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In this paper different facet of community foundation has been described. Community foundation is the organisation, which serves the different demands of their dwellers. It plays the function of donor service for the society. It is a non-profit-making public foundation, which pools the financess of givers for the benefit of occupants. These are the revenue enhancement exempt philanthropic establishment, which work in a peculiar geographical country. This paper describes the organisation and assorted undertakings of community foundation. We choose California community foundation of Los Angeles. This community helps the householders of the state in confronting the job of increasing involvement rates.

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Organization of California community foundation

California community foundation was established in 1915 and is one of the taking charitable organisation in Los Angeles. This community foundation manages more than $ 1billion assets. Every twelvemonth it grants about $ 100 million for the future investing of its local communities. It is a beneficent organisation, which is aimed to better function the demands of occupants. It is the 5th oldest community foundation of Los Angeles and has more than 1400 single charitable financess. It has met precise criterions in philanthropic gift and is in understanding with the national criterions of the U.S. community foundations. It is managed by the ‘Council on Foundation’ , which is a rank organisation and has more than 2, 000 grantmarkings, which assist it to offer world-wide plans ( California Community Foundation, 2008 ) .

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All of these facets confirm the committedness of the foundation to supply transparence, answerability and fiscal security. This foundation provides originative solutions by uniting the constructs of civic battle and philanthropic gift. It offers two types of grants, one is giver advised and another is discretional grant. Persons and groups that have developed giver advised financess at the foundation are required to specify ends and aims of the grants from their financess. Discretionary grants are made merely to those organisations, which seek to run into the demands of an identified community. Apart from this, the organisation should hold same ends, aims and precedences like that of foundation.

Undertakings of California community foundation

Main undertakings of California community foundation are: Education, humanistic disciplines & A ; human development, wellness attention and vicinity revival. In the field of instruction, it assists quality childhood larning chances for advancing societal and cognitive development plans, which encourage the engagement of defenders in the acquisition of kids. In the countries of art & A ; human development it fulfills the object by two ways. One is by beef uping the single creative persons and the cultural organisation as a portion of lively cultural community. The 2nd manner is by spread outing the support services for the particular population groups such as handicapped kids, aging grownups and young person ( Serving Los Angeles Communities, 2006 ) .

In the field of wellness attention, the foundation efforts to supply quality wellness attention service, which is sustainable and low-cost to low income grownups and kids. In the field of neighborhood revival, it focuses on the solutions that support changeless life environment for low income persons by offering them safe and sensible topographic points to populate. California community foundation has launched a new undertaking on 4ThursdayJanuary, 2008, which is named California cultural Data Project. This undertaking is the most striving and inclusive effort to roll up and analyse the informations with respect to the engagement of the cultural sector to California’s economic system ( California Community Foundation, 2008 ) .

A new undertaking named community constructing enterprise has been launched by California community foundation in EI Monte. It is a collaborative attempt with assorted public, private and non-profit-making sectors and is deserving $ 10 million. This undertaking follows the holistic attack for regenerating the three underserved EI Monte vicinities by at the same time concentrating on educating physical substructure, absorbing occupants and developing their leading quality ( A New Generation of Funding for Affordable Housing, 2008 ) .


From the above treatment, it is concluded that community foundations are meant for functioning the occupants. They by and large act as a non-profit-making organisation and supply different grants to the needful communities. California community foundation assists the occupants of Los Angeles in confronting the mortgage crisis. On the footing of aims of its assorted undertakings, it is assumed that its chief country of concern is to advance quality wellness, effectual acquisition and stable life environment & A ; support services for the different groups in the society. Main focal point of the foundation is on the societal development of low income grownups and handicapped kids.


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