Management Consulting Assignment

a. )Doggett ( 2005 ) believes that there is ever a cause behind any job and this cause must be identified and addressed to work out the job or else the job may go on. So, a adviser must utilize the diagnostic procedure as the initial measure to place the existent cause of the job ( Cope, 1999 ) . This attack of uninterrupted examining helps a adviser to distinguish symptoms from root causes.

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The symptoms of jobs face by OI along with the root cause ( s ) can be:

Low lesson of the direction and the work force. The root causes identified here are the policies of redundancy and cost film editing and besides the low assurance of work force in the freshly appointed direction. Low lesson of the direction and the work force. The root causes identified here are the policies of redundancy and cost film editing and besides the low assurance of work force in the freshly appointed direction.

  • Poor communicating between directors. This is perchance due to the struggle of involvements and deficiency of trust among the general troughs.
  • Low productiveness. This is due to the deficiency of coordination between the sections and the hapless guarantee handling and client handling policies. Others causes include deficiency of invention in planing merchandise ( s ) and hapless selling scheme.
  • Overstocking of merchandises. This is due to the inaccurate demand prediction, unequal & A ; deficient information about client demands and the deficiency of understanding about the client demands.

After bring forthing assorted options and hypotheses, and its elaborate rating ( Markham 2004 ) , the chief root cause for all the above mentioned jobs, is the confining function of the parent company, which has diversified well into other Fieldss and is non excessively sympathetic towards the concern such as OI, which is executing below outlooks. It has overlooked the importance and effectivity of the organizational construction while make fulling up the cardinal places in senior direction in OI and therefore assigned conflicting functions to Benjamin and

Fischer, which made a cascading impact on the OI and therefore resulted into most of the above mentioned symptoms and their several root causes.

B. )Much of the pandemonium in Business Services is because of the complex departmental construction within it. One manner of managing this construction is to incorporate the Gross saless and the Selling sections into one section under the manager of the Gross saless as he has got the better client contacts and who can understand and turn to the client needs better. Similarly, the Parts services section can besides be brought under the GM Engineering support services by which overspending budget can be controlled and the demands of the parts can be met on clip. This peculiar integrating will manage the overstocking job every bit good. Another structural attack for bettering the gross revenues — marketing interface or parts-engineering support is to organize cross-functional squads composed of people from the two functional countries along by revolving directors and other work force within the dependent sections. This attack can function two intents ; foremost, through occupation rotary motion, employees develop a larger web of people within the house that can be called on when chances or challenges arise and 2nd, through submergence in different functional countries, directors can develop a better apprehension of their opposite numbers ‘ civilization, activities, restraints, and aims.

The following piece of advice would be to implement Information System such as Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) application package across OI or particularly across Business Services, where information about clients, client interactions, procurances, stock list etc can be entered, stored and accessed by employees across sections. The informations maintained can so be analyzed to find the client demands and forecast demand. This will assist OI to better its services, inventory direction and merchandises. Besides bettering communicating and coordination across different sections within Business Services, this application package will besides assist in achieving better client satisfaction and retaining bing clients.

The last advice would be to halt the redundancy plan, as it builds fear and insecurity and can take to miss of coordination and individualistic attack of sections. So, to promote cooperation and coordination the HR section needs to beef up the relationships between the inter-departments, by agencies of Appreciative Inquiry and therefore promote people to portion the best patterns in the administration ( Hayes, 2007 ) .

degree Celsiuss. )The above mentioned advices when implemented can confront some serious oppositions like the opposition from affected cardinal stakeholders ; the GM Marketing and the GM Part services, who would decidedly defy this alteration as their places would be affected straight. This opposition can be handled by doing the GM Marketing redundant as this station is non straight in touch base with clients and ever depends on gross revenues and support section to do selling prognosiss. Similar attack can be taken for the station of GM Part services, which can be handled by the GM Support services. Other cardinal stakeholders that may besides defy the alteration can either be made excess or can be given functions with better inducements or functions with more duties within OI or in other companies under the same parent company.

As advocated by Clampitt et. Al. ( 2000 ) , the most effectual manner of pass oning alteration is to “underscore and explore” , where the persons can be empowered to bring forth originative thoughts and listen to “potential misinterpretation and unrecognised obstacles” instead than being forced to follow the thoughts of direction. So, for this presentations or seminars can be organised where employees can be made cognizant of the alteration and its associated benefits and can be asked about their sentiments. Cross section preparation and development plans can besides be organised by the HR section to develop the necessary accomplishments and minimise the opposition towards the alteration and to do a section such as gross revenues or selling, aware of the operation of other sections such as technology support services so that each of the sections communicate with one another on a longer tally.

