Leading Mobile Communications Company In Malaysia Marketing Essay

DiGi telecommunication Sdn Bhd is a taking nomadic communications company in Malaysia, which is supplying a comprehensive scope of low-cost, convenient and easy to utilize radio services to simplify and enrich the lives of its clients. Furthermore, DiGi creates value for its clients by choosing the most appropriate film editing border engineering so that they benefit from merchandises and services that give them pick, convenience and control. With the motto of “ Always the smarter pick ” , DiGi promises that the company ever provides the high quality service to clients with the least cost.

DiGi is listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad with a paid-up capital of RM77.75 million and a market capitalisation of about RM16.8 billion as at 6 April 2009 ( DiGi, 2009 ) . In the last five old ages, DiGi ‘s gross has more than doubled to about RM4.8 billion with a subscriber base of 7.1 million.

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Current Situation Analysis

Merchandises and Servicess

DiGi provides a assortment of nomadic communicating services from 1990 in Malaysia. The company owns telecommunications licences to run personal communications web ( PCN ) Mobile which includes prepaid & A ; postpaid voice programs, SMS, informations programs, international gateway, national bole, and really little aperture terminuss ( VSAT ) services. It besides supports nomadic telecommunication and naming card services and WAP services. Since December 2008, DiGi has been making tests for a 3G web, holding sub-licensed the rights for runing a 3G web from Time DotCom ( DiGi, neodymium ) . Recently, DiGi became the newest 3G broadband supplier, puting in the latest High Speed Packet Access ( HSPA ) engineering to be the first in Malaysia to deploy a 14.4 Mbps web.

Market Summary

Malaysia ‘s communications and multimedia industry is represented by telecommunications operators Telekom Malaysia, Maxis Communications, DiGi.com, and Time DotCom every bit good as postal operator Pos Malaysia and broadcasters ASTRO and Media Prima. In 2005, the communications and multimedia industry as a whole ( including broadcasters, postal service suppliers, and value-added services suppliers ) continued 10.2 % of Malaysia ‘s gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) , up from old twelvemonth ( Malaysia Telecommunications, 2007 ) .

Government-controlled incumbent fixed-line operator Telekom Malaysia continues to rule the market. In the fixed-line market, its major rivals are TIME DotCom and Maxis. With respect to the cellular sector, DiGi, Maxis and Celcom occupied the most market portions. Specifically, based on 13.1 million cellular phone users at the terminal of September 2006, it was accounting for approximately 52 % of the state ‘s 25 million people, Maxis is the nomadic leader, with approximately 41 % portion, followed by Celcom with 38 % and DiGi, with approximately 21 % ( Figure 1 ) . Telekom Malaysia and Maxis each received 3rd coevals ( 3G ) universal nomadic telecommunications service ( UMTS ) licenses in 2003 and both companies began offering commercial services in 2005 ( Malaysia Telecommunications, 2007 ) . DiGi did non prosecute a 3G licence in 2003 ab initio, but it did subject a command for one of two new licences auctioned in early 2006.

Figure 1 Mobile Market in Malaysia

Beginning: Ken Zita ( neodymium )

Market Needs

Malaysia is Southeast Asia ‘s third-most developed nomadic market, with 13.1 million cellular phone users in 2004. Until 2008, the nomadic services gross was occupied 71 % in the telecommunications industry ( Figure 2 ) . The information indicated that the mentality for hereafter was positive. Voice services dominate the nomadic market today. There are marks that consumers are progressively willing to encompass basic Mobile informations services. For illustration, SMS has begun to come in into young person market section. Based on the research, it showed that Malaysia ranked Japan and Philippines in footings of high use and high involvement for advanced nomadic services. Specifically, people used SMS often but 3G is non widely deployed. GPRS and multimedia messaging services provide incomplete coverage and webs have non been uniformly upgraded to manage higher information velocities ( Ken Zita, neodymium ) .

