Marketing Plan Of Geographer Cafe Marketing Essay

Geographer cafe is one of the most celebrated cafe in Malacca, Malaysia. It is located at the Jonker Street, one of the touristry topographic points in Malacca. Geographer cafe is a eating house of supplying nutrients and drinks for youngest, older and households. It is an old edifice before but alterations to an interesting house after altering the ornament and recovers all the design. The edifice of geographer cafe now full with old-timer featured and a spot of baba nyonya manner. It have been received the award of “most beautiful building” on the twelvemonth of 2008. The nice environment of geographer cafe has attracted many visitants comes from around the universe.

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2. Mission Statement

The mission statement of Geographer cafe was to supplying the client a nice and friendly environment. They aims to heighten a topographic point for people relax and rest, enjoy and garnering topographic point. Furthermore, they promise to supply a high quality, low monetary values, and delightful gustatory sensation of nutrients. To fulfill the demand, demands and wants of client, they ever follow the tendency of client to do different scheme to guarantee the operation of Geographer cafe was in in front.

3. What is Marketing Mix?

Harmonizing to Kotler and Armstrong ( 2008 ) , the selling mix can be defined as the set of governable, tactical selling tools that the house blends to bring forth the respond it wants in the mark market. It is the combination of merchandise, topographic point, publicity and monetary value to run into client demands and provides client value.

3.1 Merchandise

Geographer cafe provide a assortment of nutrients and drink merchandises to fulfill its client. Different types of nutrients such like appetiser, bite, pasta, seafood, domestic fowl, Asiatic nutrients and sweet available to run into the demands and demands from assortment clients. Beverage and drinks such as fresh fruit juices, soft drink, java, cocktail, beer and vino besides available at geographer cafe .

Geographer cafe ever offers good quality nutrient to its clients in order to vie with the market rivals. Always used the fresh nutrients to assure served a high quality nutrient for clients. In advancing a healthy life style, Geographer cafe promotes healthy nutrient to pull much more clients. The nutrient is prepared without utilizing MSG, less oil, less salt, less sugar and no ruddy nutrient ( beef, lamb, porc, game meat ) . They besides provide nutrient for vegetarians. There are 80 % of the clients go to Geographer cafe was choosing vegetarian as their repasts.

3.2 Promotion

To acknowledge the Geographer cafe to wider public, publicity tools such like advertizement, and gross revenues publicity was used. Geographer cafe have used a batch of disbursals to print their being. Banner and circular was allocated at hotel, touristry finish, and shopping Centre. The facebook and web log created by director besides pull a batch of people to fall in. Through these methods, client could ever update with the intelligence or activities of Geographer cafe . Until now, their facebook have around 620 members from the different state.

Gross saless publicity such like set repasts with drink, price reduction voucher, member card and happy hr was introduce to pull client semen to devour. Souvenir or gift of Geographer cafe was given for those who spend above RM 200 in cafe . It is an efficient scheme method to pull more visitants spends more to acquiring the keepsake. Furthermore, Geographer cafe besides promote the publicity monetary value for the pupils who come to devour. The launched of the different sort of publicity method was to pull different age, degree and lifestyle people.

3.3 Topographic point

Geographer cafe located at a busy and strategic country which is Jonker Street. It is a touristry topographic point must be go by every tourers. The location of the cafe was located at the cardinal of Malacca and was environing by different touristry fate. On the Jonker Street, Geographer cafe stands at the medium among the edifices. The demographic of Geographer cafe is the best comparison to other rival which the location strategic and really easy to catch up the edifice by peoples.

The environment of the ambiance at geographer cafe was the most hypnotized. Harmonizing their web page ( 2000 ) , the beautiful old architecture responds to cultural and religious outlooks from the glorious yesteryear till the present twenty-four hours. It was surrounded by flower, holding a crisp colour of the wall, antique furniture, and Baba Nyonya manner design. They ever were giving client in a hygiene and comfy environment. A batch of public presentation or event will be launch by Geographer Cafe particularly weekend.

3.4 Monetary value

The monetary values of their nutrient were mean and sensible. Their monetary values about range in between RM5 to RM 20. It provides the different picks for different degree of client. Geographer cafe besides provide a assortment of set repasts in low monetary values to pull other client from rival.

4. Customer relation Management ( CRM )

CRM is a term used for pull offing elaborate information about single clients and carefully pull offing client “touch points” in order to maximise client trueness. ( )

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