Introduction Of London Overground Rail Operation Management Essay


“ Management scientific discipline ( MS ) , is the subject of utilizing scientific research-based rules, schemes, and other analytical methods, such as mathematical mold to better any organisation ‘s ability to ordain rational, meaningful concern direction determinations ” ( Baker et EL, 1985, pg 76 ) .

Or in other words Management scientific discipline is set of techniques of developing and using assorted direction tools in order to work out job or issue in the administration.

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This topic was originated at the clip of 2nd universe war II and now its commonly used as an indispensable direction technique to rectify direction issues and work out managerial jobs. Management scientific discipline is really broad topic and is aligned with different theoretical accounts such as additive scheduling, determination tree, additive scheduling, delphi etc. Further in this undertaking, the nucleus job of increased figure absentisum in “ Ramada Encore ” will be discussed and appropriate direction scientific discipline theoretical account will be implemented to screen this debatable issue.

For the prosperity of the undertaking the activities are broken down into different sections such as

Identifying the job.

Discourse of different direction scientific discipline method and following the relevant one by discoursing grounds of pick.

Constructing the theoretical account.

Further on the restriction of the theoretical account will be discussed.

And recommendation and execution of theoretical account will be discussed.


Introduction of the Company

London Overground Rail Operation Ltd ( LOROL ) was founded in 2007 ; ab initio it was known as MTR Laing and is presently runing London Overground trains and Southern trains service in UK under the supervising of Transport for London ( TFL ) . LOROL is a joint venture of the MTR Corporation ( Hong Kong metro rail ) and DB Regio ( German Rail, a subordinate of Deutsche Bahn AG ) . LOROL trains are running between Stratford and Richmond, Willesden Junction and Clapham Junction, Euston and Watford Junction, Gospel Oak and Barking, London Bridge and East Croydon, in 2010 LOROL will open its new line between Highbury & A ; Islington and West Croydon, which is at the minute under building. It head office reference is 125 Finchley roads London UK NW3 6HY.

LOROL train route map:

Watford Junction


Highbury & A ; Islington

Gospel oak London Bridge

Capital of virginia

Willesden junction


East Croydon

Clapham Junction

Euston West Croydon

Organisation Chart of LOROL

Rob Brighouse Deputy MD

Steve Murphy Managing Director

Karren Allendar Deputy MD, s PA

Jane Zeigler MD, s PA

Stuart Griffin Operation Director

Simon Ward Head of Safety

David Wornham Customer Service Director

Peter Austin Finance Director

Darren Hockaday HR Director

Peter Daw Fleet Director













David Toolan Project Director

Claire Mann General Manager ELL

Mark Eaton Head of Concession Management

Neil Throssell Senior Project Manager Programme Delivery

Marcus Mayers Senior Project Manager

Mungo Duncan NLRIP Projects Manager

Virginia Munroe Concession Contracts Manager



Problem of the company

LOROL started his work for TFL in 2007 ; UK market was a new experiment and challenge for the company. From the really get downing LOROL has been confronting batch of jobs, which affect its public presentation, ends, and increasing its costs. LOROL issues public presentation chart to each station on one-fourth footing, which clearly indicates that its public presentation and non accomplishing its ends on the agenda clip, and the higher overhead cost are merely due the certain jobs.

So the Managing Director of LOROL and other Directors decided to do a frame work for them to decide the jobs in the administration, for this undertaking they announce a squad of experient and qualified directors to look into the job. Team of directors highlighted in the study that there are several jobs which are chief cause of these issues, but the most apparent and nucleus job is absenteeism in the LOROL which is the parent job, responsible for all issues.

Absenteeism can be define as deliberately non to travel for work or other mandatory responsibility or it can be the rate of failure from work habitually.

Absenteeism is “ nonattendance of employees for scheduled work when they are expected

to go to ” ( Huczynski & A ; Fitzpatrick, 1989 ) .

Absenteeism can be defined as when an person is neglecting to describe for a agenda work in an administration.

Absenteeism in any administration ever looked, see as negative for the growing.

Harmonizing to the CBI study that in UK administrations are enduring from the negative impact of absenteeism, and the one-year estimated cost to administrations is 19.9 billion.

