Jane Austen And Pride And Prejudice English Literature Essay

On December 16, 1775, Jane Austen, British novelist was born to George and Cassandra Austen in Steventon, England. Due to her male parent being a reverend, she spent most of her life turning up in a parsonage in Hampshire, England ( Collins ) . There she would go good associated with the high society life, which would animate her novels to come ( Jane Austen U*X*L ) .

In 1783 at the age of eight Jane and her sister Cassandra started their instruction. They where taught by their aunt Ann Cooper Cawley, until Typhoid Fever broke out and they where forced to return place ( Jane Austen- Biography ) ( Wiehardt ) . After everything returned to normal, the two sisters attended Abbey School ( Wiehardt ) . The misss ‘ instruction continued beyond their old ages at school. The Austen misss continued their instruction at place, at the way of their male parent and brothers ( Jane Austen- Biography ) .

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During 1787 Jane began to detect her love for authorship. “ It became rather common for the household to put clip and energy into doing home-based productions of bing dramas or composing and moving out their ain creative activities. One can merely presume that it was in these exercisings that the true endowment of Jane Austen was being nurtured – through observation, improvisation, moving and engagement ” ( Jane Austen- Biography ) . Mr. Austen encouraged this new involvement by leting Jane full entree to his library, paper and authorship tools ( Jane Austen- Biography ) . One of the first things Jane began composing was a series of short narratives and verse forms that would subsequently be compiled into three notebooks and titled the Juvenilia. While this new love for composing grew, Jane discovered her favourite poet Crabbe Cowper ( Jane Austen ‘s Literary ) ( Southam 4 ) . While Jane was a pedant, she was non disinterested in love affair.

“ In 1795, a nephew of nearby neighbours began puting several visits to Steventon. His name was Tom Lefroy, a pupil analyzing in London to be a barrister ” ( Jane Austen- Biography ) . This is the lone clip that Jane admits to falling in love, but the relationship did non last due to the deficiency of luck on both sides. Lefroy ‘s household intervened and sent him off, therefore Jane ne’er saw him once more ( Jane Austen- Biography ) .

There was one other case where Jane was proposed to by a Mr. Harris Bigg-Wither. At first she accepted for the fiscal benefits, but the really following twenty-four hours withdrew because she thought it would be a error ( Jane Austen- Biography ) . Jane would ne’er get married.

During August of 1796, Jane began composing First Impressions. This would subsequently be known as Pride and Prejudice ; which would go her most celebrated novel, and would be loved for centuries to come. She besides wrote six other novels similar to Pride and Prejudice, which would convey her little net incomes to back up her household in approaching tests ( Jane Austen- Biography ) .

A few old ages subsequently Jane ‘s male parent out of the blue announced his retirement from the ministry. He so proceeded by traveling the Family from Steventon to Bath ( Jane Austen- Biography ) . Where all of a sudden, George Austen passed off. This left his full household in a province of daze and confusion. Plans were rapidly arranged for the Austen brothers to back up their female parent and two sisters, since adult females in that clip could non back up themselves. For the following five old ages, Jane dropped all of her authorship while the three of them moved from flat to flat. Finally a glow of hope appeared when brother Frank Austen “ offered up a six-bedroom bungalow in Chawton near his estate for the adult females to permanently travel into as their ain place ” ( Jane Austen- Biography ) . On Monday October 24th, the three adult females moved into their new place. This would be Jane ‘s concluding place ( Southam 9 ) .

Finally, Jane finished revising First Impressions. She so sold the right of first publication to Thomas Eegerton for publication, gaining a sum of 110 lbs.

Two months and 28 yearss subsequently Pride and Prejudice was published. “ Thankss to a big sum of resources put into publicizing the piece, the novel is an instant success ” ( Jane Austen- Biography ) .

After three old ages and four more successful novels, Jane became ill. At first she did non allow onto the badness of her unwellness and continued to travel about her day-to-day life. Then eventually, her household, could no longer disregard the symptoms and she was confined to her bed because of loss of energy. It subsequently turned out to be Addison ‘s disease ( Southam 9 ) . On Saturday, May 24, 1817 Cassandra took Jane to Winchester for intervention, but within two months she was dead. Her brother Henry saw to it that she was buried, “ in an aisle of the nave at Winchester Cathedral ” ( Jane Austen- Biography ) .

