving foregrounding that Mexico is the 3rd largest exporter of cell phones with gross revenues of 9.8 dollar in 2009.

Mexican electronic industry succeeds in the universe markets Success in audio and picture Big international houses like Electrolux, ABB, Areva, Within the electronic industry sector in Mexico, Television fabrication has become a hi-tech bunch, in which level screen TVs represent about 25 % of Mexican electronic industry one-year exports.

The most representative sound and picture electronic companies are located in Mexico, such as Samsung, Sony, Sanyo, JVC and Pioneer. In 2009, Mexico was ranked as the universe ‘s largest exporter of level screen TVs in the universe, above states like China, Germany and the US. In 2010, Mexican exports of level screen Television reached 17.4 Bachelor of Divinity, 12 % growing compared to 2009.

Mexico has a wealth of modern and extremely advanced industries that contributes a important part to its GDP.

Market overview

Mexico is presently the 2nd largest provider of electronics to the US, after China. Mexico besides became the universe ‘s largest manufacturer of smart phones and the 2nd largest exporter of telecastings. In 2011, the sector exported US $ 75.4 billion.

This burgeoning industry has become the chief economic activity in some metropoliss such as Tijuana, Guadalajara and Ciudad Juarez. Under the maquila strategy these metropoliss have propelled Mexico as the primary manufacturer of electronic merchandises demanded in the sound, picture, computer science, and commercial equipment markets. This has been achieved by holding a fabrication focal point that has been shifted from high-volume low-mix, to low-volume high-mix merchandises. The skilled work force, strategic location, big providers and supply ironss and logistics are the chief grounds for turn uping in the state. Mexico is the state with the lowest industry constituent fabrication costs, being 18.2 % above other states such as U.S. , Canada, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Japan.

Between 2000 and 2010, Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) in the electronic sector registered a sum of US $ 20.55 billion, concentrating on the production of information sciences process equipments and trim parts for communicating devices. In 2011, the Foreign Direct Investment totaled US $ 616.7 million.

Because of this and due to Mexico ‘s immature turning endowment, each twelvemonth more than 114,000 pupils of technology and engineering related Fieldss graduate from Mexican universities. Electric and electronic industries have had an of import development in the state.

More than 90 % of endeavors in Mexico are SMEA?s and 65 to 70 % of them have n’t started implementing procedure mechanization due to a deficiency of technological and concern civilizations. Although there is a broad handiness to finance IT equipment, most IT providers have n’t paid attending to this niche market.

Beside this niche market, outgo in IT by large companies ( which invest about 60 % of their disbursals ) and medium big companies ( with IT mean disbursals between US $ 50,000 and US $ 250,000 harmonizing to IDC Latin Consultancy ) , help make a market whose demand seems to be in enlargement as engineering becomes portion of everyday.

Key chances

The Mexican authorities launched an enterprise in 2010 with the aim to turn Mexico into a fabrication universe centre of electronic goods. By increasing electronic exports to up to US $ 80 billion by 2011, and puting between US $ 5 and 10 billion in the industry, the Mexican authorities would do outlooks that they are willing to put in undertaking the restrictions of this sector.

By following the strategic activities of the plan, Mexico will offer the undermentioned concern chances to British Companies:

IT equipment for SMEs.

Training in English linguistic communication for the electronics industry.

Investing in R & A ; D.

Integration on radio connectivity solutions sing mobility, VoIP and waiters.

Electronic ingestion merchandises such as MP3 participants, nomadic phones, PDAs, etc.

Jobbers are advancing the migration to a specialized theoretical account of distribution focused on solutions like consultancy, outsourcing, proficient support, etc. There is expected growing for storage consumables.

For equipment, the sectors with the biggest growing would be: multifunction equipment, digital cameras, handhelds, and telecomm equipment ( voice and information ) .

2.2 Role of Mexican Electronic industry

In 2010, Mexico ‘s industrial production growing rate was the 58th highest in the universe at 6 per centum. Although industrial production in Mexico is get downing to demo marks of decelerating down, Mexico ‘s Economy Minister Bruno Ferrari is comparatively unconcerned ; mentioning old double-digit growing in the state and the market seting to those degrees as the primary grounds behind a lower industrial production growing rate. The state is expect ( industrial production ) to go on turning. ”


Boost in FDI

Hiking Industrialization rate

Increasing Investing and Innovation make Consumer Electronics One of the Fastest Turning Industries in Mexico. Mexico ‘s Booming Electronicss Industry: 8 out of 10 of the World ‘s Largest Electrical and Electronics Companies Are Making Business in Mexico.Mexican Consumer Electronics Industry Second Largest Supplier of Electronics to the U.S. Market.

The electronics industry has besides seen rapid enlargement in Mexico in the last decennary. Mexico is presently the 2nd largest provider of electronics to the US – after China. In 2007, Mexico besides became the universe ‘s largest manufacturers of telecastings and smart phones.

Due to their degrees of investing, exports and employment coevals, the electric and electronic industries have become strategic sectors of the Mexican economic system and have positioned the state as an progressively of import participant in the planetary markets.

The electronic industry is one of the cardinal sectors of Mexico ‘s economic system. The state is good positioned as an assembly program and exporter of electronic merchandises and has become one of the universe ‘s major investing finishs.

Eight out of the 10 universe ‘s biggest electronic companies are established in Mexico. Major companies like Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Foxconn, Flextronics and Intel are working in the state and are puting non merely in fabrication workss but besides in research and development-using Mexican endowment.