And a study by employment jurisprudence consultancy peninsula clearly indicates that 17 % of absentees which are reported due illness are bogus.

Because in an administration when absenteeism take topographic point its addition the work load on the other present people, and so they are non in place to look each and every thing and make proper work in agenda clip, which creates batch of issues like higher cost, low criterion of work, tenseness etc. in administration. Absenteeism is the chief job in LOROL, because it generates to some other jobs, therefore why it will be see for the probe.

Consequence of absenteeism on LOROL

Decrease company lesson or single lesson: – it is apparent that absenteeism is a negative factor for the company may impact its productiveness and addition cost throughout. High figure absenteeism brings an unpleasant working environment, because it creates tenseness among the employees due Burdon of work, and besides affect the agenda clip frame work for the company, and impact the completion of any undertaking on the given clip and convey uncertainness in the company flow of operation. During the peak hours more cancellation and holds are happening which makes the clients compel to complaint, and use for compensation, TFL penality, ensuing in higher cost

Decrease in nonsubjective accomplishment: – Absenteeism is the nucleus issue for the demotivation of employees in an administration, because people working in an administration are non able to finish their undertaking on the exact clip and remain far off from their ends, besides confronting Burdon of work, no grasp due to failure of accomplishments. All the above discussed points at last creates unpleasant environment in an administration for the employees, and company so non in place to accomplish its aims due demotivation of employees.

Decrease company trueness: – Absenteeism is the nucleus issue to the LOROL and continuously impacting its dependability in the Rail sector, because in most instances company is non able to carry through the demand and supply the good service, it all go oning due the absenteeism of train drivers, music directors, station helper and booking office staff. So it amendss the company trueness, and trueness is something which can non be purchased. The affects of absenteeism goes side by side on employee ‘s committedness toward its administration, which resulted in dislocation of the committedness toward the company ends, policy and so on.

Create high work force per unit area: – Absenteeism means is neglecting to describe for a agenda work in an administration. It leads to shortage of staff in an administration and increases straight or indirectly work force per unit area on the employees in an administration. Which besides disturb the on the job environment, mentally tired the employees, demotivated employees, more opportunities low standard work so on

2: – Choosing direction scientific discipline method

Harmonizing to ( A. R. David, et al 1994 ) that “ direction scientific discipline is an attack to managerial determination devising which is based on scientific methods, makes extended usage of qualitative analysis. ” Management scientific discipline is besides known as Operation Research or Operation research and direction scientific discipline.

It is really of import to take the right and best possible direction scientific discipline theoretical account for resolve the job in LOROL. There are different methods in direction scientific discipline, which are chiefly divided into two chief classs such as difficult theoretical account and soft theoretical account.

Hard theoretical account illustrations are Decision analysis, additive scheduling, simulation, prediction, undertaking web, undertaking direction, stock list theoretical accounts, whole number additive scheduling, end scheduling, analytic hierarchy procedure, markov-process theoretical accounts, dynamic scheduling and calculus-based process.

Soft theoretical account illustrations are Delphi, cognitive function and strategic pick attack.

Before coming to decision and implementing any theoretical account to decide the jobs in LOROL, it is really necessary to consider/explain theories of direction scientific discipline.

Hard Model

Decision Analysis: – Harmonizing to ( A. R. David, et al 1994 ) that it can be used to find optimum schemes in state of affairs affecting several determination options and an unsure or hazard filled form of events.

Linear Scheduling: Harmonizing to ( Mansfield.E, 1979 ) that “ additive scheduling is an attack to job resolution, developed for state of affairs affecting maximization or minimisation of a additive map which is subjected to linear restraints that limit the grade to which the aim can be pursued. ”

Uncontrollable Input signal

( Environmental Factors )

Figure 1.1

Mathematical Model

End product

( Projected Result )

Controllable Input signal

( Decision Variables )

It rather clear from above definition, that additive scheduling is playing a critical function in maximization of net income and minimisation of cost in an administration.

Computer Simulation: – Harmonizing to ( H. J. Harrington, et Al, 2000 ) that simulation is a technique used to pattern the operation of a system over clip. In this method a computing machine based programme is used to pattern the operation and execute the computing machine simulation. It is fundamentally a computerized study which is run over the clip to cognize about the deductions of the defined interactions.

