Marketing Plan For Soccer Memorable E Business Marketing Essay

Through the findings of some information that relates to the on-line sale of football memorabilia together with some on-line auctions that have been developed to turn to this market on the internet-based research, it has been found that the shirts football memorabilia particularly the shirt has signed by the famous persons are the most popular football memorabilia in the web site, together with the signed football, every bit good as the old used tickets, checklist, badges, tickets, crowns, pens, scarves, keyrings books, Icons, and any points related to the memorable football game are the chief scope of merchandises that they sell in the web sites ( 1 Click Sports Memorabilia, 2010 ) . Basically talking, most of them will upload the image of the merchandises with the inside informations information account with the images. And they has settled the shopping basket for the clients, one time the clients have chosen one point in their basket, they could press the button to look into out it, and following with the choice of the state and parts of the clients, followed by the choice of the transportation finishs, the monetary value will added the transportation cost, and so, the client is required to corroborate the orders and the recognition card or the debit card with the application of web bank is required to be confirm by the clients, after the verification and the payment on the cooperation on-line payment bureau, the order has delivered and the web site will present the order to the client by the transportation methods which the client chosen. For the auction, they will name the images and merchandise name in the list with the auction day of the month, and put the clients to go to the auction on line in the day of the month. They will besides supply nexus with the old auction inside informations to allow the clients to acquire more information about the merchandises and the auction. Basically, the on-line bank and the on-line payment system and bureau has been widely applied in the online concern of football memorabilia through the reappraisals ( EPL Talk, 2010 ) .

Undertaking 2

Timetable for the remainder of the assignment

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From 24 April to 30 April – collect the market information about the instance company, produce the powerpoint file to sketch the programs for the football memorabilia eCommerce site, indicate the scope of points to be sold, the manner in which the online auction capableness will be made available as acomponent of the site, with the ground why there is a demand for this type of eCommerce site, and the projected grosss and net income border from the site, to complete the undertaking 3.

From 1 May to 6 May April – write the selling program placing the ways in which the new football memorabilia eCommerce could be promoted, to complete the undertaking 4.

From 7 May to 13 May – produce a short study sketching the payment option ( s ) that should be considered for the two elements of the eCommerce site – foremost the direct sale of memorabilia points listed for sale, and secondly the on-line auction of memorabilia with the briefly review the strengths and failings of each option, to complete the undertaking 5.

From 14 May to 20 May -produce a bill of exchange of a Delivery and Returns Policy that could be included on the eCommerce site, to complete the undertaking 6.

Undertaking 4

Selling Plan for the publicity of new football memorabilia eCommerce

Executive Summary

Soccer Memorable is the sphere name of the new football memorabilia ecommerce website, it aims to sell the football memorabilia in the cyberspace by the constitution of the web site with two sort of signifiers, which are direct sale of memorabilia points listed for sale and the on-line auction of memorabilia. In order to do possible clients cognizant of the new site and promote them to see it, this program is specific focal point on the development and design of mixture of online and offline activities that could be undertaken, it besides specifically province how the site could work information gathered from visitants to the site for subsequent selling activities. And the brief grounds for choosing this name have besides been explained in the program.

Situational Analysis

The rapid development of modern economic system and society has extremely enhanced the populating criterion of people ; people have more and more different sorts of activities to pass their leisure clip, the football game which is really popular in the universe has attracted many peoples involvement and maintained a immense group of trueness audiences. Under this context, the football memorabilia concern has besides been extremely promoted, more and more fans try to buy the football memorabilia merchandises in different ways. Under he publicity of modern engineering, the cyberspace engineering has widely applied in common people ‘s life, and under the progressively tendency of globalisation and internalisation, the e-commerce has become the new selling methods for modern-day concern. The football memorabilia concern could besides established on the e-commerce based sites in order to salvage the money and cost every bit good as the human resource cost ( Spaaij, 2008 ) . Therefore, this industry has bit by bit emerged and become intensive hot in modern concern universe. It is the clip to construct the online direct sale and on-line auction for the football memorabilia in order to capture the new concern chances. And since the market has non been established for a long clip, there is still a large market portion for the concern to gaining control by the constitution of the new football memorabilia ecommerce web site.

