Launching of a new product onida laptops



First, I would wish to show my extreme and bosom gratitude to my instructor, MR.MANISH RAJPUT, LECTURER OF MAKETING MANAGEMENT who give me this most interesting research subject, every bit good as for all his aid and back up me to bring forthing this work.

I would wish to thank the section of library of my LPU who provide me the utile book on the footing of which I try to do my term paper effectual.

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ONIDA is one of the largest telecasting fabrication companies in INDIA. It is one of the largest and rapid turning companies in the same field. Onida as a company was founded in 1981 as a public company. Its head one-fourth is in MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA. Onida trades in a type of industry known as electronic industry.

Onida Company started their concern with electronics and so expanded their concern with assorted merchandises as LCD Television ‘S, PLASMA TV ‘S, TELEVISIONS, DVD AND HOME THREATER SYSTEM, AIR CONDITIONERS, WASHING MACHINES, MICROWAVES, PRODUCTS RELATED TO PRESENTATION, and INVERTERS AND ALSO MOBILE PHONES.

Onida Company is a most popular trade name now. It has got his web as 33 subdivision offices and 208 client relation centres. Besides the company is holding 41 terminals spread all over the state. Onida is besides holding a market capitalisation of 400 crore approx. besides onida electronics won an award as “ AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ELECTRONICS ” in 1999 from MINISTRY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.

Executive Summary

Onida is one of the largest rapid turning companies. It is one of the most successful companies in term of professionalism. The chief aim is to turn out quality of competitory monetary values and client satisfaction. It is one of the aim is to supply NOTEBOOK PC as ensured quality, handiness and client satisfaction. This following selling program forms the footing for the launching of ONIDA LAPTOPS by ONIDA COMPANY one of the celebrated company in India.

The analysis will let us to follow for the accomplishment of the company ‘s strategic ends. ONIDA LAPTOPS will be marketed to reenforce the company ‘s position as leader in invention and successful merchandise launching. This new merchandise launching will enable us to add RS.100 crores to company ‘s turnover with a forecasted gross revenues growing chance of 10-15 % over the following 5 old ages.

And while fulfilling the demand and planing the merchandise to fit person ‘s life style. Success will be reflected by a ample gaining control of market portions within this market, while strategically transporting the company up to the top topographic point as the market leader in laptop section. Export potencies in the market will be considered in all the western states as USA, Russia, France, and Iraq. Nigeria, Yemen and even farther enlargement can be planed.

The chief purpose of the company is to pull a ample market portion of the laptop section. Besides the figure of clients depending upon laptops instead than personal computing machines is taken attention off. The chief purpose is to sell one lakh units of laptops in the first twelvemonth sing as this trade name as a new trade name and being expertness in the related field holding manufactured the merchandise for several trade names and holding besides sold its ain telecastings.


Above chart shows the expected turnovers in crores over the coming old ages in turnover of onida laptops in assorted states.

In 2009 as the merchandise is being establishing in 2009 merely so started expected turnover will be near about 90 hundred thousands. With the uninterrupted supply of good quality and good work with good client service expected turnover will get down increasing.

Company is be aftering to utilize new engineering and other servicer beneficial for clients and company in footings of turnover which will assist in increase the expected turnover to 150 hundred thousand in 2012. This proves that establishing of onida laptops will be good for the organisation.


ONIDA NOTEBOOK PC is a new enlargement line of onida. Onida telecasting portfolio has been good received and now ONIDA NOTEBOOK Personal computer is traveling to be launched for onida ‘s continues success and future profitableness. Onida as a company is celebrated for quality merchandises at sensible monetary values and it offer best installations. It will offer NOTEBOOK Personal computer or LAPTOPS in assorted constellation every bit good as monetary values to fulfill every sort of client. One of import key to success or for the development of the merchandise is to make merchandise consciousness and growing of client base.

Selling Summary

Marketing sum-up of onida laptops possess sufficient information about the market demands and client demands, wants, desires and demands. It will besides assist to give right offer to compensate client so that company can accomplish client satisfaction and can pass on with them in a better manner. Besides this lead to hold some of import information about client which will assist to do client a delicious client.

