Leading Health Food Drinks In India


Horlicks is the taking wellness nutrient drinks in India and enjoys more than 50 % market portion. It has been a popular trade name in the state since 1930 ‘s. Today, horlicks bases for trust and promise of enjoyable nutriment with a delightful scope of spirits in cocoa, vanilla and elaichi. It is a trade name owned by GSK i.e. Glaxo smith Kline, the success of the trade name lies in its ability to alter with the altering consumer. The major rival for horlicks is complan, bourn vita and other malt based drinks. Such is the trade name equity of Horlicks that Nestle has withdrawn from the market its trade name called Milo. Dabur has entered the market with Chyawan Junior as a rival to GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare ‘s other trade name, Boost, and has stayed clear of Horlicks. Despite its popularity nevertheless, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health Care ( GSKCH ) , which manufactures Horlicks, has taken attention to guarantee that the merchandise does non stagnate.

Target Market

The new scheme of the company is to widen the trade name into a household wellness drink trade name with discrepancies accommodating every member of the household i.e. Parents and Kids. Therefore the different sections targeted and the schemes used for this intent are:

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The trade name ab initio was aimed at childs aged around 6- 16 old ages and has been successful in set uping its nowadays at that place.

The trade name in 2005 extended itself to a new section: grownups with its Horlicks Lite discrepancy. The Lite boasts about Zero Cholestrol, Zero Added sugar is clearly aimed at the Parents.

The trade name besides came up with another line extension Junior Horlicks aimed at pre-schoolers. Junior Horlicks claims to hold DHA which is an Omega-3 fatso acid which will hike the encephalon power.

Women ‘s Horlicks is India ‘s first wellness drink designed specifically for adult females ‘s nutritionary demands. It targets the wellness witting urban working adult females, in tubes and mini-metros, taking feverish lives equilibrating calling and household.

With these three discrepancies, Horlicks have covered all the life phases ( except baby ) of a consumer. The latest run of Lite purposes at the lady in the house and reminds her to maintain her hubby active with Horlicks lite.

It underwent a revamp in 2003 with the debut of spirits like Vanilla, Toffee, Elaichi and Chocolate to fulfill the discerning roof of the mouth. What is possibly more interesting, nevertheless, is GSKCH ‘s scheme to section the Indian market and to bring forth discrepancies to fulfill each section ‘s alone demands. This is exemplified by merchandises like Junior Horlicks, for pre-schoolers, Horlicks Lite, for wellness witting grownups and diabetics, and Mother ‘s Horlicks, for pregnant and chest feeding adult females. In each instance, GSKCH has striven to make a distinguishable and appealing image.


The name ‘Horlicks ‘ is entwined with memories of childhood – of acquiring up in the forenoons and quaffing down a glass before running to school, or coming back exhausted from a difficult eventide ‘s drama merely to be rejuvenated by it. Since its creative activity by the Horlicks brothers in 1873 ( originally intended as an unreal baby nutrient ) , it has undergone legion transmutations. The chief focal point of horlicks is now on the new discrepancy that is the adult females horlicks and it has been integrating different promotional schemes in this respect.

GSKCH is advancing the merchandise both through traditional print and Television media, and besides by enlisting the support of professionals in the medical field. In a superb casting pick, shuning the current glamor dolls of Bollywood, Konkana Sen. Sharma was selected as the face of the urban Indian adult female of today, equilibrating calling and place, a pick sure to vibrate with most adult females. This, combined with the baseline, “ Because your organic structure needs you excessively! “ , starkly elegant in its really simpleness, captures the kernel of the trade name image GSK is seeking to construct.

GSKCH besides introduced a Doctor Engagement Program wherein the company reaches out to doctors, dietitians and dieticians to educate them about the merchandise. Their nucleus scheme lies in catching the head infinite of the consumers, instead than following the more traditional hard-sell path.

