Learning In The Learning Organization Management Essay

Management in twentieth century has come up with assorted developments and patterns from which larning organisations is one. By and large talking, larning organisation is an organisation which gives an chance to its employees to larn such accomplishments that help them develop themselves professionally. Organizations do assist their employees to larn more as it adds value to the organisation ‘s human resource and assist the company to prolong its competitory advantage in the market. To be a learning organisation is besides of import because of the alteration that now takes topographic point really rapidly in the market and organisations have to maintain path of the alterations taking topographic point Senge ( 1994 ) .

Learning organisations:

Though many researches have been conducted on the country of larning organisations and to specify the construct, but no definite definition has yet been provided. Some of the definitions given by some research workers are as under:

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Harmonizing to Senge ( 1990 ) , organisations which provide its employees an chance to develop their professional accomplishments in order to accomplish occupation marks more efficaciously are called learning organisations. Furthermore, such organisations besides let its employees to believe more creatively and advanced thoughts are welcomed. Idea of a learning organisation could non be instituted in an organisation with out support of top direction because it is ever upper degree direction who decides the mission and commands it to the whole organisation.

Another definition by Watkins and Marsick ( 1992 ) states that a learning organisation is one where employees ‘ engagement is encouraged in the procedure of alteration and alteration is managed through overall engagement of all degrees of directors and workers. Change in larning organisations is ever managed maintaining in position the nucleus mission and values of the organisation and all the procedures are aligned harmonizing to these values. It ‘s of import for any concern to alter itself harmonizing to the market demands and province its processs parallel with the altering environment.

From the above definitions it is apparent that it is necessary for every organisation to encompass the alteration as economic environment alterations really quickly. It besides helps an organisation to prolong its competitory border in the market by get bying with the often happening alterations in the market. An organisation which fails to maintain path of the altering state of affairs of the market finally looses its competitory advantage and standing in the market.

Employees in larning organisations enhance their accomplishments and abilities to maintain gait with the altering demands of the concern. Such organisations non merely promote larning at single degree but of organisation as a whole. Furthermore, consequences achieved from these propensities are implemented to better the working and acquire better concern consequences.

For an organisation it is besides of import to hold such systems and processs that help do it larning organisation and maintain it updated with the alterations in external environment. An organisation must follow a learning attack towards its processs and employees must acquire acquainted with the systems that are implemented to get by with the alteration. It is besides of import that such an environment is created in the organisation which is flexible and allows employees to take part. Such a flexible environment would assist the workers to portion their experiences and larning with each other. Furthermore, employees must acquire self-development chances in order to heighten their professional accomplishments at independent degree and collaboratively take part in the advancement of the organisation.

Pre-requisites of a learning organisation:

For an organisation to go a learning organisation, there are some demands that must be met. Senge ( 1990 ) has explained five major demands which an organisation must run into in order to be a learning organisation. These pre-requisites are as under:

Shared Visions: It is of import for an organisation to hold a shared vision because it gives a intent for being of an organisation. Vision of an organisation provides encouragement for larning and supports employees to larn and develop. It besides helps to make long-run committedness from employees with the organisation. Shared vision implies that there is a committedness from people throughout the organisation with their engagement. This committedness of employees keeps them remain with the organisation in good every bit good as bad times. Employees in an organisation may hold personal committednesss and vision about organisation but it must be aligned with the organisational vision as a whole. Individual vision standing alone possesses no value until and unless it is directed towards overall vision of the organisation ( Senge 1990, 12 ) .

Systems thought: System is a perceptual experience of all elements that affect each other and run together for a common intent. Systems believing demands employees non to see the organisational public presentation at single degree but through structural facets. Systems believing allow employees to see the existent side of each structural facet instead than gestating alteration as a fanciful construct. Systems believing need the other four subjects to enable a learning organisation to come approximately. Systems believing supply a positive proper model to hold focus on structural forms and happen relationships between them. It besides helps job work outing procedure and removes the system of seting incrimination on an person for a job. It helps to se that how interconnected factors work together and give birth to a job and how that job could be solved by researching the issues connected with a job ( Senge 1990, 10 ) .

