Japanese watch market overview

Consequences for the financial twelvemonth ended March 31 show that watch gross revenues at Japan ‘s Large Three ticker houses slumped for the 2nd back-to-back twelvemonth as the Great Recession continued to stamp down demand for mid-priced tickers. However, the ticker divisions at Citizen, Seiko and Casio remained profitable. For the companies as a whole, merely the Citizen Group reported a net income for twelvemonth ; Seiko and Casio both reported losingss.


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In the ticker divisions, the hardest hit was Seiko, shaper of Seiko, Pulsar, Alba and licensed trade name tickers ; watch gross revenues fell 31 per centum to 64.5 billion hankerings ( $ 693 million ) for the financial twelvemonth. Two old ages ago, Seiko ‘s ticker gross revenues totaled A?117.2 billion. Since so, they have fallen a astonishing 45 % . Seiko now ranks 3rd among the Big Three in footings of ticker gross. Seiko Holdings Corp. said runing income at its Seiko Watch Corp. subordinate increased 38 per centum to A?2.2 billion ( $ 23.6 million ) . Unlike Citizen and Casio, Seiko Holdings issued no statement discoursing the fiscal consequences.


Watch and clock gross revenues at Citizen Watch Co. fell 6.7 per centum in the financial twelvemonth to A?123.6 billion ( $ 1.33 billion ) . Sing the Nipponese market, Citizen said in a statement that “ the slow recovery in ingestion and other factors under predominating economic conditions made for an extremely hard gross revenues environment particularly for premium-priced merchandises for the first three quarters of the twelvemonth. ” Overseas, gross revenues in Asia, peculiarly China, were robust and far in front of the old twelvemonth, Citizen said. “ In the North American market, the largest for this concern, hard conditions continued through the first half, but gave manner to a faster-than-expected market recovery in the 2nd half and gross revenues growing for Eco-Drive and other high value added merchandises, ” Citizen said. Citizen said gross revenues at its Bulova Corp. subordinate in the United States dropped for the twelvemonth, although Bulova posted stronger 2nd half gross revenues “ due to increased gross revenues of mechanical tickers and other differentiated merchandises. ”

Operating net income in Citizen ‘s ticker and clock section rose 7.1 per centum to A?9.7 billion ( $ 104.2 million ) .


Gross saless of Casio Computer Company ‘s timekeeper division fell merely 2.8 per centum to A?78.1 billion hankerings ( $ 839 million ) . “ Gross saless of non-radio-controlled tickers were affected by the rough market environment in the first half, ” Casio said in a statement, “ but gross revenues of radio-controlled tickers were strong, peculiarly Casio ‘s high-value-added trade names such as G-Shock, Oceanus, and Edifice. ” Casio does non unwrap the operating income of its timepiece division. Its overall electronics section, which includes timekeepers, reported a A?19.9 billion loss ( $ 213.8 million ) . However, Casio noted that timekeepers “ remained extremely profitable. ”

Watches represent merely a part of the gross revenues of all three houses. At Citizen and Casio, tickers outperformed other divisions. Net gross revenues for Citizen Holding Co. Ltd. dropped 14.9 per centum to A?252.5 billion ( $ 2.71 billion ) . Net income for the Citizen Group remained stable at A?3.5 billion ( $ 37.6 million ) .

Net gross revenues for Casio as a whole dropped 17.4 per centum to A?427.9 ( $ 4.60 billion ) . For the twelvemonth, Casio reported a loss of A?21.0 billion ( $ 226.0 million ) . Casio said the primary cause of the loss was a crisp diminution in gross revenues of cellular phones.

Net gross revenues at Seiko Holdings Corp. increased 33 % to A?230.7 billion ( $ 2.48 billion ) . The addition, nevertheless, is due wholly to a reorganisation of the Seiko Group in October that made Seiko Instruments Inc. , one of the group ‘s two major fabricating units, a subordinate of Seiko Holdings. SII added A?85.0 billion ( $ 913.6 million ) to Seiko Holdings gross revenues. Without SII, Seiko Holding gross revenues would hold declined by 16 per centum for the twelvemonth. Seiko Holdings reported a net loss for the twelvemonth of A?3.6 billion ( $ 39 million ) .


