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Critical Thinking: McDonaldization

Over the past few hundred old ages, we have continued to construct up establishments that support this demand for a higher criterion of life, while at the same time cultivating and ingraining the thought of a bureaucratism into our day-to-day lives ; furthermore, we have taken the creative activities and thoughts of others, adapted them to our society and improved them so that they are even more efficient, guaranting our topographic point as the taking state of the free universe. However, these old ages of success, joined by the forces of industrialisation, have begun to alter the face of our society – chiefly in the last century, there has been a tendency turning towards depersonalising the societal establishments that we fought so difficult to acquire and to maintain clear of unfairness.

The effects get downing with the innovation of scientific direction and the assembly line, and most late bolstered by the creative activity of the McDonald ‘s concatenation eating houses, have intensified dramatically, pull stringsing how we move through our day-to-day modus operandis, how we interact with one another, and how we see our lives. In modern-day times, it can be observed that our dignity as both single Americans every bit good as a society at big is based on the semblance of our “ unalienable rights ” , but more so, it seems, on the sum of material ownerships we own. The development of our societal establishments has moved in this way, back uping the thought that one is considered the “ best ” if one has the latest, most profitable, up-to-date scheme or piece of equipment, which besides earns that individual or company big sums of regard from our society. The sentiment and belief that we require the best has augmented itself into a desire I like to name the “ must-have ” construct. The calls of, “ We are Americans! We deserve better! We want more! ” seem to pealing throughout the walls of our societal buildings. ( Ritzer, 2003 )

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In his book The McDonaldization of Society, George Ritzer discusses a similar impression:

“the construct of McDonaldization, which is defined as the procedure by which the rules of the fast-food eating house are coming to rule more and more sectors of American society every bit good as of the remainder of the universe. ” ( Ritzer, 2003 )

This quickly come oning systemic force has besides created a thickly settled that needs to be invariably reassured that it is having the overall best trade on everything from breakfast to transit to healthcare. The original intent behind the colonisation of America, the desire to suppress subjugation and establish a better system to run into the demands of the people, has about developed into a mercenary arrogant hoggishness. The sweet sand verbena that began to turn over downhill when we asked for our independency has now reached an epoch in which there are no restrictions to our demands. We know what we want and we must hold it: “ bigger, better, faster, more ” ( Ritzer, 2003 ) . Supported by the detonation of McDonaldization in all sectors of our civilization, this phrase has become the unofficial American Creed. As Ritzer quotes a British perceiver:

“ This is unusual, sing [ McDonald ‘s is ] the merchandise of a civilization which awards individualism above all. ” ( Ritzer, 2003 )

The dimension of efficiency, slackly defined as happening the best method to accomplish a end, is exemplified in a fast-food eating house because non merely it is an easy manner to pick up a repast, but it is besides easy to do the nutrient itself. If person was in a haste or on the route, it would be really efficient for her to halt off at a fast-food topographic point ; if there was n’t a drive-through window, inside there are rather often many registries, so it is easier to acquire nutrient faster. In footings of nutrient production, the procedure of seting together a sandwich or a repast is really straightforward, because each measure has been pre-outlined in order to guarantee that the best sandwich is produced each clip with a minimal sum of trouble. The procedure does non necessitate luxuriant chefs or a originative apprehension of nutrient, therefore it is easy to happen people to work and the undertakings themselves are simple to make.

Control is even more exerted, nevertheless, over the employees – they are bound to the rigorous processs for nutrient readying, unable to utilize their ground to make a repast ; moreover, some workers have been replaced by machines that can make their occupations faster and more expeditiously, guaranting consistent quality every clip. The overall efficiency of the whole system, based on these four dimensions, is perpetually ensured and will go on to be every bit long as the rigorous guidelines are followed and that the worlds involved in the procedure continue to accept their work, despite its overpoweringly dehumanising features. Furthermore, in a broader context, Ritzer argues, the basic rules behind fast-food eating houses are the same 1s that are McDonaldizing the remainder of out society. ( Ritzer, 2003 )


  • Ritzer, George. 2003. The Mcdonaldization of Society. California: Pine Forge Press, 2000.
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