Management Information System Essay

Management Information System

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1. The ethical, social and political issues do affect an information system. Aspects pertaining to individuals, the society and politics are all after a system that will guarantee total satisfaction while observing moral issues. An information system must be accurate, confidential, and accessible and has property in it. Additionally, quality system and life; information rights and property rights are the issues pertaining to ethical, social and political dilemmas. The system should be trusted in the society and should be acceptable by the government due to its high quality. It value life by allowing rapid change and free from computer crimes (Zhang, 2007, 18). They should be incorporated in business practices for it allows a clean, honest business to be conducted.

2. An information system is the wider system of people, data and activities which are both computerized and manual so as to effectively collect, process, pile up and disseminate information in an organisation. In an organisation, an information system helps in creating conducive environment for performance of business practices. It works by processing information i.e. collecting, transmitting, storing, retrieving, manipulating and displaying the information (Galliers & Currie, 1999, 12). An effective information system helps organizations and other firms to remain competitive in the market place and to be able to manage their operations while supplying services and supplementing personal lives. The computerized information system helps in processing of financial accounts and managing of human resources and provides basic services to its citizens; the government relies on information system. Information systems foster a data management environment which is robust and can be expanded in accordance to organisations strategic plan for processing of information thus satisfying the organization with diverse information needed. The data will therefore help management to make decisions which will lead to an improved productivity.

3. In management of a business, information system provides the managers with ease in collation of business data and the production of reports which are vital in decision making process. Consequently, a quality information system can be developed which will assure the technical quality of the new system while easing the user interface. This can be achieved by defining the project and designing a system which will guarantee completion of the project without being obsolete. In addition, it helps in planning the strategies of a company and controlling the operation the firm which are all interconnected with other information systems through sharing of information so as to improve productivity.

4. In the process of building, operating and maintaining an information system there are many challenges occurring given that there is rapid development of computer technology. Some information can not be captured and placed in the system thus leaving a gap in the management practices. Furthermore, the value of information is depleted over time due to the rapid changes in technology making the systems obsolete at a fast rate. Another challenge is that, computers cannot programme issues pertaining to competitor’s market coverage tactics, changes in economic conditions and also it’s problematic to develop systems given that the services of skilled programmers are always at a premium. Regardless of these challenges, a proper information system is a suitable tool for developing new products and services thus appropriate for edging out competitors in the market (Galliers & Leidner, 2009, 23). This is because strategic information systems do help a firm in becoming a good market innovator making it gain competitive advantage by providing unique and effective products which meets customer’s needs. Moreover, caution should be taken to ensure that all data has been captured in the system which are accurate and useful and develop ways of protecting the system once installed in the company. In summary, a good information system will help to eliminate redundant work and improve decision making process.


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