Team Learning: Team acquisition is a procedure which supports and enhances the capableness of a squad to bring forth that result which its members wanted to acquire. Team acquisition is of import because now organisations have team working system. So it is of import for a squad to larn so that an organisation may go a learning organisation. Team acquisition helps a squad to organize with each other to develop their accomplishments and acquire the coveted consequences ( Senge 1990, 13 ) . It can be inferred from the above treatment that an person ‘s acquisition contributes to team acquisition and squad acquisition finally contributes towards development of a learning organisation.

Personal Command: Personal command means that employees are realistic in their attack towards work and their focal point is to be the nucleus individual of the organisation. Personal command could be attained by holding committedness for womb-to-tomb acquisition. With out accomplishing personal command employees ( at single degree ) and organisations ( at corporate degree ) fail to larn how to make more and new thoughts in order to track the alteration. It is besides of import to supply right environment to the employees in order to acquire positive consequences form their work and assist developing a sense of intent. Personal command is ever related to a proficiency degree which could merely be achieved through life long larning and non without it. It besides shows a straightforward association between organisational acquisition and employee ‘s development ( Senge 1990, 11 ) .

Mental Models: Mental theoretical accounts must be good managed because they stop execution of new organisational tendencies and patterns. The procedure of mental mold starts with a sense of reflecting one ‘s ain ego and happening structural constructs and regulations. It besides helps to understand that how these two factors impact that how we work in our workplace life. Here the function of directors is besides of import as to incorporate mental mold and systems-thinking accomplishments. Furthermore, the accomplishments learnt must be practiced in existent environment on regular footing. To implement alteration, it is ineluctable to hold an unfastened environment and working conditions ( Senge 1990, 12 ) .

Besides all the five demands presented by Senge, there are besides some other demands like cultural support and leading for a learning organisation. An organisation must implement a civilization that promotes a learning organisation and promote employees to see the existent image of the things and events. The civilization must back up true speech production and presentation of acrimonious true facts should non be discouraged. Furthermore the civilization should advance the sense of answerability and employees must experience accountable for their workss.

Harmonizing to Senge ( 1996 ) , an effectual and supportive leading besides plays a critical function in developing a acquisition organisation. The leading based on hierarchies does non back up larning organisation, so there must be matrix of people from all degrees of direction in order to do a learning organisation. In add-on to this, employees must be made realize that they all have ability to work out the jobs they face and keep path of the market alterations.

Conformation of Intel with demands of larning organisation:

Intel is a international company involved in the concern of computing machine and processor fabrication and supplying a broad scope of such merchandises to its clients located all over the universe. The merchandises provided by Inter Corporation are based on the nucleus facet of invention and uninterrupted cognition development.

By analysing the demands of a atilt organisation discussed above, it can be said that Intel is so a learning organisation as it fulfills all these pre-requisites. As engineering alterations within seconds, Intel has developed a civilization which is unfastened to invention and presenting new thoughts for merchandise development and betterment. Intel has a clear vision which is communicated throughout the organisation and employees work to achieve that vision. Besides the civilization is so diversified and unfastened that employees feel free to take enterprise and hazard to develop new merchandises and give thoughts. As taking company in engineering industry, Intel has provided its employees with an chance to larn more and utilize their acquisition towards accomplishment of aims of Intel. All the maps and systems incorporated in Intel are interconnected therefore doing it possible for employees to derive cognition and spread it throughout the organisation. Intel could ne’er be able to be prima house if it could non hold encouraged a civilization of acquisition and cognition communicating.

