Marketing plan and analysis of Al Hilal foods

The trade name has great chance to turn in metropoliss other than Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan as they have created much credibleness in large metropoliss of Pakistan. 11

Besides it has chance to Travel GLOBAL. Customers outside Pakistan have more loyal behaviour towards Pakistani merchandises so there is a opportunity for this trade name to turn globally. 11

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Menaces: 11

3.Understand the building of a selling program 12

3.1 Produce the selling program for your organisation 12

Executive sum-up: 12

Current market state of affairs: 13

SWOT analysis: 13

Aims and issues: 14

Marketing scheme: 14

Action plans: 15

Controls: 15

3.2 Hazard in selling program and Mitigation schemes: 15

Hazards: 15

Extenuation schemes: 15

3.3 Importance of each constituent of the program: 16

4.Understand to Promote the Marketing Plan in Support of Strategic Objectives 16

4.1 How the program supports strategic aim: 16

Plans of Fresher and their support to aims: 16

4.2 Outline an attack to derive understanding of the selling program: 17

5.Conclusion 17

6.References 19

Introduction to Al-Hilal Foods

Al-Hilal nutrients is a Pakistani company owned by Mr. Ch. Farrukh Sattar. The organisation exited approximately 10 to 15 old ages ago. At that clip it made merely one merchandise line i-e Sultan Ghee. After booming in that field it introduced its new merchandise line i-e 100 % pure juices a trade name named as FRESHER in 2009. The trade name flourished in merely one twelvemonth through WORD OF MOUTH selling scheme and gave a tough competition to other large trade names like Nestle, Minute Maid etc. Al-Hilal is listed a listed company.

Fresher was foremost introduced in 5 spirits that are






After fabulous success of these all spirits Fresher introduced a new spirit called FALSA.

As Fresher gained success within period of merely one twelvemonth they introduced new trade names in 2010 names BOOMER and COOLER.

Boomer is a fizzing drink and has 3 spirits




While Cooler has 4 spirits that are





The Fresher company is working difficult twenty-four hours by and traveling frontward in the field of 100 % pure juices.


Their mission is to advance locally.


Their vision is prosperity of Pakistan.

( Ref. 7 )

Understand How The Marketing Plan Supports Strategic Objective

2.1 Explain how the scheme of your organisation Impacts Upon marketing planning:


Scheme is a long term actions/plans which are made by some organisation to accomplish their curious targets/goals. ( Ref- 1 )

Harmonizing to Michael Porter the scheme is all about the mixture of different activities which are differentiated from rivals to articulate alone mix of value. To him it ‘s all about distinguishing yourself from clients every bit good as rivals. ( Ref-2 )

“ Without a scheme the organisation is like a ship without a rudder, traveling around in circles ” – Joel Ross & A ; Michael Kami

Marketing scheme:

“ A selling scheme is a procedure or theoretical account to let a company or organisation to concentrate limited resources on the best chances to increase gross revenues and thereby accomplish a sustainable competitory advantage ” . ( Ref-3 )

“ The set of aims which an organisation allocates to its selling map in order to back up the overall corporate scheme, together with the wide methods to accomplish these aims ” – Chartered institutes of selling

The above two illustrations show that, selling scheme is really the scheme that support overall corporate and which a company has to utilize expeditiously to market its merchandises on best chances while meeting the limited resources to accomplish its end.

Marketing planning:

“ Selling planning is a logical sequence and a series of activities taking to the scene of marketing aims and the preparation of programs for accomplishing them ” ( Ref-4 )

Now we can interrelate all the above footings with the aid of diagram below.

Business Goals

Market Scheme

Marketing Mix

Selling Plan

The above diagram shows that an organisation has to put concern ends which are really the mark of company or mission statement. The following degree comes of marketing scheme which is esteemed regulation that company has acquired to market their merchandises. After set uping the market scheme company moves frontward towards marketing mix in which it define the whole selling mix i-e Product, Pricing, Place and Distribution. Afterwards the procedure of authorship of selling programs comes in which company has to depict the whole market activities which are used to get concern ends. ( Ref-3 )

2.2 Impacts of scheme on marketing planning:

Under this heading the schemes of organisation will be discussed and the impacts of that schemes on the selling of organisation will be noticed. What consequence that schemes will throw on organisation ‘s long tally and short tally will besides be discussed.

