Marketing Mix of Grameen Phone New Product

Grameenphone was offered a cellular licence in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Grameenphone launched its service on the Independence Day of Bangladesh

After about 10 old ages of operation, Grameenphone has over 10 million endorsers.

Grameenphone is now the taking telecommunications service supplier in the state with more than 28.7 million endorsers as ofA October 2010.

Soon, there are about 60 million telephone users in the state, of which, a little over one million are fixed-phone users and the remainder Mobile phone endorsers.

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Get downing its operations on March 26, 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh, Grameenphone has come a long manner. It is a joint venture endeavor between Telenor ( 55.8 % ) , the largest telecommunications service supplier in Norway with nomadic phone operations in 12 other states, and Grameen Telecom Corporation ( 34.2 % ) , a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed micro-credit innovator Grameen Bank.

Over the old ages, Grameenphone has ever been a innovator in presenting new merchandises and services in the local market. GP was the first company to present GSM engineering in Bangladesh when it launched its services in March 1997.

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Since its origin in March 1997, Grameenphone has built the largest cellular web in the state with over 12,000 base Stationss in more than 6000 locations. Soon, about 98 per centum of the state ‘s population is within the coverage country of the Grameenphone web.

Grameenphone about doubled its subscriber base during the initial old ages while the growing was much faster during the ulterior old ages. It ended the inaugural twelvemonth with 18,000 clients, 30,000 by the terminal of 1998, 60,000 in 1999, 193,000 in 2000, 471,000 in 2001, 775,000 in 2002, 1.16 million in 2003, 2.4 million in 2004, 5.5 million in 2005, 11.3 million in 2006, 16.5 million in 2007, 20 million in 2008 and stop 2009 with 23.26 million clients.

There are now more than 600 GP Service Desks across the state covering about all upazilas of 61 territories. In add-on, there areA 78 Grameenphone Centers in all the divisional metropoliss and they remain unfastened from 8am-7pm every twenty-four hours including all vacations.

Grameenphone considers its employees to be one of its most of import assets. GP has an extended employee benefit strategy in topographic point including Gratuity, Provident Fund, Group Insurance, Family Health Insurance, Transportation Facility, Day Care Centre, Children ‘s Education Support, Higher Education Support for employees, in-house medical support and other enterprises.

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Undertaking: 1

“ the direction procedure responsible for placing, expecting and fulfilling client demands productively.

( GIVEN BY: Central intelligence machinery )

“ the activity, set of establishments, and processes for making, pass oning, presenting, and interchanging offerings that have value for clients, clients, spouses, and society at big. ”


“ trade with identfying and meeting human and societal needs.One of the shortest definitions of selling is “ run intoing needs profitably ”


The major characteristic of the grameen phone selling oriented organisation is that they are aimed to remain closer to the clients and in front of their rivals. The ground is that the basic purpose of grameen phone is to pull the clients. There are four major features which define the selling oriented organisations including shared values, organisation, scheme and stakeholders.

First, all determinations of grameen phone see the clients foremost and they portion the common value of superior quality of merchandises. Second, grameen phone construction has really few beds and their policies are non really hard. Third, the scheme of a market oriented organisation is long term, flexible and participative. Finally, grameen phone see the outlooks of the stakeholders before doing any of import determination.

Grameen phone follow merchandising and social selling concepts.Grameen phone communicate with their clients on a regular basis by newspaper, media, advertizement, by supplying service with client care.They accent on selling and publicity effort.Besides grameen phone is following social selling construct as grameen phone is take parting CSR avtivities and sing consumer and society long run involvement.

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Their are three possible combination of marketing approach/strategy as follows:

Market Penetration:

A scheme of comapany growing by increasing gross revenues of current market without altering their product.This is non applicable for gramen phone and besides for banglalink excessively.

Market Development:

When a current merchandise is launched in a new market and new targer client group.We can ssy that non merely grameen pone but besides banglalink both are seeking to develop their market.

Merchandise development:

When a new merchandise is launched in the current market by developing new characteristics, developing different quality degree, better the engineering etc.

