Looking At Lightning Thief English Literature Essay

Percy Jackson the Olympians book 1 The Lightning Thief is an interesting novel which becomes the foundation of this survey. The demigod Percy who is created from writer ‘s imaginativeness becomes the chief topic in this survey. Percy is described as person who starts from zero to hero. His battle, escapade and the manner he learns to be a hero in connexion with his adulthood will be the very concern of the survey. Therefore, this survey concerns the individualization procedure of Percy.

The Greek mythology is the portion of western civilisation. In the novel, the usage of fabulous elements can be seen in, for illustration, Percy Jackson as he discovers he is a superman, the boy of a mortal adult female and the Greek God Poseidon. Percy sinks in confounding state of affairs when the universe put him on the place of a hero. Percy and his friends go on a pursuit to forestall a war between the Greek Gods Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Meanwhile, he merely begins to larn how to be a hero the duty to salvage the universe is on his shoulder.

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There are many psychological jobs faced by Percy. Percy leaves his mussy life as a blue pupil in his school where he is popular as a freak pupil who has dyslexia and overactive ( ADHD ) job. Percy is non good at all lessons but Latin. He is supported by Mr. Brunner the merely instructor that cares about him to larn Latin. Days in school are ever disturbed by Nancy Bobofit. The lone 1 who has the same job is Grover. Grover is Percy ‘s best friend who ever hides behind Percy. His problem is complicated by Mrs. Dodds who has personal retribution on him. Because of these things, Percy becomes the saddest pupil in Yancy Academy, North New York.

Percy ‘s awful yearss in school continues when he stays at place. His measure father Gabe Ugliano is his immortal enemy. Gabe ne’er wants to work. He ever plays fire hook and drinks beer with his friends at place. It makes the house full of rubbishs and odor. One thing he cares approximately is to inquire some money from Percy as he ne’er wins the fire hook game. He ne’er respects Percy. Alternatively, he ever abuses and undermines any things Percy has done. Therefore, Percy ne’er feels the love from his measure father, Gabe Ugliano.

The lone 1 who cares about and loves him is his female parent, Sally Jackson. She is the 1 who makes Percy survive in such awful status. She is the 1 who supports Percy to travel on his awful yearss. When Percy remembers his female parent, he ever feels happy and peaceable.

With respect to the fact above, we can see awful psychological conditions in Percy ‘s life. Furthermore, he has to last and to confront all of those awful state of affairss. Therefore, the adulthood procedure that Percy undergoes is hence deserving analyzing. Percy ‘s adulthood procedure will be analyzed in this survey by utilizing the theory of individualization procedure from Carl Gustav Jung. Then, the author proposes a survey entitled Percy Jackson & A ; The Olympians “ The Lightning Thief ” : The Individuation Process of the Demigod Percy


The field of this survey is literature, particularly fresh.


The paper will merely be focused on the superman Percy Jackson, his experiences and escapades, which have connexion with his adulthood procedure fixing him to be a hero. In this survey, his adulthood procedure will be analyzed utilizing the theory of individualization procedure of Carl Gustav Jung.


How does a 12 twelvemonth old male child go a hero in this narrative?

To what widen is Percy ‘s adulthood described in the novel based on Jungian analysis?


To explicate how the 12 twelvemonth old male child becomes a hero in this survey.

To explicate to what extent Percy ‘s adulthood is described in the novel based on Jungian analysis.

Significance OF THE STUDY

In this survey, the author hopes that readers can understand the individualization procedure that happens in the narrative. This paper can besides give an chance for bookmans such as pupils of Faculty of Letters to analyse this novel utilizing Jungian theory or likewise.


There are some footings throughout the survey which must be known to better understand the issue in this paper, such as:

Twelve Olympians

The Greeks did n’t hold a “ Top Ten ” list of divinities – but they did hold the “ Top Twelve ” – those lucky Grecian Gods and goddesses populating on top of Mount Olympus. ( Regula, 2008, A¶ 2 ) .


Demigod is an official footings of half God and half mortal homo ( Riordan, 2006, p.72 ) .

Individualization Procedure

The individualization procedure is a term created by the celebrated psychologist Carl Gustav Jung to depict the procedure of going aware of oneself, of one ‘s makeup, and the manner to detect one ‘s true, interior ego ( Blake, 2012, A¶ 1 )


The quality of going more developed mentally and emotionally and acting in a responsible manner ( Good, 2008, p.885 ) .

Chapter II


2.1. The Theory of individualization procedure by Carl Gustav Jung

The chief subject of the theory of individualization procedure is about mind. Human ever try to carry through his mind satisfying. Human behaviour influenced by his mind character. Jung called it the “ individualization procedure ” in which the potency of a individual ‘s mind is seeking fulfilment ( Mitchell, 2010, A¶ 14 ) . From the text above Jung attempts to research the mind character and divided it into 2 parts:


Conscious is adjustment to the outside universe ( Suryabrata, 1983, p. 184 ) . Means that Conscious adapted and formed by outside universe or societal environment.


Unconscious is adjustment to the inside universe ( Suryabrata, 1983, p. 184 ) . Means that Unconscious is the portion of mind that regulations the relationship between homo and his ain ego.

The boundary line between witting and unconscious is non fixed. It can alter anytime depends on the alteration of individual ‘s psychological science. Conscious and unconscious can non divide because they influence each other. They have different characteristic. Jung explores more to cognize it and explicate it through its construction.

2.1.1. Conscious Structure

There are two parts of mind which build our consciousness. First is Psyche Function and 2nd is Psyche Attitude. Both of them have relation which finding the categorization of individual ‘s witting construction.

