Largest German engineering conglomerate in Europe


Core Business

Siemens AG is the largest German technology pudding stone in Europe. The international central office has located in Berlin, Munich and Erlangen, Germany. The company has three major concern sectors and a sum of 15 divisions:

Industry Sector: Building Technologies, Motion Control, Industry Automation, Industry Solutions, Mobility and Osram

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Energy Sector: Power Transmission and Power Distribution, Renewable Energy, Fossil Power Generation, Oil & A ; Gas, Service Rotating Equipment

Healthcare Sector: Workflow & A ; Solutions, Diagnostics, Imaging & A ; IT

Industry is one of the universe ‘s prima suppliers of production, building, transit and illuming systems. Siemens engineering is assisting client ‘s substructure and competitory industry more efficient and reduces their environmental footmark by optimising net income efficiency, and flexibleness. For this sector, Siemens has 204,000 employees worldwide and activities in over 130 states. In financial twelvemonth 2010 while Energy generated a‚¬25.520 billion as the entire gross and Healthcare generated entire gross of a‚¬12.364 billion, Industry Sector achieved entire gross of a‚¬34.869 billion and became the 1 generated the most gross.

Though Energy Sector generated non as many grosss as Industry sector, it generated the most net income of a‚¬3.562 billion in financial 2010. With approximately 88,000 employees worldwide, Energy sector is a taking supplier of merchandises, solutions every bit good as services. Siemens is the lone maker worldwide with the know-how, merchandises, solutions and constituents of import to spread out the full concatenation of energy transition. Particular solutions for their expertness are particularly outstanding in the interface: for illustration, in factory-to-grid connexion, grid integrating engineering and distribution systems that link the smart grid consumers.

In the following decennary, Siemens Environmental Portfolio which has an outstanding place worldwide will go on to drive growing. Siemens intends to hike gross from their green engineerings to over a‚¬40 billion by financial 2014 ( they generated gross of around a‚¬28 billion in financial 2010 ) . The biggest advantage in the concern of Siemens Energy will put in the merchandise is non single but a series of extra points that will let it to offer for about all parts of green electricity production. A High Voltage Direct Current ( HVDC ) , can go the nucleus of what some call high-speed green energy, because it allows a big sum of electricity which is sent down a long thinnish overseas telegram.

Siemens has increased entire sectors net income to a‚¬7.789 billion. The sectors ‘ combined net income came in 4 % higher than the anterior twelvemonth. Industry took its net income up 29 % year-over-year while Energy generated a 7 % net income addition. Siemens has successfully launched plans to increase efficiency, disposal of their gross revenues and procurement procedures. By the terminal of financial 2009, Siemens ‘ worldwide plan to cut down their gross revenues, general and administrative disbursals were nest eggs achieved a‚¬ 1.2 billion compared to financial 2007. Mhos merged their buying activities in an organisation straight under the cardinal procurance direction and pared back the figure of providers by 15 % . It can be said that Siemens has been instead successful since 2007.

Corporate Duty

Siemens has set up a Sustainability Advisory Board composed of taking figures in scientific discipline and industry, with the intent of assisting Siemens go a leader in sustainability. Siemens ‘s purpose is “ to accomplish a balance between the environment, concern and society “ :

– For the environment, they are offering advanced merchandises and solutions to better both their ain eco-balance and client and provider.

– For concern, they are concentrating on making long term value.

– And for society, they are developing and furthering their employees.As a taking supplier of medical merchandises and solutions, they besides help people entree a scope of advanced medical engineering. Furthermore, substructure solutions in the countries of mobility, power and H2O supply of their major part to bettering populating conditions in the universe.

In financial 2010, their environmental offerings helped to cut down Customer ‘s CO2 emanations by 267 million dozenss.

Siemens has identified sustainability marks for all relevant countries, here is an illustration of their environmental plan, to better the company ‘s CO2 efficiency by 20 % in 2011, compared with 2006. That ‘s why Siemens plans to put up to a‚¬ 100 million at the terminal of 2012 to do their production installations greener.As portion of the plan of their energy efficiency, Siemens has been carry oning “ energy wellness cheque ” at about 100 big installations. Besides, Siemens has launched a plan to supervise the environmental public presentation of their providers – stand foring a supply concatenation that is eco-friendly from get downing to stop.

Siemens is besides utilizing H2O much more expeditiously and programs to cut ingestion at 20 % by financial 2011, compared to 2006.

For clime alteration issue, Siemens offers energy efficient engineerings which can assist to cut down C emanations. And with Carbon Disclosure Project ( CDP ) in 2010 Siemens was awarded for the first clip as the best company in the worldwide leaders within the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index ( CDLI ) . Furthermore Siemens was the best house ( Grade: A ) within CPLI.A

Siemens ‘s stakeholders are clients, providers, investors, anteroom groups, scientific organisations, policymakers and society in general.

To clients, in order to mensurate client satisfaction, strengthen their client orientation and proctor developments, Siemens has introduced the Net Promoter Score. Furthermore, they operate a figure of call centres that clients can reach 24 hours a twenty-four hours ; they have quality direction system and superior after gross revenues service.

To the providers, for sustainability Siemens has a comprehensive plan in the supply concatenation where providers in close relationship with all needed procedures and methods of their supply concatenation direction

Prosecuting with public policymakers, Siemens is an experient spouse for treatments in many countries, and Expert support for of import undertakings

Siemens is a member of, and spouses with, legion cardinal national and international organisations working to progress of import enterprises with policymakers, industry and society such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development ( WBCSD ) , the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) and the United Nations ‘ Global Compact, the International Energy Agency ( IEA ) and Econsense.

