Leadership theories and models applied to TATA Communications

The planetary range and industry expertness of TATA Communications thrusts and delivers a new universe of communications. The company leverages its planetary webs, perpendicular intelligence and leading in emerging markets to present value-driven, globally managed solutions.

TATA Communications Ltd. ( TCL ) unites the industry and market expertness of VSNL, VSNL international, Teleglobe, TATA indicom endeavor concern unit, VGSL and CIPRIS to go the taking incorporate supplier of telecommunications solutions.

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Fortune 1000 and mid-size endeavors, service suppliers and consumers rely on TCL ‘s planetary web, embracing one of the most advanced and largest pigboat overseas telegram webs, a grade 1 IP web, and connectivity to more than 200 states across 300 PoPs. Their comprehensive portfolio includes transmittal, IP, converged voice, mobility, managed web connectivity, information centres, communications solutions and concern transmutation services for planetary and Indian endeavors and service suppliers, every bit good as broadband and content services to Indian consumers.

TATA Communications serves its clients from offices in 80 metropoliss across 40 states, reflecting the diverseness of the clients and markets we live in and function. Their alone market and industry expertness enables them to deploy a comprehensive portfolio of communications solutions on clients in bing and emerging markets worldwide. With a strategic investing in the South African operator Neotel, TATA Communications possess a strong ground tackle to construct an African footmark.

TATA Communications Ltd. is portion of the $ 29 billion TATA group ; it is listed on the Bombay stock exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India and its ADRs are listed on the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE: TCL ) .

I chose this company for my leading assignment because it is a authoritative illustration to true leading where different civilizations are involved and the industry is really dynamic in nature.

1 ( a ) Evaluate a scope of leading theories and theoretical accounts that reflect current thought placing how they might be of value to TATA Communications.

Leadership: – The survey of leading is really of import and important in the field of any organisational behavior.

“ Leadership is the ability of a superior to act upon the behaviour of a subsidiary or group and carry them to follow a peculiar class of action. ” – Chester Bernard.

Qualities of an effectual leader: –

Although there is no set of qualities/traits defined for a existent leader but still at TATA comm. A leader is defined who has the undermentioned features: –

– Returns initiative.

– High on aspiration.

– have desire to take.

– Is self-assured.

– Airss analytical abilities.

– Have cognition of the procedure, engineering and the industry.

– High creativeness degree.

– Flexible in instruction and acquisition ways.

Theories and theoretical accounts defined for leading in TATA comm. : – There are 3 planetary theories defined and applied in the carbon monoxide. I worked.

1 ) Personality Trait theory: – As per this theory, leaders stand apart from non-leaders in footings of some personality traits which are alone. One of the traditional old age theory under this was “ Great individual ” theory which said that leaders might non born with the needed leading properties but it can be acquired bit by bit by larning and experience.

There is one theoretical account and theory under this, which explains this trait theory in more item. This theory is called Theory X and Theory Y.

T.McGregor was in an sentiment that managers/leaders tend to do certain premises about human nature. These assumptions/views were explored in his theory X and theory Y.

Theory Ten

1. “ The mean human being has an built-in disfavor of work and will avoid it if he or she can ” .

2. “ Because of this human feature, most people must be coerced, controlled, directed, and threatened with penalty to acquire them to set forth equal attempt toward the accomplishment of organizational aims ” .

3. “ The mean human being prefers to be directed, wishes to avoid duty, has comparatively small aspiration, and wants security above all ” . ( McGregor, 1960:33-34 )

Theory Yttrium

1. “ The outgo of physical and mental attempt in work is every bit natural as drama or remainder ” .

2. “ External control and menace of penalty are non the lone means for brining about attempt toward organizational aims. Peoples will exert autonomy and self-denial in the service of aims to which they are committed ” .

3. “ Commitment to aims is a map of the wagess associated with their accomplishment ” .

4. “ The mean human being learns, under proper conditions, non merely to accept duty but to seek it ” .

5. “ The capacity to exert a comparatively high grade of imaginativeness. Ingenuity, and creativeness in the solution of organizational jobs is widely, non narrowly, distributed I the population ” .