Kesadaran mempunyai dua komponen pokok, yaitu fungsi jiwa dan sikap jiwa, yang masing-masing mempunyai peranan penting dalam orientasi manusia dalam dunianya ( Suryabrata, 1983, p. 185 )

Translation: Consciousness has two chief constituents, that is psyche map and mind attitude, which both of them have of import function in the human orientation and his universe ( Suryabrata, 1983, p. 185 ) Psyche Function

Harmonizing to Suryabrata ( 1983, p. 185 ) the witting construction by Jung is a mind activity which in theory is unchanged in different environment. Furthermore Jung divided it into four chief maps, two of them are rational, that is believing and feeling, and irrational, that is feeling and intuitive. The rational maps work with judgement. Thinking is judging on the footing of right or incorrect and feeling is judging on the footing of pleasant and unpleasant status. Whereas the irrational maps do non work with judgement, how over they merely acquire observation. Feeling gets observation by utilizing sense and intuitive gets observation utilizing inherent aptitude. Basically, human have all of that map, but normally merely one of them that would be the most dominant. In add-on, the ideal finish from Individuation procedure is to convey it into balance, with the consequence to accomplish a rounded homo or a perfect homo. Psyche Attitude

Jung ( 1921/1971 ) defined an attitude as a sensitivity to move or respond in a characteristic way ( Feist and Feist, 2009, p. 115 ) . The way of the activity of psychological can travel outdoors or indoors and likewise go on with the orientation. Everybody does the orientation with the universe around him, nevertheless they have different manner to make that. For illustration, there is some 1 who will straight shut the window if cold air current blowing, but likely the others will non shut the window because they do non care about it or are non afraid to be cold because of it. There are people who care about what happens outside himself, but there are besides people who are non excessively concerned with what happens outside himself.

In decision, from the mind attitude, human can be divided into two types that are extrovert and introvert. One of the most widely used psychological typologies, which of the head-shrinker Carl Gustav Jung refers to persons are introvert and extroverts ( Munn 1962, p. 235 ) .

Extravert Human

An extravert homo influenced by nonsubjective sentiments, which come from universe outside himself or society. His thought, feeling and besides his actions chiefly determined by his societal society every bit good as his non-social society. He will move positively with society. Consequently, he is more easy accepted in society.

Introvert Human

An introvert homo is influenced by his ain subjective universe. He does non care plenty to the issues in his outside universe. Introverts are tuned in to their interior universe with all his prejudices, phantasies, dreams, and single perceptual experience ( Feist and Feist, 2009, p. 116 ) . These people perceive the external universe but they do it selectively with their ain subjective position. Consequently, normally an introvert is being antisocial and difficult to construct a relationship. Jung ‘s Typology

Based on two constituents of human mind, Jung created Jung Typology

( Suryabrata ( 1983, p.191 )

Psyche Attitude

Psyche Function





Thinking Extravert

Feeling Introvert


Feeling Extravert

Thinking Introvert


Feeling Extravert

Intuitive Introvert


Intuitive Extravert

Feeling Introvert



Thinking Introvert

Feeling Extravert


Feeling Introvert

Thinking Extravert


Feeling Introvert

Intuitive Extravert


Intuitive Introvert

Feeling Extravert

He insisted that each individual has both of an introspective and extrovert attitude, although one may be witting while the other is unconscious ( Feist and Feist, 2009, p. 115 ) . Unconscious life is contrary with the witting, so one whose witting is believing his unconscious is experiencing, following, one whose witting is extravert his unconscious is introvert, so the following. Persona

The accounts above approximately witting are the existent status of witting, but at that place still have one job. The job is how individual consciously show or convey his personality to socialise with outside universe or society. The character, harmonizing to Swiss head-shrinker Carl Jung, is the mask that persons wear to conceal their true egos from society ( Maverick, 2010, A¶ 1 ) . So, can be concluded that character is the manner of the people to demo his personality to his society based on what he wants other people see of him.

2.1.2. Unconscious Structure

Suryabrata ( 1983, p. 193 ) said that Jung has divided unconscious into two circles. The first 1 is personal unconscious and the other is corporate unconscious. Personal Unconscious

Continued from Suryabrata ( 1983, p. 193 ) , states that personal unconscious contains things that are acquired by persons during their lives. This includes things that are forced or distressed ( “ recessive composite ” ) and disregarded things ( memory stuffs ) every bit good as things that are observed, thought about and felt below the threshold of consciousness. So, whole personal life experiences create the personal unconscious. Collective Unconscious

The corporate unconscious is the foundation of personality ( Morgan and King and Robinson 1984, p. 523 ) . Corporate unconscious term introduced by head-shrinker Carl Jung to stand for a signifier of the unconscious ( that portion of the head incorporating memories and urges of which the person is non cognizant ) common to mankind as a whole and arising in the familial construction of the encephalon. It is contrast from the personal unconscious, which arises from the experience of the person. The corporate unconscious is beliefs or Acts of the Apostless or thoughts which are trusted and done by ascendant such as construct of God, mode of behaviour, myths, fable, mute regulations, etc. The physical contents of the corporate unconscious are inherited and base on balls from coevals to the following as physical potency ( Feist and Feist, 2009, p. 104 )

Unconscious is the things that unawareness. Then, how can we acknowledge or cognize our unconscious. Adopted from Suryabrata ( 1983, p. 194 ) , acknowledge about unconscious found non straight, that is belong the manifestation from the contents of consciousness. The unconscious manifestation can be form such as symptom and complex, dream, and originals. Unconscious Manifestation

Symptom and Complexes

Symptom and complex are the indicants which can be realized.

