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Identify someone you think is an effective leader, what traits and skills do this individual process that makes him/her effective? Someone that I think is an effective leader is Velareen Sabinus. The traits do this individual process that makes her effective is drive. Drive refers to a set of characteristics that reflect a high level of effort. She have a high need for achievement to complete the team assignment. She also constant striving for improvement where she always take note on what we present and give an idea to improve our team jobs. She also have a initiative to do the assignment question and divide it by small group. Second is leadership motivation. Great leader not only have drive but they want to lead. She have a high power to induces people to attempt to influence other and sustains interest and satisfaction in the process of leadership.

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When the power need is exercided in moral and socially constructive ways, rather than to the detriment of pthers, leader inspired more trust, respect and commitment to their vision. Third is integrity. Integrity is the correspondence between actions and words. She is honestly and credibility on his work. In addition, to being desirable characteristic in her own right, are especially important for her because these traits inspire trust in others. Second last is self- confident. The leadership role is challenging and setbacks are ineritable. She have the self-confident on what she is doing and it allow her to overcome. Obstacle make decisions despite uncertainty and in still confident in others. Lastly, is knowledge. She have a high level of knowledge about our assignment. She have the intelligence to interpret vast quantity of information. Perhaps the most important skills is ability to accurately perceive the situation and then change the behaviour accordingly.

Distinguish between charismatic and transformational leader. To have charisma is to be dominant and self-confident, to have a string conviction of the righteousness of your beliefs, to create an aura of confidence in your followers. Charisma is one component of transformational leadership. Transformational leaders translate a vision into reality by getting people to transcend their individual interest for the good of the larger community. They do this trough charisma, individualized attention to followers, intellectual stimulation, formation and communication of their vision, building of trust and positive self-regard.

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