Issue Analysis – Swot Analysis

The strength of the football memorabilia ecommerce web site is that it could pull the clients all over the universe ; the client group is comparatively big comparison to the traditional football memorabilia sale establishing on the shops. It could easy exhibit the merchandises through the web site with the clear exposure and inside informations description on the points therefore to pull the clients and advance the concern. While, the failing of the football memorabilia ecommerce web site is that it is hard to command the concern dealing and it is barely to pull the group clients compare as the shops which established near the football lucifer Centre. If the people can non happen the web sites, it is barely for selling the merchandises and it is easy to acquire 0 market public presentation in their gross. The chances for the football memorabilia ecommerce web site is that it could through the widely application of cyberspace to pull more clients from different states and parts to pay attending on this industry, therefore to advance their concern and heighten the sale gross. The web site could capture the concern chances of the World Cup which hold in this old ages to pull more clients to see their website therefore to heighten the entire grosss ( Sugden, 2007 ) . The dainties of the football memorabilia ecommerce web site is that it is easy to acquire loss in the concern dealing in the e-commerce, it is easy to acquire the ailment if the clients non take to buy the goods but want to do some jobs. Besides, the strong challenge from the traditional market is besides the biggest dainties for the constitution of football memorabilia ecommerce web site.


The aims of this selling program is to assist the football memorabilia ecommerce web site to develop the assorted activities that could be undertaken in order to do possible clients cognizant of the new site and promote them to see it, to heighten the celebrated rate of the web site through the activities both online and offline therefore to pull more possible clients hence to heighten the entire grosss of the web site and contribute to the sweetening of the selling public presentation of the web sites in the industry.


It is designed that the web site could offer some tickets for the World Cup clasp in 2010 for the wagess of their activities therefore to pull more clients to see their web site and buy their merchandises. The activities could be hold online for the success purchase and offline for the people, who told their friend to see the web site. Through the free tickets offer to the victors, the web site could mostly pull more possible clients and heighten the celebrated rate of the web sites.

Action Program

The inside informations of this program are design as followers: the web site will offer the attend chance for the clients who are go toing the undermentioned activities: for the online activities, the clients who have successful signed at the web site could acquire one ticket to go to the hebdomadal lottery, and clients who successful purchase a merchandises through the website no affair by the direct sale or auction will acquire 10 tickets to go to the decrepit lottery. For the offline activities, clients who told their friend and ask for their friend to subscribe at the web site will besides acquire one ticket to go to the hebdomadal lottery. The hebdomadal lottery is design to bring forth two victors each of them for one ticket of World Cup lucifer in 2010. The website sphere name will be designed as Soccer Memorable because of the foremost sight attraction and the easy find through the hunt engine through the cyberspace.

Fiscal Forecast

To set up the web site in May 10 and opened the activities from May 16, one hebdomad for one ticket offered to the victor, it is estimated to be 16 tickets for the World Cup in 2010 since the game is opening at the in-between June. Therefore, the fiscal prognosis for the activities is the mean lucifer ticket monetary value at $ 139 ( World Cup 2010 South Africa, 2010 ) multiplies the sum required ticket 16 which consequences for $ 2224. Plus the advertizement fees every bit good as the bringing fees for each ticket to the victors, it is estimate to be $ 3000 in the budget.

Undertaking 5

Through the reappraisal on the other e-commerce football memorabilia gross revenues web sites and combined with the consideration on the demand of this instance, it can be found that there are two options could be suggested for the two elements of the eCommerce site – foremost the direct sale of memorabilia points listed for sale, and secondly the on-line auction of memorabilia, which are the bank transportation and the payment through PayPal. Each of the three methods all has their ain advantages and disadvantages for the e-commerce for football memorabilia sale, and the strengths every bit good as the failing of each of the above payment options are identified as following.

The bank transportation has been widely applied in modern concern particularly in the e-commerce due to the convenience and the warrant offered by the Bankss, and it is the most popular method in the payment application in e-commerce minutess. The most important strengths of the bank transportation for the e-commerce is that the money receiving system could direct acquire the payment through the efficiency transportation of the money by the banking system. Particularly under the globalisation and internalisation of the baking system, it is easy for people in different states to reassign their money to any states in the universe with a bank has international transportation concern. For the Sellerss, it is the most effectual methods and guaranteed method to have the money from their purchasers ( Lee and Ghosh, 1994 ) . Besides, the banking transportation could reassign the limitless money through the banking which is really popular for the large dealing, and the transportation fees for the large dealing will non increased when it reached a figure. However, the failings of bank transportation are besides important for the e-commerce. First, it is difficult to vouch the payment will have the purchased merchandises through the bank transportation or in another word ; it is barely to command the concern in the e-commerce. Since the purchaser and marketer in the e-commerce are unfamiliar with each other, it is barely to set up a dependable relationship in the concern and the payment. For the Sellerss, they prefer to have the money foremost so direct the merchandises, and for the purchasers, they prefer to have the merchandises foremost and so pay the money. The banking transportation will non assist them to work out such struggles. Besides, the bank transportation fees will be the buyer the extra disbursals for the merchandises buying, which increase the entire monetary value of the merchandises. More money the buyer transportations to the marketer, more extra fees they are required to pay to the bank. Furthermore, some bank transportation will bear down to dual fee both for the money transmitter and receiving system, hence, the net incomes of the Sellerss will besides be reduced because of the payment on the money receiving fees.