Here we are speaking about Fresher selling programs. As described earlier it is a Pakistani local company that is doing 100 % pure juices and this is one of the selling scheme of Fresher that make it distinguishes from others. The company has many rivals in the same line of 100 % pure juices i-e Nestle, Shezan, Minute Maid etc. But the Fresher is successful yet to keep the no. 1 place in the trade names of 100 % pure juices. And besides Fresher is successful to keep its positioning against Nestle and other strong trade names like Minute Maid.

The benefit what Fresher will acquire due to this scheme is that rivals are non attaching it from all the sides. Merely fresh juice companies are interested to attach its schemes. It has no concern with any other merchandise line of rivals.

Another scheme of Fresher is that they are utilizing PET BOTTLES alternatively of juice boxes which made their merchandise easy to utilize for the clients and the expression of their trade name merchandise is wholly different from others. They are besides utilizing SHRINK WRAPS for the packaging of their merchandises. The one more thing that makes their merchandise discriminate is tickets hanged with the bottle of juice on which a small description of trade name and ingredients are written. These tickets make the expression of the merchandise more elegant and it once more helps to do a strong placement of the trade name.

The publicity scheme that Fresher following is WORD OF MOUTH. They are utilizing any other strong publicity scheme which once more differentiate the trade name from others in market. But as they are non concentrating the advertizement scheme now when they that much stabled in market, they can botch their placement every bit good.

Fresher has strong distribution scheme which has been assisting the trade name to be strong so far i-e they used ROLL OUT scheme of distribution. They started the distribution of their merchandise from their ain metropolis and so they spread it in other metropoliss with the transition of clip when they had grown plenty in the market. The scheme has a benefit that other strong rivals like Nestle, Minute Maid etc did n’t detect such little trade name and did n’t take action for that. In the interim Fresher entered in the market and had got a strong market placement. Fresher had got another benefit of this scheme that is they maintained their resources with it. They started administering their merchandise in their metropolis merely and when they have earned adequate money they spread it over other metropoliss of Pakistan as good.

2.3 Component parts of a selling program:

Parts/Categories with which a selling program is made up of are called constituents of selling program. Here the header will lucubrate all of its parts one by one.

Executive Summary:

It is the first constituent of the selling program which explains the sum-up of the whole selling program for the speedy reappraisal by the direction of the company. Largely three issues are mentioned in this portion.

The Challenge

Challenge consists of a small amplification of merchandise for which selling program is made and the sum-up of ends such as gross revenues figures and strategic goals..

Company Analysis

Company analysis largely consists of the replies to following inquiries

What are ends of the company? To what thing it focuses more? What are the strengths of that company? From what civilization it belongs? What are failings of the company? And in what market portions it exists? etc.

Rival Analysis

In rivals analysis a short study about rival ‘s failings, strengths, market place and market portions is presented. ( Ref-5 )

Current selling state of affairs:

It ‘s a selling audit which shows the current market state of affairs of the company by comparing it with the past state of affairs of its ain and with the market state of affairs of rivals. It presents informations about the market, merchandise, competition and distribution.

SWOT analysis:

SWOT analysis is fundamentally the analysis in which strength, failings, chances and menaces related to the merchandise ( to be marketed ) are given to hold a complete expression on company ‘s analysis. The house ‘s internal environment nowadayss strength and failings while external provides chances and menaces.

Objective and issues:

This header defines the aims of company in different countries such as market portion, gross revenues, net income etc. Besides this class will cover with all the issues and jobs that consequence these aims.

Marketing scheme:

In this class a selling scheme or attack is recommended to accomplish the peculiar aim. It is the chief and of import portion of marketing scheme construction. The schemes will lucubrate the selling mix ( merchandise, monetary value, distribution, publicity ) every bit good.

Action plans:

In this measure a study is given about inside informations of selling scheme. The study replies such inquiries like how will all be after start? Who will make it? What will be the cost of all program? Etc.


Indicates how the advancement of the program will be monitored.

2.4 Hazards and advantages in the devised selling program:


Fresher is holding a large menace in the market due to its deficiency of advertisement scheme now when it has addition that much credibleness. Other rivals in the market has built strong image through their advertisement publicity scheme. Now it is the clip when Fresher might believe of doing a strong and extremely attractive advertizement to throw behind all the rivals.