Large Three Watch Gross saless 2006-2010

( billion hankerings )

Citizen Gross saless

Casio Gross saless

Seiko Gross saless

Purpose of Marketing Plan

The intent of composing a selling program is to give a elaborate study of our new merchandise in the market. Get downing from merchandise properties, happening our suited mark markets, the benefits that our mark clients will acquire, choosing appropriate distribution channels to do our merchandise easy accessible, analyzing the current state of affairs analysis of our mark markets, analysis of our rivals, and the ratio of market which they have captured.Designing a selling mix, pricing schemes, Marketing aims and consequently doing selling schemes.

Mission statement

With in this short span of clip we have gained a good word of oral cavity by giving better quality lasting merchandises. Innovative, modern, fashionable are all descriptive traits that exemplify Integral ‘s design.

Dreams and ideals can non be realized by agencies of conventional thoughts and engineerings. That ‘s why our attack to development is to put a ambitious end and undertake it from every possible perspective-until what “ merely ca n’t be done ” gets done.

“ We Updates you with clip “

Company profile


Company name Bingo Watches.

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


MR. Uzair Zaheer is CEO of the company.


MR. Aamir Latif is Pull offing Director of the company.


MR. Majid Ali is GM of the company.


MR. Arslan Khurshid is Marketing Director.


Company merchandise name is “ Power Disk Watch ” .

Status of the company

Bingo started their concern in 2001 from the major metropoliss Lahore,

Islamabad, Karachi and for the past five old ages our company has

been of bring forthing following merchandises


carpus tickers

( Digital and Analog )


Fancy wall redstem storksbills ( Digital and Analog )

With in this short span of clip we have gained a good word of oral cavity for our quality merchandises which we have been bring forthing harmonizing to the market likings.

Now we are about to establish a new advanced, land breakage, new alone merchandise in the market which is presently non available so we are holding no rivals for our new merchandise called “ Power

Disk Watch ” .

Market position of the company

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


Our company chiefly concentrating in Pakistan ‘s market, our merchandises are being used in Pakistan. The good will of our merchandises is high in the market. As a consequence of market study we have a big measure of loyal client every bit good as possible costumiers. There is uninterrupted communicating with the client ( publicity ) to increase the quality and public presentation of bing merchandises. On the footing of past experience there are good outlooks with the new merchandise “ Power Disk Watch ” .

Merchandise Properties

Leather and concatenation straps:

This merchandise will be available for clients in echt leather and

concatenation ( Ti ) straps depending on ticker theoretical account.

Mp3 participant:

It has a build-in MP3 music participant which will be an exciting measure for

merriment lovers of different ages.

Voice recording equipment:

Watch besides has the ability to enter voice messages, there ‘s a little, really sensitive mike at the underside of the ticker. It can be used as a undercover agent recording equipment.

Built-in equaliser:

There is a constitutional equaliser in this merchandise which will enable the users to exchange to different manners of built in equaliser for e.g. stone, soft, dad, dance, authoritative, level

Memory infinite & A ; Battery:

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


Build-in 170mAH, 3.7V Hi Li-ion rechargeable battery. Depending on the theoretical account its memory infinite varies i.e. 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB

Night manner:

When it turns dark the ticker weaponries and buttons automatically starts

glowing so one can easy run.

Weight & A ; Speed:

Weight of the device is 50-80g ( Varies with design and form ) and

the velocity is USB 1.1 ( Max 5Mbps ) .

Support spot rate:

Support spot rate is 32kbps-256kbps.

Light indexs:

It has different indicant visible radiations to bespeak charging, Mp3 participant


Play clip:

Using this ticker users can play continuously for 10~12 hours.

System support:

Windows 98 or supra.

Different formats:

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

The ticker handles different formats like MP3, WMA, and WAV files

for playback.

Plug and drama:

For Windowss above 98 there is no demand to put in driver merely stopper

and drama.

Stairss of Marketing program

1 ) Situational Analysis

1 ) Micro Environment

2 ) Macro environment

Micro Environment

Micro factors are the factors that straight influence our company. The chief micro

factors are:

1Intermediaries ( Suppliers / Distributors )


3Competitors ( direct / indirect )

P o te n transient ischemic attack cubic decimeter

E n tra Ns T

S u P P prevarication R

B u Y vitamin E R

S U B s titu Te s

In 500 u s try

Macro Environment

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


1 ) -Demograhic Environment

Demography is the survey of human population in footings of age, gender, family

size, household life rhythm, instruction and population age mix.

Pakistan is one of the 3rd universe states with a population of 15.50 billion out of which 48 % are males and 52 % are females. 55 % of the population involves in agribusiness. The literacy rate in really low i.e. 39 % and population rate is 2.3 % yearly. Most of the population lives in rural countries but migration rate is high. The per capital income is $ 480 per individual yearly. Lahore is one of the largest metropoliss of Pakistan. The mark of our ticker is immature coevals aging from 20-35 but still watch is being used by cats every bit good.

