Matisse and Munch Essay

The Dance – Henri Matisse. ( 1909 ) . oil on canvas. This picture was commissioned in 1909 by Sergei Shchukin for cosmetic intents ( MoMa ) . The picture comprises five nudes dancing in a circle that is evocative of ancient heathen patterns. Dance of Life – Edvard Munch. ( 1899 ) . oil on canvas. This picture was comprises of what can be described as a ‘cyclic position of life’ whereby “We repetition ourselves like crystals that are dissolved and so recrystallise again” ( Munch in Humanities Web ) .

This piece is a extremely symbolic image of life and decease and the brotherhood of psyches while Matisse invokes the slightly basic nature of humanity right down to its thrusts and inherent aptitudes. Munch was peculiarly concerned with the assorted ways in which you see the same thing. depending on temper and clip of twenty-four hours.

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“The fact is that at different times you see with different eyes. ” ( Munch in Eggum ) . Matisse prized himself on a mature digest of colour and line that was non near to the morbid captivation with decease that Munch had. In the two pictures there is a distinguishable two dimensionality that is oddly juxtaposed to a slightly well-arranged capable affair. Matisse and Munch both use the same graphic colour but Munch has a much more diverse pallet in this instance.

Matisse appears to be trying the crude nature of life that is shown by the nakedness of the topics every bit good as the round composing of topics that is evocative of churrigueresque creative persons such as Rubens. Munch uses colour to denote the presence of life on the left manus side ( white ) and decease ( black ) in the vesture of the adult female on the right.

In between is a fire-red frock that symbolises the integrity of the adult male and the adult female. Munch creates a heavy background full of circling people while in Matisse there is no background except for a skyline line created by green pigment. The background in Munch’s picture shows the people going smaller in an effort to give the feeling of deepness in an otherwise level image.


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