Symtom adalah tanda bahaya yang memberitahu bahwa adenosine deaminase sesuatu dalam kesadaran yang kurang, dan karenanya perlu perlu perluasan ke alam tak sadar. Kompleks-kompleks adalah bagian kejiwaan kepribadian yang terpecah dan Lepas Dari penilikan ( control ) kesadaran dan kemudian mempunyai kehidupan sendiri dalam kegelapan alam ketidaksadaran, yang selalu dapat menghambat atau memajukan prestasi-prestasi kesadaran ( Suryabrata 1983, p. 196 ) .

( Symptom is a unsafe mark that tells that there is something in less consciousness, and hence demand to hold an extension to the unconscious. These composites are parts of a split personality and mental flight from sing ( control ) and so hold the consciousness of his ain life in the natural darkness of the unconscious, which ever can suppress or advance the accomplishments of consciousness ) ( Suryabrata 1983, p. 196 ) .

Complexes non ever being a failings of personality because it is merely a portion of single which can non unity and complexes can be a stimulation excessively, which push us to work harder and increase the possibility to being success. Jung adds in Suryabrata ( 1983, p. 197 ) that composites are traumatic experiences such as the evident impossibleness to accept our self status in life. So, traumatic experience can do people down and being hopeless or pessimistic but besides can do people fight to stand up once more and better his life better so being an optimistic individual.

Dream, Fantasy, Imagination

Some people believe that dream is a secret message from life. The other believed that dream merely a desire or will which can non be realized so enter to our head when we sleep. Dream has his ain regulation and his ain linguistic communication. In a dream causality and clip and infinite is can non applied. So, dream ever being a enigma which hard to construe.

Based on Suryabrata ( 1983, p. 197 ) Jung ‘s sentiment about dream is that dream has constructive map, that is to counterbalance the expostulation side by side from struggle. Dream is manifestation of composites unconscious. Beside of that Jung besides said that phantasy and imaginativeness are sort of complexes manifestation.


Jung adopted word originals from Agustinus that Archetypes is signifier of natural sentiment and natural reaction to certain state of affairs in outside consciousness. In add-on, Archetypes are carried since people are born and turn in corporate unconscious during human development and non support from one individual ( Suryabrata 1983, p. 198 ) . Particular Form of Unconscious


Shadow is the dark side and unacceptable side from person personality-motive and awkward desire, we better non demo them to other individual ( Friedman and Schustack 2008, p. 130 ) . Inside the personality exists the shadow. Shadow is the dark side of personality. Shadows are unfulfilled failings. Shadows conveying his ain sentiments which are entered into his unconscious because it can non fit or accepted by his witting.

The shadow original is besides responsible for the visual aspect in consciousness and behaviour unpleasant and socially condemnable ideas, feelings, and actions. These so may either be hidden from public position by the character or repressed into the personal unconscious ( Hall and Lindzey, 1978, p. 123 ) .

Projection: Imago

Adopting information from Suryabrata ( 1983, p. 200 ) , Jung named the content of mind which projected to other people are imago. So that, imago is a judgement which unconsciously we addressed to the objects outside our ego.

Anima and Animus

Two of import originals are anima which represents the feminine side of human nature and the animosity which represents the masculine side of human nature. Jung taught that all individuals have the masculine and feminine originals in their corporate unconscious ( Larsen and Buss, 2005, p. 278 ) . Every individual has both of anima and animosity. For illustration: A adult male who chose cooking as a avocation is show that his anima stronger than his animosity but still has both of them. Otherwise, if a adult male is prefer to take hoops than cooking as his avocation that is show that his animosity stronger than animosity and the same things goes to adult females.

Chapter III


3.1. Method of informations aggregation

Reading and understanding the novel is the first measure that the author takes. After the first reading, the author tries to read the novel for the 2nd clip. The method of the 2nd reading is really helpful for doing the apprehension of the author about the novel, particularly for cognizing its intrinsic elements better than the first reading. The author makes a note of the novel for doing him easy to retrieve the information he got from reading the novel. After that, the author chose the impermanent rubric and subject which will be highlighted.

In analyzing the novel and in composing this thesis, the author besides conducted a library research to roll up the informations and information, which includes the usage of the internet resources. In the beginning, the author searched the stuffs after make up one’s minding what survey to make and which attack to utilize. The following measure was seeking and roll uping the individualization procedure theory of Carl Gustav Jung used to analyse the book, from the book in library or observed from the cyberspace. In a library, normally the author spends about two hours to seek for the right stuffs needed for the survey. Then, the author borrowed the books place.

In analysing the literary work, the author needs a stuff to utilize as the entity of the author ‘s analysis. The primary informations, that becomes the object of the author ‘s survey, is the novel.

The novel used in this analysis is:

Genre: Adventure

Title: Percy Jackson & A ; The Olympians “ The Lightning Thief ”

Writer: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Miramax Books

City: New York

Year: 2006

Pages: 453

3.2. Method of Data analysis

In analysing the survey, particularly in replying the first research inquiries, the author explores the intrinsic elements of novel. Next, collects all of factors that support the first research inquiry from intrinsic elements. Particularly, secret plan and the character are explored more to happen the strength of Percy character. Beside that, the author will acquire the evidents that prove the capableness of Percy which support him to be a hero. Finally, the author connects it with the first research inquiry to happen the reply.

To happen the reply from the 2nd research inquiry the author uses the psychological attack by taking Jung ‘s individualization procedure theory. The author finds that individualization procedure theory of Jung is suited and really utile to link and explicate the thought about the adulthood procedure of Percy. In the manner to seek it, foremost, the author tries to larn the behaviours of Percy in the novel and his mind feature. Following, analyze Percy ‘s witting construction and unconscious construction. Compare his experience with the points of witting construction and unconscious construction. Find the superior mind map of Percy. Then, sort Percy in Jung ‘s Typology. After that, the author decide that Percy ‘s individualization procedure can turn out that Percy is mature plenty to do twelve old ages old male child go a hero and salvage the universe to reply the 2nd inquiry. Remember, if person can do mind map being balance it means that he is the perfect one.