2 ) -Economic Environment

In 3rd universe states, a big portion of the income of people is spent on the basic demands, so it ‘s the most sensitive environment where the income degree is low, in-between category is shriveling, wealth distribution is unequal and salvaging rate is low. The people are either really rich or really hapless. And their ingestion behaviour varies consequently.

3 ) -Technological environment

In Pakistan, there are less chances of invention are available due to the deficiency of research. However it besides depends on the companies that how much they prefer the research and client feedback. Keeping in position the mark market, our company has to look for chances instead so wait for them.

4 ) -Geographical Environment

The population degree is high & A ; traversing 160 million. The growing rate of the client

is expected to hold an increasing tendency.

5 ) -Social cultural Environment

Traditionally childs have more involvement in music. This means more ingestion

of tickers so from older 1s.

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


6 ) -Legal and Political Environment

There are no limitations for the new entrants. Govt. is back uping us by supplying freedom of gross revenues revenue enhancement for 2 old ages to demo their committedness towards welcoming new investing.

Factors act uponing consumer purchasing behaviour

There are many factors that influence the consumer purchasing behaviour straight. These

factors are:

1. Cultural factors

2. Social factors

3. Personal factors

4. Psychological factors

Cultural factors

Equally far as we are concerned we will aim Lahore market at first. The people populating in Lahore are good looking and they spent major portion of their income in shopping. When we talk about ticker many clients are non truly satisfied with their bing tickers. That ‘s where we are concentrating at:

Social Factors

Some people get inspiration from mention groups and they use the same merchandises as

their mention groups are utilizing.

Personal Factors

Age factor affects the consumer purchasing behaviour. Largely immature coevals usage

tickers to better their mentality.

Economic conditions have besides a spot consequence on consumer purchasing behaviour. Peoples with

high income ne’er hesitate to pass the money on taking attention of their out expression.

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


Competitive Factor

There are fundamentally three types of competition

1. Brand competition

2. Form competition

3. Generic competition

Brand rivals

By trade name competition we mean competition between different makers who satisfy or tend to fulfill similar demand by supplying Similar merchandise. In our instance our direct trade name rivals are

1. Rolex

2. Casio

3. Swatch

4. Raymond ‘s well

Form rivals

By form rivals we mean the competition between makers which will

fulfill the same demand but the merchandises that they offer are different.

Our signifier rivals are

1. Rado

2. Titan

Generic competition

Competition among merchandises that are different, but solve the same job or supply

the same benefit or public-service corporation.

2 ) Selling Aims

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


There are two types of selling aims which are given below

1. Short term aims

2. Long term aims

Short term aims:

The cardinal aim of BINGO WATCHES to increase the gross revenues volume of power disc tickers. Make a good image of our merchandise in the head of clients. Our chief concern is profitableness.

Long term Aims:

BINGO ‘S long term aims are


Retention of our loyal client


Capturing high market portion


Delivering quality merchandises to our clients


Capturing the possible mark market of Pakistan


Establishing advanced alterations for our merchandise


Making trade name consciousness and trade name trueness

3 ) Market Cleavage

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


Geographic part:

Our mark market geographical part profile is as follows.


World part:














Defense mechanism




Cavalry Ground





Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


Demographic factors:










Family life-cycle:


Young or aged can be individual or married




Rs 30,000+










Computer Eng


Business Man













Social Class:


Upper Lower


Upper Middle


Upper Upper


Life Manner:





Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B














Regular juncture












User position:


Medium and heavy


Readiness phase:



4 ) Target Market

This ticker is designed for pupils, executives, professionals with different business, grades and instruction degrees. We have designed and customized harmonizing to different user demands.


For pupils we have designed a theoretical account called G-SHOCK as mentioned earlier our

tickers are for expressive people who want to show them egos, so G-SHOCK has

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


been designed harmonizing to latest manners, manner make it an alone and an expressive

watch apart from its characteristics.

Memory infinite: ( 128MB~512Mb )

This characteristic is truly good one because pupils can transport their assignments, presentation, work, package, related material on it and can entree it form any where no demand to open your mail history and download your needed material. Alternatively of blowing so much clip merely copy it in your ticker and transport it any where you want.


This is a portable device which is ever on your manus in the signifier of ticker ; it ‘s easy to transport because it weighs about equal to watch. So at one infinite one carry four extra accoutrements.