Another job can be in the execution of the Information system where employees such as the gross revenues forces would be least interested and have the minimal range of utilizing computing machines to entree the information system. In this instance these employees need to be convinced about the possible benefits of utilizing this IS and can be given gradual preparation to cognize more about the information system.

The basic thought is to affect more people in the alteration procedure by doing them understand their duties in lending to the passage procedure and therefore understating the oppositions faced by the top direction. Here the demand of the hr is the strong leading and committedness from the CEO and senior direction, who must guarantee the whole alteration procedure aligns with the new schemes of the company.


Management Consulting is defined as ‘delivering accomplishments from outside an administration ”( Markham, 2004 ).It is of import for an external adviser like Timothy to take an appropriate theoretical account that delivers the existent value for the client organisation. A good consulting theoretical account should besides let a adviser to present his cognition, accomplishments and experience in an efficient manner in bettering the consultancy pattern.

Now, in the context of the instance, the initial stairss towards turn toing the jobs are by utilizing consultancy and hence calls for apprehension of client-consultant relationship in deepness utilizing the below theoretical accounts and theories. Edward Schein ‘s ( 1987 ) three theoretical accounts for confer withing are normally viewed as a get downing point from which client outlooks can be understood and adviser functions can be defined ( Wickham & A ; Wickham, 2008 ) . These are ;purchase-of-expertise,doctor-patient, andprocedure audience.

The Purchase-of-Expertise theoretical account is one in which the client hires the adviser to convey a separate and independent position to bing issues.

The client communicates the job to the adviser and he executes a solution by utilizing specializer cognition ( Wichkham & A ; Wickham, 2008 ) . This theoretical account may run into immediate demands or the attempts to set structural alterations into topographic point, but will make little to prolong development or the administration over the clip.

The Doctor-Patient Model is a adviser centred attack in which the client looks for ways to better the concern but is non cognizant of cause of the job. This theoretical account relies on a close relationship between adviser and the organizational leading ; and the application of a diagnostic procedure. In this relationship, the adviser works as the “ physician ” , naming the single jobs of the client and so uses a systematic attack based on his/her ain experiences to make a program for alteration ( Schein, 1987 ) .

The Process Consultation theoretical account is a client centred attack in which the adviser acts as a facilitator and brings his ain expertness to methods for directing possible organizational behavior. The adviser works with the administration to happen internal methods for deciding the issues and for implementing alteration, and using bing resources within the administration. This procedure is based chiefly in the ability of the administration to screen through its demands, detect its ain resources and the best methods for alteration, and implement alterations utilizing its ain internal resources. The adviser merely acts as a accelerator directing and airting activities to assist the administration achieve the best results based on its demands and therefore doing the alteration happen ( Schein, 1987 ) . The adviser does non force a solution to the client and it is the client who makes the ultimate pick of implementing the solution ( Wickham & A ; Wickham, 2008 ) .

Reason for choosing Process audience theoretical account:

In this instance survey, the initial attending is paid to the client-consultant relationship where, Timothy is hired for his expertness and for steering OI, which has less lucidity about its specific issues and concerns. Timothy works with the OI direction through the diagnostic and intercession phases ( Czander & A ; Eisold, 2003 ) . In the diagnostic phase Timothy gathers the information required to understand the job by meeting and interviewing directors and eventually evaluates it to understand the root cause of the job ( Cope, 1999 ) . The adviser so uses his expertness to be after an intercession theoretical account to turn to the root causes of the issues faced by the OI. As there is high hazard involved, OI would look for solution which involves intensive analysis and is entirely customized to its demands and for this the procedure audience theoretical account provides OI the power and flexibleness to make up one’s mind and take action on implementing the intercession proposed by the adviser ( Whittle, 2006 ) .

Five phase Model of Management Consulting

Over the old ages research workers suggested assorted theoretical accounts and attacks to confer withing, but they all seem to be built around the five stage consulting procedure or rhythm theoretical account ( Kubr, 2002 ) . For case, Markham ( 2004 ) besides suggested theoretical account ‘the CONSULT bringing procedure ‘ with five phases ; Entry, Contracting, Diagnostic, Intervention and Closure.