Target Market

The mark market of ONIDA LAPTOPS or NOTEBOOK PC is shown below:

Above shows that there is a mark market of onida laptops as

Corporate Users

End Users


Environmental analysis

Macro environmental factors

Turning disposable income and low incursion degrees would guarantee greater portion of billfold for the consumer industry and would assist in accomplishing the preset marks. The innovations and inventions would assist in determining the industry ‘s hereafter. It would be necessary to catch the altering tendencies in consumer life styles and offer the right merchandise at right clip to ease farther growing and accomplishment of marks. There is a demand to establish a merchandise which will give maximal client satisfaction and satisfy at that place needs.

Micro environmental factors

The cost would farther come down with enhanced possibilities of better and easy transverse boundary line negotiations with providers worldwide and the scope of offerings

Would travel up. With the addition in figure of participants, there would be more action and the industry would experience the bombilation around it and would necessitate changeless high pitch communicating with the clients. Network has a strong influence on the purchasing determination and the organisation that would pull off the channel better, would hold a significant border over the others.

Competitive Scheme

Onida will seek to offer more valuable offerings to the clients and would seek to pull off client relationships. Onida as a company in order to be effectual and in front of competition would seek to maximise benefits to the consumers. They will besides respond strongly to monetary value alterations made by the rivals and organisations would look at integrating on backend every bit good as the forepart ends.


The profile of ONDA NOTEBOOK Personal computer or LAPTOPS client consists of the undermentioned GEOGRAPHIES, DEMOGRAPHICS, and BEHAVIOR FACTOR:

Geographic FACTORS

Geographic factors have been classified as:

  • ONIDA NOTEBOOK will hold specific domestic geographic mark country. They will function the merchandise to domestic market.
  • Onida will seek to cover the Metropolitan country through their ain distribution channel.


Demographical factors have been classified on the footing of the undermentioned properties:

  • There will be about same featured notebook personal computer or laptop for the corporate, end users and other users.
  • University instructors and other research workers can utilize it for their research work and analysing the environment.
  • High, Middle, Upper center and in-between category usage it and sensible pricing scheme will assist to buy of these notebook personal computer by every possible users.


  • It ‘s a general behaviour of every homo that NOTEBOOK Personal computer or LAPTOP increases the position and prestigiousness of the user.
  • In today ‘s busy universe there is demand of a merchandise which is available with consumer anyplace or any clip and at every period of clip.
  • Customer feel that they have a separate image and prestigiousness by utilizing ONIDA LAPTOPS.


ONDA LAPTOPS will provides its clients the chance to take NOTEBOOKs with different constellation and varieties.These laptops will besides carry through the demands of clients and besides provide benefit as: –

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Consumer needs a high quality merchandise at sensible monetary value, for that ground ONIDA attempt to supply high quality merchandise at a sensible monetary value. So that more and more client can be attracted towards onida notebook personal computer.

  • High quality
  • Consumer want high quality merchandise, which is must be high in respect to public presentation. ONIDA tried to run into this demand of consumer at its degree best. Quality was the chief point to be taken attention of by the company as this the chief slogan of company.

  • Different assortments
  • Choices of client vary from individual to individual.So ONIDA provides different laptop with different characteristics. And supply laptops with different constellation.

  • Merchandise handiness
  • One of the of import things to be taken attention of is Customer and client seeking handiness of merchandise so that they can purchase the merchandise at any clip they need.

Market Tendency

ONIDA will bring forth different type of laptop which non merely fulfill choice demand of client but besides sensible monetary value. So that more and more client will buy these laptops. Now a yearss NOTEBOOK Personal computer production company is turning and more rivals are coming in the market. Now even client are more cognizant about the merchandise for that ground they want different types of merchandise with different characteristics and different styling characteristics. The market for LAPTOPS with new and new engineerings is turning faster, competition are increasing in these markets. Therefore, ONIDA made sections for their merchandise. They divided their client in to three groups, and give accent on each of the group. So that company can capture all sort of clients in market.


Gradually entire ONIDA Company is traveling upward with a strong competition. With the addition in domestic market, our international market growing statistics is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Now with the launch of new laptops with newer engineering the market portion of our company is traveling to increase farther.


Onida will seek to offer more value offerings to the clients and would seek to pull off CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP. The houses in order to be effectual and in front of competition would seek to maximise benefits to the consumers. Firms would respond strongly to monetary value alterations made by the COMPETITORS and organisations would look at INTEGRATION on BACKEND every bit good as the FRONTENDS.


