McDonalds Workplace Hygeine

Executive Summary

This study is to use the HACCP to look into and measure the nutrient safety processs in one of the most celebrated fast-food company ; the McDonald.and besides aims at offering some suggestions to rectify some of the non-satisfactory processs. The study will depict it from the undermentioned facets: personal hygiene, cleansing and sanitizing, pest control, refuse disposal, having nutrients, hive awaying nutrients, chilling & A ; defrosting, cookery and retention.

McDonald is a taking nutrient service retail merchant. Merely in the USA, it has more than 12,300 traditional eating houses, plus about 1320 satellite locations in installations like infirmaries. They serve more than 21.8 million clients a twenty-four hours. So how dose the nutrient safety processs go on in McDonald is of great importance, which is related to the wellness of consumers.

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In order to use the HACCP to look into the nutrient safety process, this study does a survey of the nutrient safety process in the McDonald, and happen out that as a successful endeavor, McDonald develops elaborate commissariats to guarantee the nutrient safety process, doing nutrient safety a cardinal factor to its success.


Produce and serve safe nutrient is the concluding end for foodservice operations ( Yi-Mei Sun, 2005 ) . It was reported that HACCP system have non yet been homogeneously implemented across all of the nutrient industry ( Panisello and Quantick, 2001 ; G.Campbell-Platt, 2002 ) . The cardinal action, known as critical control points can be taken to cut down or extinguish the hazard of the jeopardies being realized. It is used in the nutrient industry to place possible nutrient safety jeopardies at all phases of nutrient production and readying procedures.

McDonald, as the biggest fast nutrient retail merchant in the universe, take the nutrient safety as a ceaseless procedure, from natural stuffs, through the installations and distribution centres, and all the manner to the eating houses. It ” „?s a top precedence at McDonald ” „?s. ( Sarah Fister Gale, 2006 ) .

Situational Analysis

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene of the workers is likely one of the most of import thing, because the workers need to interact with the clients, and in the McDonald, they are responsible for the dinning environment.

McDonald has specific ordinances for workers ” „? personal hygiene as follows:

1. Apparels must be clean and appropriate.

2. Keep hair clean, ladies ” „? face should non be covered by the hair.

3. Work force ” „?s hair should be above the neckband, long hair is non allowed.

4. Work forces need to shave and manicure everyday.

5. Ladies should have on the appropriate makeup. And excessively much ornament is non allowed.

6. Keep the fingernail clean and short.

7. Maintain unwritten hygiene and regular bathing.

8. Members of the McDonald ” „?s eating house direction group demand to have on uniforms.

9. Wash manus earlier traveling to workstation.

Of all the McDonald ” „?s hygiene criterions, most of the ordinances are carried out by about all the workers in McDonald. But there is the told by one of the workers in McDonald: Sorry to destroy your thought about McDonald ” „?s and manus lavation. I ” „?ve worked at McDonald ” „?s for three months, and I ne’er see anyone wear baseball mitts, or rinse their custodies, directors included. Since this remarks comes from the forum, it is hard for us the justice its dependability. However, the suggestions for the McDonald director is that, they need to pay more attending to the workers personal hygiene, and seek their best the brand the state of affairs much better.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleaning and Sanitizing are necessary procedures to make a clean and nice environment for the clients in the McDonald. Harmonizing to the HACCP, cleansing and sanitizing should follow four stairss: pre-clean, chief clean, sanenesss and drying.

Regulations concerned about cleansing and sanitizing in the McDonald are:


1. The dining tabular arraies, chairs, Windowss and equipment should be spotless.

2. All the tableware and machine should be wholly cleaned and sanitising after work.

3. The glass must be rub mundane

4. The parking batch must be flush mundane

5. The trash bin must be brushed mundane

Chief clean:

McDonald makes a readily cleaning ordinance to chief clean. Readily cleaning ordinance means anybody in any place must clean the peripheral place to maintain the place clean.

What is more, the McDonald has its ain particular method to simplify the clean and sanitising occupation and salvage the clip spent on clean and sanitizing.

First, they use tonss of paper, plastic and other disposable tableware. This means, the worker merely needs to set the tabular array wares which are left by the clients when they finish into the refuse bin, and clean the tabular array. Then everything is done.

Second, they use trays and trays of paper, which are convenient for the clients to transport, and cut down the opportunity to dirt the desk. And as a consequence, salvage the clip spent on cleaning the tabular array.

Finally, all the kitchen equipments are of unstained steel surface. As the chromium steel steel surface is easy to clean, the efficiency of cleansing work is improved.

Pest control

Pest control is besides of great importance. Cipher likes the presence of plagues which transmit diseases. Here is what has been done in McDonald concerned about pest control:

1.McDonald particularly concentrate on the controlling of cockroach.

2 In the entryway of the distribution centre, a sort of particular xanthous visible radiation has been designed to drive the fly.

3 The interior of the distribution centre has been painted white, particularly the floor around the warehouse. Then it will be much easy to follow the cockroach and the mouse. and some actions can be taken to forestall bad ting from go oning.

In McDonald, the keys to successful plague controls are as follows:

1. Correct designation of the plague is the first measure in control, because information on plague biological science, ecology, and behaviour can be easy obtained if the plague is known.

