Macro Environment Or The External Environment Marketing Essay

Macro environment or the external environment has influenced the ability to gain net incomes, company s determination devising, advancement and production.It s non under company ‘control and the factors include the political, economic, societal and technological analysis and other natural forces.The chief intent behind the environmental scanning is to happen out new oppurtunities.Oppurtunities can take many signifiers which the company can profit from the meeting industry tendencies, can custom-make the merchandise and do it more advanced, can take down the monetary value of the merchandise, can run into the client ‘s outlooks and so on. [ mention ( Philip kotler ) ]

Political Environment

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Economic Environment

Indian corporate sector is threatened by the inflation.Besides India, other states were affected due to United State fiscal crisis.According to the study done by the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( FICCI ) 64 % of the 413 companies were in a worst condition.People life in the tube metropolis have a positive position towards the economic system and presuming that the status of the state will better in the close hereafter.

Trade name

Buying POWER ( PRICE ) Rs.


Fast Track


Young person



Lower center category



Common category



Upper Middle category



Upper category






Upper middle class-upper category



Business category



Upper category

Company s income rose from Rs255.34 crore to Rs303.45 crore and company ‘s ticker gross revenues rose by 18.8 per cent.According to the tabular array above it is easy to calculate out the consumer purchasing power in the mark market.

Despite the high oil monetary value, high rising prices and high volatility in gold monetary values titan industries is making well.Watch section gross revenues income rose from Rs 168.83 crore to Rs 171.89 crore.These informations indicate that the demand for Titan ticker has increased.Reasons behind the addition in gross revenues of colossuss are

Brand name

Attractive theoretical accounts




[ ref ]

Social-Cultural Environment

Harmonizing to the people s gustatory sensations and preferences the buying power is directed toward certain goods and services. [ referen ] Changes in societal tendencies can hold an impact on the demand for a house ‘s merchandises and the handiness and willingness of persons to work. [ mention ]

The primary intent of the Titan industries is to better the quality of the life of the people. “ It adopted the Corporate Citizenship Index, Tata Business Excellence Model and Tata Indexfor Sustainable Development which reflect its committedness to its Corporate SocialResponsibility ( CSR ) and spends 5-7 % of its net income after revenue enhancement on several CSR initiatives.These CSR enterprises are spread across three nucleus countries, such as employee public assistance, the Environment and the public assistance of the community at big. “ [ ref ]

Technological Environment

Technology has shaped people s lives and affected the economic growing rate. [ ref ] Technology leads to new invention and new procedures. [ ref ] Change in engineering plays a major function in the titan industry.Titan decided to get down a works to fabricate merely QUERTZ ( parallel and digital ) in different assortments in design and monetary values.

Change in engineering enhances the merchandise and makes it advanced which increases the production rate.New inventions introduced by the Titan industries are

Heart round look intoing system in the carpus ticker

Watch which can assist in happening out the temper of the individual

Sleek tickers

[ Ref ]

2.2 Micro Environment

Micro environment or the internal environment influences the organisation directly.According to Michael Porter ‘s land breakage 1979 theory there are 5 forces that affect the ability of the organisation to function its clients and do a profit.Porter ‘s five forces are dickering power of clients, dickering power of providers, menace of replacement merchandises, strength of competitory competition and menace of new entrants.These forces make the company gain its place in the market place. [ ref wordiq ] .

Dickering power of providers

Titan has invested approximately 120 crore rupees over its production installations and the fabrication capacity around 6 million units.There has been an addition in low cost manufacturers in China and Taiwan. So, this has provided an chance for ticker manufacturers to outsource tickers at lowcost, same as colossus has done to outsource the constituents for certain products.There s little supplier power in the market due to the big supply of ticker motions.

Dickering power of clients

Indian ticker purchasers involve different sections of people.Some are monetary value sensitive and there is still an tremendous untapped market in India with the market diminution of about 20 units per 1000 people whereas the universe norm is more than 100.There is a section of people who are willing to pass for the trade name which has a good performance.It is indispensable for the company to happen out what the clients prefer in order to hold a good position in the market.

Menace of replacement merchandises

Most of the companies are utilizing advanced ways to increase their gross revenues by offering assorted fluctuations for tickers such as pendent tickers and jewelry watches.Most of the clients prefer buying tickers as a manner accoutrement instead than for a typical usage. [ ref ]

Intensity of competitory competition

There is a stiff competition between the companies in the Indian ticker market.At the lower terminal of the market it is fundamentally the value for money which differentiates the companies.Strategic bets are five high.In footings of market portion, the largest company Titan ltd, has faced losingss in the one-fourth terminal of June 2001, despite the rise in market portion due to macroeconomic state of affairs [ ref ]

Menace of new entrants

In the recent old ages, there has been a enormous addition in figure of trade names available in the Indian ticker market due to the riddance of quantifiable restrictions.So the new company should be alone to derive the acknowledgment and to be differentiated from the other companies in the market. The new entrant has to be alone in certain facets such as monetary value, emotional entreaty and so on.Building up a trade name image is the premier barrier for entry. [ ref ] In this industry there are a batch of rivals which are straight or indirectly impacting the colossus watches industry.The major participants are:

Domestic degree:




International degree:


-Tag heuer


[ ref ]

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