Project Management: – Harmonizing to ( A. R. David, et al 1994 ) that largely directors are cardinal governments in an administration for planning, scheduling and commanding undertakings that consist of several single occupations performed by assortment of sections, persons and so on. The PERT ( Programme Evaluation and Review Technique ) and CPM ( Critical Path Method ) techniques aid directors to transport out their undertaking scheduling duties.

Inventory Models: – Harmonizing to ( A. B. Atkinson, 1976 ) that stock list theoretical accounts are used by the directors faced with the dual or double jobs of keeping sufficient stock lists to run into demand for goods and at the same clip incurring the lowest possible stock list keeping cost.

Prediction: – Harmonizing to ( A. R. David, et al 1994 ) that calculating techniques are largely used to foretell future facets of a concern operation.

Soft Model

Delphi: – Harmonizing to ( ) that Delphi technique is the best technique for garnering informations from respondents. It is constructed as a group communicating procedure which is used to accomplish the convergence of sentiment on specific existent universe issues. It is used in programming planning, appraisal, policy finding and resource use to develop full scope of options, explore/expose premises etc.

Delphi method is chiefly used for the consensus, utilizing a questionnaire to roll up informations from adept respondent.

Cognitive Function: – Harmonizing to ( ) that “ Cognitive function is an technique covering those cognitive abilities which enables one to roll up, organise, shop, callback and pull strings information about the spacial environment ” .

It is clear from the above definition that cognitive function is common technique to give a proper order to the puzzle/complex informations to work out the jobs in an administration.

Strategic Choice Approach: – Harmonizing to ( ) that it is used to concentrate on the determination devising in a peculiar planning state of affairs, without any clip graduated table and substances, supplying the evidences for how to manage the uncertainnesss.

This attack is synergistic, and is frame work for communicating and coaction between people with different backgrounds and accomplishments.

Strategic Choice Approach can be specifying as that it is an on-going procedure in which planned direction of uncertainness plays a important function.

Problem Decision





Operational research and societal scientific disciplines by M Jackson et Al 1989 describe the job can be classified in assorted types such as: – .

Unitary: – It considered were the determination related to logistic demand to taken, such as which warehouse should be used to present the merchandise to diminish the transit cost.

Pluralist: – The word pluralist means affecting people with different demands and sentiment. Example, a company had establishes a new section and there is demand to set up ends for the new section.

Coercive: – The word coercive means utilizing force to carry person and illustration of coercive is, policies developed by NHS community with no advice from patients/ patients group ( Jackson et al, 1989 ) .

It is rather clear from the above attacks, and the state of affairs in the LOROL gives hints to see pluralist, due to the complexness and determination influence on the administration which will take to decide the jobs. LOROL point out the job absenteeism a parent job generates more jobs, brings complexness inside the administration.

The ground of taking soft theoretical account

Harmonizing to Lucertini et Al ( 2004 ) that Hard theoretical account is most appropriate when information is available, jobs are non interrelated, reply is based on Numberss or quantitative, but when there is a individual aim, so difficult theoretical account is non the appropriate option for the solution of jobs.

In this instance the company have to put different aim, end to screen the job, company have ne’er monitored absentees before hence they do n’t hold any sort of old record for this issue and consequence should be qualitative consisted of schemes and program instead qualitative which is consisted of figure.

Harmonizing to Wilson et Al, ( 2001 ) that Soft system methodological analysis is an attack to organizational procedure modeling and it can be used for general job resolution and in alteration of direction.

Initially SSM used in the probe of complex/uncertain state of affairs, where job looked on different angles or different positions about job.

Harmonizing to Chen et Al, ( 1990 ) that before implementing any sort of direction scientific discipline theoretical account in LOROL, need to hold sufficient cognition and understanding about the topic and chosen theoretical account.

The term theoretical account in direction scientific discipline can be defined as “ theoretical account is the representation of world ” .

For the apprehension about the different theoretical accounts in direction scientific discipline, comparing between different soft theoretical account will considered.


Cognitive function: – Harmonizing to Ackermann ( 1998 ) that cognitive map is a technique/methodology which is normally used for operational research, constructed over period of clip dwelling on different maps i.e. pull offing complex informations for job resolution, qualitative informations from paperss so on.