Chapter IV


Individuation Process Analysis

The adulthood of Percy will be described by the Jungian Individuation procedure theory. Individuation procedure of Percy was shown by his mind status. In the manner to cognize it, we should research two chief component of mind which is witting and unconscious. Percy ‘s witting and unconscious will analyse exhaustively in this chapter.

4.1.1. Conscious

Conscious component of Percy will be spliting into two chief groups which is psyche map and mind attitude. The author will happen apparent from Percy ‘s novel to back up the categorization of this two chief groups. Following, it will be classified into Jung typology. After find Percy ‘s witting type in Jung typology, the author will analyse Percy ‘s character in order to happen his manner to demo his consciousness in societal interaction. Finally the author will decidedly reason the Percy ‘s witting type and status.

Psyche Function

Percy mind map dominated with rational thought. Percy judging something with based of rational things. Percy normally calculates one thing and do decision based on his logic. He is difficult to belief something which out of his logical. It shows in citations below.

All twelvemonth long, I ‘d acquire battles, maintaining toughs from him. I ‘d lost kip badgering that he ‘d acquire crush up following twelvemonth without me. And here he was moving like he was the 1 who defended me ( Riordan, 2006, p. 19 ) .

This paragraph demoing us that Percy is difficult to belief when Grover said that he was the 1 who ever protect him because he thinks that Grover is the 1 he ever protects and Grover can non go through a individual twenty-four hours without his protection.

“ But they ‘re narratives, ” I said. “ They ‘re myths, to explicate lightning and the seasons and material. They ‘re what people belief before there was scientific discipline ( Riordan, 2006, p. 51 ) . “

When Chiron told Percy that Greek Gods genuinely existed, Percy denied it. Percy has no imaginativeness that it could be happened in existent life. Again, he rejects to belief something which out of his calculates.

Percy has deficiency of imaginativeness. He ever stuck with usual status which he normally faces. He ever tries to acquire rational ground for every fact he faces. It makes him difficult to belief unlogical things happen to him. Based on mind map theory Percy include in rational thought classs. Psyche Attitude

Percy is an introvert individual. He normally hides his true feeling. He hides his frights. He ever tries to look strong and brave. He hides his unhappiness but in deep of his bosom he suffers. He ever tries to look confident even he fell non certain will be success. He does non care about his mission, about God, so universe. He merely cares about his female parent because he thinks that female parent is the lone individual he has.

Next, the author will analyse deeply and shows the evident which show Percy as an introvert individual. First is the fact that Percy admires his female parent. My female parent can do me experience good merely by walking into the room ( Riordan, 2006, p. 24 ) . Even he loves her really much, Percy still hides his feeling that he feels so happy because his female parent is so careful to him. I told her that she was surrounding me, and to put off and all that, but in secret, I was truly, truly glad to see her ( Riordan, 2006, p.25 ) . It ‘s become wont of Percy to conceal his true feeling so he can be looked as a mature, a tough, a brave and a strong individual.

For her interest, I tried to sound cheerful about my last yearss at Yancy Academy ( Riordan, 2006, p. 25 ) . Again he hides his true suffer in his school to his female parent because he does non desire do his female parent worried about him. He besides hides his last sentence from Oracle ‘s prognostication that told that he will neglect to salvage what matters most, in the terminal, in page 106 because he does non desire if every one have uncertainty of him to done his mission successfully.

The other ground why Percy is included in Introvert categorize is shown when he declare to Grover his true intent that he travel to underworld non to finish his undertaking to happen the maestro bolt but merely for personal ground to salvage his female parent life by conveying out her from underworld.

What lay in front of me was worse than petrifaction. “ I have n’t straight with you, “ I told Grover. ” I do n’t care about the maestro bolt. I agreed to travel to the underworld so I could convey back my female parent ( Riordan, 2006, P. 144 ) . ”

Percy does non care about what will go on to the universe if he fails to finish his mission. It does non count for him if Zeus and Poseidon drag into a conflict because the most of import thing for Percy is his darling female parent. He blinds by his passion to salvage his female parent, merely like an introvert who do non care with universe outside himself. Jung Typologies

Psyche Attitude

Psyche Function





Thinking Extravert

Feeling Introvert


Feeling Extravert

Thinking Introvert


Feeling Extravert

Intuitive Introvert


Intuitive Extravert

Feeling Introvert



Thinking Introvert

Feeling Extravert


Feeling Introvert

Thinking Extravert


Feeling Introvert

Intuitive Extravert


Intuitive Introvert

Feeling Extravert

Based on Jung Typology, Percy can be categorized as a thought introvert individual. Persona

Percy ‘s character will be traveling to be analyzed based on his societal interaction in the novel. In socialize, even though has less of ability Percy ever tries to protect his friend. He ever shows no fright in his face. In societal interaction he is being the individual who care about all of his friends jobs meanwhile really he has a batch of personal job which waiting to work out. Percy tries to be a firm individual. He pushes and hides his unhappiness, frights and failing to be a strong individual whom ne’er resignations to any of difficult status. There are some texts in the novel which show Percy ‘s character.

I was entirely. An orphan. I would hold to populate with aˆ¦ Smelly Gabe? No. That would ne’er go on. I would populate in the streets foremost. I would feign I was 17 and fall in the ground forces. I ‘d make something ( Riordan, 2006, p. 45 ) .

In the text above we can see that Percy is a firm individual. After his female parent died he refuses to give up to populate. He will stand on his ain pes to trough his remainder of unrecorded. He shows his firm face to the Grover.

