Marketing strategy of the times


Timess Newspapers Limited ‘s The Times is one of the most celebrated newspapers based in the United Kingdom with 692,581 transcripts in circulation per twenty-four hours. The name of Times is non confined to the United Kingdom but is besides a large name in the international newspaper industry. Many states have newspapers published with the name of Times, such as New York Times, Times of India etc. The Times is published daily, with a particular publication of Sunday Times. Its celebrity is ever on the spell. Recently, due the monolithic alteration in the planetary newspaper industry, where readers are exchanging to more synergistic and cyberspace based intelligence broadcasts, The Times may hold had its blow in footings of gross revenues ab initio, but it has managed to last really profitableness. With taking newspapers such as The Economist, catching readers enormously with new and improved selling schemes, The Times has its ain winning schemes. How is it get bying up with this alteration? The selling directors of the Times have devised a scheme where the design, the expression, the entreaty of the newspaper has been changed so as to cover with intense competition, and altering readers ‘ penchants whilst conveying about increased gross. This selling scheme is backed with extended selling research to integrate proper information in to it, and besides takes into history the planetary context. The selling scheme to restitute the newspapers really much trades with its e-business schemes.

Overview of Newsweek ‘s Selling Scheme

Marketing scheme is the game program to accomplish the selling aims as devised by the selling director. This game program comprises the mission, selling aims, fiscal aims, mark markets, the placement, the selling mix and the information gathered through selling research. ( Donald, 1992 )

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The Times mission to maintain intelligence go arounding in an synergistic manner, to maintain up with the existent times, and keep its strong readership throughout UK with its regular issues and throughout the universe with its web sites. ( Times, 2009 )

Marketing Aims:

To contract it down further, its selling aims are:

  • To accomplish higher gross revenues
  • To increase circulation
  • To increase market incursion

Fiscal Aims:

The fiscal aims behind the selling scheme are:

  • To increase net income border
  • To cover up the market research outgo in the minimal clip after the rhenium launch.

Target Markets:

The Times ‘ mark market is

  • A smaller group of an ‘elite audience ‘ who prefer quality over monetary value.
  • Web users to prefer to acquire the intelligence on one chink.
  • Critical minds who want information on a broad assortment of topics.
  • And most significantly the concern people.


The Times places itself as a “thought leader” in the universe of news media so that the readers jump on to the latest editions of the Times before any other holding a steadfast feeling that The Times will be covering the best intelligence. It is a high-end newspaper which sells commentary, studies and articles that are in-depth, elaborative, interesting and reader-friendly. ( Hrichorn, 2009 )


How is The Times traveling to accomplish all of this? Through three chief things: Content, Layout and Advertisements.

First,The Times keeps a steadfast focal point on its profound glorification of original coverage in its publication, with the column policy that focuses on rich and just content. This is backed by the execution of a new and improved concern theoretical accounts in the full administration. The newspaper emphasizes more on narrative coverage, and pervert from the intelligence where the paper does non hold any original piece of its ain to add to. ( Hrichorn, 2009 )

It adds a provocative component in news media to shock the readers, through good structured, good presented and strong opinionative articles. Its celebrated authors contribute articles on the hottest subjects of the modern universe that the readers are merely deceasing to read.

Second,The Times timely changes its design and redesigns through using creativeness and invention. The intent of the redesigns are to do the newspaper more appealing, more modern, posh, entertaining and reader friendly.

The new layout contains subdivisions on, brief intelligence studies, essays and elaborate opinioned studies, particular characteristics and studies on civilizations. The Website ‘Times Online ‘ characteristics, on-line articles every bit good as an archive of all the in print articles. ( Times, 2009 )

High quality paper is being used for publishing the newspaper, so that readers can experience the all right category of the newspaper every bit shortly as they take it in their manus. ( Times, 2009 )

The selling squad of The Times tries to maintain the original Deoxyribonucleic acid of the newspaper intact, by merely updating it and non altering it wholly.

Finally,Timess focuses on deriving advertizers and traffic on its web site. Advertisers, excessively, are more inclined towards targeted audiences. The Times newspaper is concentrating on a more flush, high-taste, and deep audience, and the advertizers will be giving ads for merely this little group. Whereas, there are separate advertizers for the different groups the newspaper marks. The intent is to increase gross revenues gross in its mark markets.