Grameen phone:

They are supplying internet service in their coverage area.In their new merchandise ‘Adda ‘ the cyberspace service is much faster and smoother than any other bundles merchandise, as they are the first supplier of EDGE to their endorser in Bangladesh.

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Undertaking: 2

2.1 Macro Environmental factors for grameen phone is:


Conformity with regulations & A ; ordinance of the state






Micro Environmental factors for grameen phone is:

Fiscal Coverage

Statutory Audited account

Internal Audit

Internal Control

Hazard Management

Persuan of Sarbanes

Stake Holders

2.2 Bases for Cleavage:

Consumer markets can be segmented in the undermentioned ways,





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Network grameen phone has the widest web coverage in the country.It has changed the communicating structuere of the state and it can be compared with communicating revolution.It is the first company in the state that has brought the nomadic service to a mass degree.


Adda: a young person based nomadic connectivity in Bangladesh.Adda was launched by grameen phone in the twelvemonth 10 of Nov 2007.Ever since the launch of Adda has seen a large warm responce from the croud.Within two old ages Adda gathered near about 1 million subcribers.


X-plore merchandise countrywide and international Mobile and land line connectivity.Bangladesh grameen phone launched rolling service for their merchandise for both ( GSM & A ; EDGE/GPRS ) bundle.

4. Behavioral:

Grameen phone provide assorted offers for espcial juncture like Eid Special, Christmas, Noboborsho etc.

2.3 Target selling is the market cleavage reveals the house ‘s market section chances:

1.Undifferentiated Selling.

2.Differentiated Selling

a ) Merchandise Differentiation

B ) Channel Differentiation

degree Celsius ) Image Differentiation

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2.4 Buyer behavior:

Is an of import influnce on the selling activity of any business.Consider the undermentioned state of affairss where purchaser behavior effets a company ‘s selling activity in two completly different purchasing state of affairs.

Complex purchasing behavior:

Is mostly influenced when a client is trying to buy something which is either really expensive or one which the client has barely any cognition about it.In this sort of state of affairs the consumer tendencies to be really clueless about the merchandise yet witting and suspicious.The handiness of numerious trade names furher leads to more complexness than before.This can be considered largely i a new rubbish purchasing state of affairs, when the client is buying the merchandise for the really first time.In this instance, the selling activity of the concern should be designed to turn to this problems.Hence such a company would hold to heavil invest in big advertisement run in order to do the client aware of the merchandise.

Dissonace cut downing purchasing behavior:

Is a different catagory.Here, though the client know that they are verturing in expansive markets for an expensive merchandise, the consumer perceives small difference among the assortment of trade names available.This could be both in a consecutive re-buy state of affairs of new tash situation.However the merchandises being slightly homogeneous and therefore at that place ought to be heavy selling and publicity from the company, in inquiry farther more, the company needs tto offer the merchandise at a competitory monetary value, while besides guaranting after sale services.

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Undertaking: 3

3.1 a ) Merchandise Profile:

Adda: This bundle with the highest figure of F & A ; F Numberss allows you to speak to your nears and beloveds 1s at the lowest rate.This bundle gives you the privilage of naming seven F & A ; F Numberss at TK 0.49/min.This is besides offering competitory duty with characteristics such as limitless cyberspace and easy measure payment facilities.Here it will give you the support to run sets like Black Berry and other manus sets.In this bundle you can acquire international roaming, and tonss of other things.

B ) Monetary value:

Pricing is one of the selling mix tools that a company uses to accomplish its selling objects.


Description Time Gp-Gp Rate Gp to other operators

10f & A ; f voice call 24 hour Tk 0.40/min Not Applicable

Voice call 24 hour Tk 0.65/min Tk 0.99/min

Sms Tk 1.00/min Tk 1.00/min

Sms ( 10f & A ; f figure ) Tk 0.50 Not Applicable

Interntional Calls Tk 12.00/min

BTCL entrance is perfectly free in this bundle.

60 2nd pulsation on the first minute of the call.