Figure 2 Mobile Service in 2008

Beginning: IDC, 2008

Market Growth and Trends

The survey by market research worker IDC indicated that the Malaysia telecommunications industry will turn about 5 % over the following five old ages, outpacing the planetary prognosis of merely 2 % in the same period ( Chris Lewis, 2009 ) . By and large, the telecommunications industry is divided into four classs: nomadic voice, nomadic informations, wire line voice and wire line informations. Malaysia is a underdeveloped state with healthy economic growing but broadband and fixed-line incursion remains comparatively low. It predicts that by 2013, nomadic voice is set to turn 6 % in Malaysia ( versus 2 % worldwide ) while wireline informations ( largely broadband ) will increase approximately 11 % in Malaysia ( versus 5 % worldwide ) ( Chris Lewis, 2009 ) .

Furthermore, 3G will be the tendency in the telecommunications market. All of telecommunications endeavors have prepared to establish their 3G plan already. For illustration, DiGi will spread out its Turbo 3G coverage to the whole of Penang get downing in 2010. The company said enlargement of the 3G service was being done five months after debut of the broadband service in the province ( DiGi, 2009 ) . Compare to DiGi, other rivals have launched the 3G services in 2005 since they received the 3G licences earlier than DiGi, such as Maxis. The grounds are complicate in footings of 3G ‘s tendency. Nowadays the society has entered into information phase, and the information demand become higher and higher by human existences. 3G, different from WIFI or WLAN, is broad country cellular telephone webs which developed to included high-velocity cyberspace entree and picture telephone, every bit good as the 3G services include video calls and broadband radio. 3G brings the convenient and efficiency services to people anytime and everyplace.

SWOT Analysis


-Major International Backer

DiGi telecommunications is 61 % owned by Norway ‘s Telenor, while local company Berjaya Group owns a farther 20 % and the balance of the company promotion listed. The international angel enables DiGi to stronger since foreign investors can convey advanced engineering and immense sum of financess to construct the trade name.

-Embrace Mobility

DiGi has re-introduced the trade name values to the Malaysia market topographic point after Morten Lundal joined DiGi by concentrate the energies on the market topographic point, the clients and the competition. The direction of DiGi launched new constructs that enabling companies to encompass mobility and Malaysians to communicating over distance without being concerned about costs and offer the clients to take a measure frontward in utilizing nomadic communications. The low rate naming brings competitory border to DiGi, every bit good as brings benefit to clients.

-Strong Growth on Postpaid

DiGi announced a 50.32 % rise in footings of postpaid service ( Figure 3 ) . It is because DiGi offered attractive postpaid programs, including DiGi Family Plan which chief line is free to name, SMS, and MMS with sub lines.

Figure 3 Comparative Study of Malaysia ‘s Postpaid Market ( manganese ) in 2006-2009

Beginning: Malaya Telecommunications, 2009

-High Repute

DiGi trade name consciousness is increased bit by bit among clients. Not merely does DiGi transport out typical selling activities to pull market portion, but besides its corporate societal duty ( CSR ) impressed in peoples ‘ heads. In 2007, DiGi won the Prime Minister ‘s CSR award for best overall CSR plan in Malaysia since DiGi emphasized on a clear committedness to CSR, which goes beyond policies and fiscal and legal duties.


-Lags behind Rival Operators

Until the first one-fourth in 2009, despite DiGi had a good public presentation over the twelvemonth, it still lags behind rival operators in the market. Harmonizing to the figure 4, Maxis still the leader in the telecommunications market of Malaysia, which holds about 42 % market portion compare to DiGi ‘s 25.4 % market portion. It indicated that rivals ‘ strong selling schemes occupied the market portion and maintained the client trueness, such as planetary confederation in Celcom, client trueness plan in Maxis.

Figure 4 Market Share in the First One-fourth of 2009

Beginning: Malaya Telecommunications, 2009

-Regional Presence by Rivals

Maxis and Celcom ever build their strong regional presence while DiGi is non able to catch the market portion from the rival operators successfully. For illustration, Celcom has a strong client relationship in the Penang, Kuala Lumpur and so on. Based on the strong client trueness, it is hard to alter the clients ‘ head for DiGi.

-Weak Cash Flow

Harmonizing to the one-year study, the hard currency flow remains lower at the terminal of 2008 compared with the old twelvemonth, but it still positive. A weak hard currency flow showed that DiGi will hold a tough period in the hereafter since when 3G service launch in the market, it would be a batch of money to advance the service.