Crisis Management

Mhos embroiled in several major dirts in the past few twelvemonth

In January 2007 Siemens was fined a‚¬ 396 million by the European Commission for puting electricity monetary values in the EU market through a trust associating to 11 companies. Siemens was given the highest punishment, more than half of the entire because of the leading function in the alleged incident

In May 2007, Siemens was fined a‚¬38 million for graft in Germany in order to win natural gas turbine supply contracts ( valued at about a‚¬450 million with Enel, an Italian energy company.

In December 2008, Siemens paid a record $ 1.34 billion in mulcts after being investigated for serious graft from 2002 to 2006 in Germany, the United States and many other states.

To larn from the errors, Siemens has since invested to a great extent in beef uping its conformity plan. The company has increased the figure of staff working on conformity from 6 to about 600 every bit good as has provided a preparation for approximately 120,000 employees in the past twelvemonth. Siemens is besides working with external spouses to make tools and resources to profit attempts to contend corruptness other companies.

Siemens has late been working with the World Bank Institute to develop a tool for corporate action that companies can utilize in the combat against corruptness. Siemens brings knowledge from many industries in which it operates, every bit good as the lessons from its recent experience covering with a graft dirt

One wide lesson of the graft dirts has been the demand to reorganise lines of duty so that fiscal accountants in peculiar can maintain path of where money has flowed. The company has been divided into three sectors – industry, energy and wellness attention – and put leaders of those divisions onto the company ‘s cardinal pull offing board, which is based in Munich.

Furthermore, Siemens has streamlined their organisation and strengthened their direction system. They cut selling, merchandising and general administrative disbursals and achieved first-class consequences with their procurance enterprise

Now Siemens is back at the top. In many of their concerns, they ‘re the market leader or a really solid No. 2.

Scheme over the past few old ages

Siemens has focused on invention and technology-driven growing markets and long term growing possible – markets every bit good as uninterrupted enlargement of their services is really diverse and further beef up their place in the flourishing markets of emerging states.

ur vision and scheme

In the old ages in front, they strongly focus to the BRIC states ( Brazil, Russia, India and China ) and the Middle East as about half the universe ‘s economic growing will be generated in these states.

Competences and advanced are Siemens nucleus strengths. With its acquisitions in research lab nosologies, Siemens Healthcare is the first integrated health care company that combines imaging and lab nosologies, therapy solutions and medical information engineering and besides supplements these with audience and services.

Advanced merchandises and solutions are positioning Siemens to tap new markets and to be in a prima place. Today ‘s inventions give Siemens the resources they need to develop the inventions of tomorrow

In Annual Report 2010, Siemens presented three undertakings concentrating on engineering invention and market growing way. With a capacity of 50 MW, a solar thermic power works in Lebrija, Spain will shortly be supplying carbon-free power for approximately 50,000 families. Siemens scanner in Shanghai are assisting to better health care in rural countries, grounds of the importance they attach to a turning local presence worldwide and do technological progresss available to all people worldwide. Siemens is establishing a new epoch in transit. Siemens is besides constructing the smart grid allows lower, long-distance transmittal of electricity to green urban countries and developing originative constructs for batteries that can assist countervail the fluctuations in supply energy by functioning as the portable storage unit power. They are merely some highlighted undertakings about the enterprises from the power of Siemens – that allows them to be innovators and put mileposts for advancement and development in societies around universe.

As all of the above mentioned facts, it can leap to a decision that Siemens is an advanced company which their scheme besides clearly highlight “ to invariably tap new markets with advanced merchandises and solutions ” .

Vision, Mission, Goals

Against the background of profound planetary alterations ( such as clime alteration, urbanisation, globalisation, economic conditions change, fiscal crisis ) , Siemens is redefining the criterion they have set themselves and, as a consequence, their vision:

“ Siemens – the innovator in: energy efficiency, industrial productiveness, low-cost and individualized health care, intelligent substructure solutions “

In this clip of alteration, Siemens is returning to their greatest strength: pioneering spirit.

Here ‘s a choice of Siemens cardinal sustainability ends.

Aid clients cut down their CO2 emanations by 300 million dozenss in 2011

To bring forth gross of at least a‚¬40 billion from Environmental Portfolio in financial 2014

Improve CO2 efficiency by 20 per centum in financial 2011 in relation to emanation from energy usage is one of their cardinal marks

Increase H2O efficiency by 20 per centum by financial 2011 compared to 2006 on revenue-adjusted footing

Achieving economic and ecological ends

Profiting from competitory advantages

Pull offing energies intelligently

Low-tension power distribution

Building direction systems

Excellent support

At Siemens, people are the most valuable assets. The competency direction model ( CMF ) is the bosom of Siemens people processes that motivate and support employees to develop needed competences

Mhos construction their wage policy to actuate employees, acknowledge their virtues and accomplishments and promote excellence in their public presentation.

Mhos offer:

Continuously preparation and instruction plans

Equal chances

Compatibility between work and household life such as:

Expansion plan for child care near the workplace ( named SieKids )

Family members in demand of attention – and assist is near for senior attention

Flex-time working hours and an improved pregnancy leave policy

Apartments for employees

Desirability as an employer

When you work for a company, it ‘s non merely repute, but besides the sum of its value and who you work every twenty-four hours, how people deal with each other makes the difference for a civilization concern. Siemens is truly a friendly and unfastened workplace where you can lend to its success and go on to develop yourself and it ‘s besides a topographic point where your accomplishments are recognized and rewarded. Siemens ‘s basic wage is really competitory together with a scope of activities related fillip

Let ‘s look back how good Siemens motivates their employees ; we can easy understand why people like working for Siemens.

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