Lunar And Solar Eclipse Essay

Lunar Eclipse occurs when the earth comes between the sun and the moon in such a way that it blocks the sun’s rays completely from reaching the moon. Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun in such a way that the sun is totally blocked from view. Lunar Eclipse only occurs on the full moon night which means that the moon is on the other side of the earth from the sun. Solar eclipse always occurs on the new moon which means that the moon is almost between earth and the sun. During a Solar Eclipse looking directly at the sun is very dangerous and can cause permanent damage to the retina. Use of a certified solar filter or use of special glasses is advised. During the Lunar Eclipse the moon is completely safe to look at and can be watched for as long as you want.

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A Solar Eclipse is only visible in very few parts of the earth due to the size of the moon in comparison to the earth. However, the lunar eclipse is virtually visible to anyone on the night side of the earth. The Solar Eclipse in its totality would not last for more than six to seven minutes at best, however, the totality of the Lunar Eclipse may last for almost an hour. During a Lunar Eclipse the moon would generally appear red or copper in color due to the sunlight filtered by the earth’s atmosphere but would generally remain visible. During a Solar Eclipse the sun would disappear completely behind the moon for a few minutes. Partial lunar eclipse generally occurs twice a year however the solar eclipse occurs approx. at a gap of 18 months. The location of the solar eclipse is different every time. The eclipse occurs at the same spot only once every 370 years.

In summary, Lunar Eclipse is when the earth comes between sun and the moon blocking any sunlight from reaching the moon whereas Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth blocking the view of the sun from the earth. Lunar Eclipse is visible on the entire night side of the earth whereas Solar eclipse is only visible in very small portions. Watching a lunar eclipse with the naked eye is absolutely safe whereas watching the Solar Eclipse with a naked eye is very dangerous. The duration of the Lunar Eclipse may last for almost an hour whereas the Solar Eclipse can be six to seven minutes at best. During a Lunar Eclipse the moon may appear red or copper whereas the sun may completely disappear during a Solar Eclipse. Lunar Eclipse generally occurs twice a year whereas the solar eclipse occurs once every 18 months.

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