Grover was still sniveling. The hapless kid-the hapless caprine animal, lecher, whatever-looked as if he expected to be hit. I said, “ It was n’t your mistake ( Riordan, 2006, p. 45 ) . “

Although Percy feels sad when his female parent died he does non faulting Grover. He refuse that his friend Grover is responsible to his female parents decease whereas Grover ordered to protect him and his female parent. He is belief that he should be the 1 who protecting his female parent and his friends.

Following text, Percy pushes his fright and shows his bravery in forepart of his admired miss Annabeth Case. He rejects Annabeth ‘s aid because he want to demo that he is a gentleman and a courageous individual.

“ Stay out of it, wise miss. ” Annabeth looked offended, but she did remain out of it, and I did n’t truly desire her aid. I was the new child. I had to gain my ain rep ( Riordan, 2006, p. 68 ) .

4.1.2. Unconscious

The following analyze is to happen out two points of unconscious which is personal and corporate unconscious and see how it manifested based on information get from novel. For add-on, the author besides analyzes the particular signifier of unconscious to finish the unconscious component of Percy. Personal Unconscious

In his journey in the novel, there are some personal experiences which give deep feeling and act upon his adulthood development in relation with Percy ‘s personal unconscious.

First fight versus monster ( Riordan, 2006, p. 10 ) .

Percy ‘s first experience facing monster is in Metropolitan Museum of Art. His mathematic instructor Mrs. Dodds turning into a Fury and onslaught him.

Then the weirdest thing happened. Her eyes began to glow like barbecue coals. Her fingers stretched, turning into talon. Her jacket melted into big, coriaceous wings. She was n’t human. She was a dried-up beldam with chiropteran wings and claws and mouth full of xanthous Fangs, and she was approximately to slit me to threads ( Riordan, 2006, p. 10 ) .

This clip Percy foremost consider that monster is existent and they go after him for some ground.

Death of his female parent and conflict versus Minotaur ( Riordan, 2006, p. 40, 41 ) .

Then, with an angry boom, the monster closed his fist around my female parent ‘s cervix, and she dissolved before my eyes, runing into visible radiation, a shimmering aureate signifier, as if she were a holographic projection. A blinding flash and she was merely gone ( Riordan, 2006, p. 40 ) .

Death of his female parent gave him deep feeling. Without cognizing the ground why, Percy saw his female parent killed by Minotaur. He does nil to salvage her because he excessively afraid. But, this accident is waking up his bravery to avenge and contend the Minotaur or any others monster. Anger replaced my fright, newfound strength burned in my limbs ( Riordan, 2006, p. 41 ) .

Met the Oracle and got his first mission ( Riordan, 2006, p. 106 ) .

You shall travel west, and face the God who has turned. You shall happen what was stolen, and see it safely returned. You shall be betrayed by one who calls you a friend. And you shall neglect to salvage what matters most, in the terminal ( Riordan, 2006, p. 106 ) .

The Oracle read him the prognostication. It will go the usher to finish his mission. But, Percy feels desperate because two last sentences told that he will betrayed by his friend and will neglect in the terminal. Even he thought that it is suicide mission his bravery pushes him to maintain heterosexual to make the quest.

Gotten ambuscade by 3 Furies ( Riordan, 2006, p. 121-125 ) .

They are the first challenge Percy ‘s face in the mission. At this clip Percy learn to work together with his two friends to get the better of the monsters. Both of his friend ready to give so Percy can get away from that monster. But, after his female parent ‘s decease Percy promise non to get away any longer and even should be decease he will remain to salvage everything of import in his life. I looked at the unfastened room access, I was free to travel, but I could n’t go forth my friends ( Riordan, 2006, p. 124 ) .

Defeat Medusa ( Riordan, 2006, p. 138 ) .

Percy and friends fight Medusa and successful licking her. Even though they can last from this accident, Percy blames Olympic Gods for this accident.

I was angry non merely with Annabeth or her ma, but with all the Gods for this whole pursuit, for acquiring us blown up the route and in two major battles the really first twenty-four hours out from cantonment. At this rate, we ‘d ne’er do it to L.A. alive, much less before the summer solstice ( Riordan, 2006, p. 139 ) .

He loses his regard to the Gods. He does n’t belief that no one Gods helps them even they struggle to finish the quest for the glorification of Olympians Gods. As the consequence of his disgruntled Percy sent Medusa ‘s caput to the Olympic Gods.

About dice in Chimera ‘s manus ( Riordan, 2006, p. 156-158 ) .

In this clip experience Percy eventually considers that his male parent ( Poseidon ) really ever tries to protect him. He was attacked by Chimera and got serious hurts because of Chimera ‘s bite which contains lifelessly toxicant.

I managed to acquire to my pess, but I know I had lost. I was weaponless. I could experience lifelessly toxicant rushing up to my thorax ( Riordan, 2006, p. 156 ) .

Sing his difficult state of affairs he tried to get away trough the window from the top of Gateway Arch Building. The Mississippi River is waiting him in the underside. For a minute before leap Percy attempt to retrieve the memories about his male parent and pray to him.

I backed up and looked down at the H2O. I remembered the warm freshness of my male parent ‘s smiling when I was a babe. He must hold seen me. He must hold visited me when I was in my cradle. I remembered the twirling green trident that had appeared above my caput the dark of gaining control the flag, when Poseidon had claimed me as his boy. “ Father, assist me, ” I prayed ( Riordan, 2006, p. 157 ) .

Following, Poseidon answers Percy ‘s pray. When he sunk into the river the power of Poseidon protect him. Percy heritages Poseidon ‘s mystical strength and adapted absolutely in the deep of river.