Fresher is non holding a decently educated squad of employees and it do n’t hold proper sections such as HR section, R & A ; D section, Marketing section etc. So the employees working in the rival ‘s house are more competent and they can do proper determination at proper clip. Fresher has to work on it every bit good. It may organize a proper squad so that they can vie in the taking market.

As Fresher employees are non that educated in their peculiar field, they have disagreement in the choice of schemes. This is the major hazard for the Fresher in the market as it can take to fall of the company.


Fresher has specialized workers merely in the field of doing juices. Their worker knows the expression and they are best trained workers in juice devising as they have to do merely one merchandise line at one clip and they concentrate to the full on it while rivals of Fresher have more than one merchandise line so their workers have less bid on juice devising.

The earlier publicity scheme of Fresher ( word of oral cavity scheme ) is rather impressive as no rival can concentrate on upcoming new trade name in this manner. It gave Fresher to spread out quickly in market.

The different packaging of Fresher bottle made them different and they expand doubtless in the fresh juice market.

The biggest advantage to Fresher was the debut of 100 % fresh juice foremost in the market which make them distinguish from the rivals and therefore they expand quickly.

2.5 SWOT analysis of Fresher Juices:

The company is new in market and has no good apparatus so they have non worked on their SWOT analysis by themselves. I made its SWOT analysis by my ain decisions and analysis of the company. Here are some strengths, failings, menaces and chances for the company.


They have short trade name name which a basic strength of Fresher. Brand name is therefore easy to retrieve by clients so its demand in market additions. And it is besides booming in in-between and low category cleavage of clients ( as the clients in such categories are largely uneducated ) merely because of its short trade name name and easy memorizing quality. Short trade name name besides creates word of oral cavity easy.

The highest market portion in the merchandise line of 100 % pure juices is gained by Fresher.

It has best attractive packaging of its juice bottles so far that is a chief strength and attractive force of clients towards this trade name.

Its handiness is much good as compared to other trade names in the market.


The trade name is new in the market so it is non financially strong every bit compared to rivals. It will take some clip to go financially strong for which it has to strong its selling.

Ad is weak and now when the trade name has earned much credibleness its indispensable for it to do powerful advertizement to do it more strong and dependable as trade name has less or near to no TVC callback.

Positioning is the major weak point of the trade name. They have to do it strong to farther grow in the market.


The trade name has great chance to turn in metropoliss other than Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan as they have created much credibleness in large metropoliss of Pakistan.

Besides it has chance to Travel GLOBAL. Customers outside Pakistan have more loyal behaviour towards Pakistani merchandises so there is a opportunity for this trade name to turn globally.

They can establish more trade names as good which is once more a great chance for the company to turn.


Fresher has promoted its merchandises merely through word of oral cavity so it ‘s a great menace for it. Other rivals that are advancing their merchandises through advertizement and other schemes of publicity can derive more reputation.

If a pre-established trade name of outside the state launches its merchandise here in Pakistan, there would be a great menace for Fresher as it is a new trade name here.

The strengths and failings come from internal beginning of organisation while chances and menaces come from external beginning of organisation.

Helpful to accomplishing ends

Harmful to accomplishing ends


Short trade name name

Highest market portion

Packaging strength

Availability strength


Financially weak

Weak advertizement

Weak placement


Growth in little metropoliss of Pak

Travel planetary

Launch more trade names


Lack of publicity schemes

Other trade names

Understand the building of a selling program

3.1 Produce the selling program for your organisation

Executive sum-up:


The company ‘s merchandise is 100 % pure juices and its mark clients are chiefly diet witting people, kids, upper category, upper in-between category and in-between category society. But it can besides aim to take down category clients easy as juice is a thing which a normal individual usage in mundane life. The merchandise is already differentiated from others because it falls in 100 % pure juice class. And Fresher was the first to get down this class in Pakistan.

Company analysis:

The Fresher is a new company in 100 % pure juices merchandise line. The company has high market portion due to its old selling schemes in which chief one is word of oral cavity through which it was promoted and gained the high market portion rank. The company ‘s failings are finance, weak advertizement and weak placement. Here we are planing some schemes by which its growing rate can increase and it can keep its market portion. It can do its advertizement strong and so it ‘s positioning excessively.