3G Service

DiGi spent about RM 150 million in the development of 3G web over a three old ages period ( IDC, 2008 ) . In Sabah and Penang, DiGi clients can have 3G web in 2009 as good. The tendency of 3G services become more and more popular, and the rivals have launched the plan already and the impact for DiGi is positive.

Network Development

Nokia Siemens Networks ( NSN ) was awarded a GSM web enlargement contract by DiGi. The web enlargement will be placed in the Klang Valley part in 2009 ( IDC, 2008 ) . Based on the understanding, NSN will supply care and farther support services to better web efficiency and enhance quality of service in the following three old ages.

Mobile Television Servicess

Thankss to 3G, people can utilize nomadic phones to make everything. Mobile Television can provides ocular effects to clients, and the Television channels can be locally and international.


Strong Rivals

Maxis and Celcom are the first 3G licence holders in Malaysia, and both of them launched the 3G service in 2005, and Maxis collected about 7000 endorsers while Celcom picked up more than 5,000 endorsers in the first hebdomad of operations. Thankss to the successful operation on 3G service, Celcom decided to put RM1.5 billion in 2010 and Maxis invest to be after to accomplish 80 % on 3G coverage by 2014.

Prepaid Users Concern

Figure 5 Comparative Study of Malaysia ‘s Prepaid Market ( manganese ) in 2006-2009

Beginning: Malaya Telecommunications, 2009

Although prepaid endorser had the tendency of addition in DiGi, the prepaid market besides went up and acquired 26.82 % market portion ( Figure 5 ) . However, the prepaid market portion brought instability to DiGi and the company can non pull clients all the clip.

Service & A ; Product Overview

DiGi provides telecommunication services to clients, which categorized into prepaid, prepaid communicating service. Furthermore, DiGi brings cyberspace and personal insurance services to clients every bit good. With respect to merchandises of DiGi, DiGi carries out DiGi Music, DiGi Games and DiGi Rewards.

Key to Success and Critical Issues

Environmental Analysis

Macro Environmental Analysis ( PEST Model )

Political Factors

By and large, politic comprises of Torahs, ordinances and rights that granted by the authorities to command the development of an industry. In order for the industry to turn harmonizing to the projected Ninth Malaysia Plan ( RMK-9 ) , Malaysia authorities emphasized and encouraged the information system because they believe that increasing the Numberss of cyberspace users will straight hike up the economic systems particularly in the range of GDP as cyberspace could be one of the practical market place that possess its dealing ( includes money supply, making demand, money flow, etc ) that similar to the existent market place. From this position, authorities would wish to magnify the Numberss of cyberspace users by commanding the monetary value among the Telecommunication market. Furthermore, authorities controls the statute law on supplying licences on 3G and other spectrum. This straight encourages Telco to hold tough competition. Apart from that, Malaysia authorities implemented the plan of Mobile Number Portability ( MNP ) which allows mobile phone users to retain their bing cellular Numberss while exchanging to different service supplier. This execution has created a great impact on Telco industry for the participants to keep client trueness and distinguish themselves to derive competitory advantages.

Economic Factors

Economic factor may act upon authorities policies ( from the position of pecuniary and financial ) and consumer behavior. This is because the demand and supply will be affected straight by economic sciences status and finally alterations in the consumers ‘ buying behavior. Global economic lag has affected the demand for nomadic communications service particularly in Asia. Telecommunication market was severely affected in fiscal crisis ( stock markets have fallen, fuel and electricity monetary value has risen and rate of rising prices increasing ) hits Malaysia back on the twelvemonth of 2008. Therefore, the authorities came in to deliver by shooting more hard currency into the market and do alterations in the revenue enhancement policies. This straight improved the demand for the computing machines and increasing the Numberss of users for nomadic communicating. Since so, the GDP in Malaysia had grown at a gait of 5.8 % which had straight increased the personal income and in bend addition the disposable income. This scenario is proven favourable for the Telecommunication industry as the demand for the communicating service has started to augment. Last, since telecommunications is critical for a rapid turning economic system, Malaysia authorities is looking for options that can let the Telecommunication markets to turn fleetly in footings of endorsers and new engineerings to accomplish the Ninth Malaysia Plan ( RMK-9 ) efficaciously.