At that point, I realized a few things: foremost, I had non been flattened into a battercake. I had non been barbecued. I could n’t even experience the Chimera toxicant boiling in my venas any longer. I was alive, which was good ( Riordan, 2006, p. 158 ) .

Second realisation: I was n’t wet. I mean, I could experience the imperturbability of the H2O. I could see where the fire on my apparels had been quenched. But when I touched my ain shirt, I felt absolutely dry ( Riordan, 2006, p. 158 ) .

After this accident, Percy can accommodate absolutely in any river and sea. Poseidon gifts Percy the power to commanding H2O.

Fail to salvage his female parent and flight from underworld ( Riordan, 2006, p. 237 ) .

Percy eventually arrives in The Palace of Hades in Underworld. He came to Hades to inquire for the losing Zeus ‘s bolt of lightning, but Hades justice that Percy is the existent stealer of Zeus ‘s bolt of lightning and Hades ‘s Helm of Darkness, and Poseidon is the histrion behind this scene.

“ You were the stealer in the winter solstice, ” he said. “ Your male parent though to maintain you his small secret. He directed you into the throne room on Olympus, You took the maestro bolt and my helm. Had I non sent my Fury to detect you at Nancy Academy, Poseidon might hold succeeded in concealing his strategy to get down a war. But now you have been force into the unfastened. You will be exposed as Poseidon ‘s stealer, and I will hold my helm back ( Riordan, 2006, P. 233 ) ! ”

In the center of reasoning, all of a sudden the bolt of lightning appears in Percy ‘s back pack. He sinks into confuseness and feels desperate because traps in some God ‘s fast one who tries to do him the lightning stealer.

I was speechless. I had no helm. I had no thought how the maestro bolt had gotten into my back pack. I wanted to believe Hades was drawing some sort of fast one. Hades was a bad cat. But all of a sudden the universe turns sideways. I realized I ‘d been played with. Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades had been set at each other ‘s pharynxs by person else ( Riordan, 2006, p. 234 ) .

Plutos thought that Percy came to dicker his female parent with Hades ‘s Helm of Darkness. After that Hades offers Percy a trade.

“ Yes, ” Hades said with satisfaction. “ I took her. I knew, Percy Jackson that you would come to dicker with me finally. Return my helm, and possibly I will allow her spell. She is non dead, you know. Not yet. But if you displease me, that will alter ( Riordan, 2006, P. 235 ) . ”

Percy traps in difficult state of affairs. Finally, he must take between salvage his female parent or his friends. He learns that sometime we should give our of import desire to carry through our responsibility. Then, he chooses to go forth his darling female parent, salvage his friends and go on his mission to salvage the universe.

I turned and faced my female parent. I urgently wanted to give my ego and utilize the last pearl on her, but I knew what she would state. She would ne’er let it. I had to acquire the bolt back to Olympus and state Zeus the truth. I had to halt the war. She would ne’er forgive me if I saved her alternatively ( Riordan, 2006, p. 236 ) .

Wining battle versus Ares ( Riordan, 2006, p. 246 ) .

This is the biggest experience of Percy. Percy does the blade conflict versus Ares the God of War. Full of killing desire, Ares tries to kill Percy. He does non desire his secret opened that he was the 1 who trick Percy to carriage the back pack which contain the Zeus bolt of lightning.

“ You did n’t order the larceny, ” I guessed. “ Person else sent a hero to steal the two points. Then, when Zeus sent you to run him down, you caught the stealer. But you did n’t turn in him over to Zeus. Something positive you to allow him travel. You keep the points until another hero could come along and finish the bringing. That thing in the cavity is telling you around ( Riordan, 2006, P. 241 ) . ”

Full of bravery with his male parent ‘s bless and all of his choler that all of this clip he was tricked by Ares, Percy challenges Ares to contend one on one blade conflict and trades some status.

“ If I lose, turn me into anything you want. Take the bolt. If I win, the helm and the bolt are mine and you have to travel off ( Riordan, 2006, P. 243 ) . ”

In the terminal of battle, with the power to command the sea Percy makes Ares kneels and accepts his losing.

I felt the beat of the sea, the moving ridges turning larger as the tide rolled in, and all of a sudden I had an thought. Small moving ridges, I thought. And the H2O behind me seemed to withdraw. I was keeping back the tide by force of will, but tenseness was edifice, like carbonation behind a cork.

Ares come toward, grinning confidently. I lowered my blade as if I were excessively exhausted to travel on. Wait for it, I told the sea. The force per unit area now was about raising me off my pess. Ares raised his blade. I released the tide and jumped, rocketing directly over Ares on a moving ridge.

A six-foot wall of H2O smashed him full in the face, go forthing him cussing and sputtering with a mouth full of seaweed. I landed behind him with a splash and feinted toward his caput, as I ‘d done earlier. He turned in clip to raise his blade, but clip was disoriented, he did n’t expect the fast one. I changed way, lunged to the side and stabbed Riptide straight down into the H2O, directing the point into God ‘s heel ( Riordan, 2006, p. 246 ) . Collective Unconscious

There are some belief which is going portion of Percy ‘s corporate unconscious appears in novel such as:

Greek ‘s Supreme beings

These are some belief about Greek ‘s Gods. First is belief that Greek ‘s Gods move follows the bosom of West ( see Riordan, 2006, p. 55 ) . Second is the fact that saddle horse Olympus the Palace of God located in Empire State Building 600th floor ( see Riordan, 2006, p. 75 ) . The immortal ( Di Immortales ) is immortal they can non truly dead but merely merely disappear for an unpredictable minute ( Riordan, 2006, p. 52 ) . After World War II the Greek ‘s Large three ( Zeus, Hades, Poseidon ) made understanding to halt holding kid with human because their boies is excessively strong and can do pandemonium in universe ( Riordan, 2006, p. 87 ) . Then, the construct of the mist which usage to befog the vision of human whenever Godhead or monstrous elements mix with the mortal universe.