Inspite of all such activities adult females horlicks could non pull off to win in the market and a study had been conducted to happen out the grounds of failure. They study found the undermentioned grounds for the same. Monetary value ; the merchandise is perceived to be expensive by the clients surveyed. Packaging ; one of the most of import facts discovered through the primary research was that when clients opened the container for the first clip after purchase, they were disappointed with the sum ( volume ) of Women ‘s Horlicks in the container. They felt cheated and swindled. Taste ; Finally, the primary research besides brought to illume another disclosure fact4. Women topographic point an tremendous sum of accent on gustatory sensation even for wellness merchandise. Now, Women ‘s Horlicks and regular Horlicks are reasonably similar in gustatory sensation ; hence, adult females do non comprehend a difference between the two merchandises and hence do non happen any justification to purchase the more expensive merchandise.

For providing to the rural section they introduced another discrepancy that is the Asha from Horlicks is priced at Rs 85 for a 500-gram pouch battalion – manner below the monetary value ticket of Rs 135 on a Horlicks battalion of a similar size. There is besides a 200-gram battalion that will be Rs 50.

Horlicks has launched a merriment and enlightening web site for childs and female parents. The web site, www.myhorlicks.com. The web site is particularly for childs aged 6-16 and female parents, supplying a platform for Horlicks to now pass on straight about the childs ‘ demands. It is user friendly and has easy pilotage options and up tonss rapidly even on a Dial-Up connexion. The web site contains wonders such as a Horlicks Corner, Fun Corner, Games and Downloads and a dedicated Mum ‘s Corner. The Horlicks Corner provides information about the history of Horlicks and about Horlicks today. The Fun Corner show instances current publicities and recognizing cards for friends and loved 1s.

One of such publicities is the ‘Exam Campaign ‘ which gives away a utile and attractive tests board with every 400g battalion of Horlicks.

Different discrepancies of spirits and bundles, including Junior Horlicks1-2-3 which is specially designed for pre-school kids and comes in an advanced elephant jar and the Horlicks Biscuits which has Calcium of three spectacless of milk

The latest run of Lite purposes at the lady in the house and reminds her to maintain her hubby active with Horlicks lite.

Horlicks to offer free magazines. Horlicks has tied up with IPC magazines in partnership run taking to promote people to imbibe the merchandise earlier in the eventide.

A commercial is a logical extension of the Epang Opang Japang run which highlighted the benefits of the trade name and helped the trade name to distinguish strongly from the competition. The trade name besides takes the medical platform by labeling the merchandise as “ Clinically Proven “ . Horlicks has convincingly told the clients that the trade name can assist the childs become stronger taller and cardsharp.


Pull selling is where you develop advertisement and promotional schemes that are meant to lure the chance to purchase your merchandise or service. With pull selling, you are seeking to make a sense of increased, clip limited value so that the client will come into your shop to purchase.

Push selling is where you develop advertisement and promotional schemes geared toward your selling and distribution channels to lure them in advancing your merchandise. It might include sweeping price reductions, kickbacks, fillips, and other types of support. It ‘s all designed to hold the retail merchant advance your merchandise to the terminal users over a different merchandise.

GSK has used push scheme for horlicks. GSK did a antic occupation of Television advertizements to advance the Horlicks trade name. As a consequence trade name consciousness and trade name acknowledgment among the sample mark population is reasonably high. Therefore a really good per centum of it has translated into existent gross revenues. Because of the heavy advertizements consumers are cognizant of this and so it is available in different shops and even medical stores.thus we can state that they use push scheme.


Though the promotional tools were merely up to the grade like a web site, the different packaging for junior horliks, the runs, the advertizements aiming the different sections but still some loopholes could be found.

In instance of the adult females horlicks it merely could non pull off a strong clasp in the market because of the points already mentioned above like the monetary value, gustatory sensation etcaˆ¦

Another point that adds to its critics is the debut of the asha under horlicks. It was providing to the rural sector. But one might oppugn on its quality and the monetary values so it is a complete trade off between the two.

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