Learning Framework Essay

1. I want my household to be proud of me. 2. I want to gain my grade in Network Management. 3. I want my kids to be encouraged to remain in school and non discontinue.

The ground I choose the three I did was because I have ever felt like I could ne’er make right in my family’s book. I am an unwed female parent of five kids and I have been ridiculed for that. I have ever failed where my household is concerned. I figure traveling to school and doing me better would assist to repair that.

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I choose my grade in Network Management because I love computing machines and I am really good with them. I have a desktop that I built from the land up and that is what besides helped me make up one’s mind this grade. When it comes to my kids. I do non desire them to discontinue school at a immature age like I did and the old ages subsequently figure out that they can non acquire a occupation without a High School Diploma or a GED.

I want them to acquire their callings out of the manner before they have kids so that they can hold a unafraid hereafter and non be fighting like I have for old ages. College for me is non merely for me. but my kids besides. I want them to cognize that if I can make it. they can make it. I ever tell them you can be whatever you decide to be in life. Having an instruction plays a major function in that I believe.

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