Leisure Entertainment And Free Time Trend Marketing Essay

A civilization is a manner of life of a group of people, its is the behaviour, beliefs, values, attitudes, symbols, hierarchies, faith, impressions of clip, functions, dealingss, material objects and ownerships which are acquired by a group of people in class of coevalss during single or a group nisus.

Theories on civilization

There are many different theories of civilization and have frequently given voice to new theoretical bases for nearing the term.

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Here are some theories on civilization:

Early anthropologists ‘ theory

Early anthropologists visualize of civilization as a aggregation of traits and studied the spreading of these traits from one society to another. But here the theory failed to explicate why certain traits spread and other do non distribute.

Cultural development theory

Culture development theory holds that traits have a certain significance in the context of development phases, and they look for relationship material civilization and societal establishments and beliefs. That theory classify civilization harmonizing comparative grade and complexness and employ economic differentiations ( scrounging, runing, farming and industrial societies ) or political differentiations ( independent small towns, chiefdoms, and provinces ) .

Ecological theory

This attack explains the different ways that people live around the universe non in term of their grade of development but as separate versions to the assortment of environments in which they live. Ecological factors may take to cultural alteration, such as development of engineering agencies to tackle the environment.

Structural theory

Structural functionalists imagine society as an integrating of establishments such as household and authorities. Specifying civilization as a system of normative beliefs that reinforce societal establishments

Historical Theory

Historical theory looks upon each civilization as a alone consequence of its ain historical procedure.

Cultural tendency alterations

Cultural tendency alterations may come really slow in the evolutionary mode or may came really fast.

Time Pressure tendency

Peoples have no clip or limited clip to travel browse and purchase goods and services.

Environmental tendency

Now a twenty-four hours ‘s most of consumers want merchandises and services which do n’t harm the environment, are environmentally friendly.


Goods enchantress can be recycled and used once more or return to its natural province.

Ozone friendly

Peoples want merchandises which does non harm the ozone bed.

Emission free

Lower emanations

Information and safety tendency

Consumers demand more information about a merchandise or service


Safety safeguards

Instruction manuals

Disposal of goods

Requirements and Certification tendency

Here the client asks many inquiries

How is it made?

From what is it made?

Is it certified?

By what establishments is it certified?

Depending of this information they will do determination if to purchase or non to purchase a merchandise or service.

Leisure, amusement and free clip tendency

There is a great hunt for amusement and leisure activities by people, now a twenty-four hours ‘s people spend 25 per centum or more of there clip on leisure activities.

The Marketing mix

Marketing mix is the governable elements of merchandises market program normally termed as the four “ P ” s. They are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Marketing mix is the combination of elements that will be used to market a merchandise

Now a yearss selling mix is greatly influenced by cultural values, believes and behaviour.

Merchandise: Merchandise is the touchable physical things and services which are sold. It refers to trade name name, design, packaging, quality, safety characteristics, services guarantees, colourss return on and etcaˆ¦

Merchandise planning must be done in acknowledgment of the cultural tendencies of the consumers.

Monetary value: This is pricing and the pricing schemes of the merchandise. It includes price reductions methods, accommodations to monetary value, payment footings, etcaˆ¦

Promotion: This represents the assorted facets of marketing communicating methods from the marketer to the possible clients. It is the methods and the information communicated to the client. It includes Ad, Personal merchandising, Gross saless publicities, public relation, promotion and Promotional scheme.

The messages send to the populace for publicity must take into consideration the consequence of the civilization.

Topographic point ( distribution ) : This is about acquiring the goods or services to the client. The proper measure is available at the right topographic point at the right clip. This includes repositing, distribution channels, market coverage and etcaˆ¦

Product distribution must take into consideration the altering consumer values, believes and behaviour. This may take to different form which may demand new channels of distribution.

Using selling mix and selling schemes on the tendencies alterations

Get the better ofing clip force per unit area

Now a twenty-four hours ‘s people have no or really limited clip to shop and to travel purchase goods and services.

So there is demand of new promotional and distribution scheme alteration so sellers can get the better of this tendency

Sellers can get the better of this tendency by supplying

Catalogs: Customers can shop goods at any topographic point and at the most appropriate clip for them.