Competitor ‘s analysis:

Fresher ‘s rivals are companies who make 100 % pure juices like Nestle, Minute Maid etc. Now if we come to Nestle, the company has a large failing that it is covering with 100 % pure juice every bit good as nectars on the same clip which make their focal point diverted to both lines in the same clip. While its strength is, it has a strong trade name placement earned by other merchandise lines foremost. Market portion of Nestle is lower than that of Fresher but market place is strong plenty.

Current market state of affairs:

The current market state of affairs of Fresher is traveling non that bad when we talk about its distribution in large metropoliss. The Fresher has the highest market portion in merchandise line of 100 % pure juices while all other rivals have left buttocks. The demand of Fresher is besides increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours due to its good gustatory sensation and spirits. It ‘s giving a tough competition to its rivals in the market. Rivals did n’t detect it foremost because it used merely word of oral cavity selling scheme foremost and took benefit of this scheme to accomplish its ends. But in publicity the other companies ( rivals ) are traveling frontward to it now as it is missing its involvement in publicities. The Fresher has best packaging every bit good.

SWOT analysis:


Short trade name name

Highest market portion

Packaging strength

Availability strength


Financially weak

Weak advertizement

Weak placement


Growth in little metropoliss of Pak

Travel planetary

Launch more trade names


Lack of publicity schemes

Other trade names

Aims and issues:

The chief aim of Fresher is to keep its market portion in the line of 100 % pure juices.

Then it besides wants to spread out its concern in other metropoliss as it is a good chance for it to turn more in the market.

The addition of gross revenues is required for the addition in net income.

To do strength of placement.

Now the chief issue is that the other companies in the same merchandise line are besides fighting hard to vie the market portion of Fresher ‘s. The Fresher has to keep its demand by which it can keep its market portion. The issue refering the enlargement of the trade name in other metropoliss is to confront the other local trade names in those metropoliss.

Marketing scheme:

Fresher makes following marketing schemes to accomplish its ends.

Fresher has to concentrate on advertisement schemes such as TVC, wireless commercials, Print media ads etc. Ads can be made more attractive by utilizing advertisement selling schemes such as wit, merriment, theoretical accounts or Television histrions etc. The attractive the advertizement will be the more the client will be attracted towards the merchandise.

They can utilize different distribution schemes to advance their trade name more e.g they can administer free samples in the countries where merchandise is non known plenty. They can suit stables in chief areas/markets of different metropoliss for the publicity.

As kids are more attracted towards juices and pure juices are good for their wellness, they can carry on different activities for kids to pull this group of consumers. Besides the fresh juices are largely used by diet witting people so Fresher can besides utilize the same scheme of activity conductance for these consumers every bit good. In this manner they attract their most targeted clients.

All these schemes can assist to accomplish ends of company. Attractive advertizement and free sample distribution can assist to spread out concern in little metropoliss and activity based scheme can assist to increase gross revenues. Hence all these type of schemes can be used to increase gross revenues, addition in net income and to keep the high market portion.

Action plans:

Now it is turn to be after the actions. Fresher can name workers to carry through these schemes. First of all Fresher has to keep proper sections such as HRM section, R & A ; D section, Marketing section, Finance section and so on like this. Then Fresher has to delegate them their responsibilities. Human resources section will pull off human resources which are one of the major beginnings Fresher needs. Marketing section will implement these schemes and will look into the consequences. Finance section will delegate fundss to each section and do a cheque and balance on it. Plan can be started from distribution of the merchandises as free samples. So that more and more people in other metropoliss can cognize about the trade name. It will increase gross revenues and net income every bit good. Now this finance can be invested on advertizement and other schemes and so on. The cost of all the schemes will be planned by finance section and selling section as these are marketing schemes.


The system ca n’t be effectual and efficient until and unless it is supervised and controlled decently. So the control in implement of these schemes is besides really of import. Here marketing directors of Fresher will be the individuals who look after all these things and implement schemes.

3.2 Hazard in selling program and Mitigation schemes:


Hazards in above schemes are merely few.

As company is non financially strong every bit compared to its rivals so might it ca n’t afford advertizement disbursals.

The other hazard could be short term consequence ( which is ne’er been required ) of some schemes like activity based scheme etc.

Extenuation schemes:

If fundss do non let Fresher to do an attractive advertizement so Fresher can travel for rank buying in commercial composites like Hyperstar, Metro etc as it costs less than that of advertizement. The benefit of this scheme will be that the people of every targeted market of Fresher can derive knowledge about the merchandise easy. It would be a long term consequence of selling scheme.