From 2000 to 2011, Mexico ‘s electronic industry reached about 10.5 billion usd, with companies from the US and the Netherlands as major investors.

In 2011, the entire production of Mexico ‘s electronic industry reached a value of 62.77 billion US dollar. Mexico is one of the biggest markets for electronic merchandises in America. In 2010, Mexico accounted for 8.7 % of the ingestion of electronic merchandises in North America and it is estimated that the market will turn at an mean one-year rate of 3.3 % from 2011 to 2020. In 2011, domestic gross revenues of electronic merchandises recorded 84.34 billion us dollar.

Meanwhile, Mexican exports of electronic merchandises reached 71.14 billion us dollar in 2011. The major markets for Mexico ‘s electronic industry are the US -accounting for 85 % of the state ‘s industry exports- , Canada, The Netherlands and Colombia. In 2011, Mexico had a important portion of the universe ‘s market for TVs, computing machines and nomadic phones. The state was the universe ‘s largest exporter of level screen TVs and the 4th largest of computing machines.

Mexico is one of the most of import fabrication hubs for the planetary electric and electronic industries, every bit good as a taking exporter of merchandises from those sectors, which why it is on its manner to go a first design, research and development centre.

Mexico is Latin America ‘s 2nd largest manufacturer of family contraptions and, harmonizing to informations from Global Trade Atlas ( GTA ) , the state is the universe ‘s 6th largest exporter of family contraptions, the largest exporter of level screen TVs, iceboxs and deep-freezes with a separate exterior door, and the 4th largest exporter of computing machines.


The chief countries of Mexico ‘s electronic information industry are computer-related goods ( including package ) , communicating equipment, electronic parts and family amusement equipment.

Electronic Industry

Electronic parts-related investing made up 50 % of the entire investing in the electronic information industry. Promotion of the electronic parts industry is a portion of Mexico ‘s national industrial policy to raise the ration of value added in the sector.

Mexico ‘s package industry – 11 % of the electronic information industry – ( package merchandises, system integrating, package services, and others ) growing has been rapid as demonstrated by a growing rate of 40 % with gross revenues of 390 billion kwais ( about US $ 48.8 billion ) as of 2006.

Approved package companies have reached 11,660, increasing by over 1,000 per annum. There are approximately 1 million employees working in Mexico ‘s package industry. Mexico ‘s package exports have reached US $ 35.9 billion in 2005, though this was short of the US $ 50 billion export end set Forth in the Tenth 5-Year Plan, which ended in 2005.

Factor in development of electronic industry:

Two of import factors explain the roar in the development of Mexico ‘s electric and electronics industries where over 730 fabrication workss have set up store. A

Mexico is the state with the lowest constituent fabrication costs in the industry, with an 18.2 per centum nest eggs compared to other industrial states such as Canada, the Netherlands, the UK, France, Germany and Japan.

In add-on, the skilled labour work force is turning at a enormous gait: each twelvemonth, 114,000 pupils of technology and technology-related Fieldss alumnus from Mexican universities.A

Mexico ‘s economic system is host to one of the fastest turning electronics industries in the universe, in footings of export potency and employment coevals. Currently, Mexico is the 2nd largest provider of electronics merchandises to the U.S. market, which is made up of sound and picture, telecommunications, computing machine equipment and its parts. A In 2010, for case, the sector exported 71.4 billion USD, 20 per centum more than the old twelvemonth.

Mexico ‘s Program for the Electronicss and High Technology Industry Competitiveness ( PCIEAT ) has targeted the state to go one of the top five planetary exporters of electronic goods.

Behind these figures, several decennaries of development can be found, which have led to the consolidation of a production works that today, in add-on to fabrication activities, is concentrating on research and development ( R & A ; D ) of new solutions to run into the demands and demands of an germinating planetary market.

At first, Mexico ‘s propinquity to the US -the universe ‘s largest market for electrical and electronic sectors- , coupled with a figure of advantages such as competitory production costs and highly-skilled human capital, attracted some of the industry ‘s biggest participants to the state.

Major multinational companies bring forthing family contraptions and electronics, saw in Mexico an chance to cut down production costs, easy enter the US market and, at the same clip, derive infinite in a domestic market with promising growing chances.

Today, these companies still see Mexico as a strategic ally ; but they are non entirely. Mexican companies have achieved important degrees of development and are now viing globally with big multinationals.

In add-on, the presence of big planetary houses in Mexico and the growing and internationalisation of Mexican companies, encouraged the development and consolidation of a supply concatenation with companies that besides have an of import place in international markets.

Presently, the electric and electronic industries are confronting new challenges. Concerned with environmental affairs, consumers around the universe are looking for safer and energy efficient merchandises. Mexican industry has ever stood out for its capacity to accommodate to the market needs and it is likely to run into its new demands with originative solutions.

So far, Mexico remains as one of the most attractive investing finishs for electric and electronic companies, and the state ‘s production and exports maintain turning at a changeless rate. Numbers speak louder than words.

2.4 List of electronics & A ; IT companies of Mexico

Falco Electronics, electronics. electronic parts

Kyoto Electronics, consumer electronics

Lanix, consumer electronics, commercial electronics, electronic parts, contract maker, ODM, OEM

Meebox, consumer electronics, commercial electronics

Semex, consumer electronics, electronic parts

Softtek, package, IT solutions

Texa, electronics, computing machine parts

Zonda Telecom, electronics, nomadic telephones

Electronic point whose quality should be compulsory to look into while production manufacturing:310c6eb5-8d0b-487f-b2a5-160e03052a9b

2.5 Schemes for rapid growing in Electronic industry:

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