Market Overview

Luxury goods are now being perceived as necessities as now clients are holding higher disposable incomes being spent on lifestyle merchandises. There is a discernable displacement in the consumers ‘ penchant in favour of higher-end, technologically superior branded merchandises, the demand being spurred by increasing consumer consciousness and penchant for new theoretical accounts now the modern educated client is non confined to old engineerings and old merchandises. Now clients want to seek newer merchandises with newer engineerings.

Quality merchandises with superior engineering and engineering up step have helped the industry to accomplish higher growing in footings of volume and besides higher realisation in value footings. Rate of growing in production has been more in footings of measure or in volume growing instead than the growing in value footings for a figure of merchandises. This has happened because of invariably falling monetary values over the old ages due to competition among the MAJOR PLAYERS, AGGRESSIVE MARKETING STRATEGIES AND DECLINING IMPORT TARIFFS.

Competition has forced companies to offer efficient AFTER SALE SERVICE and support and this, in bend, has swayed client penchant for good trade names. There are positive growing tendencies in Technological goods sections – white goods and consumer electronics during and points to prolong growing because of emerging chances and strong basicss of the economic system.

Because of growing in production in the organized section and domestic handiness of branded merchandises due to take downing of import responsibilities and other broad

steps, the portion of unorganised section has come down aggressively to merely 8 to 10 per cent from 40 to 50 per centum. The monetary value difference between branded and unbranded goods has narrowed down and with branded participants supplying good after gross revenues services and back up consumer prefers to purchase branded merchandises.

The industry related to engineering appears to hold two clearly differentiated sections. The MNCs have an border over their Indian opposite numbers in footings of engineering combined with a steady flow of capital. The domestic companies compete on the footing of their well-acknowledged trade names, an extended distribution web and an penetration into local market conditions. Competitive schemes revolve around strong trade name distinction and monetary values.

Dickering power of clients is high due to handiness of many trade names. Demand is Cyclic and seasonal. Demand is high by and large on the footing of demand of clients as corporate client or stop user. Demand for engineering is present throughout the twelvemonth. There is no penchant on the footing of any particular month when demand for engineering is more in one month than other month.

Rural India which accounts for about 70 % of the entire figure of families, offers plentifulness of range and chances for the white goods industry. Increasing consumer consciousness and penchant for new theoretical accounts have added to the demand in rural countries besides. And development of instruction had made more and more people rely on engineering.

Attractive consumer loan strategies with decreased involvement rates over the old ages by the fiscal establishments and commercial Bankss and the never-never strategies have added to the rush in demand. Besides, the consumer goods companies are

themselves coming out with attractive funding strategies to consumers through their extended trader web. The use of cyberspace by the market functionaries has lead to intelligence gross revenues of the merchandises. It has helped prolong the demand roar witnessed late in this sector.




  • Quality merchandise and services.
  • Popular trade name name.
  • Continuous research and development
  • Strong bing distribution channel.
  • Increased portion of organized sector as comparison to unorganised sector.
  • Attractive design.
  • Body made of Ag and plastic and available in many colourss.
  • Most of the purchasers are satisfied.
  • Presence of established distribution webs in both urban and rural countries.


  • Poor authorities disbursement in substructure and other related things.
  • Lack of promotional activities by companies.
  • Low buying power of consumers
  • Insufficient capital.
  • Legal and political barrier sing import, revenue enhancement and cargo and other troubles.
  • Troubles due to rivals.
  • Old engineerings.


  • Low incursion degrees
  • Demand of NOTEBOOK PC is increasing.
  • Improved market portfolio.
  • Greater demand due to altering life styles
  • Increasing gross revenues throughout the state and internationally.
  • Handiness of easy finance.
  • Promotional activities to increase trade name image.
  • Turning disposable income of consumers
  • Increasing demand in rural sector.


  • Strong rivals
  • Legal & A ; political troubles sing import responsibility, revenue enhancement etc.
  • Entrance of new rivals in the market.
  • The monetary value of NOTEBOOK or laptops is diminishing continuously.
  • Cheap Imports from Singapore, China and other Asiatic states
  • Higher import responsibilities on natural stuffs imposed in the Budget 2008-09.