Shortly after Jane ‘s decease her nephew James Austen wrote a life narrative on Jane, called “ A Memoir of the Life of Jane Austen ” ( Jane Austen- Biography ) . This book would “ convey Jane ‘s life and works to a greater audience, solidifying her topographic point in history ” ( Southam 26 ) . “ Of all the great English novelists, Jane Austen is the merely 1 to last into the late 20th century with such a devoted followingaˆ¦Jane Austen is the most widely enjoyed and in many ways the most English of all English authors ” ( Southam 32 ) .

Overview/Summary of Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen is “ one of the favored English novelists, who wrote with a acute sense of sarcasm about the societal establishments of her clip ” ( Collins 892 ) . Although she did non cognize it at the clip, Pride and Prejudice would go her most celebrated work. Pride and Prejudice was completed in August 1797, and submitted it November 1812, to Eegerton Publishing House after some rewriting had been done. It was accepted and published by January 1813 ( Jane Austen Novel ) ( Jane Austen- Biography ) .

Pride and Prejudice Tells the narrative of the Bennets a household with five single girls and a female parent who clearly felt the force per unit area of happening suited matrimonies for each of them. As the narrative begins to determine a Mr. Charles Bingley rents the Netherfield Park. This causes great exhilaration in the small town of Longbourn. As anyone could presume Mrs. Bennet is elated and can non wait for the first chance to run into this new immature, eligible and affluent unmarried man. At first Mr. Bennet refused to travel and see Netherfield, which caused a great difference in the family. Finally he relented and went to see Mr. Bingley.

Shortly after this the Bennets attended a ball where Bingley happened to be accompanied by his two sisters and Mr. Darcy, a close friend. While they where their Mr. Bingley found involvement in the oldest girl Jane and danced with her about the full dark. During this Mr. Darcy refused to dance with any adult females including Elizabeth. Therefore everyone at the party, believed him to be a rude, and clannish adult male. Although after a few more brushs, Darcy began to develop an involvement for Elizabeth Bennet. As his love for her grew, so did Mr. Bingley ‘s for Jane. When Elizabeth discovers Darcy ‘s feelings for her, she placed a big “ buffer ” between them.

During all of this, the misss had become good friends with a reserves that was remaining in town, particularly one adult male in peculiar, Mr. Wickham. At foremost he tried to do a drama for Elizabeth and told her false things about Darcy to foster her disfavor for him, but subsequently Elizabeth finds out he was lying to her.

When winter comes, Mr. Bingley and company returned to London. “ The matrimony chances for the Bennet misss appeared black ” ( SparkNotes ) . During the winter Jane went to see some friends in England trusting to see Mr. Bingley, but ends up non seeing him at all and holding an brush with his rude sister.

As spring came, Elizabeth went on a trip to see her friend Charlotte Lucas. While at that place, she besides visited Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Darcy ‘s aunt. During this visit Darcy called and continued to until eventually suggesting to Elizabeth, who rapidly refuses, stating him how chesty he is. Before returning place, she received a missive from Darcy seeking to do damagess for his attitude the last few times they had been together. He told her that Wickham ‘s prevarications were non true and that he had tried to run off with his sister.

Now its, June and to her horror, Elizabeth finds out that while sing the Gardiners, a household relation, her younger sister Lydia had run away and eloped with Wickham. She returns place and at first they are nowhere to be found. “ Merely when all hope seems lost, a missive comes from Mr. Gardiner stating that the twosome has been found and that Wickham has agreed to get married Lydia in exchange for an one-year income. The Bennets are convinced that Mr. Gardiner has paid off Wickham, but Elizabeth learns that the beginning of the money, and of her household ‘s redemption, was none other than Darcy ” ( SparkNotes ) . When they return to England where Mr. Bennet treats them in cold blood.

During all of this, Mr. Bingley has returned and proposed to Jane. Shortly after that, Elizabeth and Darcy meet and he tells her that his feelings are still the same, and proposes for the 2nd clip. This clip Elizabeth accepts and both Jane and Elizabeth are married. Everyone is happy and observe the new matrimonies.


Jane Austen had many influences throughout her life It is believed that Jane used these experiences to underlay many of her narratives. One case is her household. For illustration, household is ever entwined in Jane ‘s Hagiographas. She had been near to her ain household and spent many hours with them.