The rapid development of the e-commerce has promote the money transportation system in the universe, and under this context, the PayPal has emerged in e-business dealing and go the sphere forces in the payment methods application in e-commerce and it has bit by bit become the most popular in the e-business dealing particularly for the little sum payment. The most important strength of the PayPal is that it could offer the warrant both for the money transmitter and receiving system in the dealing, in which, the transmitters could direct the money through the PayPal system, and after they confirm the merchandises which the Sellerss send to them, the money will let go of to the Sellerss and the receiving systems could acquire the money. And on the antonym, the Sellerss do non necessitate to worry about that the buyer will non pay them when they send the merchandises progress to the buyer, it is because the buyer will necessitate to direct the money to the PayPal in progress, the PayPal system will maintain the money for the dealing, one time the merchandises have delivered to the buyer, they are required to corroborate the concern and let go of the money to the Sellerss, unless they have to offer the cogent evidence to the PayPal system that the standard goods is non the goods they purchased in the dealing ( Bosnjak and Tuten, 2003 ) . The PayPal system has played a in-between adult male function in the e-commerce dealing and keeps the balance and equity of the each party, guarantee the right for the both parties in the dealing. However, the most important failing of PayPal payment is that it requires both the Sellerss and buyers to open the PayPal history ; it is the indispensable conditions for the PayPal dealing for E-business. Besides, the big sum through the PayPal system transportation will be immense dealing fees, which will add the extra disbursals both for the money transmitters and receiving systems, therefore to diminish the net incomes of the merchandises sale and increase for the merchandises cost.

Compare the two options and considered the features for the two sort of concern in the e-commerce for the company, it is strongly suggested that the direct sale of memorabilia points listed for sale could use the PayPal money transportation and the on-line auction of memorabilia could use the combination of the PayPal money transportation and bank money transportation methods in the dealing. It is because that, foremost, for the direct sale of memorabilia points listed for sale, it requires the efficiency dealing with lowest cost for the money transportation therefore to keep the net incomes of the merchandises and keep the monetary values fight of the merchandises. For this instance, the PayPal could be applied for the money transportation and it could besides offer the warrant both for the Sellerss and buyers in the concern dealing. Besides, the online transportation of the money through PayPal could easy to look into for the Sellerss therefore to do the bringing for the purchasers therefore to salvage the clip and heighten the efficiency. And for the on-line auction of memorabilia, it requires the engagements to offer the money warrant for the auction, such demand for the money should be foremost considered by the Sellerss therefore to turn out the engagements of the auction. Therefore, it is really convenience for the engagements in the auction to give the money warrant through the PayPal history with a little sum, if the concern can non done, the marketer is easy to payback the money to the buyer through the PayPal system without any extra cost ( Flanagin, 2007 ) . And for the buyer who wins the auction, they could pay the remainder of the money through the bank transportation because of the alone characters of the football memorabilia merchandises through the e-commerce. It is barely to vouch the receiving system will alter the merchandises with the bogus one and kick with the sell company for the money back, hence, the money transportation through the bank is the most safety method for the Sellerss in the auction concern. It could assist them command the concern and cut down the unneeded cost for the concern dealing particularly in the e-commerce. Besides, most of the trades in auction sale will be really high and cost much, in this instance, the money transportation fees for bank transportation will be less than the cost for the PayPal. Therefore, the bank transportation has been recommended for the e-commerce dealing for the concluding trade of auction on-line sale.

Undertaking 6

Delivery and Returns Policy for the web site

The memorabilia will be delivered to any parts or parts of the universe which the express service could make ; most orders are normally shipped out within 2-3 concern yearss.

The cost for the bringings are by and large in conformity with the “ mean ” charge for transporting the merchandise within the express service ; and most purchases are shipped via Fed Ex or UPS Ground. Orders normally arrive within 3 to 5 concern yearss of when shipped ;

The web site does non accept any return of the sold merchandises through the auction, all auction gross revenues are concluding ; and for the sale merchandises,

If for any ground you are non satisfied or the merchandise is damaged/ faulty when received and is non deemed repairable, we will replace the merchandise or supply you with a full refund or exchange, provided the merchandise is returned within 10 concern yearss from the reception of the merchandise and is returned in its original status and packaging stuffs. Return transportation charges are the duty of the client for merchandises that are non damaged or are deemed repairable. Once the merchandise is received and inspected by the maker, you will be refunded the full purchase monetary value or allowed to interchange the merchandise. Transportation charges to clients are non-refundable for undamaged or repairable points.

If any ailment non being adequately resolved please reach the Phone Number / or E-mail reference for inside informations information.

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