2. It is of import to observe pest jobs early. Careful ocular reviews can assist in early sensing of infestations.

3. Control measures must be timed to aim the most vulnerable phase of plagues. as many plagues are susceptible to command steps at certain times in their lives.

Garbage disposal

There are many refuse need to dispose mundane in McDonald. In order to protect the environment, McDonald uses paper bags alternatively of bags. Here are the ordinances related to garbage disposal in McDonald:

1 Disposal refuse twenty-four hours and ne’er go forth them until tomorrow.

2 Workers must clean the topographic point around them at anytime.

3 Use different rubbish bins to divide the different sorts of refuse.

4 Wear baseball mitts when dispose refuse

5 Wash manus after disposing refuse

Although refuse disposal is a little small thing, attending should be paid to, otherwise it will be harmful to the cleansing process.

Receiving nutrients

Harmonizing to the HACCP, the receiving contains the undermentioned facets, and this study wills analysis the state of affairs in the McDonald following the HACCP:

1. Approved beginning.

To do all the merchandises has the same spirit, the McDonald particularly concentrate on the standardisation of natural stuffs. And all the stuffs must be offered by the McDonald distribution centre.

2. Choosing the providers

Knowing that providers are a major participant in carry throughing its promise and adhering to its societal duty, McDonal ” „?s ensures 100 % eligibility before adding any resource to its database of sanctioned providers. To quality as a McDonald ” „?s provider, they must run into the McDonald ” „?s internal nutrient safety criterions, merchandise specification and farm biosecurity policies

3. Guality supervising and review

The McDonald has stringent procurement criterions. The buying section is responsible for quality supervising and review of the natural stuffs of the providers. When a faulty merchandise is found, it should be return instantly. And the providers should work out the job every bit shortly as possible. If the providers can non work out the job before the deadline, their making for providers will be canceled.

So the goods having process of the McDonald is following the HACCP.

Storing Foods

Storing nutrients is a amusing thing for McDonald. Harmonizing to the HACCP, the McDonald can hive away the beefburger that is non sold out every bit good as the method is right and proper.

1. The Gallic french friess must be thrown off, if it can non be sold out within seven proceedingss.

2. The beefburger must be thrown off, if it can non be sold out within 10 proceedingss. It is non because of nutrient decay or nutrient defect.

The McDonald insists on offering the most valuable and qualified nutrient to the clients. And this is merely right the ground why the McDonald does what is mentioned above.

So, hive awaying nutrients is in fact non merely a amusing thing for McDonald but besides a serious thing for McDonald. And through the undermentioned statements one can see, how serious it is:

1. The temperature inside the house for cold storage should be between 1 and 4, and the temperature of the house for cold storage should be between -22 & A ; Atilde ; ‚ & A ; Acirc ; & A ; deg ; ~18 & A ; Atilde ; ‚ & A ; Acirc ; & A ; deg ; .

2. Particular attending should be paid to the storage of beefburger, otherwise accident will be easy to go on, if it is non storied under the standard temperature.

3. The storage of nutrient and stuffs should be obey to the ordinances.

And it decidedly follows the HACCP, or even does a greater occupation.

Cooling and Defrosting

Cooling is a utile manner to maintain most of the nutrient or stuffs fresh.

When inspect whether the nutrient is fresh or non, McDonald pays much attending to the trial of temperature, particularly the temperature control of the frozen nutrient. The workers much inspect every merchandise to do certain it is under the status of chilling.

The chief rule for the refrigerate is take a firm standing – ” FIFO ” A? , the FIFO bases for first in first out.

Particular methods have been made, concerned about how to form the nutrient, for illustration, there can merely be six boxes of Gallic french friess up frontward.

Before the nutrient being cooled, the director demand to inspect the temperature and the quality of the goods.

Cooking and Keeping

The reported foodborne unwellness instances per twelvemonth were 76 1000000s in the US ( Tauxe, 2002 ) and 9.4 1000000s in the UK ( Walker, et Al, 2003 ) .Improper nutrient handling is responsible for 97 % of nutrient borne unwellness associated catering ( Griffith CJ, 2000 ) . The McDonald pays much attending to cookery and handling process. The chief rule for cookery is – ” less amount many clip ” A? which can guarantee the high quality and high fresh degree of the nutrient. For case, twelve beefburgers should be made in four proceedingss ; workers can non cook the 12 beefburgers at one clip. The clip figured out for doing one beefburger is one handured and 45 senconds, take the extra clip into consideration, humburgers can be made in 10 proceedingss. About all nutrients in the McDonald have the specific retention clip, the keeping clip for humbuegers is 10 proceedingss, for French french friess is seven proceedingss, for apple pie is 10 proceedingss, and for java is 30 proceedingss, and the temperature of the milk sent by the provider must be under 4 & A ; Atilde ; ? ” A? & A ; AElig ; ‘ , otherwise, it will be returned.


In decision, workplace hygiene is really of import to McDonald which does a good occupation in such eight facets above-named. McDonald ” „?s ways to pull off the workplace hygiene can be good mentions for other similar constitutions. Beause of the work for hygiene is systematic, there may be some behaviors non conform to specified demands exsit, for case, some worker may exclude rinsing, McDonald still needs to do better usage of the HACCP to do the state of affairs even better.


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