A cognitive map is chiefly ocular representation of an single or group thought these thoughts are linked on insouciant footing, hierarchy with in thoughts, action oriented. It is mandatory that cognitive map should stand for interviewee thoughts and sentiment non the interviewer.

Strategic option development and analysis ( SODA1 ) : – This method is chiefly used to work out the unstructured and complex job, to develop a theoretical account such as cognitive map. Strategic pick attack is chiefly result of several different single maps to develop one strategic map. The chief subject behind one strategic or unify map is that it clearly indicates the sentiment of different persons in a combined structured map, which enable the group to make up one’s mind itself which job to be resolved prior.

Benefit of cognitive function to the LOROL

Harmonizing to Fraser, ( 1993 ) that the benefits of cognitive map fundamentally plays a critical function in four countries, enabling shared understanding, including affect, equilibrating power, and affecting the client. It is obligatory that one person must understand the other individual sentiment and thoughts, fundamentally it is non an understanding but consider as shared apprehension which reduces the miscommunication among the persons.

Less clip consuming: – To construct a cognitive function does necessitate immense sum of clip, which is really important for LOROL because they have already encountered tonss of side consequence of absenteeism on their administration.

Easy to understand and pass on thought: – The consequence of cognitive map is easy to analyses and thoughts can be easy understood and communicate to others.

Required less or no old information: – Constructing this map does n’t necessitate any sort of old information or qualitative informations.

Strategic pick attack: – Harmonizing John et Al, ( 2005 ) that this attack is need to implemented/used when there are several determination or complex state of affairs in an administration i.e. acquisition of two houses etc. Because it is clip devouring, due to some facets of this attack, chiefly this attack concern with future be aftering for taken stairss. Due to its incremental, several mix schemes nature it is clip devouring and really difficult to understand by an person in instance of execution.

This method can non be considered because the job of absenteeism will incorporate multiple determinations. Another disadvantage of this theoretical account is it consumes batch of clip and right now company is confronting tremendous sum of side consequence because of absenteeism so they do n’t desire to travel for any clip devouring attack.

Conceptual modeling: – Harmonizing to Baxley ( 2002 ) that “ A conceptual theoretical account is illustrated in a set of diagram that depict meaningful ( to the modeler ) constructs and footings in a job sphere and their relationship ” it is rather clear from the above definition that conceptual theoretical account represent meaningful diagram which clearly define/explain the debatable or complex state of affairs in an administration and besides pull the relationship chart between these jobs.

This theoretical account can non be considered because it is really clip consuming, the end product of the theoretical account is hard to understand as comparison to cognitive function, high figure of engagements are needed to compress conceptual diagram.

As sing the job of absenteeism in LOROL, the all above theories shows their advantages and disadvantages and by comparing these full techniques cognitive map seems to be a best suited and most appropriate method to consider/implement for job solution in LOROL.

3: – Constructing a theoretical account

Power-Interest Grid: – Harmonizing to Nigel et Al, ( 2007 ) that “ The Power -Interest Grid categorises stakeholders in footings of power to act upon the Strategic Intent and Interest in the strategic activity of the organisation ” .




Station Directors

Part TIME STAFF Selling Director






Low Interest High

High power: High Interest

The “ human resource director ” in LOROL is responsible for publishing any disciplinary missive when it is needed. And besides human resource director is responsible to carry through any sort of staff deficit occurred in the administration. The increased instances of absenteeism have made the occupation of HR director really feverish, therefore HR director is considered a cardinal participant of interview because of its high involvement and power.

High Interest: Low Power

The full clip booking office staff and station directors would be considered as high involvement and low power. High involvement as they them self are involved in instances of absenteeism and low power because they are non granted any sort authorization to implement any action or scheme. But one of the full clip staff member and station director will be involved for building single map because of their high degree of involvement.

Low Interest: Low Power

The portion timer staff will non be considered because they are non affected by the current job as they presently work merely 16 to twenty hours a hebdomad. So this group will non be considered because of low power and involvement.

Low Interest: High Power

The occupation of selling director is non affected by this job because it is separate section and merely one individual is involve in managing all selling activity hence selling director is considered of low involvement and high power.