Social/ Cultural Factors

By and large, societal factor can be classified as the subjective judgement for the economic expert to look into. The alterations of the societal signifier are considered in the range of psychographic. Due to the tremendous shifting of demographics presents, the lifestyle tendency such as handset civilization among adolescents has create a great impact on the growing of Telecommunication suppliers. For case the increasing mobility life style has shown that the demand for fixed line subscription has bead and moved to mobile telecommunication suppliers. This shows that the alterations within the demand for communicating service are straight related to the gustatory sensation and penchants. Apart from that, the increasing figure of foreign workers in Malaysia are besides one of the factors that boost up the use of communicating service viz. such as International Direct Dial ( IDD ) services. Last, consumers presents are knowing and be given to exchange Telecommunication supplier after comparing and seek for better value. Thus, Telecommunication supplier should better and research every bit good as differentiate itself to remain competitively in the market.

Technological Factors

Technology is a important factor to be complimented with communicating services industry. Therefore, the new engineering and progress merchandises are merely demanded particularly on the technology-driven market. To derive the competitory advantage,

Telephone company industry has to increase functionality and characteristics and yet keep the cheap pricing. For illustration, merchandise variegation like broadband, 3G engineering should be implemented. Furthermore, most of the Telecommunications had besides implemented effectual Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) engineerings in the line of their services to make client trueness and satisfaction expeditiously. These engineerings will decidedly promote the users to pass more on the promotion of engineerings that possessed by different Telco supplier. For illustration, the Bubletalk from DiGi and “ location sensor ” of Maxis are those originative innovation that had been applied in the industry to trip the demand from the consumers.

Micro Environmental Analysis


DiGi is considered in an oligopoly market, the ground is because in Oligopoly market there are merely few chief participants and many little participants. There are two chief rivals of DiGi in Malaysia such as Maxis and Celcom and one little rival which is U-Mobile. In Oligopoly market, houses are able to put their ain monetary value usually it is besides known as monetary value shaper. Even though they can put their ain monetary value, the house still necessitate to place the rivals pricing because in order to vie with other rivals the house must able to put their monetary value peers or lower comparison to other rivals. However if the houses want to put high monetary value so the houses must look at the quality of the merchandises and the monetary value that clients pay to acquire the merchandises must be to clients satisfaction. ( Chrystal and Lipsey, 1997 )


Maxis Berhad was set up in August 1995, and it launched fixed line and international gateway operation in the early 1996. Now it became the market leader of the communicating service supplier in Malaysia. It has the highest nomadic endorsers with over 11.4 million endorsers compare to other companies such as DiGi and Celcom as of 30 June 2009. Maxis Company was the pioneered and led the Malayan market into advanced nomadic merchandises and services. It is the first nomadic communicating company to establish 3G services in Malaysia and it is known as Maxis 3G in 2005. It is besides the universe ‘s first usage HSDPA provide radio broadband services. It was the first operator which had brought smart phones to Malaysia such as Black Berry and Apple iphone. Maxis trade name is really good known throughout the Malaysia, and it is the 4th most valuable trade name in Malaysia as Asian Mobile intelligence award in 2007 ( Maxis, 2009 ) .


Celcom Berhad is the Prime Minister of nomadic cellular telecommunication in Malaysia and it is considered as the oldest nomadic telecommunication company. It is under Axiata group of companies. It was set up in 1988 during the universe economic system crisis. Celcom has the widest web coverage country, and presently it cover up to 97 % of the populated countries in Malaysia. It besides has the widest 2G, 3G and 3.5G coverage in the state. It offers postpaid and prepaid merchandises under 019, 013, 0148 as an entree codification for Celcom. Even though Celcom was the prime company in telecommunication industry and besides it has the widest web coverage countries but it still has lower endorsers compare to Maxis Company and presently it is in 2nd place in footings of endorsers. ( Linkedin, 2009 ) .

Consumer Behavior

DiGi uses low duty cost as one of its cardinal factors to pull or act upon its consumer behaviour. The ground is because DiGi want to derive more clients by supplying inexpensive duty for its clients. DiGi believe that by supplying low duties clients will finally exchange to utilize DiGi. DiGi mark market is teenager and immature professional. Those clients are DiGi chief mark market and it is really of import to maintain updating with the clients behavior illustration what trends are presently in the market. The research done by Charles F. Moreira shows that adolescents have the high per centum of utilizing nomadic phones, followed by those aged 20-30 and so the lowest usage group of people which is older age group ( Moreira, 2009 ) . It means that more adolescents use nomadic phone comparison to the grownups hence DiGi aiming on adolescents is the right pick because the more people use nomadic phones, more people will necessitate SIM card. This is where DiGi can pull clients to purchase its merchandises and utilize it services.