Home bringing service: Customers do n’t hold to travel to shops and stores to buy a merchandise or service, they can order a good or services from there places or occupations and it will be delivered to them.

Web sites: It besides provides information, pictures pictures of the merchandises and services and clients can shop and order from any location and the most appropriate topographic point for them.

More environmentally friendly Merchandises

Customers want merchandises which are environment friendly. Here we have to work over the first “ P ” the Merchandise

This can be accomplished by supplying

Recycling: The packaging stuff or even the goods themselves to be made from recycling stuff so after they are used they can be recycled.

Ozone friendly: If you sell goods which gives out gases witch can harm the ozone bed like air conditions, this will take down your sells, so manufacturers have to pull off to bring forth goods witch are less harmful or do n’t harm the ozone bed this will increase at that place sells.

Supplying informational

Here we have to work over the 3rd “ P ” the Promotional scheme.

Customers demand more of information about a merchandise / service so earlier.

Simply this is accomplished by supplying the information to the client written on the side of the bundle, and inside the bundle.

Supplying demands and enfranchisement

If you produce and sell nutrient merchandises as a selling director make sure they are with the necessary demands and acquire enfranchisement Markss or casts from the ministry if wellness or other eligible establishment for your merchandises.

It will greatly increase the demand and ingestion of your goods.

Leisure and free clip tendency

Now a twenty-four hours clients spend a batch of clip for leisure and amusement, we as a sellers can utilize this to do bigger net incomes.

Provide merchandises and services which are used for leisure and amusement


Television sets


Courts Fieldss

Football Fieldss


Or supply our merchandises and services on events, like football games, concerts, and etcaˆ¦

To sell goods and services on amusement topographic points like fun-fairs, film and etcaˆ¦

Marketing schemes specifically to hardware, concatenation the selling schemes

Marketing scheme is the procedure of an organisation collection and utilizing its limited resources to accomplish its greatest chances.

I am a seller director of a big hardware concatenation of shop and I have been analyzing tendencies in cultural values, beliefs and behaviour.

These tendencies are about the same as the mentioned above

Time force per unit area

Environmentally friendly merchandises

More information

Requirements and enfranchisement

Leisure and amusement

Higher quality outlooks

High gross revenues, client satisfaction and growing are the chief ends of any organisation.

So as to accomplish these ends I as a selling director have to understand cultural tendencies, values, beliefs and behavior really good.

The selling schemes to hardware are:

Now yearss to get the better of clip force per unit area for our hardware concatenation we provide a web site which is like on-line shop with a place bringing service were people can look into goods and order.

For more environmentally friendly merchandises we try every bit much as possible to present new goods which are less harmless to the environment and utilizing recycling stuffs in the packaging and designing of our hardware.

We started to supply labels on the packaging stuff, on the boxes and users instructions inside boxes so to accomplish client ‘s outlooks about information of the merchandises they purchase.

Now a twenty-four hours clients expect higher quality merchandises than in the yesteryear, so I as a seller have increased the research activities and the quality control of our hardware It lead to higher gross revenues but higher cost excessively.

Ones more to increase the gross revenues I have communicated with some governmental and other establishments to attest us and our goods that are to the needed criterions.

Some of our hardware was non to the needed criterion but the 1s which ere certified, give a great addition in gross revenues.

For leisure and amusement I as a selling director have build a little kids Parkss, java stores and film in the center of our hardware shops as to pull client they can loosen up, entertain so go on with their purchases.

Besides I have sent personal to offer catalogs and attract clients to our hardware shops in amusement parks, football Fieldss

This are my selling schemes as to accomplish company ends.

Excess illustrations:

Energy rescuer: In computing machines people search for more energy rescuer computing machines so to cut down economic cost and there will be less energy produced less injury on the environment.

Example: In the sells of air conditions, we start to sell air status with an ozone friendly gas.

Ex-husband: The coming out of the Television, people got use to telecasting, they use it every twenty-four hours it became portion of their civilization. So for us as sellers it became one of the best methods to advance goods and services.

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