1 2nd pulsation is onwards from the 2nd min.Connection fees for this bundle is 399.00 tk with free talk clip of 100.00 tk and besides with 50 samariums.

If we compare grameen phone with any other operator like for illustration banglalink so we can see the difference between both of them.In banglalink Desh randhonu bundle when of all time a call will be connected to any banglalink figure during 12am-5pm, tk 1.50/minute will be charged per minute during the 1st five minute.Similarly in banglalink Desh ek bundle clients can bask tk 0.87/min duty all twenty-four hours long to any operator.So from here you can see the difference between the two companies.

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degree Celsiuss ) Topographic point:

The figure of grameen phone owned distribution centres all over the state is around 18.The centres serve clients straight and cover them with guidelines and advices to do the communiction through web system easier and quicker.Besides their are around 60 franchises distributing all over the state right now.This franchises trades with the client job and demands, they gets complain from clients, they collect originative suggestions from the valueable clients and other channels like traders, retail merchants are doing the merchandise and services of grameen phone more diversified to the customer.Grameen phone has non come to its present state of affairs instantly.Various type of alterations incurred during the old ages of its concern.

From the really beginig of the concern of grameen phone, its supply its SIM to the distribution centre.Dealers got the merchandise and so they sold that merchandise to the retailers.The retail merchants, at last sell the merchandise to the terminal users.This is a traditional channel.Sometimes end user purchased merchandise from traders as a whole to minimise the buying cost.Company did non sell straight to the client at that time.Only three old ages ago grameen phone introduced a new and convenient channel of distribution to get the better of the traditional system.The two dress suits of the channel is the most attraction portion of the customers.Through around 30 distribution centres, grameen phone distributes all cardinal parts of the country.Dealers as a intermidiary, buy the merchandise from the centres and disribute them to two types of retail merchants one is sole retail mercantile establishment and another is nonexclusive retail mercantile establishments are permitted to sell the merchandises of merely grameen phone.They are the guaranted or authorized retailers.Non sole retail mercantile establishment can sell other companies merchandise every bit good as they have no relation with clients or terminal users buy merchandise from either of two types of retail outlet.They the get the merchandise of company in the most convenient manner at the clip period.This is the procedure in instance of ‘Place ‘ that grameen phone have to make for the new bundle ‘Adda ‘ .

As like grameen phone banglink has proper distribution squad and channel although it is administering its merchandise by client attention and bank but still they are fighting and working really difficult to do its merchandise state broad.

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vitamin D ) Promotion ;

Grameen phone uses promotional activities tht pass on the merrit of the merchandise and carry mark cusomers to purchase the new bundle ‘Adda’.Grameen phone can win to get more than 1 lac client within the first 1 month, non merely supplying good service but besides utilizing high frequence promotional activity.Grameen phone uses most of the promotional tools to give message to its clients on the new merchandise, bing merchandise and besides merchandise features.Grameen phone must make more than do good merchandises they have to inform clients about their new merchandise ‘Adda ‘ about its benefits and all the other installations in this new bundle ‘Adda ‘

Grameen phone Advertising procedure:

Any paid signifier of nonperson presentation and publicity of thoughts, merchandise by an identified sponsor.Grameen phone advertisement can present the merchandise and besides the company.Advertising can remind client that how to utilize the new merchandise and reasure them about the installations and other things.

Ad tools:







Degree centigrades: UserschotokhalaPicturesgp_black.jpg

Grameen phone Gross saless Promotion Procedure:

Grameen phone uses gross revenues publicities that consist of a diverse aggregation of inducement tools, largely short term, designed to imitate quicker or greater purchase new merchandise by the consumer or the trade.

Gross saless publicity tools:

Monetary value Battalions

Cash Refund Offer


Backing Award

Grameen phone Public Realtion Procedure:

Public relation is one of the grameen phone strategic publicity tools constructing good dealingss with the company ‘s assorted populaces by obtaining fvourable promotion, constructing up a good ‘coporate image ‘ .

