Marketing strategies-target markets

Consumer Markets.Ovaltine will go on to aim its bing consumer markets. The primary consumer mark market for Ovaltine drinks can be described as follows:


  • High income metropolis in Malaysia such as Kuching and Miri

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  • Childs, male and female adolescents, grownup, baby-boomers
  • Ovaltine appropriate with childs, male and female adolescents, grownup, baby-boomers, because Ovaltine Max for Milk contains 11 vitamins and 4 minerals, is low in fat, salt and sugar, and has no unreal colourss, sweetenings or preservatives. It ‘s much better for you than many other soft drinks.

  • As a busy new Dendranthema grandifloruom there are a million and one occupations to make, and believing about yourself is ever last on the list. But a brief intermission to bask a mug of wholesome Ovaltine is ideal for multi-tasking Dendranthema grandifloruoms. Unite a 10 minute intermission with Ovaltine… breath deeply and acquire things back in position… and you ‘ll shortly be ready to acquire back to the of import occupation of being a Dendranthema grandifloruom once more.

  • Pregnant Mother
  • Perfect for gestation

    Ovaltine is the natural pick for mums-to-be because Ovaltine gives you the right balance of folic acid, Ca, Zn and Fe – all the things you need to assist maintain you healthy during your gestation. Besides, Ovaltine is a delightful and hearty drink.

    Put your bump up!

    Make certain you take some clip out merely for you! With so many things to believe about and new experiences to get by with, it ‘s of import to re-gather yourself and roll up your ideas. Even more so when babe comes! So combine this intermission with a mug of wholesome Ovaltine each twenty-four hours and you ‘ll shortly be experiencing back on path.

    Certain vitamins, minerals and hint elements are a must for mums-to-be and their bumps, including Ca, folic acid, Zn, and Fe, some of which you need more of when it comes to pregnancy nutrition.

    Essential vitamins and minerals:


    Calcium helps develop strong castanetss and dentitions and is highly of import throughout gestation, peculiarly in the ulterior phases, when your babe ‘s castanetss are indurating. Milk and dairy merchandises like cheese and yogurt are great beginnings of Ca. If you do n’t eat these, attempt to acquire your RDA of Ca from similar nutrients to these ( you may besides necessitate a Ca addendum ) :

    • Enriched soya milk and soybean merchandises
    • Beans and green veggies, e.g. Brassica oleracea italica and Spinacia oleracea
    • Almonds and benne seeds
    • Oranges and dried fruit
    • Fish eaten with castanetss, e.g. sardines
    • White flour merchandises, e.g. white staff of life

    Ovaltine Original helps supply you with the Ca you need during gestation.

    Folate and Folic acid

    Folate is a natural beginning of vitamin B. Folic acid is the manufactured signifier of vitamin Bc.

    Pregnant adult females need increased folic acid/folate, particularly when seeking to gestate and for the first three months of gestation. Not plenty can take to deliver defects such as spina bifida. So, before you conceive and during the first three months of gestation, take a day-to-day folic acid addendum. Another manner to take in folic acid is to eat bastioned staff of lifes and breakfast cereals, and to imbibe Ovaltine.

    You need folic acid/folate throughout your gestation to assist forestall anemia and fatigue. During your gestation, it ‘s a good thought to seek and hold 400mcg of folate every twenty-four hours from natural nutrient beginnings.

    Folate is found of course in many nutrients, peculiarly fruit ( melons, apricots, oranges ) , green leafy veggies, white walnut squash, carrots, and beansprouts.

    Try and acquire these nutrients fresh and do n’t overcook them as vitamin Bc is easy destroyed by storage and cookery. A bowl of bastioned cereal with fresh milk, plus two pieces of bastioned staff of life and five folate-rich fruit and veg. can supply 300mcg of folic acid and vitamin Bc.

    A mug of Ovaltine* every twenty-four hours provides about 1/3 of the folic acid you need when you are pregnant.

    *A 25g helping of Ovaltine Original made with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk.


    Our organic structures need Fe for the formation of ruddy blood cells but pregnant adult females need more to provide their turning foetus and placenta. Too small can take to tiredness and anaemia.

    Pregnant adult females, particularly vegetarians and those who do n’t eat ruddy meat, can go iron-deficient. Your physician or accoucheuse should prove your Fe degrees and prescribe addendums if you need them.

    Good beginnings of Fe include ruddy meat, sardines, beans, lentils, eggs, nuts, staff of life, fortified breakfast cereals, green veggies ( particularly Spinacia oleracea ) , and dried fruit.

    Many adult females merely eat 2/3 of the Fe they need and imbibing tea does n’t assist either. The tannic acid in tea can suppress iron soaking up, so avoid imbibing it an hr before and after a repast.