These are the thoughts of hero which showed in the novel. First, hero or Demigod hero non let to kill mortal human ( see Riordan, 2006, p. 115 ) . Following, hero particular privileges in page 109, hero can travel anyplace, challenge anyone, every bit long as they ‘re bold plenty and strong plenty to make it. There is ancient regulation that hero should be raised by his mortal parent ( Riordan, 2006, p. 149 ) . Then the other is belief that the hero ever destine tragic ( see Riordan, 2006, p. 257 ) . Unconscious Manifestation

The unconscious manifestation can be form such as symptom and complex, dream, and originals.

Symptom & A ; Complexes

There are exist symptom in Percy mind. Sometimes it came as a mark of danger. The fright in my tummy made me desire to bolt, but that would n’t work ( Riordan, 2006, p. 40 ) . When Percy face Minotaur his unconscious Tell him that it is danger to contend with monster like that and he has no opportunity to win. But Percy has no pick beside push his fortune to contend the Minotaur. Next in page 152, But something felt incorrect to me. I had a feeling we should n’t be here. The symptom of danger appears once more when Percy group go to the Gateway Arch.

Sometimes it is alarm to do him careful for something. My bosom pounded. He was seeking to do me angry for some ground, but I was n’t traveling to allow him ( Riordan, 2006, p.52 ) . Dionysius tries to force Percy ‘s emotion to happen some ground to penalize him. But symptom qui vives him to quiet down when confronting Dionysius.

In one instance, Percy battles with Clarisse the girl of Ares the God of War. Then, when Percy pushed and acquiring loose symptom shows because Percy ‘s God power blows out as a consequence of his choler.

Then something happened. I felt a jerk in the cavity of my tummy. I heard the plumbing rumbling, the pipes frisson. Clarisse ‘s clasp on my hair loosened. Water shot out of the lavatory, doing an arc heterosexual over my caput, and the following thing I knew, I was sprawled on the bathroom tiles with Clarisse shouting behind me ( Riordan, 2006, p. 68 ) .

Symptom appears excessively when Percy ‘s shadow shows itself and attempts to rule Percy mind.

A unusual fire burned in my tummy. The weirdest thing was: it was n’t fear. It was expectancy. The desire for retaliation. Hades had tried to kill me three times so far, with the Fury, the Minotaur, and the Hellhound. It was his mistake my female parent had disappeared in a flash of visible radiation ( Riordan, 2006, p. 109 ) .

One of complex which means tragic experience or deep feeling which influence unconscious status of Percy is decease of his female parent ( see Riordan, 2006, p. 40 ) . It is giving a large daze to Percy and raises his shadow to avenge. The other composite is when he judged as a lightning stealer in page. 102. Percy daze and angry with Zeus. “ But I ‘ve ne’er even been to Olympus! Zeus is brainsick ( Riordan, 2006, P. 103 ) ! ”

Dream, Fantasy, and Imagination

Suryabrata, 1983, p. 197, said that dream has constructed map. Means that dream has some intent or finish. It answers why some people say that dream is message. Suryabrata add that dream is manifestation of composites that describes experiences which cause traumatic or meaningful feeling.

In Percy instance, his dreams have constructed map. His dreams more like vision or warning about what will go on in the hereafter. It unstated in novel are his dreams cause as a consequence of his power as a boy of God or non. But the author belief that his dreams vision appear because of his composites about his female parent decease, so, accordingly his unconscious attempt to forestall traumatic accident like that go on once more in future. For add-on, his dream besides prepare him to be ready to confront problem which will come to him in the hereafter

There are three dreams which appear in the novel, on pages 98, 144-145, 187-188. In the first dream in page 98, the dark after he read an article about him and his female parent whom losing on North Long Island route in New York Daily News he gets suffering and so starts to acquire his first vision dream about the combat between Zeus and Poseidon. In the following twenty-four hours, merely like his dream he acquire mission to happen the lost Zeus ‘s maestro bolt, return it to its maestro and prevent war between Zeus and Poseidon.

In the following dream on pages 144-145, He gets dream once more after giving statement to Grover that he does non care about his mission and does non care about his male parent Poseidon but he agree to travel to underworld merely merely to salvage his female parent from decease. This clip, in his dream, he stood in a dark cavern in the deep of underworld called Tartarus the prison of God and Monster. He met an ancient immorality voice which asked him to convey the maestro bolt to barter it with Percy ‘s female parent life, ordered him to raise that ancient evil voice and bid him to contend against unreliable Gods. This dream is similar message to Percy that exist an antediluvian evil power who responsible for all this problem. This ancient evil power tried to carry Percy to go his subsidiary to raising him once more and assist him to contend with the three large God whom treachery him.

The last dreams which appear in the novel on pages 187-188 his consciousness bring him once more to the dark cavern. He saw conversation between a retainer and the ancient immorality. They plan fast ones to foment the combat between Zeus and Poseidon to do pandemonium in Olympus. This dream shows to Percy that this antediluvian evil power is his existent enemy and his retainer is the informer. Following, on pages 255, the individuality of the antediluvian evil power eventually recognizes as Kronos the King of Titan. Then on pages 271 the individuality of the Kronos ‘s servant knows as Luke. Luke is Percy supervisor in cabin 11 and his friend besides sword instructor. For add-on now Luke betrays Percy and Luke seek to kill Percy on pages 271. In decision, after his female parent decease, all of Percy ‘s dreams become vision accomplishment to read the hereafter.