Now this is the nucleus of the undertaking, were interview of the squad member was conducted in order to do cognitive map by SODA 1 methodological analysis.

Staff single map: – Staff member had discussed several factors which was straight or indirectly lead to the addition instances of absenteeism such as ; less salary, occupation is humdrum, un-flexible working agenda, and so on. But two chief grounds which were highlighted during interview are high work force per unit area and deficiency of common apprehension with high degree of squad member.

No preparation Low working environment


Pressure at work low degree of trust

More work less salary

Irregular work form

Ignorance of staff STAFF low degree of communicating

Staff single map

After words when all the ground was highlighted, they besides took enterprise to discourse the step to avoid the job in the hereafter. For illustration direction preparation for staff and legal action should be taken when any issue of favoritism is discovered. It was besides suggested that increased salary bundle, alteration in current inducement program, and decrease of work force per unit area by promoting squad work will besides diminish the instances of absenteeism. Then advice for doing occupation more interesting by carry oning occupation rotary motion and cross preparation was besides suggested. Then proposal was made for doing working agenda more flexible and regular reding with director in order to do healthy dealingss was besides considered as the option, to avoid absenteeism in future.

Manager single map: – Some of the ground was same as per the old map but bulk of ground which leads to increase absenteeism was different. Such as ; internal political relations, mobbing, deficiency of future chance, and so on. One of the point which was in treatment for longer period of clip was thronging and suggested option was compulsory disciplinary action against who is been caught guilty. Another factor which was highlighted was deficiency of working hr or overtime available in other occupation and the suggested step were increased working hr. Afterword another factor gaining control the treatment on absenteeism was internal political relations, as per the person it hard to propose steps to halt or to diminish internal political relations but still developing for trough can be implemented to avoid company political relations.

Manager single map: – As per the director deficiency of clip direction, hapless supervising, deficiency of communicating, indulgent environment are the cardinal factor which leads absentisum.

Suggested step or schemes: – All employees and employer should go to the minimal 1 hr of developing seation on clip directions. In the following phase the cognition and techniques to better clip direction should be implemented and carefully monitored to acquire the quantifiable consequence which will automatically make the wellness environment and will take to the cut down instances of absentisum. He besides that there should be unfastened channel of communicating within the administration, this can be achieved by seting a ailment box or suggestion box in the staff kitchen and regular staff meeting should be arranged to heighten communicating. Harmonizing to him there were some instances in the yesteryear had, in which some staff members have taken excess advantage of indulgent environment and suggested step is more professional environment, and issue of compulsory disciplinary missive who is been found guilty of making so. Several type of direction preparation besides needs to carry on on monthly bases to better direction manner and technique within the administration and so on.

Group map: – The group was constructed by unifying the all three single map. In the group map all the cardinal grounds of absentisum in Ramada is included with the recommended action to get the better of them. The step factor which was a highlighted in the group map is deficiency of motive with in staff member and techniques suggested to heighten motive are alteration in current inducement program, occupation rotary motion, occupation enrichment, staff assemblage or staff party in twice or thrice a twelvemonth, assessment should be conducted on proper clip, different preparation on regular bases, publicity of the possible staff and so on.



Every theoretical account have some advantages and disadvantages in the same manner the cognitive function developed for absenteeism job in Ramada have some restriction which are explained bellow: –

Time consuming: – Construction of the single map is a clip devouring occupation, the participatents were allotted limited clip for the interview, hence it made of the occupation of the interviewer more hard.

Limited information: – As been analysed from the interview every person have specific or forces grounds for absenteeism which can non be discussed or mentioned in the map.

Diverseness: – The result of the single maps were really diverse because everyone have their ain expertness, ideas, cognition etc hence it was really hard to build the group map.

Roll uping up the information: – It was hard to add all the information in the map for illustration individual was absent on certain twenty-four hours because of the transit job. And in the concluding map this point was n’t added because as per the director this is an unreasonable ground.

Lack of preparation: – There was some state of affairs when the interviewer find hard to understand the information and how it will be fit in the map. Sometime interviewer fails to promote single to come up with more informations which will be needed to build an more appropriate map sensible cognitive map.

Missing participatents: – Earlier the research worker attempt to affect two different stakeholder because of their high involvement and high power but unluckily merely one of them agree to come for interview.