Activity based scheme would be short term scheme so alternatively of this we can utilize another scheme in which Fresher can name some of its employees ( gross revenues individuals ) to sale their merchandise at low monetary value or less net income by traveling door to door in different settlements of different metropoliss. It could hold a long term consequence on consumer ‘s head.

3.3 Importance of each constituent of the program:

First constituent is executive sum-up. The drumhead explain the whole summarize informations of the program in short signifier so that the reader or to which study is being presented can salvage his/her clip and he/she can establish what is written inside the study and whether the study is meaningful or non? The executive sum-up has a batch of importance in selling program as it contains company ‘s challenges, company ‘s analysis and rival ‘s analysis.

2nd constituent of the program is current market state of affairs. It is necessary to supply so that a seller or individual who has to move upon the program should cognize that at what level the company stands and what degree they have to travel to increase growing rate of the company.

The 3rd constituent of the program is SWOT analysis. Mentioning it in the program in necessary because it helps to analyse the strengths, failings chances and menaces of the concern with the aid of which a individual can do selling schemes.

The forth constituent of the program is aims and issues which explains all the ends and their related jobs in program.

The 5th constituent of the program is marketing schemes. This is the chief measure in the program to which company has to work to accomplish ends.

The 6th measure is action plans. The measure is of import as it tells that how to implement these schemes and who will implement them and what will be the cost of all schemes.

The concluding measure is of control. This is besides one of the major measure of the program as it is necessary to state how to command the whole strategic system and who will command it?

Understand to Promote the Marketing Plan in Support of Strategic Aims

4.1 How the program supports strategic aim:

Plans of Fresher and their support to aims:

Fresher is assigned following programs.

Attractive advertizement

The attractive advertizement of freshman can pull more and more clients towards the trade name which will assist to increase the gross revenues. Increasing gross revenues maximise net income and when company earns more net income it will be able to spread out its concern. The advertizement can assist in edifice strong placement as it contains slogan and jangles through which an image that is different from its rivals can construct up. The better placement will assist to keep market portion. Streghthen placement, net income maximization, enlargement of concern

Distribution of free samples

Again it ‘s the selling scheme that will assist to maximise gross revenues when people about will seek the samples and will be attracted. Maximize net income will take enlargement of concern and strong market portion.

Activity based selling

Activity based selling scheme can merely assist to accomplish ends in targeted consumer ‘s market by increasing gross revenues at that class of clients.

Rank/Shelves booking

This scheme can be utile for better placement of trade name as it creates a good image of the trade name. The most seeable shelves will be booked by Fresher, the more consumers will be attracted towards the trade name.

Personal gross revenues

Again this selling scheme will increase Fresher ‘s gross revenues and its demand and once more the net income will be increased.

Actually all the schemes are made up to maximise the net income foremost and so other effects accompany it.

4.2 Outline an attack to derive understanding of the selling program:


In this assignment we learned about strategic selling, How selling programs supports strategic aims, How a selling program is constructed and How to advance the selling program in support of strategic aim?

We chose Fresher, A Pakistani 100 % pure juice company and looked upon its selling schemes, what Fresher is utilizing now and what should it utilize in future to advance itself more. Fresher is good known company of Pakistan whose selling system is non that good while it needs a perfect selling system now when it has addition that much credibleness. Though selling directors are working in the company but company is non demoing adequate consequences in this field due to which there are opportunities of their autumn down in future.

Fresher is utilizing some first-class selling schemes such as WORD OF MOUTH, ROLL OUT scheme, SHRINK WRAPS, PET BOTTELS, TAGS, 100 % pure juices etc

But we suggested some more selling schemes to them by our ain survey and analysis. We made a selling program in which some selling schemes were suggested such as ATTRACTIVE ADVERTISEMENT, ACTIVITY BASED PROMOTIONS, SHELVES BOOKING in markets, PERSONAL SALES and DISTRIBUTING FREE SAMPLES to increase its gross revenues and net income. As Fresher has high market portion so these schemes will assist it to prolong the market portion and to increase growing rate of it. At the last we made a selling program and saw that how these programs support aims. We besides discussed the SWOT analysis of the company which tell us that company less menaces and less failings and more strengths. We besides discussed hazards sing schemes but they really low.

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