Although Jane ne’er married she did hold a few relationships. But unhappily none lasted due to a figure of fortunes. Despite their love for each other Tom Lefroy, was non allowed to get married her because she had no money. Harris Bigg-Wither proposed regardless of her fiscal deficiency, but she did non love him, so withdrew. Once decease even stopped her from get marrieding the Irish adult male that she loved. Research does n’t demo much about him, except for the fact that he and Jane where seeing each other and that he was traveling to suggest but died out of the blue before he had the opportunity. This left Jane disappointed and bosom broken. Harmonizing to Julia Kavanagh, “ If we look under the astuteness and quiet sarcasm of her narratives, we shall happen a much keener sense of letdown than of joy fulfilled. Sometimes we find more than letdown ” ( Southam 10 ) .

After the go throughing off of her “ male parent and a close friend, she appeared to hold given up composing ” ( Jane Austen U*X*L ) . This was likely the most annihilating period of her life. Once George Austen had been buried, Jane, her sister and female parent moved from topographic point to topographic point until they found a new place in Chawton. It was non until so, that Jane began to compose once more ( Jane Austen U*X*L ) . It is believed that the amenitiess of holding a place kindled the desire and demand to compose one time more.

Main Subjects

Austen ‘s plants had several chief subjects. Family, category, matrimony and wooing. These subjects are carried throughout all of her books.

In Pride and Prejudice the Bennet ‘s are closely knit. Although they are invariably in each other ‘s concern, they love to pass clip, together and assist each other out when things are difficult. Courtship is another subject. For illustration, When Jane and Mr. Bingley, went to balls, they danced the full dark. They went on walks and enjoyed each others company. Romantic subjects are ever embedded in Jane ‘s novels. She ne’er seemed to compose a book without some type of love narrative.

In Jane ‘s novels, it was clear that matrimony should be for love, non money. She besides made the point that people deserve a 2nd opportunity. For illustration in Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet had to give Mr. Darcy a 2nd opportunity after he had so impolitely treated her at a ball.

The subject of category was really of import in the books Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. There were many cases where people were n’t given the permission to get married, or even be friends, because of fiscal differences or category. However Austen ‘s heroines normally discovered category did non affair and that if they love each other they should be together.

Stylistic Devicess

In Jane Austen ‘s novels there is many literary devices. Satire is one that she used invariably.

Satire is a manner of composing that “ arouses laughter or scorn as a agency of ridicule and derision, with the professed purpose of rectifying human mistakes ” ( Satire ) . Jane uses sarcasm in Pride and Prejudice to roast society ‘s importance of category. She viewed it as a cockamamie thought people have created to divide non as fortunate people from themselves.

Jane besides used many motives. A motive is merely a “ reccurring component in a literary work ” ( Motif ) . One motive that Jane Austen frequently used was wooing. In Pride and Prejudice you see two chief relationships bloom. Which are Jane and Mr. Bingley ‘s and Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy ‘s relationships. But in the book you besides see several other 1s, for illustration the one between Lydia and Wickham and the 1 between Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins Sometimes the relationships start away good like the one between Jane and Bingley and others like Elizabeth ‘s and Darcy ‘s. When they foremost met, their personalities repelled and it took about the full novel before they began to alter their prideful and prejudiced ways.

Fictional characters

Jane and Elizabeth Bennet are the two chief female characters. Jane is the eldest of five misss and purportedly the prettiest. “ Her nature is similar to Mr. Bingley in that she is sort and sweet-natured and is determined to believe good of everyone ” ( Jane Austen Novel ) . Elizabeth has a vigorous personality and is best friends with her sister Jane. She is good like by everyone she knows except Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Bingley is the new eligible unmarried man in town. He has found involvement in the Bennet ‘s oldest girl Jane. “ He is merely what a immature adult male ought to be, reasonable, amiable, and lively! ” ( Jane Austen Novel ) .

Mr. Darcy is a friend of Bingley and causes tenseness after run intoing Elizabeth Bennet. He is an chesty and holier-than-thou adult male who believes get marrieding a Bennet miss would be beneath his societal category.

Mr. Bennet is Jane and Elizabeth ‘s male parent. He proves to be rather an amusement during the book. He is really fond of “ satirical humor, some of the best lines in the book are said by him ” ( Jane Austen Novel ) He believes his three youngest girls are the silliest misss in the state, and yet does nil to rectify their foolish ways until the impossible has occurred.

