Leaders And Managers As Facilitators Management Essay

This research paper is designed to happen out the function of directors and leaders as facilitators. Two theories have been used to calculate out the strengths and possible failings of a facilitator. Emphasis has been laid on the function of a facilitator as a squad builder. Several other factors like manners of squad members, challenges faced in organizing a squad, kineticss faced in squad formation procedure and squad presentation procedure are besides considered in order to deeply analyze the function played by facilitator.


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Facilitators are the most influential and of import people in today ‘s modern organisations. Effective and efficient facilitators are capable of assisting persons, squads and complete organisations in acquiring the undertakings accomplished in the face of germinating organisations. They attain the accomplishment of bettering the measure and quality of work by actuating and taking the members to work together with greater efficiency ( Weaver & A ; Farrell, 1997 ) . The greatest fright of the employees in position of alteration is that of the unknown, peculiarly if the alteration is professed to endanger their occupations and single fiscal safety. This diffidence is frequently exploited by rumours. The portion of the director is to command the full procedure and manage trouble state of affairs by being an agent and facilitator of alteration. As facilitators of alteration, directors must acknowledge that they will necessitate to manage their employees ‘ uncertainties and anxiousnesss refering future fluctuations perchance upseting their occupations and private safety ( Northouse, 2010 ) .

Leaderships Role as a Team Builder

A individual head can non execute undertakings with flawlessness as compared to a squad. In a squad, every person donates to his degree best to carry through the allotted aims. The squad members must be companionable with each other to avoid pointless struggles and confusions. Therefore every squad must hold a leader who must possess the capableness to keep the squad together and pull out the best out of the every single member of the squad. Leaderships perform multiple functions which are as follows:

A squad leader plays a important function in pull offing the squad members and animating them to remain dedicated.

Suggestions should be welcomed from all and affairs must be debated on an unfastened forum to avoid struggles and to advance healthy work environment.

A squad leader must be impersonal. This would farther beef up his place.

Motivate the squad so that they make even better the following clip.

Promote the squad members to assist each other. This would construct a healthy and active squad.

Make a positive ambiance at the workplace.

Be a wise man for your squad members. This will assist the leader to derive regard.

Leadership Style in Light of Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation ( FIRO )

This theory chiefly describes the relational underworld of a little group. It is centered on the strong belief that there are three chief interpersonal demands of people working together in a group:




The FIRO-BA® instrument measures 3 simple relational demands ( Inclusion, Control, Affection ) on 2 dimensions ( Expressed, Wanted ) .

Table 1

Cardinal Interpersonal Relations Orientation ( FIRO )





How much you embrace other people in your life


Your demand for inspiration and responsibility


The acquaintance you show for others


How much consideration and gratitude you desire from people


The sum to which you want others to take the lead


How much you need the backup of others

Note: The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior instrument was formed in 1958 by William Schutz. This theory was developed to assist in the apprehension and prediction of how squads would work together. Reprinted with permission.


The strengths of utilizing FIRO are as follows:

It is an effectual squad constructing tool as it identifies the ground of tenseness and discordancy in a squad.

It improves determination doing accomplishments, struggle declaration, communicating, assurance, and developing efficiency.

It boosts personal development by assisting in calling advancement and self-awareness.

It improves relationship reding accomplishments by calculating out the beginnings of dissatisfaction and struggle.

It improves choice and arrangement procedure as it is utile for forming interviews and measuring interpersonal manner.


The failings of FIRO are as follows:

It is non a comprehensive trial. It merely focuses on interpersonal accomplishments. As leading demands a comprehensive rating of every person, therefore FIRO can be an deficient attack.

As FIRO is non comprehensive, therefore consequence obtained can non be used to do an overall judgement.

Last, FIRO is non an effectual tool to do a major determination based on the consequences. This is because it merely tests interpersonal relationships.

Leadership Style in Light of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI )

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ( MBTI ) computation is a questionnaire designed to mensurate psychological dispositions in how people recognize the universe and do determinations. With the MBTI, you ‘ll larn how you get strengthened, make determinations, and determine your workspace. You ‘ll detect your penchants on four important personality sides:

Extraverted or Introverted: Strength is obtained from other people, or from an person ‘s ain internal universe.

Feeling or Intuitive: Individual focal point on the present and what he can see, or the hereafter and what one can conceive of.

Thinking or Feeling: One makes determinations based on ground, or on criterions and people.

Judging or Acknowledging: One chooses things organized and planned, or flexible and unprompted.


The strengths are as follows:

More appropriate to the scheme and enlargement of direction squads as it focuses on the apprehension and blessing of relational demands by, and between persons, the concluding being suited to any squad or group.

A utile tool for single every bit good as squad promotion and growing.

Calculations unwrap your strengths as an person ; they can assist you to choose a leading path that takes benefit of your natural capacities.

Determine the countries where you can greatest direct your skill-building energies.


The failings are as follows:

It is more of an academic theory, therefore understanding at all degrees is comparatively hard.

It is narrow at times.

Relatively expensive self-report questionnaire.