    Try a mug of Ovaltine alternatively ; imbibing it every day* provides you with 1/4 of the Fe you need.

    *A 25g helping of Ovaltine Original made with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk. Have some nutrient or imbibe incorporating vitamin C with iron-rich repasts to assist your organic structure absorb the Fe.


    Zinc is indispensable to your babe ‘s development – particularly during the early phases of gestation. Zinc will hike your babe ‘s natural immune defense mechanisms and help their healthy growing. Meat, shellfish, milk and dairy merchandises, staff of life and cereals ( e.g. wheatgerm ) , are all good beginnings of Zn.

    A mug of Ovaltine* a twenty-four hours provides about a 3rd of the Zn you need.

    *A 25g helping of Ovaltine Original made with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk.

    B-group vitamins

    You need certain B vitamins during gestation to assist your organic structure acquire the excess energy it needs from the nutrient you eat.

    In add-on to folate, these B vitamins include vitamin B1 ( B1 ) , riboflavin ( B2 ) , vitamin B6 ( B6 ) , and B12 ( vitamin B12 ) . These vitamins are water-soluble, which means your organic structure ca n’t hive away them, so you need to do certain you get adequate every twenty-four hours.

    A mug of Ovaltine is an first-class beginning of folic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, and vitamins B6 and B12.

    Vitamin C

    Pregnant adult females need excess vitamin C from their diet ( plus, an excess 10mg a twenty-four hours during the last trimester ) . It ‘s critical for healthy gums, blood and tegument for you and your babe throughout gestation.

    Vitamin C besides helps you absorb press better – another of import food during gestation. Your organic structure ca n’t hive away vitamin C, which means you need to do certain you get adequate every twenty-four hours. Plus, it ‘s easy destroyed by cookery, so do n’t overcook veggies – seek steaming or stir sauteing.

    Tonss of fruit and veggies contain vitamin C, particularly Piper nigrums, Brassica oleracea italica, brussel sprouts, Sweet murphies, citrous fruit fruits, strawberries, blackcurrants, and kiwi fruit.

    One mug of Ovaltine* provides over a 3rd of your day-to-day vitamin C demand.

    *A 25g helping of Ovaltine Original made with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin A is critical for the healthy development of your babe ‘s eyes and nervousnesss. It besides helps to beef up unsusceptibility and maintain healthy tegument and mucous secretion liners ( in the olfactory organ, for illustration ) .

    A well-balanced diet should supply you with all the vitamin A you need during your gestation. Retinol comes from carnal beginnings and provitamin A is found in veggies. Good beginnings of vitamin A include milk, cheese and yogurt, eggs, oily fish ( e.g. mackerel and herring ) , bastioned oleo, and vegetables – particularly ruddy or xanthous coloured veg. However, certain nutrients are rich in Vitamin A and these should be avoided during gestation, as should addendums of Vitamin A.

    One mug of Ovaltine* provides over a one-fourth of your day-to-day vitamin A demand.

    *A 25g helping of Ovaltine Original made with 200ml of semi-skimmed milk


  • Health-concious people who interested in populating a healthy life style.
  • Ovaltine is a nutritrition Swiss cocoa malted drinks that contains 4 vitamins and 6 minerals to assist back up childs and household life in a healthy life styles.

  • Spend much clip and money on taking attention of their ain and household organic structures.
  • Peoples who prefer chocolate flavour drinks.
  • Ovaltine is made from premium blend of Swiss cocoa that gives it that rich, smooth cocoa gustatory sensation. Combined with pure malt infusion, this Swiss cocoa malt drink is delightful and nutrition.

  • Busy individual who live in a busy life and demand to pull off clip sagely.
  • For illustration busy Dendranthema grandifloruoms need to make housekeeping and taking attention of their kids everyday. Busy Dendranthema grandifloruom can utilize merely 10 proceedingss a twenty-four hours to take a breathing place with Ovaltine and acquire yourself back on path. Its malty-goodness is besides available in ready to hand sachet battalions doing it ideal for busy individual on the spell – whether it ‘s office elevenses or yearling taming.

  • Peoples who on diet.
  • Ovaltine besides comes in lighter add-to-water assortments which is low in fat, and high in satisfaction. They are as delightful and alimentary as our original assortments, but all you need to make is set 4 heaped teaspoonfuls of Ovaltine Chocolate Light into a mug, so add 200ml of hot ( non boiling ) H2O and splash, so they ‘re speedy and easy to do and incorporate fewer Calories and fat than the add-to-milk assortments – Handy if you ‘re seeking to lose any station gestation weight. And being caffeine-free, they ‘re ideal if you ‘re suckling excessively.

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