Marketing Mix:

Merchandise: The Times has the undermentioned merchandise characteristics:

  • An attractive layout design
  • Assorted subdivisions, with rich content
  • High-quality paper
  • Targeted advertizements

Price – The Times is charged 90p every twenty-four hours, but 30p for pupils and ?1.50 on the weekends.

Distribution – The distribution of The times, is in choice university stores, all concern locations, and several newsstands all throughout UK.

To summarize The Times ‘ selling scheme focuses on its content, higher-quality paper and a more elect audience and to go a “thought leader” all in an effort to accomplish sustainability in the universe of news media with an addition in monetary value. ( Hischorn, 2009 )

Use of Marketing Research Information in the Marketing Strategy

Marketing research is the systematic design, aggregation, analysis, and describing informations and findings relevant to a specific selling state of affairs confronting the company ( Kotler, 2006 ) .

The Marketing Research is a elaborate procedure, which is really important to developing a sound and effectual selling scheme. In fact, it is the first measure when be aftering to develop a selling scheme. The selling research procedure includes:

  • Define the job, he determination options, and the research aims
  • Develop the Research Plan
  • Roll up the information
  • Analyse the information
  • Show the information
  • Making the determination

Before inventing the selling scheme for the re-launch of The Times Newspaper, the selling squad had conducted a elaborate selling research that became the foundation of the whole run.

Research Aims:

The selling research aims of the selling squad were to:

  • Find out the ground why the gross revenues of the newspaper were worsening ;
  • The planetary conditions of the newspaper industry ;
  • The reader penchants ;
  • Analyse rival ‘s strengths ; and
  • Search market sections unexploited by another newspaper as yet ;

Showing the information of the research, analyzing it and so doing the determination based on them is the most important component of the selling research, though the other elements besides hold their several worth.

Research Findingss:

So what did the market research workers find out?

Following were some of the things that caught immediate attending of the selling director of The Timess:

  • The Times before 1988 was merely known for famous person and amusement intelligence. ( Times, 2009 )
  • The newspaper had been acquiring fewer ads, which were on the diminution of 11.7 per centum as recorded by Publishers Information Bureau. This showed that the hereafter was in ruddy. This reduced the gross per ad therefore, impacting the overall net income of the newspaper The ground for this diminution was the drastic economic affect upon the advertizers, the huge audience for which the ads were targeted to, was non working excessively good, and in conclusion, the falling quality of the newspaper was detering the advertizers to put ads in it repeatedly. ( Richard, 2009 )
  • The newspaper was aiming mediocre readers whose wonder for intelligence was however for the interest of cognizing things. This audience does non be any longer. ( Hrichorn, 2009 )
  • Internet has changed the intelligence reading construct with on-line diaries available at a mouse-click, readers now prefer to travel to more catchy, speedy, and synergistic bringing of intelligence than holding traveling through user-unfriendly layout of newspapers. Several web sites functioning to supply the juiciest and fasted intelligence such as The Huffington Post, Yahoo headlines and are altering the readership of intelligence scenario. ( Richard, 2009 )
  • As for the international scenario, more focal point is towards, placing the imprint instead than bring forthing on the footing of mass-customization. And the demand is for more fast, rich
  • The lifting newspapers of today, like The Economist are working niches in the newspaper market, and concentrate on their quality more. They are besides engaged in on-line news media and are pulling readers through impressive and attractive web pages and easy pilotage. ( Hrichorn, 2009 )
  • Although there is copiousness of information available for journalists to do usage of in their articles and essay, they seldom show a proper penetration in their authorship.
  • Readers want less of famous person intelligence, which is splattered across about every newspaper.

Research Decisions:

The selling research findings lead the selling director to reason the undermentioned things that were to be incorporated in the newspaper:

  • Timess needed to clearly specify its mark audience and move to a more reasonable and serious genre which reflected its foundation. ( Times, 2009 )
  • The newspaper was in demand of deriving new ads, which were non mass-targeted ;
  • Better the print and web layout of the newspaper to appeal to the altering readers ‘ penchants ;
  • Make the content richer in footings of in-depth essays and global entreaty ;
  • Target a little section ;
  • Include articles that are related to more serious issues.
  • Enrich the on-line version.

Therefore, with these decisions the selling scheme for the re-launch of the newspaper took its roots and jump up.

