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Staff Empowerment

Empowerment & A ; Cultural Diversity


The instance survey is about Regency Grand Hotel, a five star hotel in Bangkok. It was established by local mob of investors 15 old ages ago and was manage by Thai general director. Regency is Bangkok ‘s most esteemed hotel holding 700 satisfied staff members. Recently, Regency was obtained by large American hotel concatenation. Due to this the old general director took premature retirement & A ; an American John Becker with 10 old ages of direction experience was appointed as new general director. Becker is a strong protagonist of authorization shortly after his assignment as a general director Becker implied authorization to accomplish success as in the yesteryear.

Issues & A ; Consequences After Authorization

Authorization can be described as Peoples holding the accomplishments and the self-belief to proactively cover with issues and do the most of the chances available to them. but shortly after the executing of empowerment Becker realise that things are non traveling harmonizing to his outlook because staff of regency grant do n’t cognize what is empowerment? Because they use to work as per their director order in the old direction they are non allowed to introduce & amp ; bring forth anything new, and were discourage by the senior directors and after all this they do n’t desire to take hazard and acquire punished by the direction but general trough back in America was working in a sceptered environment where staff has a power of determination devising & A ; can take minor determination on their ain.basically it ‘s a cultural difference between direction and staff, where people+ from Thailand believe in squad work and direction is from America who believes in individualism they believe that they can make anything unaccompanied which was the first issue.

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Harmonizing to Hofstede ‘s index


Power Distance



Uncertainty Avoidance











Power Distance– The extent to which big derived functions of power for illustration between a foreman and a subsidiary or between a higher position and lower position are expected and tolerated. Autocratic behavior by a foreman would be much better tolerated in a high power distance state.

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Uncertainty Avoidance-There are written set of regulations and ordinances followed in an administration to avoid confusions and cut down the hazard factor for the employees.

Masculinity/Femininity– The difference between the traditional male ends of aspiration and accomplishment and female orientation to raising and interpersonal harmony-for illustration the balance between seeking publicity at work and holding good dealingss with others.

Individuality– In this civilization people feel more responsible towards their occupation because they have to believe about the consequence of their determinations and if anything erroneous happens they are traveling to fault for it. In individuality people are merely concerned about their household and some close friends.

Other ground for the failure of authorization is staffs do n’t hold proper developing about authorization. They do n’t cognize how to utilize this determination doing power for guest satisfaction and for companies profit because they are non decently trained about authorization.

Becker told that staffs has power to do minor determination but major determination has to be taken by supervisors but staff was unable to separate between minor and the major jobs. It was non clear that what determinations can be made by staff members? These boundaries must be defined or employee authorization attempts fail. In regency expansive supervisor do n’t swear staff to do good determinations. Supervisor does n’t actuate the staff for determination devising. And without actuating the staff it is impossible to execute empowerment decently.

From last 15 old ages the staff member of Regency expansive hotel were working under hierarchy direction but all of a sudden after the reaching of the new general director authorization was come under being without any anterior notice and any proper preparation to the staff so it is natural for the staff to defy this alteration because they are in wont of working as per the director ‘s order, they were non allowed to take their determination or make any pioneering and it ‘s a human inclination to first defy the alteration some staff do n’t desire to take duty of authorization, they like to work as per the old system in which directors have to take the determination and staff has to blindly follow that order and if anything goes incorrect directors is at that place to assist them out but in empowerment cipher will take duty if a mistake is committed by you and you are the 1 who is traveling to pay for it. We can state that authorization is non decently applied on the staff members which take it to the failure of the authorization. ( Bacal, 1996 )

Results Of The Failure Of Authorization

Due to failure of empowerment hotel regency expansive was losing its net income, client ‘s and position in Bangkok every bit good as it ‘s intangible assets like market value and quality criterions began to worsen. Becker thought that authorization will assist his hotel to gain more net income and guest satisfaction but his schemes backfired on the hotel repute, Resulting in the diminution of the overall Performance of the hotel. It was for the first clip that there were an addition in figure of invitee ailments both verbally and in written. Guest started kicking about the services provided to them and above all shame in the intelligence paper asone of the Asia ‘s nightmare hotel. Criticism about service criterions of the hotel, Staffs were besides non happy takes it to the unfairness among the employees. Back bitting among employees was normally seen now and good working ambiance was harshly strained. Lack of squad liquors among the employees now they were against each other when errors were made by any employee.

Potential Solution For The Problem

The new general director comes with a great thought of Empowerment but the manner he executed it was inappropriate, these can be the possible solution of the job. They have a unsure position on authorization.The staff should be promote to take their determination and to believe in their determination they should supply proper preparation before giving them determination authorization. ( Heathfield, 2000 )

John Becker move from American work civilization to Thai work civilization which are wholly different from each other. In America they believe in individuality but in Bangkok the believe in squad work and John Becker fails to understand that. He tried to enforce his American work civilization which prove to be a catastrophe before implementing Authorization in the hotel he should analyze about their work civilization and do an attempt to make full the communicating spread between him and employees. General trough should be ready to accept the alterations that he has to do harmonizing to work civilization he is working for.


Authorization is a first-class arm to raise the determination doing power and leading quality among the employee but it should be implemented in a proper mode and process otherwise if it ‘s non executed decently it can pulverize the administration merely in instance of Regency Grand hotel. General Manager ‘s connotation was good to implement authorization but the manner he executed was incorrect.


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