DiGi mark adolescents and immature professional who can be considered as no income or low income degree. The grounds DiGi mark adolescents and immature professional are because first, they have no income and still depend on their parents, therefore their parents might desire to learn them how to salvage by supplying them low duty service supplier and at the same clip can reach their kids anytime and anyplace. As for immature professional who falls under low income degree, they might considered to utilize low duty service supplier because they do non hold much money to utilize expensive telecommunication service supplier.

Second, it is because those groups of people use their nomadic phones for message and phone call more often compare to grownups who concern about their wellness. Since they afraid of radiation and they can look at their nomadic phones for excessively long, adults tends to avoid the use of nomadic phone every bit less as possible.

Third, the client ‘s behavior towards telecommunication service supplier. There are clients who are non bound with trade name trueness issues and they can easy exchange from one user to other users. Since many Malaysian already knew that DiGi provides the lowest duty in Malaysia, many of them will propose their friends or household members to exchange to DiGi because it is really inexpensive as to compare to other rivals and those who are concern about the monetary value instead than trade name will easy influenced by the duties given. Therefore many clients will exchange to DiGi user in the hereafter.

Competitive Scheme

Costing Control Strategy

DiGi used lower cost scheme which meant that DiGi will cut the cost of the production ; nevertheless it is non straight to the merchandises, it is electricity and paper cost will be used lesser. The cost of merchandise is a really of import because if a house can cut down its cost, it might cut down its merchandise ‘s monetary value. If the house has high cost decidedly the monetary value of the merchandise will besides be high. So in order to maintain DiGi ‘s clients from exchanging from DiGi to other rivals, DiGi had to take down their duty and presently it has the lowest duty. Since DiGi has the lowest duty, the net income that it additions may non every bit high as other rivals hence in order to vie with the rivals ; DiGi must be able addition more net income by take downing the duty DiGi has to cut their cost every bit low as possible. There are several ways to cut cost in DiGi Company, and it has been implemented until today such as usage less paper and cut down the use of electricity in the company, usually employees in organisations print out their study to demo to their foreman but DiGi promote them to utilize pen thrust or electronic mail ( DiGi, 2008 ) .

DiGi besides had implemented utilizing less electricity, it does non intend that DiGi has usage less engineering or other electronic materials but it means that DiGi had a engineering where it can automatically close off the electricity in the suites which are non occupied. It besides able to put the electricity to the highest and lowest, when it is peak of people it will automatically put to the highest and when it is lesser people in the company it will put the lowest. This engineering was available in DiGi central office. Since DiGi had cut down it cost, it will be able to derive more net income and it does non lose to the rivals even though it is at the last place in footings of endorsers. However even DiGi had cut down its cost, but the duty that DiGi provided will non be able to diminish much, it will stay the same or lower a spot since the duty is already considered really low ( DiGi, 2008 ) .

Marketing Strategy ( STP )

Vision & A ; Mission

Vision: Discover DiGi, and Discover What Drives Us to Achieve More.

Mission: To be the industry cardsharp by taking leading places through series of advanced value propositions, simpleness and first-class executing ( DiGi, neodymium ) .

Marketing Aims

To accomplish the 10 % addition in net income by the terminal of twelvemonth 2010

Harmonizing to the one-year study in 2009, DiGi ‘s gross increased 2 % to RM 3.66 billion but net income decreased 12 % to RM 754 million. The fact indicated that there was an addition in demand of nomadic services while DiGi faced the issue that higher disbursals, depreciation cost and a bead of net income border. Hence, the one of marketing aim will province that to accomplish the 10 % addition in net income by the terminal of twelvemonth 2010.