Mp3 Player:

Students largely have walk adult males, CD adult male with them which they frequently use while going largely. Now you do n’t necessitate to hold any walk adult male because you can hive away about about 500 vocals in your ticker and can listen them when of all time you want. You are going, sitting entirely and experiencing dullard, or want to listen vocal at dark clip but can non set your deck on, our ticker has solution for every job

Voice recording equipment:

It is really help full during the talk because you can enter your talk any clip and

can listen to it after wards and even can hive away it in your Personal computer.


Our merchandise will be supplying privateness by maintaining the personal private things with you

in your ticker and can transport them with you all the clip.


The ticker which we have designed for professionals isEst eem.it varies in design harmonizing to changing age groups.we hold given some new designs to this merchandise which is a bit different from others.

The benefits we will be giving to our clients are as follows.

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


Memory Space: ( 512 MB~1 GB )

Now yearss every professional has a demand of brassy thrust. We have made this occupation easier for them to transport it in their ticker and can entree it from any where we are supplying sample of infinite i.e. 512 MB ~ 1GB package applied scientists, coders, Doctors, Accountants particularly can convey some excess out put from this merchandise because they can transport many of the large package with them.


Our merchandise makes it easier for you to transport your informations in a portable device necessitating

no new infinite

Stylish designs:

Our tickers along with proficient facets have fashionable characteristics harmonizing to current manner. The power disc ticker for executives has, pulling, sole, plan our targeted clients which give them an expressive expression.

Voice recording equipment:

Power disc has introduced this characteristic for the first clip in current market ; this characteristic is of great usage we have made a little merchandise which carries multiple maps in it this characteristic enables you to: Record all conversation while in meeting.

While questioning some one can enter the interview alternatively of composing it down and

salvaging clip.


It keeps your privateness with you.one can transport some of its of import files, paperss

save in his/her ticker.

5 ) Selling mix

1. Merchandise

2. Monetary value

3. Topographic point

4. Promotion

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


Merchandise: –

As we have already discussed about the merchandise, its characteristics and its properties above.

So now we will be looking at the other three P ‘s.

Monetary value: –

Pricing Scheme: –

The pricing scheme part of the selling program involves finding how we will monetary value our merchandise or service ; the monetary value we charge has to be competitory but still let us to do a sensible net income.

The keyword here is “ sensible ” ; we can bear down any monetary value we want to, but for every merchandise or service there ‘s a bound to how much the consumer is willing to pay. Our pricing scheme needs to take this consumer threshold into history.

We set our monetary values by analyzing how much it costs us to bring forth the merchandise or service and adding a just monetary value for the benefits that the client will bask. We may happen it utile to carry on a Breakeven Analysis. In interruption even analysis the monetary value is set to interrupt even on the costs of doing and marketing a merchandise or in other words puting a monetary value to do a mark net income.

These are some pricing schemes

1. Cost based pricing

2. Value based pricing

3. Competition based pricing

Cost based pricing:

Cost based pricing involves adding a markup to the cost of the merchandise. But Power disc is non covering in monetary value sensitive market. So we move on to the following pricing method.


In value based pricing monetary value is based on the purchasers perceptual experience of value instead than on

the Sellerss cost.

An increasing figure of companies are establishing their monetary values on the merchandises perceived value. And we can utilize it here every bit good as the consumers already do n’t hold an image of this new merchandise in head so there is a demand to establish its new monetary value on its value. All the

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


company needs to make is to alter the position point of the clients by powerful and

attractive advertisement.


Puting monetary values based on the monetary values the rivals charge for similar merchandises is called competition based pricing. Consumers will establish their judgements of a merchandises value on the monetary values that rivals charge for similar merchandises. One signifier of competition based pricing is traveling rate pricing in which a house bases its monetary values mostly on rivals monetary values, with less attending paid to its ain costs or to demand. The house might bear down the same as, more than or less than its major rivals.

But as we know that Power disc is non confronting any competition so this scheme is non

be used by the company.