Mrs. Bennet is married to Mr. Bennet and the female parent of Jane and Elizabeth. During the book you see that she is highly fixated on her girls get marrieding good. Although she normally caused a negative reaction around any future hubbies. She is invariably abashing her household and does n’t cognize how to remain out of her kids ‘s lives ( Jane Austen Novel ) !

Trial Over Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice

Multiple Choice:

1. How many times was Jane Austen proposed to?

A. Five B. Two C. Zero D. One

What was George Austen ‘s business?

A. Farmer B. Lawyer C. Clergyman D. Writer

Was Jane Bennet ‘s suer in Pride and Prejudice.

A. Mr. Bigg-Wither B. Mr. Bingley C. Mr. Lefroy D. Mr. Darcy

The two love brainsick sisters in Pride and Prejudice.

A. Mary, Catherine B. Lydia, Catherine

C. Mary, Lydia D. Lydia, Lizzy

The moniker for Catherine in Pride and Prejudice.

A. Kitty B. Katy C. Kat D. Cici

The Bennet ‘s oldest girl.

A. Elizabeth B. Mary C. Lydia D. Jane

Cassandra Austen comes from what societal category?

A. Upper B. Middle C. Lower D. unknown

After George Austen ‘s decease, how many old ages did Jane travel without composing?

A. 1 twelvemonth B. 5 old ages C. 6 months D. None of the above

What/Where did Jane Austen turn up?

A. Hospital B. Apartment C. Rectory D. Boarding School

10. Who is Jane Austin ‘s favourite poet?

A. George Eliot B. Oscar Wilde

C. Crabbe Cowper D. Henry James

When Jane become ill while sing Mr. Bingley in Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth walks how many stat mis to see her?

A. 2 stat mis B. 3 stat mis C. 1.2 stat mis D. 6 stat mis

Who is covetous of Elizabeth, because Mr. Darcy likes her?

A. Miss Bingley B. Charlotte Lucas

C. Jane Bennet D. Catherine Bennet

How old was Jane Austen when she died?

A. Sixty-four B. Twenty-five C. Forty-one D. Eighty-three

Who was it that helped Jane Austen solidify her topographic point in history?

A. George Austen B. Frank Austen

C. James Austen D. Cassandra Austen

How many people in Jane Austen ‘s household where published novelists?

A. Zero B. One C. Two D. Three

Where was the last topographic point Jane Austen lived?

A. Steventon B. Chawton C. Bath D. Winchester

What disease did Jane Austen dice from?

A. Cancer B. Appendicitis C. Heart onslaught D. Addison ‘s disease

While at school, who did Jane pass most of her clip with?

A. Cassandra B. Caitlin C. Teachers D. Classmates

How frequently did Jane travel?

A. Once a twelvemonth B. Twice a twelvemonth

C. Every summer D. None of the above

In Pride and Prejudice, who marries Mr. Darcy?

A. Jane Bennet B Miss Bingley

C. Elizabeth Bennet D. Charlotte Lucas

10 Fill in the Blank:

Jane Austen published ____ novels between 1811-1817.

2. Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice besides know as _________________ .

3. In Pride and Prejudice Mr. Bennet ‘s favourite girl is ______________ .

4. Pride and Prejudice was published in _______ .

5. Jane Austen was born in _________ , England.

6. Mr. Darcy is a _________ adult male.

7. The name of Jane Austen ‘s sister and female parent was

_____________ and ______________ .

__________ was of import to Jane Austen, as seen in all of her plants

Jane moved to _______ when her male parent retired.

Darcy ‘s first name is ________________ .

Essay Question:

Write 3-6 sentences on what events in Jane Austen ‘s life impacted her authorship and how?

Test Answer Key

Multiple pick:





















Fill in the space:

1. Six

2. First Impressions





Cassandra, Cassandra





An event that impacted Jane Austen ‘s authorship would likely be when she fell in love with Tom Lefroy. This is important because although they loved each other, he was analyzing to be a barrister and was being supported by relations. Equally shortly as his relations learned of the flowering relationship, they threatened to non back up him and said that the matrimony would non assist him. So Lefroy left Steventon. I believe this influenced Jane when she wrote the book Sense and Sensibility. When two people can non be together because of how much money they have.

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