Journal on Bruce Schulman’s “From Integration to Diversity” Essay

Journal on Bruce Schulman’s “From Integration to Diversity”

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            Basically, the main thesis of the essay, From Integration to Diversity, written by Bruce Schulman, is that America started as a nation that tried to integrate various cultures and races in its society that eventually led to its diversity, which was both its strength and weakness. The essay showed that there is no such thing as an “American culture,” simply because America has multiple cultures, which makes the country highly diverse.

            To support his claims, the author first showed how non-white races, in particular, black people, were able to slowly infuse themselves into America’s society, which was previously opposed by several white groups during the 60s. He depicted how black people and African American people entered the many sectors of society which they were previously barred from joining such as politics, education, economic life, and law, among others, thanks mainly to the civil rights revolution, which pushed from equality among all races and cultures.

The introduction of other races was initially welcomed by most white Americans. However, as time passed, racism and discrimination, which were two things that the civil rights movement fought to erase, again became prevalent in society. As a result, most Americans, and even the rest of the world, eventually accepted the fact that America is a diverse culture and not a single and domineering “superculture,” which is predominated by the white race. In short, the author claims that America’s multiple cultures is both its strength and its weakness as it fosters equality but also promotes racism and diversity.

            Generally, the author was effective in conveying his message and in emphasizing his major points. His portrayal of the integration of black people and division of the people because of diversity using various historical facts proved that America once warmly accepted diversity in cultures but, in doing so, unconsciously promoted discord in its society. I also agree with the fact that because of America’s vast diversity in culture, racism and discrimination, which are both still present today, cannot be avoided and only minimized.

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