Effectss of the Global Context in the Marketing Strategy

Selling has a batch to make with the international market. Sellers of transnational concerns detect the alterations in the international market, and convey about invention in run intoing demands. Where, the international concerns bring about alterations, the local concerns suffer from the effects in the signifier of changed client penchants. They get compelled to develop new selling schemes to cover with this state of affairs. All in all, all the concerns allow it be local or international have to cover with planetary alterations. ( Kevin, 2000 )

What changes were there for Timess to cover with?

First was the international alteration in the readers ‘ penchants. This alteration was a move towards interactivity in reading from the field text layout of the conventional newspapers. Second, was the penchant towards handiness and velocity. The Times gross revenues were greatly being affected because of this. To get by up with this, the selling scheme was devised around redesigning the layout and the content of the newspaper.

Other than the content, the inclusion of assorted subdivisions in the newspaper and the web site were chiefly because of the altering penchants of the readers. Besides, a particular characteristic to make your ain profile on the web site of The Times, was something really new and a scheme to vie with the international market.

E-Business Strategy Incorporated in the Marketing Strategy

The Times ‘ e-business scheme involved increasing readership on its web site. So the selling scheme was kept in line with this. As portion of the selling scheme of the newspaper, was to redesign the web page. The selling research showed that more and more readers prefer to read online now so redesigning the online layout was indispensable. Few things were kept in head: the design was to be so that the readers would happen easy pilotage through the assorted interesting articles, there had to be proper illustration along with the intelligence articles, and most significantly, a proper infinite for user entree. What did that mean? The new e-business scheme of the newspaper was to increase reader engagement in the newspaper. So to accomplish this, the designing was done so that the web site contained a mix of the newspaper ‘s ain content created by its expert authors and the content posted by the readers. The Times ‘ allows reader interactivity to keep traffic on the web site, through a subdivision called ‘comments ‘ . ( Orienwell, 2009 )

The sellers found out that readers have histories of societal networking web sites like Twitter and Facebook, so the Times sought confederation from these web sites, offering the nexus to its web site and leting readers to notice on articles through Twitter and Facebook.

To derive gross through on-line operations, advertizements are encouraged for posting on the web site and on-line subscriptions are offered.

The Times ‘ e-business schemes are to work on-line news media to the upper limit. And its selling scheme is devised maintaining in head this really of import component.

New Product Marketing Strategy

The Times can offer an online and print addendum of The Times Youth, for the age-group of 18-25. This is the section that is least exploited by the rivals of The Times. This section includes the college alumnuss, who will the be the prima enterprisers, and are merely looking to indulge in the changing universe, are seeking chances to work, are waiting to convey alteration themselves, and have a batch to state about the current state of affairss.


To develop a magazine for the young person who are ready to go the prima enterprisers of tomorrow and increaser market portion of the newspaper through this.

Marketing Aims:

To contract it down further, its selling aims would be:

  • To accomplish gross revenues
  • To increase circulation
  • To increase market incursion

Fiscal Aims:

The fiscal aims behind the selling scheme would be:

  • To increase net income border
  • To cover up the market research outgo in the minimal clip after the rhenium launch.

Target Markets:

The mark market would be the young person between 18-25 who is:

  • Energetic ;
  • Business-minded ;
  • Political minded ; and
  • Change oriented.


The Magazine is to be a one-of-a-kind ‘youth incentive to convey alteration in the concern universe and in the society ‘ .


The schemes could include:

  • Making viva-voce consciousness of the magazine ; and
  • Catching readers from web logs and viral advertisement.

Marketing Mix

Merchandise: The Times Youth magazine will hold subdivisions on, concern, political relations, society and young person issues.

Price – The monetary value would run from 20p to 25p.

Distribution – The limited distribution would be in colleges and Universities, and campus occupants.


The Times executives are certain in the close hereafter the newspaper will be able to accomplish profitableness with its ace selling schemes that guarantee maximal returns. Equally much as the selling scheme boosts up gross revenues, the hereafter of the newspaper industry still poses a menace to the old permanent newspapers who have so far had their portion in celebrity. Internet continues to endanger the manner the intelligence is being delivered, through the of all time altering readers ‘ gustatory sensations and the demand it brings for ‘faster and better ‘ . More and more on-line publications are being developed each twenty-four hours as on-line news media continues to work readers. Web logs and societal networking sites are taking the lead. Future looks more reader-oriented with more and more reader engagement and less and less infliction of intelligence from studies. The cyberspace has made readers more opinionated so the newspapers have to watch out. ( Orienwell, 2009 )

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