Marketing Strategy For Kwame Atta Haulage Limited Marketing Essay

Selling is more than merely selling or rendering services and advertisement. It is a procedure that allows a house to productively run into its clients ‘ demands better than its rivals.

With successful selling frequently comes a successful concern venture. This is because marketing involves the design of the merchandise or service and how it reaches the client, how it is priced and the image that the merchandise holds in the heads of clients.

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Understanding the perceptual experience that consumers have of a merchandise or service is an indispensable portion of selling and success is frequently based on how this cognition is used in bettering the market scheme.

A market scheme defines how a company plans to vie in a chosen market section. Constructing upon this, a selling scheme allows houses to develop a program that enables them to offer the right merchandise to the right market with the purpose of deriving a competitory advantage. In other words, a selling scheme provides an overall vision of how to correctly place merchandises in the market place. Market scheme sets marketing ends, defines mark markets and describes how one will travel about positioning the concern to accomplish advantage over one ‘s rivals.

The key in marketing scheme is to understand and fit the capablenesss of the house to the chances available in the market. One will therefore necessitate a scope of information from internal and external beginnings as background for the readying of the strategic selling program.

A selling scheme is composed of several interconnected constituents called the Marketing mix. A selling mix is a term used to place the important ingredients in a concern, which will contribute to long-run net incomes. A selling mix is the combination of factors such as the type of merchandise, its monetary value, topographic point of distribution and promotional schemes used. These four factors are popularly called 4P ‘s of selling and were foremost introduced to the universe in 1960 by McCarthy. .

These 4 variables are ne’er changeless and may alter over clip. However, a alteration in one of the variables may do a alteration in all the other variables as good. The first P stands for merchandise which by default is the most of import facet of the selling mix. A ‘Product ‘ is anything that satisfies a client ‘s demand. The merchandise may be a touchable trade good like a auto, accoutrements or appliances or may be an intangible service like that of Kwame Atta Haulage Limited who carries draw for a assortment of clients. Recently, Kwame Atta Haulage Limited has been enduring some concern reverses. This is because one of its top clients, Nhyira Limited has begun to use other haulers besides Kwame Atta Haulage Limited and as such there has been a decrease by about a 3rd of the work the company gets from Nyhira Limited.

On the other manus, since the draw concern is seasonal, it is possible that the decrease in concern may be due to the fact that they are in the thin season. Kwame Atta will hold to transport out a research to corroborate this averment. It is besides possible that his rivals are making something that he is non or possibly Nhyira is really utilizing replacements like rail for transit. What of all time, the ground may be, a thorough research will uncover this the true cause.

The 2nd P in the Marketing Mix stands for ‘Price ‘ . Pricing determinations are among the most hard that a concern has to do. It is of import to separate between pricing scheme and tactics. Strategy is concerned with puting monetary values for the first clip, either for a new merchandise or for an bing merchandise in a new market ; tactics are about altering monetary values. Changes can be either self-initiated ( to better profitableness or as a agency of publicity ) or in response to outside alteration ( i.e. in costs or the monetary values of a rival ) . It would be advisable for Kwame Atta draw Limited to happen out what his rivals are bear downing. Possibly their charges are lower.

There are really several pricing schemes for a selling mix. They are Geographic Pricing, Price price reductions and allowances, Promotional Pricing, Discriminating Pricing and Product – Mix pricing. Most of the pricing schemes will non be applicable to the Haulage concern.

The function of price reduction offering price reductions can be a utile maneuver in response to aggressive competition by a rival. However, dismissing can be unsafe unless carefully controlled and conceived as portion of the overall selling scheme. Discounting is common in many industries – in some it is so endemic as to render normal monetary value lists practically meaningless. The problem is that the draw contractors already operate on a low border footing so indiscriminate price reductions will gnaw their fringy additions.

Kwame Atta draw Limited can pattern Promotional Pricing whereby they will give offer hard currency discounts to promote clients to utilize their services within a specified clip period. Promotional-pricing schemes are frequently a zero-sum game. If they work, rivals copy them and they lose their effectivity. If they do non work, they waste money that could hold been put into other selling tools, such as constructing up service quality through advertisement.

Kwame Atta draw Ltd can on the other manus pattern discriminatory pricing. Price favoritism occurs when a company sells a merchandise or service at two or more monetary values that do non reflect a relative difference in costs. Since Nhyira Limited is a top client, they can be lured with a lower monetary value than the other clients. However, Kwame Atta Haulage Ltd has to be careful this pattern does non engender client bitterness and ailment will. Besides the peculiar signifier of monetary value favoritism must non be illegal.

The 3rd P in the selling mix bases for ‘Place ‘ . Placement is how the seller connects the merchandises or services with the customer- the easier, more convenient, more accessible the merchandise or service may be, the more likely the client will buy the merchandise or do usage of the service. . It ‘s all about ‘providing the right merchandise to the right topographic point at the right clip ‘ with the aid of an efficient distribution system. In footings of arrangement, Kwame Atta Haulage is at an advantage because the company is now situated in an Industrial Estate which makes it convenient for her clients who are likely to be situated in the industrial country.

The 4th P in the selling mix bases for ‘Promotion ‘ , which refers to a company ‘s communicating line with the client. No affair how good the merchandise, or service for this affair is, it needs to be publicized among people who need it.

The company can undergo some vigorous advertisement to bring forth consciousness of its service. Promotion can be through advertisement in the Print media, wireless, telecasting and measure boards at strategic locations like heavy traffic countries, crossings and railroad Stationss.

Marketing mix is a tool that assists in specifying a selling scheme for the merchandise or service. Marketing scheme and selling mix are closely related to each other. Proper selling mix analysis is really of import for execution of your selling program to accomplish the concern ends and vie efficaciously.

Each constituent of the selling mix – merchandise, pricing, topographic point and publicity will hold specific undertakings associated with them. Identifying these undertakings and pull offing the resources to implement them requires attending to detail, cooperation and coordination. Most of the clip, one will hold to work with the clients in order to implement them.

It is besides non uncommon to maintain on doing alterations to the mix until one is satisfied that the selling mix has been optimized, given the information and facts and figures available.

The selling mix has to be reviewed on a regular basis, as some elements will necessitate to alter as the service, and its market grow, mature and adapt in an ever-changing competitory environment.

With the scheme of research, promotional pricing and adverts, Kwame Atta Haulage Limited is bound to retrieve from its downward concern tendency.

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