Truthfulness of the information: – It was bit hard to believe everything which was discussed in the interview which leads to increase instances of absentisum in the administration. Hence some of the information added in cognitive map is true or non there is no grounds behind it.

Missing information: – Some clip it was observed that the single felt uncomfortable in discoursing the information may be because of some direction internal issue.

Dissatisfaction: – When the group theoretical account was represented it was noticed that some of the participatents were non happy with the concluding result. But in the terminal it was necessary to fulfill the cardinal participatent, as they will be responsible to implement scheme.

Repeat: – There was some state of affairs when particpatents were reiterating same information once more and once more which made the occupation of the modeler more hard and complex.

Limited cognition: – Another restriction of the theoretical account is the information needed to develop theoretical account was gathered from different single but was compiled by individual person. In other words limited expertness, cognition was available to build the group theoretical account.

The restriction has given the important impact on the theoretical account for illustration participatent been allotted limited clip period for the interview. And because of this there can be possibility that one or two other ground of absentisum in Ramada is non highlighted. As per discussed above there were some state of affairs when the involvement of the participatents was lost, if the interview were trained decently than state of affairs can be avoided.


After building a cognitive function, now it ‘s up to Ramada direction squad how to implement, supervise the impact of schemes and actions. But still in this modern universe there are the some systems, direction techniques and tool which will assist in doing the occupation of directors of Ramada easier.

“ Knowledge direction system ( KMS ) can be defined as Information System based system develop to back up and heighten the administration procedure of cognition, storage/retrieval, transportation and application ” ( Kelley, Pg.78, 2008 ) .

Absentisum monitoring system: – Management information system is used to carry on assorted direction activities and one of them is supervising absentisum ( Lucey, 2005 ) . This system store the information related to absentisum of the staff such as name, day of the month, ground etc. This system will assist the direction of the Ramada to garner quantitative informations ( per centum of absentiusm ) and compare it with the old informations. And if the per centum in absentisum is higher than disciplinary step should be taken.

Change direction practises: – “ Change direction is a systematic attack to covering with alteration, both from the position of an organisation and on the single degree ” ( Cameron et al, pg-13, 2004 ) .

Another ground which leads this job was that directors are immune to alter ; most of the directors are working in the administration from past 2-3 twelvemonth at same place, due to this other possible staff member are non acquiring chance to advance as there is no vacant place. So the company should mandatory behavior occupation rotary motion on annual bases, of the staff members who are keeping the same place for more than 2 twelvemonth as it will make the growing chance for other staff members.

Data marketplace: – It is used to hive away information for the specific division of the administration, in coarseness mode. The measure of the information stored in informations marketplace is specific to the peculiar division ( Pujari, 2001 ) . As per the conversation with director of Ramada encore, they are non able to measure which of the section of hotel have highest figure of absentisum ; hence they have considered this job as a whole. It ‘s recommended that if the company put in informations mart package the information can be stored on division bases and can be easy retrieved when it ‘s been needed.

Modding: – It can be described as the state of affairs which is created by employer or employ by seting harmful force per unit area on an employee with purpose of doing him go forth ( Herriot et al, 1996 ) . This factor was besides noticed in Ramda which leads to absentisum, direction should do certain this type of environment is non created or if they saw this type of state of affairs so disciplinary step should be taken such Disciplinary action

Discrimination or favoritism: – Harmonizing to some partycipatents at that place moral went down and they lost involvement from the occupation because they were confronting favoritism ; which indirectly resulted in addition instances of abseentisum. Discrimination is really serious issue and can take to the legal action, so director should take disciplinary action halt such type of behavior by doing some policy or by taking disciplinary action against who is been caught of making that.

Lenience in ill leave: – Director should be bit indulgent in allowing permission to the staff member, this issue was besides highlighted at the clip interview. If the staff will be forced to work even thought when they are non good, it will give serious harm to their wellness and automatically increase sick foliages subsequently on.

Improve direction technique: – Even after execution of the techniques discussed above in cognitive map, the direction squad of Ramada should be pro-active to take disciplinary step to get the better of any job in the hereafter instead than avoiding or pretermiting till the clip it gives rise to other jobs

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