To busy the 35 % of the entire market portion in the following three old ages

Based on the SWOT analysis ( Figure 4 ) , it showed that Maxis and Celcom still was the first and 2nd telecommunication supplier and DiGi merely held the 25.4 % of the entire market portion in Malaysia. In 2009, DiGi started to establish the 3G service and it was an chance to busy more market portion in the telecommunication industry. As a consequence, the aim of selling program is to busy the 35 % of the entire market portion in the following three old ages.


Target Market

From what has discussed above, DiGi still focus the mark market which is the group of 15-25 old ages old, and followed the group of individuals who are 25-35 old ages old. It is because the use of Mobile phone services has high rate among the individuals who are adolescents or 20-30 old ages old. Furthermore, there is no restriction on the races.

Income: RM 500 and above per month

Occupation: pupil, bluish neckband, white neckband, immature professional, IT fans, concern adult male.

Life style: relax, insouciant, SOHO

Positioning Scheme

Before finding the placement scheme, it should be understood the competitory advantage for DiGi. Low cost and low monetary value is the most of import factor that DiGi attracts consumers, every bit good as the economical naming bundle occupy the household market portion. Furthermore, based on the vision and mission, it indicated that the high quality, merely and outstanding services should be provided by DiGi. Furthermore, 3G services should be played an of import function in the hereafter. As a consequence, DiGi should place itself as a holistic and choice telecommunication service supplier to accomplish the effectivity and efficiency.

Marketing Mix ( 4 Ps )


The merchandise which offered by DiGi is telecommunication. Therefore, naming bundle is the nucleus merchandises which DiGi offered. Besides, DiGi besides provide internet service. For naming bundle, there are Prepaid and Postpaid ( Appendix 1 ) . Assorted naming programs are provided for different clients. Other than that, DiGi started to venture to internet market by supplying broadband, 3G and WiFi. This is a value-added merchandise to DiGi ‘s client. Customer has more options to take internet bundle as internet use is considered high presents for most of the people.

Presently, DiGi is non merely working with Blackberry but besides partnership with Apple to come out with Apple Iphone 3GS. It is a great chance for DiGi to increase gross revenues every bit good as market portion. It is considered strength of DiGi to look into the tendency of demand for clients and possible users. Therefore, DiGi should maintain this strength and better on it to derive more market portion in telecommunication market.

Other than that, auxiliary merchandises are besides of import to a company. DiGi provides DiGi games every bit good as Mobile life style which suit different demands. Customers can look into for traffic information, stock information, athleticss, intelligence qui vive and many more through utilizing DiGi. These auxiliary merchandises may impact clients ‘ determination excessively. Therefore, it is indispensable to take attention of every possible chance in order to fit clients ‘ demands.

Monetary value

Harmonizing to Dennis Adcock, “ pricing is critical for an organisation and it is utile to remind ourselves that ‘quality is remembered long after the monetary value is forgotten ‘ . ( Dennis, 1995 ) Competition-based pricing is the pricing scheme which adopted by DIGI. Competition-based pricing is a pricing attack that puting the monetary value of peculiar merchandise or service based upon monetary values of the similar rivals ‘ merchandises. The house might bear down the same as, more than or less than its major rivals. ( Kotler, 2004 )

As mentioned above, telecommunication is considered oligopoly. The participants in market are following the pricing schemes of the market leader which is Maxis. Thus, DiGi ever tend to follow or put lower pricing than Maxis.

Target market for DiGi is adolescents who do non hold much buying power or wealth. Therefore, competition-based pricing scheme is successfully adopted. For naming bundle, it can be divided into Prepaid and Postpaid. Prepaid market is targeted on pupils while Postpaid is targeted on immature grownups. Both of the bundles with assorted naming program to accommodate different mark market in different pricing.

Telecommunication is confronting rather tough competition although there are merely few participants. Therefore, monetary value is the chief factor for deriving more clients and market portion. Therefore, competition-based scheme should be maintained and DiGi should come out with more value-added service to pull clients.


Promotion is the communicating nexus between Sellerss and purchasers about the merchandise and services. In general, each of the company has different sort of scheme or publicity to pull their clients since there are rivals in the market. Harmonizing to Walker, Boyd, Mullins and Larreche ( 2003 ) , publicity is the most effectual scheme to pull clients. There are several publicity tools that can be utilized by concern organisations such as advertisement, gross revenues publicity, public dealingss ( PR ) , personal merchandising, direct merchandising, sponsorship, and point of purchase ( POP ) .