There are some originals in Percy. First is about Gods. Percy did non belief that Gods is genuinely exist. Supreme beings ‘ original of Percy is that they are merely myths to explicate conditions anomalousness. But they ‘re narratives, “ I said. “ They’re-myths, to explicate lightning and the seasons and the material ( Riordan, 2006, p. 51 ) . Following is Percy ‘s original about female parent. Mother is the kindest individual in the universe and sort individual normally acquire bad destiny. Her name is Sally Jackson and she ‘s the best individual in the universe, which merely proves my theory that the best people have the rottenest fortune ( Riordan, 2006, p. 22 ) . Particular Form of Unconscious

Anima & A ; Animus

Percy has some portion of anima. Percy ‘s anima show up when he remembers his female parent. Anima became portion of his wont. Sometime his anima appears when he is on difficult state of affairs. Following, Percy ‘s anima will analyse in the texts below.

And non merely any cookies-my ma ‘s homemade bluish chocolate-chip cookies, pantry and hot, with the bit still runing. Drinking it, my whole organic structure felt warm and good, full of energy. My heartache did n’t travel off, but I felt as if my ma had merely brushed her manus against my cheek, given me a cooky the manner she used to when I was little, and told me everything was traveling to be all right ( Riordan, 2006, p.45 ) .

From text above we can see the relation between his anima side and his female parent. Chocolate, cookies, and confect are Percy favourite bites which conveying back the memory about his female parent. Its show feminine side of Percy or we can state that its one of Percy animas.

The other Percy ‘s anima is his inability in athletics. Normally, a male child with entitle superman and hero is good in athleticss. But, Percy has different instance. He is non a smart cat or a musculus adult male. He has a weak organic structure and less ability to make sport. Its brand he is underestimated by his classmates and his cantonment couples. The evident will demo in the text holla.

The remainder of the twenty-four hours I ‘d revolve through out-of-door activities, looking for something I was good at. Chiron tired to learn me archery, but we found out reasonably speedy I was n’t any good with a bow and pointer. He did n’t kick, even when he had to desnag a stray pointer out of his tail. Foot rushing? No good either. The wood-nymph teachers left me in the dust. They told me non to worry about it. They ‘d had centuries of pattern running off from lovesick Gods. But still, it was a small humiliating to be slower that tree. And wrestling? Forget it. Every clip I got on the mat, Clarisse would powderize me. “ There ‘s more where that came from, hood, “ she ‘d mutter in my ear. The lone thing I truly excelled at was canoeing and that was n’t the sort of heroic accomplishment people expected to see from child who had beaten the Minotaur ( Riordan, 2006, p. 82 ) .


Percy describes his female parent as the best individual in the universe. Her name is Sally Jackson and she ‘s the best individual in the universe ( Riordan, 2006, p. 22 ) . In his childhood, he defended to his female parent as the lone individual who cares about him. He had less memory about his male parent because he is ne’er met his male parent. Why would my dad-who had n’t even remain around long to see bornaˆ¦ ( Riordan, 2006, P. 30 ) . For add-on, his measure father Gabe was ne’er loves him. Finally, she married Gabe Ugliano, who was nice in the first 30 second we know him, so showed his true colourss as a world-class dork ( Riordan, 2006, p. 23 ) . In decision, because Percy had no purpose from his male parent but merely his female parent whom attention about him make Percy ‘s imago describe his female parent as the most of import individual in his life.

degree Celsius ) Shadow

Percy has shadow inside him. The shadow appears because he thought Hades had tried to kill him and because of his female parent decease. The shadow guides him to avenge his female parent decease to Hades the God of Underworld. He looks like ready to give everything merely to crush Hades. The evident will be shown on the paragraph citation holla.

A unusual fire burned in my tummy. The weirdest thing was: it was n’t fear. It was expectancy. The desire for retaliation. Hades had tried to kill me three times so far, with the Fury, the Minotaur, and the Hellhound. It was his mistake my female parent had disappeared in a flash of visible radiation ( Riordan, 2006, p. 109 ) .

The shadow pushes him to salvage his female parent and disregard his mission to return the Zeus ‘s boom bolt. Even thought, he knows that Zeus lightning should be returned before the summer solstice to forestall the war between Zeus and Poseidon, he still do n’t care about that job and follow his shadow to salvage his female parent life. This shadow domination showed in the text holla.

“ I have n’t straight with you, “ I told Grover. ” I do n’t care about the maestro bolt. I agreed to travel to the underworld so I could convey back my female parent ( Riordan, 2006, P. 144 ) . ”

Chapter V


Percy ‘s individualization procedure shows his adulthood. Percy ‘s individualization procedure is divided by two chief facets which are witting and unconscious. Percy ‘s witting is separated by two facets which are psyche map and mind attitude. Percy ‘s mind map can be categorized as believing individual and Percy ‘s mind attitude can be categorized as introvert individual. So, in Jung Typologies Percy is included in Thinking Introvert type.

In the other manus, unconscious has two chief facet which are personal unconscious and corporate unconscious. Percy ‘s personal unconscious is his whole personal experience particularly which he got in his pursuit to forestall the war between the Olympian ‘s Large Three. Meanwhile, Percy ‘s corporate unconscious dominated by two chief thoughts about Greek ‘s Gods and the construct of Greek ‘s hero. Percy ‘s unconscious influence his consciousness trough the Percy ‘s witting manifestation which describe in symptom & A ; composites, dream, and original. Indeed, Percy has anima & amp ; animosity, imago, and shadow as his other signifier of his unconscious.

Percy ‘s witting and unconscious related each other and build Percy ‘s character. Furthermore, the balances between them conveying him to make the adulthood.

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