Market Entry Method In India Marketing Essay

In January 2010, Toyota Prius was launched in India at Delhi Auto Expo. The company chose to export the wholly built unit ( CBU ) to India from one of their fabrication unit in Japan. Toyota launched the Prius loanblend in two theoretical accounts: Toyota Prius Z3 and Toyota Prius Z4 priced INR 26.55 and INR 27.86 hundred thousand severally. The auto has been extremely priced because it involves an import responsibility of over 110 % .

Since 1997, Toyota has a joint venture with Toyota Kirloskar Motor Private Ltd. ( TKM ) in India that trades with the fabrication of Multi Utility Vehicles ( MUV ) like Corolla and Innova. Furthermore, the group besides has a joint venture with Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Private Ltd. ( TKAP ) that manufactures axles, propellor shafts and transmittals. Hence, it is suggested that the company heighten the Joint Venture relationship with the bing concern spouses to fabricate the Toyota Prius. Since, the company already has concern relationship for its other merchandises therefore, this would affect less legal and other formalities compared to other market entry methods. Furthermore, this joint venture would besides diminish the cost of the auto as the company can salvage on transportation and heavy import responsibilities. Availability of inexpensive labor and natural stuffs in India would besides significantly cut down the cost of the merchandise. At present, the consumers wait for the merchandise ( auto ) ordered by them for at least 2-3 months to be delivered. Adapting, the joint venture would guarantee faster bringing of the merchandise and the hazard is besides shared with the concern spouse.

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India truly necessitate an efficient intercrossed little auto at a lower cost as another loanblend auto launched a month back to Toyota Prius is Civic Hybrid from Honda. Similar market entry method has been adopted by Honda Civic loanblend raising the monetary value of the auto above 20 hundred thousand. Indian authorities is doing a great heap of hard currency in signifier of import responsibilities and the company is losing on gross revenues in the state. Toyota expected gross revenues of 12 units a month nevertheless, the demand for the auto zoomed to 80 units during the last three months. The mark outlook of 12 was justified as Honda Civic loanblend sold merely 60 autos in the last six months although it was priced marginally lower to Prius. This substantiates a developed market for the Prius in India and if the monetary value for the merchandise is besides reduced, the auto might tempt more consumers. This would ensue in increased figure of gross revenues and enhanced gross that would make market assurance towards the merchandise.

Hereby, following the Joint Venture market entry method would be good for Prius taking into consideration the velocity in bringing, cost decrease and hazard. This would ensue in bracing the market for the merchandise, positive net hard currency influxs for the company and future sustainability in the market.

Marketing Mix to back up Positioning of Toyota Prius

Marketing Mix is developed through a combination of mix elements altered consequently to the demands and wants of the mark market. The selling elements are implemented with an purpose to make consciousness of the product/services, present value and heighten communicating with the consumer. Traditionally, the selling mix consists of four basic elements – merchandise, monetary value, topographic point and publicity. In today ‘s competitory epoch, it has become indispensable to modify your selling aims to be more customer-oriented hence ; the selling mix has been extended to Service Mix adding people, procedure and physical presence to the bing elements of marketing mix. It is indispensable that Toyota implements the right selling mix to guarantee that it meets its selling aims and fulfill the demands of the consumer.

6.1. Merchandise

Toyota is one of the universe ‘s largest car shapers and is regarded as a reputed trade name. In India, Prius is the latest eco-friendly vehicle equipped with a powerful engine of 1.8L. Along with the engine, the Prius is fitted with an electric motor ( 650 V ) and the combined power of electric motor and engine is 100 KW. The Hybrid Synergy Drive Technology in Prius ensures fuel efficiency, smooth public presentation ; comfort acceleration and low fumes emanations. Besides, optimal topographic point of noise absorber and the noise dielectrics ensures a quiet Prius thrust. As we already denoted the card as eco-friendly, it uses some reclaimable stuffs and ecological plastic which reduces the CO2 emanations. The merchandise has been designed as such to run into the demand of the consumer with an purpose to profit the society on a whole. The Toyota Prius comes in larger size and weighs 1805 kg. Prius has been balanced with classy, athletics and aggressive exterior design in order to magnetize the mark market towards it. Furthermore, it besides ensures the optimal comfort degree inside the auto with adequate caput room and leg room for the driver. The auto is well-equipped with other accoutrements like cup holders & A ; storage infinite and ample articulatio genus room country for the rear riders. Above all, Prius comes with warranty/service contact for 3 twelvemonth or 100,000 kilometers whichever is earlier. It is suggested that the company maintain the high criterion merchandise specifications and redesign clip to clip to run into the gustatory sensation of the consumer and alteration in engineering. ( include branding )

6.2. Monetary value

Toyota has used the incursion pricing scheme in US market for Prius because demand for intercrossed autos is monetary value elastic and alterations with the fluctuation in its monetary value. However, Toyota could non utilize the same scheme for the Indian market as the market entry method chosen by the company in the state involved heavy import responsibilities. The auto has been priced comparatively higher compared to a Honda Civic Hybrid – the lone other Hybrid auto in the Indian market. Since, Prius is considered a luxury auto in the Indian car market and there is no price reduction offered to consumer on volume bargain unless company is running any promotional monetary value run. It is argued that seasonal pricing should non be adopted for Prius as it is a epicurean auto with the mark market being industrialists, physicians and top executives who might associate seasonal pricing scheme to low demand for the auto. This might ensue in reduced market assurance for the merchandise. Furthermore, the company offers the merchandise at a comparatively low monetary value than the market monetary value to renowned corporate houses as these corporates have uninterrupted demand for epicurean autos for their high-salaried employees. Price favoritism scheme for these consumers enhances gross for the group and it can besides be considered as effectual selling component to make the mark market. The monetary value of the auto besides differentiates in different provinces across the state due to difference in route revenue enhancement and insurance rates from province to province.