By and large, DiGi ‘s publicity can be considered as really successful in past 2 old ages. It is successfully attract bing client every bit good as possible client. First, it advertised on newspaper, telecasting, film and hoarding ( Diagram 1 ) , and the DiGi Man is impressed profoundly into the heads of people. Although all of tools spent a batch of money, they promoted the DiGi trade name consciousness and enhanced the DiGi ‘s equity. Second, with respect to gross revenues publicity, DiGi carried out the household naming bundle in the postpaid clients to increase the gross. Specifically, the postpaid clients can name with lowest call rate from 10sen/min to all fixed and nomadic Numberss, and free to name, SMS and MMS with household members in sub lines ( Diagram 2 ) . Third, in footings of POP, the mascot of DiGi Man normally appeared in the shopping promenade to direct booklet, and catch peoples ‘ attending ( Diagram 3 ) . Last but non least, DiGi rent the multitude in the shopping promenades during vacations, every bit good as in the school to advance DiGi ‘s merchandises and services in the PR.

Diagram 1 Billboard Ad

Diagram 2 Gross saless Promotion

Beginning: DiGi, neodymium

Diagram 3 Mascots in POP

Indeed, the publicity schemes are really successful in the Malaysia, and the trade name equity increased twelvemonth by twelvemonth. However, due to the 3G services launched into the market, the publicity scheme should be alter a spot. It is because that the old publicity may non accommodate for the current selling aims. Furthermore, based on the market tendency analysis, more and more clients would wish to utilize 3G service in the nomadic phones, but the current publicity schemes can non supply any 3G information to consumers. As a consequence, if the publicity schemes are non suit for the current state of affairs of company, it may non accomplish economic systems of graduated table, every bit good as DiGi is non able to have the return but spent immense support.

As a consequence, the new publicity schemes should be concentrated on new DiGi services every bit good as maintain the competitory advantages antecedently. Furthermore, the new publicity schemes will non pass immense sum of support comparison to old publicity schemes since the promotional tools will be chosen as cost effectivity.


Transit Ad

It will be implemented in KTM and Monorail in KL because of the immense rider circulation, and most of mark clients should utilize this type of transit. Besides, the advertizement can last longer compared to wrap-up on exterior.


Billboard should be advertised on the main road across South-North route ( E1 & A ; E2 ) . It is because concern individuals normally travel among the main road in the short distance travel. The purpose of hoarding is to advance the 3G construct to aim clients.

Bus Shelter

It will be wrapped by the advertizement of DiGi with the information of 3G service. The locations would be chosen are from JB, KL and Penang country, particularly in the metropolis.

Gross saless Promotion

Display Allowance

DiGi will come out with assortment of postings and buntings which are about the 3G service in DiGi, and inquire the distributers to set up. The stores selected are DiGi ‘s forte shops, and some of SIM card distributers and content suppliers. Besides, a certain sum of allowance should be given to those shops to advance the 3G service.


DiGi can utilize competition to convey the message of 3G service. The competition includes design flash or exposures about 3G services in DiGi and it will be held in the weekend at the shopping promenade.



The multitude should be held at Mid Valley, KLCC in KL, and City Square in JB, every bit good as Gurney Plaza in Penang. The mascots should be in the multitude to catch peoples ‘ attending, and send broachers with the information of 3G services. In add-on, the multitude is able to keep some activities, such as lucky draw.



DiGi has SIM card distributer and Contented suppliers as channels to administer DiGi ‘s merchandise and service. SIM card distributers normally sell SIM card and reloading services. On the other manus, content suppliers distribute DiGi ‘s ringtone, images and games to endorsers. There is a clear boundary to delegate different occupation to different channels. Furthermore, DiGi delegate all of service and merchandise to forte shops. Hence, SIM card distributers and content suppliers must acquire the services or merchandises from forte shops. Between forte shops and SIM card distributers & A ; content suppliers, the difference is that forte shops have client service centres, every bit good as they can assist endorsers to alter bundle, add service and registry 3G, broadband services and so on.

DiGi Products and Services

Forte Shops

Contented Suppliers

SIM card Distributors

Diagram 4 Channels in DiGi

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