Features of a learning organisation:

Every organisation is a set of certain characteristics that distinguish it from other organisations runing in the market. Learning organisations besides have certain characteristics which make a differentiation between them and other organisations. Harmonizing to Garrett ( 2001 ) these characteristics are as under:

Continuous Learning: In a learning organisation, employees should portion the cognition they have and take chance of larning new things. The workers should see their occupation as an chance for acquiring cognition and using that cognition in order to acquire positive results. It is of import factor in larning organisations that organisation is regarded as a beginning of acquiring cognition and making new propensities. Furthermore, the acquisition organisations must supply chances to its employees to larn continuously and maintain themselves up-to-date.

Generating and Sharing Knowledge: In larning organisations, such systems are incorporated that aid coevals of cognition and employees are encouraged towards it. Such system besides provides installation to portion the cognition among employees. Management besides focuses to invent such schemes which support cognition coevals and sharing.

Critical Thinking: Critical thought is one of the of import characteristics of larning organisations. The employees should be encouraged to analyse things critically and draw decisions. They are besides encourages to give new thoughts and do new premises and prove them in order to make something new.

Flexibility and Encouragement of Experiences: In larning organisations, employees must hold freedom to take hazard at their ain and they must hold back up support of direction. Employees must be encouraged to develop advanced thoughts so that organisation gets something new out of it. They must be able to experiment with new procedures and present new merchandises or services.

Helping the staff: In larning organisations it is of import to supply sufficient aid to the staff and they must be appreciated for their advanced thoughts. Employees must be provided with an environment which is unfastened to larning and invention and supports self-development activities of the employees.

Learning civilization: It is far much of import that environment of an organisation encourages larning and promotes new thoughts presented by the employees. Learning organisations ever reward the acquisition of its employees if acquisition is aligned with its aims.

Make information accessible: It is of import for larning organisations to give its employees entree the necessary information required by them in order to heighten their acquisition.

Pull off the cognition: It is of import for larning organisation to pull off the cognition acquired by its employees by maintaining information up-to-date and keeping records of all the information.

New manner of thought: Learning organisation introduces new ways of thought and job work outing attacks among its employees. Employees are encouraged to believe out of box and work out the jobs faced by them in new ways and discard old ways of making things.

Relationship among maps: in larning organisations all the maps, activities and processs are considered interconnected and compatible with the organisational environment.

Open communicating: Employees of a learning organisation can openly pass on their thoughts and cognition to rest of the employees without fright of top direction because the civilization supports transportation of cognition.

Focus on accomplishment: The chief focal point of employees is on the accomplishment of ends and objectives a learning organisation set for itself. Employees participate in achieving these ends by seting their single and corporate attempts.

Above mentioned characteristics help to place whether an organisation is larning or non. Presence of all or some of these features in an organisation identify that it is tilting otherwise non.

Analysis of Intel harmonizing to characteristics of a learning organisation:

An organisation may go a learning organisation merely if they hold the features of a learning organisation. Many companies fail to promote larning either because of deficiency of involvement for larning or because the employees are non directed to larn. But above mentioned characteristics help to find whether an organisation is larning or non by analysing these characteristics with the features of that organisation.

As uninterrupted acquisition is one of the basic characteristics of larning organisation, it can be seen that it has been practiced at Intel. Employees at Intel are provided with the chances to heighten their accomplishments and professional abilities in order to do the company ready to confront the challenges of the market. Knowledge gained by employees is widely spread throughout the company. Imperativeness releases, seminars, preparations and workshops arranged by Intel for its employees turn uping globally assist them portion the cognition and make new thoughts. Critical thought is encouraged among the employees as it is the nucleus facet for engineering concern. Employees are encouraged if they learn something new and give advanced thoughts. The on the job environment at Intel is flexible plenty to supply employees with the chances to pass on their acquisition and experiences freely with other employees. The civilization at Intel encourages larning and if an employee ‘s accomplishments are rewarded to actuate them. Employees keep in position the vision and aim of the company and their activities are directed towards accomplishment of those ends.

From the analysis it can be concluded that Intel is a learning organisation as it fulfills all the demands and holds the characteristics of larning organisation. Besides existent acquisition is practiced at Intel throughout the universe and civilization facilitates knowledge sharing enemy get bying with the market alterations.

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