The Joint Venture recommended as market entry method for Prius will increase the profit-margin through decrease in import responsibilities. Gradually, Toyota can diminish the monetary value of the auto in order to spread out the market size thereby increasing net income for the group. Hereby, gradual decrease in monetary value would besides beef up placement of the merchandise over the other intercrossed and little autos in this section.

6.3. Topographic point

Toyota, headquartered in United Kingdom has an tremendous presence worldwide. The company follows perpendicular selling system with merely a trader in between the maker and the terminal consumer of the merchandise. The product/car can be purchases across the state at locations highlighted on the geographical map below:


The company besides has a 24*7 Helpline and Email through which both new and bing clients can make the company for any questions. Toyota is an constituted trade name in the state hence ; the company should non hold any job for marketing Prius with regard to “ Place ” as a selling mix component. Such monolithic market coverage can be considered as a competitory advantage over its industry challengers ( peculiarly Honda Civic ) in the state.

6.4. Promotion

Prius – the merchandise speaks for itself being an environmental friendly auto has been one of the attending catching characteristics of the auto in India. “ ToyotaA announced the selling subject for the newA 2010 ToyotaA Prius today: “ Harmony between Man, Nature And Machine ” . ” The launch of Toyota Prius at Delhi Auto Expo has been the most effectual selling scheme as the merchandise establishes direct communicating with the mark market and creates consciousness within the market. As Toyota enforces different promotional schemes to act upon the market and make value for its merchandise. It is recommended that the company publishes advertizements in concern magazines, affiliations with flight bearers, hoardings at high streets and nearby airdromes to accomplish the coveted selling aim and make the mark market efficaciously. Furthermore, Television advertizements by celebrated famous persons particularly Bollywood histrions ( Indian movie histrions ) would make influence on the consumer ‘s head. The Bollywood movie industry is tremendous and histrions in film have social influence. Although, the company uses this selling scheme for it other autos like corolla and Innova the same scheme for Prius would spread out the market farther for the merchandise in the old ages to come. Hence, effectual publicity of Prius will make a distinguishable image for it over its rivals and bit by bit the market for Prius would spread out farther.

6.5. Peoples

In a competitory epoch, where similar merchandises are drowned in the market by assorted companies ; it is the service offered by a company that creates value for the merchandise. Enrolling efficient and high skilled staff at the client touch points would heighten client experience. This positive client experience is reciprocated in footings of enhanced gross revenues for the company. Hence, it is indispensable for Toyota to implement an effectual Personnel Management and conduct uninterrupted preparation to achieve a competitory advantage and place Prius over its industry challengers. The staffs at selling points and at client service mercantile establishments should hold efficient interpersonal accomplishments, sound merchandise cognition, aptitude and outstanding service degree in order to do the consumer ‘s experience worthwhile. The agents hired at selling points must non misdirect prospective clients and supply the merchandise cognition right. Furthermore, the company ‘s Grievance Redressal ( Email & A ; Phone Helpline ) squad must guarantee proper First Time Resolution ( FTR ) to the clients.

6.6. Procedure

The efficient procedure in marketing mix is another component that enhances client experience and related to the services offered to the consumer. As discussed earlier, at present the client delaies for 2-3 months for bringing of Prius after puting the order. This state of affairs might ensue in low assurance towards the merchandise and low client satisfaction. If Toyota establishes Joint Venture for Prius excessively, the procedure of bringing can be faster and it will further client trueness and assurance in the company. Besides, the procedure of managing client questions and ailments must be speedy and accurate that would place the merchandise at an lift in the market. Furthermore, client demands and wants alteration with clip and engineering. Hence, it is indispensable that Toyota engages in proper research and other effectual procedures to measure and understand the market demand in order to redesign the merchandise. This component of marketing mix is one of the most built-in which is indispensable to prolong the market placement of Toyota Prius over the rivals.

6.7. Physical Layout

It is indispensable that the Toyota retail mercantile establishments implement high grade of presentation. The consumer now-a-days besides expect clean and attractive environment at the merchandising points. The mercantile establishments must be equipped with appropriate siting agreements for the purchaser and the people attach toing the prospective purchaser. The company demand to guarantee that the consumers get entree to magazines and day-to-day newspapers while waiting at shop for personal audience when all the merchandising agents are involved with other clients. Installing telecasting at certain points at shop would heighten the atmosphere and add extra value to the merchandise. It is of import that all the retail mercantile establishments are equipped with lavatories and guarantee cleanliness and hygiene.

If all the elements of Marketing Mix are efficaciously implemented by Toyota, it would give competitory advantage to Prius.

7. Monitoring Advancement of the Plan

A selling program is uncomplete without a procedure that efficaciously exercises control to guarantee it ‘s implemented suitably. Hence, it is indispensable to implement effectual control step on the selling program designed for Toyota Prius in order to accomplish the targeted aims. Sound supervising at fabricating units is required to do certain that the merchandise manufactured adheres to high quality and conformity. Furthermore, the uncertainness with regard to the lead clip to get down the undertaking is high and depends on internal and external factors. Follow-up and speedy paper formalities are required in order to accomplish the coveted aim within the stipulated clip. It is a well-known fact that selling is a uninterrupted procedure that adds value to the merchandise. However, the right selling to make the right consumer for the merchandise is what that adds complexness in decision-making. Market research is suggested in order to understand the influence of advertisement on the mark market. Effective Market Research is besides indispensable to understand the changing demands and demands of the consumer.

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