Onida has established its ain market. But still they have to confront the rivals. Some of the major rivals of onida laptops are:

o HP: HP ‘s NOTEBOOK is holding maximal market portion in capturing the market of NOTEBOOK PC in India every bit good as internationally. HP ‘S notebooks are produced in China. They are keeping a prima place for long clip in NOTEBOOK Personal computer in our state.

o ACER: Acer is the Chinese manufacturer of NOTEBOOK or laptops. ACER has its maximal market portion of NOTEBOOK PC in Bangladesh. They have fewer portions in Indian market as comparison to acre.

o COMPAQ: Mitsubishi is Taiwan Company. COMPAQ was an car company ab initio. Now it is bring forthing NOTEBOOK Personal computer besides. It is now giving a strong competition to notebook or laptop market.

O DELL: First they produce telecastings. But now they have enhances its concern by bring forthing NOTEBOOK Personal computer. And DELL is now giving a strong competition in laptop market every bit good as technological market.



ONIDA will offers different type of constellation at different monetary value to our consumer for chooses their expected merchandise. Following are the points: –


  • Strong quality
  • Better client relationship direction
  • Better service
  • Operational efficiency and integrating
  • Effective channel direction
  • Changeless merchandise alteration and merchandise mix direction
  • Image of trade name and merchandise
  • Distribution channel
  • Retention of client

Selling Scheme

Selling schemes are helpful in making consciousness, involvement and entreaty from our mark market. So that more and more market can be gaining control.

Basically marketing scheme is based on superior public presentation of the undermentioned countries:

  • Different constellation.
  • Product quality.
  • Delight user.


The chief mission is to supply quality and merchandise at a competitory monetary value. Growth in diverseness and uninterrupted contribute to the growing is being the chief market rival. Besides To profit society at big through Innovation, Quality, Productivity, Human Development and Growth, and to bring forth sustained excesss, ever endeavoring for excellence, within the model of jurisprudence, and in nil but the truth in which we base every action

3.2 Marketing Aim

  • Capture the market as a market leader.
  • To achieve quantitative and qualitative leading in the technological sector.
  • Keeping positive and increased gross revenues growing than the rival.
  • Increase the market portion by market development and services.
  • To increase merchandise consciousness and gross revenues by persuasive promotional activities.
  • Becoming a globally recognized and esteemed company through interactive concern investing.
  • Differentiation through invention and passion through authorization.
  • Besides cost through economic systems of graduated table and universe category systems and processs that bring in delectation of stakeholders.


  • The company aims to sell one lakh units of NOTEBOOKS in first twelvemonth of its launching and is anticipating a mark turnover of Rs.100 Crores from laptop market in first twelvemonth.
  • It expects to turn at 10-15 % in following five old ages by fulfilling client demands through its offerings.
  • They aim to do considerable net incomes and achieve economic systems through backend and front terminal integrating.
  • And keeping dual figures each twelvemonth.


Cleavage OF Market

The company has segmented its mark market on the footing of incomes and life styles.

Peoples who are good educated, have lifestyle as an of import component and have high income can purchase laptop.

Target Market

The possible consumers are separated into assorted segments- Corporate User End User and others. The primary selling chance is sell laptops to these good defined, accessible mark market sections.

Corporate User: Corporate users are the users who buy the laptops for their functionary intent merely. The MD, GM, DGM, CEO and other.

Degrees in offices are the chief corporate users.

End User: End users are the users who buy the laptops for their personal usage. Teachers, Students of private University, man of affairs etc are chiefly see as the End users.

Others: other so as reference above.

Placement IN MARKET

Onida is seeking to keep its place as a NOTEBOOK company. The place will be achieved by supplying quality merchandise, competitory monetary value, and harmonizing to consumer ‘s demand and by pleasing consumers. There should be experienced directors to do consciousness about the merchandise to client. Company is besides assuring to offer choice offerings and better services and do a satisfied consumer as its trade name embassador. The company ‘s will publicize its merchandise as the equivalent word of truth and supplying it at a sensible monetary value.


ONIDA ‘S chief primary selling scheme is to seek and foremost make client consciousness sing the merchandises every bit good as handiness of merchandise.

Other marketing scheme are-

  • Supplying Entire Quality Management ( TQM )
  • Customer Orientation
  • Supplying international criterion merchandises
  • To increase the merchandise line every bit good every bit length as per the outlooks of the consumers
  • Competitive monetary values of merchandise.

Selling Mix

ONIDA ‘S selling mix is comprised of the undermentioned attacks to merchandise, monetary value, publicity, and topographic point or client service.



The name of the trade name is “ ONIDA NOTEBOOKS ” .