We are establishing a new alone merchandise for a particular category of people our mark market is non monetary value mediums so we will be utilizing Value Based Pricing because we processes a good word of oral cavity and this type we are establishing an advanced merchandise which already does non be in market

The concluding user terminal monetary values are as follows for its 2 theoretical accounts:


G-Force ( for Students )



Quantity Per unit cost Net income

Retail monetary value




1375 ( 25 % ) 5500




1625 ( 25 % ) 6500


Esteems: ( for executives and professionals )



Quantity Per unit cost Net income

Retail monetary value



1700 ( 20 % ) 8500



3400 ( 20 % ) 17000

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B



The inducements which will be given to and retail merchants are as follows:


To retail merchants the inducement given for the per unit sale of G-force and Esteem is as











Topographic point: –

It includes selling channels and channel degrees as described below: –

Selling Channels

Few manufacturers sell their goods straight to concluding users. Alternatively most use mediators to convey their merchandises to market. They try to bury a selling channel or distribution channel, a set of mutualist organisations involved in the procedure of doing a merchandise or service available for usage or ingestion by the consumer or concern user.

There are fundamentally two selling channels: –

Direct selling channel: –

A selling channel that has no intermediary degrees.

Indirect selling channel: –

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


Channel incorporating one or more intermediary degrees.

We Implement

Direct channels:

Company Owned Shop:

The merchandises will be available on our company mercantile establishment at MM ALAM ROAD and

Defence Y-Block.

In- Direct channels:

It would be hard to cover our mark market by merely utilizing direct channel so in order to do it easy available we will utilize the maximal no of efficient indirect channels, which are as follows:

1. H karim bukhsh mercantile establishments

2. pot puri mercantile establishments

3. Al Fetah mercantile establishments

4. sketchers mercantile establishments

5. Nike mercantile establishments

6. Pace shopping promenade

7. Fortress market


Promotion means client communicating that how we can make to our client to

read and capture his head.


Sellers can take from two basic publicity mix schemes: –

1 ) . Push scheme

2 ) . Pull scheme

PUSH Scheme: –

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


A publicity scheme that calls for utilizing the gross revenues force and trade publicity to force the merchandise through channels is called push scheme. The manufacturer promotes the merchandise to wholesalers the jobbers promotes to retail merchants, and the retail merchant promotes to consumers.

A push scheme involves “ forcing ” the merchandise through distribution channels to concluding consumers. The manufacturer directs its selling activities ( chiefly personal merchandising and trade publicity ) toward channel members to bring on them to transport the merchandise and to advance it to concluding consumer.


A publicity scheme that calls for passing a batch on advertisement and consumer publicity to construct up consumer demand is called pull scheme. If the scheme is successful, consumers will inquire their retail merchants for the merchandise, the retail merchants will inquire the jobbers, and the jobbers will inquire the manufacturers.

Using a pull scheme, the manufacturer directs its selling activities ( chiefly advertisement and consumer publicity ) toward concluding consumers to bring on them to purchase the merchandise. If the pull scheme is effectual, consumers will so demand the merchandise from channel members, who will in bend demand from manufacturers. Therefore, under a pull scheme, consumer demand “ pulls ” the merchandise through the channels.

OUR Approach

As we are establishing our merchandise ( tickers ) so we will utilize the mix schemes to better the client demand to hold more gross revenues and better supply in all sorts of markets and shops. And for this we have to analyse tendencies or behaviours of the consumers so that the company ‘s ability to make concern can be improved. So in this subdivision we ‘ll besides give the tools we will be utilizing for this launch. We will besides discourse the publicity scheme that we will be utilizing in this launch.

Promotion tools


Ad is the tool to do the merchandise known to the client, the advertizement should be in such a mode so that it can pull the client at first glimpse so their should be image keeping in the head of client. Continuous advertizement stimulates the client for the buying of the merchandise. Advertisement tools used are

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B



1. Libas Magazine

2. Magazine

3. Timess Magazine

4. Visag Magzine

5. Manner Magzine

Sign boards

Advertisement through signboards in classy countries of Lahore. For the rating of the merchandise public presentation following methods will be used so that if the client is confronting any jobs in regard of quality, handiness and other affairs can be removed.

Feed back signifier

Forms holding different inquiry about the merchandise public presentation, its failings ( if any ) , Need for quality betterment and other inquiries sing service accessibility, affordability etc will be available. Forms will be given to the clients at clip of purchase.

Gross saless Promotion and keeping of loyal clients

For gross revenues publicity at different occasions like EID, Independence twenty-four hours, recognizing cards

will be sent in order to remain in contact with our loyally and possible clients.

6 ) Execution

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


It is the most of import measure of the selling program. In this measure we really implement what we have consider In above stairss. Because there is a stating that it is useless to compose a narrative if you are non traveling to do a film.

7 ) Evaluation

In this we evaluate what we have implemented if our schemes are traveling consequently

so we carry on other wise we are traveling for alteration.

Selling Plan for Power Disk Watch

N $ B


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