Marketing movement in this communication plan

This selling communicating program for SAM Caribbean Limited has been developed based on information collected from the relevant markets and organisations. It is based on covering a short-run period and takes into consideration both the current and future demands of its internal and external educational markets.

To be traveling good in this market, SAM Caribbean limited requires increasing consciousness among the society. It must besides strength to construct a better symbol for SAM as a merriment topographic point to purchase felicity and for clients to be more preferable than its rivals.

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Although it is recognized, that the promotional activities for SAM will incorporate: newspaper advertisement, booklet bringing, monetary value off ‘s and a infinite in Yellow Page. These promotional activities will include back up the merchandise, monetary value and distribution schemes set up in this selling program.

It is recommended to be that all the selling motion in this communicating program be supported by the proprietors and the staff of SAM in an effort to increase concern for the approaching twelvemonth. The activities set out in the selling program will follow SAM ongoing selling scheme, as first presented in the company ‘s concern program. Marketing communicating program will cover the following calendar twelvemonth from 1st January to 31th December. The basic drawbacks in preparing of this program include the deficiency of proprietors experience with selling and advertisement activities.


We will be made our program for SAM under SOSTAC farm work ( Sostac stand for state of affairs analysis, nonsubjective analysis, scheme, tactics, Action and control ) selling program frame work of Smith & A ; Chaffey ( 2005 ) , which are following.

Situation ANALYSIS

Company Analysis

A The School ( Porter, 2008 ) of Accounting and Management ( SAMS ) are now in-corporate as SAM Caribbean Limited is a private third educational organisation, which offering survey options for the pupils runing in between Certificates degree, Diploma, Degrees and MBA Programmes about of options thirty classs. Their hereafter program statement states that “ They aim to supply high quality and relevant educational chances taking to Recognized Degrees and Post Graduate Qualifications, which can be pursued on a Full Time or Work and Part Time study footing, thereby leting uninterrupted self-improvement while heightening one ‘s occupation public presentation. ” SAMS started operations in get downing at merely one campus in 1984 but presently it is runing two campuses offering services such as library installations with 1000 ‘s of volume, computing machine labs, more than 400 siting capacity auditorium, a bookstore and cafeterias for refreshment.

Consumer Analysis

SAM ‘s consumer ( Lancaster, G & A ; Reynolds ( 2005 ) ) consists of persons both locally and regionally seeking the end to obtain a third instruction at a sensible monetary value with an option of flexible survey. The Analysis of current pupil shows that they can be characterized by their age ‘s ( with age scope between 17-65 ) , household life cycle/style ( household rhythms from Bachelor Stage to Full Nest Stage ) and location ( campus location picks based on their countries of work or abode ) .

Market Analysis

SAMS ( Ranchod, ( 2004 ) ) mark market can be segmented into Geographical and Demographical bases due to the features of the consumers.

Market Analysis

A Business/ Market Definition

SAM is in the educational, peculiarly the ‘special-line ‘ paths in Caribbean and environing country. The chief market for SAM is immature people in between 17-65 old ages old.

A Market Size

A Caribbean is a big market with a population of 37.5 million. A big proportion of the population in these countries is immature households or established households with immature kids. The market for Education including for going paths are strong and rather competitory.

A Market Potential

A Caribbean is a turning economic system with a population of immature households, which is spread outing really fast. Apart from growing through population additions, there is a possible for widening the mean age of the clients to obtain more clients in the 17 + age group.

A Market Structure

A The market is composed of educational clients and co-operative educational clients. SAM concentrates on both of this market.

A Market Trends

With the development of the economic system, the people ‘s makings and the life degrees, more and more people intend to go intend to sort their professional. SAM is confronting a big and active market, so there is an ideal outlook to depend on.

Rival Analysis

Quoted from ( ibid ) the organisation ‘s class lineation catalogue “ SAMs continues to be the leader of private third instruction. “ A Analysis of the market shows that SAMS have n’t faces any direct competition from rivals, due to the classs they offered are sole to those offered by the other rival educational organisations. However, other organisations such as University of the West Indies ( U.W.I. ) , and School of Business and Computer Studies ( S.B.C.S. ) still confronting a menace from SAMS as they can pull pupils from the market by their rival pricing policies every bit good as exceeding different plans and the services they offered.

External Analysis

The wider ( Kotler & A ; Keller, K. L. 2006 ) ) external environment is much more of import in this context, as the Government of Trinidad and Tobago introduced a policy to assist pupils with their tuition fee payments for third instruction known as “ GATE. ” Private organisations such as SAM accepted, and integrated such a policy into their activities in order to keep their consumer as a consequence of rivals low priced.


The aims ( ibid ) for SAMS integrated marketing communicating program can be summarized as follows: A

To construct an organisation ‘s image and repute in order to prolong its current market portion and perchance to increase it more than present portions.

To better the organisation ‘s internal and external communicating procedures and beginnings.

To acquire better the quality of the services offered by SAMS to current and approaching pupils.


Harmonizing to Adrian & A ; Pennie, ( 2005 ) & A ; Neil boundary line ( 1962 ) selling schemes are as, SAMS is puting the overall way in which the communicating program set on the aims and marketing communicating methods will take them to carry through it. SAM required to keep its external visibleness, and a profile scheme such as where they concentrate on edifice repute, image and maintain maintain the stander of instruction to vie their rival, that can be more cost effectual in bring forthing consciousness and profit0.


For execution ( ibid ) of such a scheme, the undermentioned communicating methods can be used: –


SAM can use this method for communicating as it can easy make to mass media through mediums such as wireless, newspapers and hoardings. This method can be covered a big figure of audience but it is dearly-won on the little grade of degree.

