Man is the main cause of global warming Essay

Man is the main cause of global warming

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            Global Warming is the controversial environmental phenomenon of today. It is known as the heating of the earth’s surface due to the greenhouse gases that traps the radiation from the sun. Greenhouse gases are composed of gases like carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, among others, that thicken the thin layer of atmosphere that shield the earth from the suns’ rays. However, this shield is being damaged and the percentage of the sun radiation trapped in the earth’s surface is increasing. It has been predicted even before but it is treated by many as a mere myth. Many also claim that it is a fact and we are actually experiencing it. The drastic change in temperature, the unnatural migration of species such as birds, the melting of ice caps and glaciers, the intense heat, and unexpected flooding are just a few consequences that prove the existence of global warming. Nonetheless, many still assert that these are but just natural reactions of nature. Conversely, these environmental changes are but just the causes of the destructive acts of man to nature.

            Man should be blamed for the phenomenon of global warming for various and justifiable reasons. Carbon dioxide, according to scientists, is one of the greenhouse gases that are emitted by industry and the consumption of resources used by humans.

            Cars, household appliances, factories, among others being consumed is emitting carbon dioxide. This gas goes up in the atmosphere and is converted into a greenhouse gas. Moreover, coal has an immense contribution to global warming. Coal is a steady source of energy used in energy generation that makes man’s life more efficient. However, great use of energy has a drawback on the environment, because the more energy we use the more coal we burn. Another is the methane gas which are emitted by agricultural activities, and the burning of organic wastes. In developing countries, a great percentage of methane is produced from the burning of garbage in dump sites. This methane also goes up and converted into a greenhouse gas.

            Moreover, according to Al Gore, the new technology, population and the preference for economy have incessantly contributed to global warming. Many simple practices and things have been improved to make man’s work easier like irrigation, shovels, among others but have an adverse effect to environment. Another example shown in the movie is the war armaments, from a simple sword to nuclear warfares are disastrous to the atmosphere.

            The increase in population, mostly in developing countries, means the increase in needs in food, water, and energy resources. Through this, man has no choice but to invent alternative ways and resort to abusive activities, such as conversion of mountains into residential areas to meet the demands of the people. Moreover, the preference for the economy hinders the policy making of the state with regard to protection of economy. A clear evidence of which is the denial of Kyoto Protocol which many leading countries have ratified. The country’s hesitance to cut its carbon emission is perceived as loss in the economy and employment of many.

            At present, global problem is made known worldwide but man has not yet reacted to it. Simple yet effective solutions have been presented but man is heedless. Furthermore, planting a tree have been found to helpful in reducing carbon dioxide levels, but illegal logging is rampant in many other countries because of the absence of political will.

            These are just few things to be considered but have undoubtedly caused global warming. Clearly, these are all attributable to man’s hesitance, inaction, irresponsibility, to the preservation of environment. Thus, man is the main cause of global warming.

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