Self-report questionnaires are vulnerable to distorting and deceit by respondents.

Impact of Leadership within the Cohort

Leadership plays a important function within a cohort. Effective leaders possess the traits to act upon their squads through their personal appeal and endowment. The can actuate, inspire and excite their squad to work hard to achieve the ends ( Western, 2008 ) . They build the assurance and trust of the squad during tranquil periods in order to halt the negative impact of emphasis and anxiousness that prevails in such fortunes. They possess the accomplishments to affect every person by making a healthy work environment and by beef uping the overall squad. Last, leaders play an effectual function by supplying an active feedback sing the public presentation of every person in a cohort. This will in bend aid in doing timely determinations to better public presentation so that ends can be attained.

Role in Team Development

Leaderships play a important function in squad development. Their personal traits are critical for the formation of a good squad. Leaderships are responsible for executing multiple undertakings in the squad development like keeping the integrity, advancing motive, making a healthy work environment for proper operation of a squad, doing the squad efficient and measuring the undertaking and squads ‘ public presentation to carry through the marks.

Hindrance in Team Development

Team development is a tough procedure that requires several necessary steps. Lack of few built-in traits can do hinderance in the development of a good squad. The few factors that can be held responsible for being a hinderance in squad development are as follows:

Lack of communicating between the leader and the squad members.

Lack of trust between squad members and the leader.

Lack of good leading accomplishments in a leader can be a major hinderance in the development of a good squad.

Team Presentation

Team presentations include exact techniques and are normally involved when the hazards are higher. Exceeding readying methods and coordination energies are critical to the achievement of the squad presentation.


The planning stage of a squad presentation involves the undermentioned stairss:

The squad must hold clear ends so that they can do an effectual presentation.

Preparation is critical and co-ordination in necessary in be aftering a presentation in order to achieve effectual consequences.

Rehearse as a group early and frequently to achieve flawlessness.

Include both, starting motors and passages as step of your foundation and pattern.

Focus on passages


The squad should make early at the meeting site. Preferably, everyone should revise their portion at least one time, in the mode in which they ‘ll put to death the presentation. They should pattern their visuals and acquire easy with the equipment and physical location. Practice with a mike if you ‘re traveling to utilize it. The onsite pattern is important in any instance. It ‘s even more critical when the presentation is conducted before a immense audience. Last, be attentive even if you are non showing.

Team ‘s Strengths

The strengths of a squad are as follows

More creativeness as there are more persons involved, therefore taking to more thoughts and improved consequences

Team gives an chance to better and obtain new accomplishments

The velocity at which things can be achieved can be greatly improved as more persons are executing a certain undertaking.

A support web that can be trusted for the public presentation of any undertaking.

Team ‘s Challenges

Along with the added strengths of working in a squad, there are added challenges as good which are as follows:

Keeping a cheque and balance on all squad members is comparatively hard

Making co-ordination between squad members

Measuring occupation public presentation

Giving feedback in conformity with the undertakings achieved and with regard to teams overall public presentation

Promoting squad work

Balance between Task and Process

It is general perceptual experiences that undertaking oriented leaders tend to disregard the human component which consequence in high rate of turnover, low morale and low flexible behaviour. On the contrary, procedure oriented leaders are believed to be more considerate towards their followings, focus oning on the demand of the employ, constructing competency, confidence and relationship. If the balance between undertaking and procedure is losing, either the employees are dissatisfied or the efficiency is reduced. Therefore to keep efficiency along with employee satisfaction, leaders need to keep the balance between undertaking and procedure.

Different Styles of Team Members

Different manners of squad members are as follows:


A subscriber is focused with high criterions, organized, responsible and important. He might be less productive when there is excessively much information that needs to be handled.


Confederate is frontward looking, inventive, flexible and end directed.


A communicator is normally relaxed, supportive, enthusiastic, energetic, tactful and considerate.


A rival is honest, out spoken, thorough, adventuresome and oppugning.

Surprises during Facilitation Sessions

Facilitation can be really surprising at times. A leader may come across multiple state of affairss where squad members can react surprisingly therefore the facilitator ever needs to hold a bid and clasp over his work in order to cover with such fortunes. Second, squad members can be really stiff at times so in order to get by with them, facilitator demands to be flexible and unfastened to thoughts. Last, squad members can be demanding at times. This might surprise the facilitator but to manage the state of affairs, facilitator demands to be accommodating.

Dynamicss in Team Development

Dynamicss are affected by functions and responsibilities and have a direct impact on productiveness of a squad ( DiTullio, 2010 ) .

Facilitator plays a critical function in squad development. Their undertaking is to keep the balance between every person on a squad and to supervise the public presentation and do certain that the coveted consequences are obtained. He plays a important function in proper operation of a squad.

Similarly, all other persons involved in squad development are of import. For case, of squad members are non suiting and competent, ends can ne’er be achieved and team work will finally neglect. Thus all persons associated with the squad are critical for proper operation of a squad.

Mission as a Leader

The mission of the leader is to keep a balance in the squad in order to achieve healthy consequences and to achieve the best possible results from a squad.

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