The five stage confer withing theoretical account provides a systematic stage by stage model to advisers to be after their attack for a peculiar assignment and hence this theoretical account can be associated with the instance of OI. This confer withing theoretical account consists of five stages ;Entry, Diagnosis, Action Planning, ImplementationandTermination.


It is the first stage of confer withing procedure rhythm that involves the initial meeting of the adviser with the client and the treatment about the intent of conveying in the adviser. To get down with, the adviser gathers information about the client ‘s concern, history, organisational civilization and construction. The client so tries to advise the adviser of the jobs it is confronting and the adviser does a preliminary diagnosing of the jobs. After this the client and the adviser, together make up one’s mind the range of the assignment where the client ensures that it has approached the right adviser with the necessary expertness to present the consequences as per its demands ( Kubr, 2002 ) .

In the instance survey, it is apparent that the adviser Timothy Edwards has been appointed and apprised of the jobs of the OI and every bit adviser he knows what the house is seeking to accomplish by taking his services.


This stage involves an in depth analysis of the root causes of the jobs and aggregation of information to develop solutions to those jobs. This stage adds the maximal value from the adviser ‘s side as it involves deriving a greater penetration in to the issues by set uping timelines and procedures and, garnering information so as to make the solution. The chief thought of this is to detect more about the issues faced by the client and explicating ways to turn to them. Kubr ( 2002 ) considers this stage as an of import one as there is a demand to keep a positive client – adviser relationship, where the client is provided with the feedback sing the adviser ‘s advancement and probe attack to forestall any confrontation from the client ‘s side. This stage ends with the entry of a study sing the advancement on the assignment and stoping the confer withing contract.

The instance survey indicates that Timothy has gathered information about the issues by questioning the senior direction and has provided the feedback to the Chief executive officer who has given his consent to the adviser to farther analyse and design a new construction for the Business Services.

Action Planning:

The action planning stage is the phase where the existent solutions are prepared and proposed by the adviser. The adviser by and large finds more than one solution to the client ‘s issues and helps the client take the best solution among the options that is suited to their demands. He makes certain that all the hazardous factors impacting the alteration execution is recognised and addressed in progress. He besides explains the client about the conditions that might be necessary for the solution to be implemented and about the hereafter schemes of the administration that might be affected by the alteration. The adviser so devises an execution with inside informations of the cardinal people involved and the manner the solution will be implemented.

The action programs identified in this instance survey include the alteration in the direction construction of the Business services where meeting of sections like the selling and the gross revenues will turn to the client needs better and cut down the struggle of involvements within those sections ; the execution of CRM application will ensue in better demand prediction and client service.


It is last stage of the collaborative attack between the client and the adviser, where the existent execution of the in agreement solutions takes topographic point. The adviser may besides be involved in steering the client about the uninterrupted betterments to be done at administration degree if the client feels that the action program requires a major alteration in the administration ‘s construction and civilization which would non hold been possible without the proper expertness and counsel of the adviser.

It is can be inferred from the action program phase that the Business Services would necessitate a restructuring and an debut of a new CRM engineering. This type of alteration could arouse opposition from the cardinal stakeholders such as the general directors or the employees of the company. Hence, the execution stage may necessitate counsel of the adviser to pull off the cardinal stakeholders and turn to their involvement as per the concern scheme of the OI. The important thing here can be the alteration implemented with functions and outlooks may necessitate proper communicating to the employees and for this adviser can play of import function along with the HR section for planing a proper preparation plan to heighten employees ‘ accomplishments to suit them in the new organisational civilization.


This is the concluding stage which marks the terminal of the assignment, provided the undertaking has served its intent as per the satisfaction of the client and the adviser. There may besides be a opportunity for extension of the undertaking if the client feels that there is a demand for revising some portion of the execution or spread outing the range of the undertaking to other parts of the administration. As per Kubr ( 2002 ) , the client and adviser can take a call whether the execution has been a failure, success or something in between. The repetition concern for the adviser will depend upon the fortunes and state of affairss under which the client – adviser relationship terminates.

In the context of the instance survey of the OI, it is hard to expect how the current assignment of the adviser, Timothy Edwards, ended.


The above analysis has been drawn based on the information available from the instance survey and the theoretical accounts used should non be considered one that fit all solutions as these provide a model that can be adapted depending on the state of affairs.


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