ONIDA NOTEBOOK has five types of merchandise. These are-W125U-T3000, W3001U-T4150, W4200-T4500, W4510U, W5520U


ONIDA is chiefly popular for the maintaining of high quality of its merchandises. Entire Quality Management ( TQM ) is strictly practiced here.

O Design

Attractive Design, Color, constellation, Comfortable weight.

O Packing material

ONIDA supply the notebooks to the users with attractive packaging. It provides particular sketch with strong handling of the NOTEBOOKs to its traders.

O Size

The merchandises ‘ size vary from to one merchandise series to other merchandise series

O Service

ONIDA provides best after gross revenues service and take feedback for its merchandises.



ONIDA provide ab initio shot-term inducements to promote and buy or sale of its merchandises. Occasionally company has decided to give particular discounted monetary value for its merchandises. Company besides decided to give Jerseies, caps, bags etc. to entice the clients.


Company decided to gives advertizement for ONIDA NOTEBOOK through newspaper, hoarding, popular magazine, cusps, patronizing on game competition, cyberspace etc.

o PERSONAL Selling

ONIDA company is besides make up one’s minding to sell laptops through personal merchandising but till now we have n’t set up any sort personal merchandising.

Monetary value

o LIST Pricing

Pricing of the merchandise are being made on the footing of engineering used in the merchandise and depending upon the assorted series of onida. The assorted pricing of assorted assortments of laptops are:

O Discount

Company has decided to let price reduction installations to all the retail merchants and traders.

o Payment period

ONIDA will sell NOTEBOOK on recognition to its distributer and retail merchants and after the sale e period of 2 months can be given for doing payment.

Topographic point


ONIDA has its ain distribution channel for the distribution of their merchandises.


ONIDA have own distribution channel for administering their merchandises.


ONIDA covers territory countries of our state to capture the market for their merchandises.


ONIDA has its ain transit installation for its distributers. Distributors are themselves responsible for taking the merchandises to their salesrooms.

Selling Research

One of the of import things is research work. Research is really critical for any company to cognize about current market place and besides to foretell future demands.

Information is collected through the trader and retail merchant.

o Question – “ How did you hear about our ONIDA NOTEBOOK merchandise? ” note the reply and this reply can be usage for the promotional activities.

o Customer suggestion – New feedback service and clients ‘ suggestions system to derive extra information. They want to cognize from the clients about-

u What suggestion do you desire to give to company to better our merchandise?

u Why do you necessitate a laptop and why onida laptop merely?


It is really of import while the launching of a merchandise to take attention of the fiscal overview of ONIDA NOTEBOOK related to selling activities. ONIDA reference brake even analysis ( BEA ) , gross revenues forecast, expense prognosis, and showed how this activity are link to the selling activity.


Break even is a point where cost is peers to gross revenues. The break-even analysis below shows the figure of individual gross revenues, or units, that we must recognize to break-even. Analysis of breakeven point is based on the cost and the gross revenues of a company.

Gross saless Prognosiss:

Gross saless forecast means planning or appraisal of gross revenues so that future gross revenues can be assessed. ONIDA thinks that the gross revenues prognosis will be achieve into the five chief watercourses ; W1250U-T3000, W3001U-T4150, W4200U-T4500, W4510U and W5520U. This will steadily increase the gross revenues. As the advertisement budget allows the mark market prognosis, the listed of all the possible clients get divided into separate groups. The forecasted clients group divided into assorted classs: Corporate Users, End Users and others.


Every company has to do a anterior prognosis of disbursals. It is of import to tag such prognosis to restrict the disbursals made in future. These disbursals are to be budgeted at about 5 % of entire gross revenues for 2007-08 and 6 % for 2008-09. Chiefly disbursals are to be tracked in the major selling classs as: -NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT, PROMOTIONAL EVENTS, BILLBOARDS, PRINTED LEAFLETS, and ADVERTISEMENT IN TELEVISIONS ETC.


The chief intent of ONIDA NOTEBOOK ‘s selling program is to function as a usher for the organisation while establishing of the laptops successfully. This program is all about execution and altering the concern and besides to do it better. In this selling program we look at specific execution plans, and the inside informations that it takes to do it go on. The following are the countries which will be specially monitored to heighten the public presentation of company and launching of laptops.

Eventuality Planing

Eventualities likely to originate:

  • Price War
  • New Technologies in the market
  • More Rivals

Company ‘s Strategy to counter the same:

  • Making value preposition
  • Continuous invention and merchandise development
  • Making distinguishable trade name individuality
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