6. “ Under the conditions of modern industrial life, the rational potencies of the mean human being are merely partly utilized ” . ( McGregor, 1960:47-48 )

2 ) Behaviour Theories: – The behaviour theories explained the facets related to the behaviours found in the leaders which take them to effectual leading. There are 4 theories under this. Out of this “ the managerial Grid ” is the most applicable to TATA comm.

The Ohio States surveies.

Universities of Michigan surveies.

The Managerial Grid.

Norse surveies.

The Managerial Grid: – This theoretical account was developed by Robert Blake and Jane Mouton. This is besides called “ The Leadership Grid ” which majorly focuses on the parts missed in the early theories. This revolves around production/relationship orientations. The grid is based on the Leaders ‘ concern for people ( relationships ) and undertakings ( production ) . As per this the best manner to take and pull off people the 9,9 manner.

The Tri-dimensional Grid: – This is one of the attacks of behavioral theories of leading defined. This negotiations about 2 chief dimensions of the manner i.e. : –

Undertakings Orientation: – This describes the chief consequence on the efficiency of the leaders work.

Relationship Orientation: – This negotiations about the human dealingss and the resources in TATA Comm.

Change / Effectiveness: – This facet of the theory tells about how efficaciously the leader can accommodate in the changing scenario.

3 ) Eventuality Theories: – Besides called situational theory. As per this theory the leading manner is non same to all state of affairss. Every leader is expected to analyze the state of affairs and so accommodate or use a manner that is best suited for the state of affairs. There are 5 eventuality theoretical accounts under this leading manner: –

Fiedler ‘s eventuality theoretical account.

Hersey and Blanchard ‘s situational theory.

Leader-member exchange theory.

Leadership-participation theoretical account.

Path end theory.

In TATA Comm. ‘s managerial environment 2 eventuality theoretical accounts apply i.e. ( a ) and ( vitamin E ) .

Fiedler ‘s eventuality theoretical account: – in this attack a leading manner is disposed to the state of affairs as described by the 3 rules below:

Leader-member relation: – how much is the leader accepted and supported by the group members. Personalities of the leader and subordinates play an of import function in this rule.

Undertaking Structure: – under this it is examined that how the undertaking is structured for the subsidiary. To what extent the freedom is given to the group member to carry through the undertakings.

Position Power: – It ‘s the ability and power of the leader as to how much his power and he himself is accepted in the group.

vitamin E ) Path Goal theory: – this theory was coined by Robert House. Under this theory the leader is expected to supply a complete guidelines/coaching to the squad members to accomplish the aims of the TATA comm. ‘s end. The leader defines the ends of the person and supports them to accomplish them in a better an efficient manner.

Below theoretical account describes the full way end theory followed at TATA comm.

The Path-Goal Model

Types of leading: –

Directing leading

Supportive leading

Participative leading

Achievement-oriented leading

Leader effectivity in act uponing subsidiaries

Are matched against To Produce

Situational Factors: –

i? Subordinate Features


Perceived control of fate.

i? Nature of the undertaking



Emotional Intelligence: – “ A individual ‘s self-awareness, self-confidence, self-control, committedness and unity, and a individual ‘s ability to pass on, influence, novice alteration and accept alteration ” . ( Beginning: Coleman )

Self consciousness: A leader needs to make a ego appraisal in footings of ego assurance.

Self-regulation: – control over self emotions is really necessary for a leader to take his squad. He needs to take duty for public presentation, should be accessible and adaptable to alter.

Motivation: – Self motivated leader is the 1 who can take the squad and take them to the place where required.

Empathy: – Its quality of understanding others by being noticed about their feelings, demands and concerns.

Social Skills: – Managing the state of affairs diplomatically, be an unfastened ear and offer convincing messages, inspire and motivate others to accomplish the shared ends.

1 ( B ) Explain the expected impact of a scope of leading manners on the warehouse, back office, company senior direction and policy, web design, gross revenues, selling and merchandise choice maps

Impact of a scope of leading manners on TATA Comm. ‘s assorted of import maps: –

The of import maps in TATA Comm. are: –

Product direction: – This squad is responsible presenting new merchandises in the market based on the research done analysing the completion. The major challenges are faced in footings of pricing the merchandise.

A combination of leading manners fits in this maps is in following ways: –

– The leader here motivates the squad by both agencies i.e. pecuniary and non-monetary wagess. The result of the merchandise squad is judged by the gross generated out of their merchandise.