Radio Ad

During the peak hours such as early in the forenoon like 7am – 8am or in the afternoon like 4pm – 5pm when most persons are traveling to work or traveling to their abodes, SAMS can publicize their organisation and their services to increase consciousness amongst possible pupils.

Imperativeness Ad

By puting articles on newspapers with information such as class options or success statistics and accomplishments, SAMS can make involvement among the targeted market.

Outdoor Ad

This signifier of advertisement can be expressed through hoardings, in which SAMS can place in a to a great extent congested traffic country, so as to aim a mass audience.


SAMS can partake in support events for the Arts, Culture or Sports with the purpose of increasing their promotion and prestigiousness of the administration. It must be taken into consideration nevertheless, that this method is dearly-won and must be used alongside other methods of marketing communications such as advertisement as it is non sufficient on its ain to make effectivity.

Database Marketing & A ; Intranets

This would dwell of SAMS profiling current pupils onto a database and directing electronic mails with mention to class updates, scrutiny information or any approaching events for the organisation. This system can besides be used in concurrence with the Intranet method, which can be used by the internal organisation to heighten its communicating. This mini-version of the organisations ain Internet can include policy processs, templets of organisational signifiers and internal databases, which can be accessed by the staff despite their campus location. It must be noted that these methods can better internal communications enormously but at the same clip put a strain on the organisation ‘s outgo budget.

Website Development

Although SAMS has an bing web site, they can farther develop this site offering a scope of updated information to help both pupils and staff. With this method, outsourcing of an external company to host the site would hold to be done which can be expensive for the organisation.

Career Fairs & A ; Exhibitions

This method involves representatives of SAMS ‘ staff go toing such events to advance and run into with interested and possible pupils from the mark market. For this method to be implemented, staff members would hold to be trained. It can besides be noted that this method is more cost effectual that the other methods stated.

Word of Mouth

This method is a really powerful promotional tool and can hold a dramatic positive or negative consequence on possible pupils ‘ perceptual experience of the administration. Therefore, it is of importance for SAMS to develop sentiment leaders through current pupils, who would advance the administrations services by go throughing their cognition to friends and relations.

Although these are merely a few methods SAMS could utilize, other methods such as gross revenues publicity and personal merchandising may be hard for the administration to implement. This may be due to the fact that these methods are based more for administrations marketing a merchandise instead than an educational service every bit good as, it would necessitate a larger part of the outgo budget to implement such promotional tools which may non be suited for SAMS in the short tally.

A Message Detail

A SAMS must utilize a consistent message to pass on its aims. Messages demoing success statistics can be used to construct credibleness of the administration ‘s image and repute e.g. 95 % success rates of pupils go toing while 59 first topographic point universe award victors out of the 65 awarded to Caribbean Schools. While elaborate messages can be used to portray updates or new classs and services offered.


This program can non be implemented without sufficient pecuniary resources. SAM ‘s available budget for this program will be dependent on the handiness of financess and the attitude of top direction sing this as an investing instead than a cost. The methods chosen above can be dearly-won to the organisation but can besides increase their current pupil base every bit good as increase their market portion. One budgeting method SAMS can utilize is the nonsubjective and task method. With this method, SAMS aims are identified and costs are determined with regard to accomplishing these aims e.g. For accomplishing the aim of constructing the image and repute of the administration methods such as Sponsorship and Advertising may hold to be used in order to advance the success and credibleness of the administration. Therefore, cost allotment will hold to be associated with the type of advertisement being done every bit good as the event being sponsored, which may be really dearly-won to the administration. This method can be hard for SAMS to apportion cost with regard to accomplishing each aim every bit good as it may be clip devouring. However, if implemented, it may accomplish the house ‘s strategic ends.

An illustration of a budget can be shown below in Figure 1. ( Please note that all figures are proposed based on information collected from the several markets ) .




Methods of Communication


A A A A A A A A A A Allocated CostA A A A A A A A A

( Approximated figures )

To construct on the administration ‘s image and repute in order to keep its current market portion and perchance increase it




$ 5000- $ 8000


$ 2000-5000


To better the administration ‘s internal communicating procedures

Database Marketing & A ; Intranets


Website Development

$ 3000- $ 5000 ( package )


$ 1500- $ 2500 ( updating of web site )

To better the quality of the services offered by SAMS to current and possible pupils

Website Development


Database Selling

$ 1500- $ 2500 ( updating of web site )

$ 3000- $ 5000 ( package )


Figure 1. SAMS FORECASTED BUDGET ( Using the Objective and Task Method )


This program needs to be evaluated to find whether the aims were achieved. It besides enables SAMS to larn from experience in order to help hereafter development. SAMS can utilize both pre testing and station testing steps that may include entering the figure of questions generated and contacts made through the Career Fairs. While internal focal point groups can be used amongst staff and the internal organisation to find if the communicating procedure such as the Intranet has improved. Additionally, for the advertisement and word of oral cavity methods, studies or questionnaires can be used on a sample of the mark market for feedback. While for the on-line communications such as the web site, log files can bring forth basic informations on the figure of persons accessing the site. Effectiveness can besides be measured by the gross revenues public presentation before and after the program was implemented. It must be noted that it is of extreme importance to mensurate a run ‘s effectivity against the accomplishment of aims. However, the ability to find which methods to use is dependent on the fiscal resources and clip available to the organisation.


It can be concluded that this incorporate selling communicating program for SAMS has made some suggestions of how the organisation can assist accomplish a more incorporate selling communicating scheme both internally and externally. However, consideration must be given to the fact that SAM ‘s ability to implement such methods will ever be deciding on the resources available such as finance, human resources and time.A

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