If we comapre grameen phone and banglalink so we can see that in banglalink they promote their merchandise in different manner so grameen phone.Banglalink publicize their adds in different television channels like: Ntv, Channel 1, Rtv etc.In banglalink their gross revenues publicity includes recognition gross revenues, commision etc.Banglalink ever seek to influnce their trader, jobber and retail merchant for making a maarket demand and sale their product.Banglalink ever arrange run intoing with their jobber and retail merchant to keep a good relationship with the public.Genaral people can besides travel to the banglalink office for their questions and showing their concerns.

Degree centigrades: UserschotokhalaPicturesgp_black.jpg

Undertaking: 4

4.1 For two different sections in the market:

Segment 1:

The monetary value for the call is tk 0.65 per minute to any gramenn phone.

In this merchandise ‘Adda ‘ gives you the privilage of naming 10 F & A ; F Numberss at tk 0.40/min.This is besides offering competitory duty with characteristics such as limitless cyberspace and easy measure payment installations.

Incase of topographic point we can see that trader sell the merchandise to the retail merchant and so the retail merchant sells that merchandise to the terminal users.

In advancing the merchandise ‘Adda ‘ they are giving attention deficit disorder to newspapers

wireless etc.

Segment 2:

The monetary value for the call is tk 0.45 per minute.

In section 2 here the merchandise ‘Adda ‘ gives you the privilage of naming 10 F & A ; F Numberss at tk 0.30/minute.This is besides offering competitory duty with characteristics like cyberspace with highest shoping velocity, limitless cyberspace service and limitless downloads.

In topographic point we can see that its all the same process it will be difficult to happen difference between them.

In advancing the merchandise they are giving attention deficit disorder to newspaper, measure boards, postings, events, etc.

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4.2 Grameenphone considers its employees to be one of its most of import assets. GP has an extended employee benefit strategy in topographic point including Gratuity, Provident Fund, Group Insurance, Family Health Insurance, Transportation Facility, Day Care Centre, Children ‘s Education Support, Higher Education Support for employees, in-house medical support and other initiatives.Grameen phone has given their emplyees alot of opportnities in their merchandise and service.Any new merchandise in the market they can utilize or can hold it before it goes to the clients manus or to the market.They get all the installations in the merchandise and services like the merchandise and service which they are utilizing is really inexpensive, they are naming at really inexpensive monetary value, they can utilize the web which is really powerful which is made espicially for the portion holders and for all other employees of grameen phone.By utilizing that web they gets the cyberspace shoping really fast and they are abeling to utilize all other installations which is made for the employee of grameen phone non for the customers.They gets bonus talk clip on entrance and surpassing both.Grameen phone employees has been given station paid connexion by the company, were they merely have to pay 50 per centum of their measures and the remainder is been adjust by grameen phone.So from above brief treatment you can see the installation difference between clients and grameen phone employees.

4.3 Grameen phone is a spouse of telenor group in Bangladesh, it is a joint venture endeavor between Telenor ( 55.8 % ) , the largest telecommunications service supplier in Norway with nomadic phone operations in 12 other countries.Telenor group has operations in 12 state across Europe and asia.They are working globally and their selling scheme is wholly universe wide.Telenor group is dynamic and flexible in its concern attack, ever researching new markets and new engineerings to do long term investment.This is portion of the ground why telenor has grown from a national telephone service company to go one of the universe largest nomadic supplier in less than two decades.This are the portion of the chief services that telenor provides to its consumers and enterprices around the universe: voice, informations, contents and other services.Were as grameen phone merely trades within their part and their selling planning is really apart from telenor.So from the above brief treatment we can acquire some small thought that grameen phone and telenor they both have different selling planning for their company.

Degree centigrades: UserschotokhalaPicturesgp_black.jpg


So from the above treatment we can see the selling mix used by grameen phone to vie their competetors in the market.We besides saw their investings, the manner they promote their merchandises and how they give importance to their clients wants and demands.

Degree centigrades: UserschotokhalaPicturesgp_black.jpg

Mention and Bibliography:

Books of selling ( Principle of selling, 12th edition ) by

PHILIP KOTLER-Northwestern University

GARY ARMSTRONG-University of North Carolin

Grameen phone client attention.

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