Gross saless and selling: – This squad is responsible for selling the merchandises in the market in the most profitable manner. The issue which is faced by this squad is the extended force per unit area for the Numberss.

The leaders play an of import and important function in this map by: –

– Always being in an energetic manner which is contagious to the squad.

– Giving waies to the gross revenues people.

– Rewarding and acknowledging their public presentation on regular intervals by giving the employee of the month award.

Back office for gross revenues: – This map is responsible for the full dorsum office occupation done after gross revenues. Includes from order login to doing studies for public presentation done by gross revenues squad from assorted parts in the company. The occupation of this map is really humdrum and therefore requires and high degree of leading and motive.

The leaders face a really ambitious function in this map.

– They apply eventuality theory to a big extent as to moving otherwise in otherwise in different state of affairss.

– Keep the employees motivated.

– Keep the employees guided and coshed on a regular basis.

CSO ( client service operations ) : – This map is responsible for “ after service bringing ” to the clients. They need to work as per the client issues faced on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing. In telecom industry the chief service/product offered are leased lines and voice services. Bing so dynamic in nature these services need immediate hole from supplier ‘s side.

Leadership qualities displayed in TATA comm. ‘s CSO map are as below: –

– Way end theory is used as supplying the concluding end to be achieved in footings of repairing the circuit for the client.

– Team direction of the “ leading grid ” 9,9 manner impacts by maintaining the squad in harmoniousness and repairing the circuit or repairing the web laid for the client.

Finance: – This map is responsible for all MIS related activities in footings of gross coverage, fund elevation, fixing balance sheet, public presentation coverage of assorted LoB ‘s ( line of concern ) , etc.

– Traits theory plays a major function in this map.

– Leaderships find the type ten and type Y sort of members in the squad s defined by the theory X and theory Y.

– After placing the types, the leader takes eventuality attack to cover to cover with state of affairs and people.

2 ( a ) Assess the current leading and managerial demands of TATA Communications

Current leading and managerial demands at TATA Communications: –

As leaders and directors at TATA comm. they have a cardinal leading function in act uponing others to accomplish success. As an organisation and as persons it is necessary to be able to supply the appropriate balance between leading and direction.

The leading demands are defined as below: –

Leaderships are required to put and pass on the vision of the organisation, section, or group.

Leaderships need to aline the organisation to the vision-leaders at TATA Comm. are exceeding who non merely make the vision of where they are traveling but besides make certain other see it can assist acquire at that place.

They motivate and inspire others to succeed-they inspire illustriousness in others.

They non merely efficaciously manage alteration but besides are the drivers of alteration.

The Managerial demands are defined as below: –

The directors ‘ aid people cope with everyday- they remove barriers to acquiring things done and assist people work out jobs.

They need to supply the consistent outlook that need to be achieved and prove stableness.

They need to supervise work and study on success.

They are more of job convergent thinkers and aid others focus on the inside informations.

They are more tactical- focused on short term planning and mundane concern map such as budgeting.

Achieving the balance: –

At TATA Comm. the leading and direction outlooks are covered in the undermentioned matrix called “ accomplishing the balance ” .

All are directors and leaders. They have to concentrate on the work and concentrate on the hereafter. It is non one or the other but how they balance their director chapeau with that of being a leader.

Able to run into today ‘s demands and to foretell, respond and frequently drive the hereafter.

Great thoughts, energy, advanced. Execution is the challenge.



Delivers good in stable environment. Decelerate in accommodating to alter.

In Trouble.


Low High


2 ( B ) Develop an internally consistent and plausible scenario of likely future demands of leading and direction for TATA Communications: –

Future demands of leading at TATA Comm. : –

Before we analyze future demands of leading I would wish to place some hereafter challenges which are/will be faced in today ‘s ‘ generic environment.

Information age – Changing engineering

Virtual Organizations


New careers-generation Ten

New psychological contracts

Globalization – rapid alterations in the market topographic points

Overtaking of schemes

Rapid alterations in workplace civilization and ways of working


Concentrating on Strategic Vs operational activities.

Amalgamations and acquisitions

Increasing answerability and ordinance

The leaders are faced with these challenges on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life at work. The leaders need to accommodate to these altering conditions both internally and externally. A T TATA Comm. this is done by leaders accepting these alterations and accommodating different leading manners to get the better of these challenges.

For this the conditional leading manner is largely suited to alter functions as per the state of affairs and take the lead. Manager ‘s function is by and large to lodge to the ends set by the leaders to accomplish the mark and assist the squad to make at that place.

They need to cultivate winning relationships with the remainder of the maps as good: –


Other Leaderships

Boss ‘ Peers



Peer ‘s Team


Other squads

Your squad

3 ( a ) Make proposals that are designed to run into the specific leading and managerial demands of TATA Communications

Proposals for development of leading: – Here Is have identified different methods of developing leaders and directors which are followed and implemented in TATA Comm. : –

Training Courses: – At TATA Comm. assorted preparations are organised round the twelvemonth to develop and heighten the leading and managerial qualities in the employees.

These preparation are by and large related to heightening leading accomplishments. These are organised by the external trainers who are professional in this field.

Coaching: – Great leaders as managers, promote employees to take hazard and allow them do errors and learn from them. They get the most out of every employee and recognize the difference between adding work load and offer growing chances.

At TATA Comm. the undermentioned theoretical account is used to make up one’s mind whom to train and how much clip to give:

Coaching for values and consequences theoretical account

Employee B

Employee A



Employee D

Employee C


Low High


Mentoring: – Mentoring is done on one to one footing in TATA Comm. by the several directors who play a leader ‘s function at this clip.

Companies ‘ ain universities: – TATA Comm. have their in-house preparation Centre called as TMTC ( TATA direction and preparation Centre ) . This is separate entity in TATA group responsible for assorted preparation and development plans for TATA employees.

Time direction and deputation: – Mangers do a proper clip direction and deputation of work to the subsidiary employees as they grow in their leading ladder. They do take attention of the passage traps.

3 ( B, degree Celsius ) Critically evaluate the usage of a full scope of methods of leading and direction development that is available to TATA Communications before choosing and warranting the picks made about how to develop direction competences.

The methods used and described above consequence in the 3 main/core outlooks from leaders at TATA Comm. : –

Leading the concern

Leading the consequences.

Leading the People.

Leadership of consequences:

Drive for consequences:

High energy professionals who play to win.

Institutionalize stretch as a manner of life.

Laser crisp focal point on executing.

Constantly evolves and applies appropriates benchmarks and splashboard to graduate consequences.

Customer Focus:

Lives “ client centricity ” in opinion and behaviour.

Collaborates with clients to add value.

Strives to accomplish leading for TCL in its targeted sections by developing compelling and sustainable value propositions.

Timely determination devising:

Demonstrates the ability to guarantee that determination devising is clear, seasonably and taken at the appropriate degree.

Innovation direction:

Demonstrates inventiveness and creativeness.

Champions and tips concern inventions.

Leadership of Business:

Pull offing Vision and intent:

Displays the ability to believe through the hereafter making a vision factorization in chances and menaces in footings of engineering, rivals, ordinances, providers, spouses and client purchasing behavior.

Ability to efficaciously pass on and acquire shared ownership on the vision to actuate stakeholders.

Covering with ambiguity:

Is able to beguile multiple conflicting precedences.

Is comfy life, taking and pull offing in an environment of changeless and rapid alteration.

Communicates efficaciously to turn to ambiguity.

Strategic capableness:

Capability to place chances globally with internal and external components.

Is able to aline short term with long term scheme.

Plans eventualities. Factors in CSR suitably.

Business Acumens:

Displaies fiscal acumen and bottom line centricity.

Ability to maneuver concern proactively expecting market developments.

Optimizes resources and creates sustainable value.

Leadership of people:

Interpersonal effectivity:

Ability to work vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

Stephen fosters a web of confederates.

Ability to factor in one ‘s ain work manner while working with others.

Is able to animate and pull off cognition workers.

Constructing effectual squads:

Is effectual in a transverse cultural and multi functional environment.

Enables and empowers others by making context and an environment of shared ownership of vision.

Displaies ability to rapid climb in and out at demand.

Inspires public presentation

Peoples Development:

Grows and develops others.

Stimulates and supports a learning civilization.

Reviews organisational capableness and Fosters endowment.

Build future capableness.

Withstanding force per unit area:

Handles demands of operational struggle and complex systems.

Is able to optimise stretch with work life balance and human component at the work topographic point.

Uses motivational techniques to present enhanced public presentation.

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