Montessori Essay

The Casa dei Bambini was primarily a place for children’s education. Montessori’s main aim was that the child’s learning was achieved in a structured and orderly environment. There are many different and significant changes that occurred in the children. They started to develop a degree of concentration; the child was satisfied and happy following their efforts. It was noted that the children wanted to make their own choices. They possessed a sense of personal dignity and displayed growth in the area of self-control. The child showed pride in their work and was always happy to show it to others The materials are broken up into four different categories, practical life, sensorial, academic materials and cultural and artistic materials.

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With the practical life materials such as; carrying a mat, opening a bottle or pouring grains, the child learns how to gain control in their co-ordination of movement, by doing so they also gain independence and learns how to properly adapt to his environment. These practical life teachings will help the child to be a fully functional member in his society. The sensorial materials help the child acquire clear, conscious information and aids in the classification of his environment. Activities like the pink tower, red rods, touch tablets and sound boxes will encourage the use of the child’s senses and helps him study and understand his environment.

The cultural and artistic material is used for guidance and instruction, names given to items with functions and purpose helps with the child’s general vocabulary, allowing him to express himself. Sound games, sandpaper letters and moveable alphabets are activities that are used to aid these teachings. The academic material helps with the study of the science of patterns and includes patterns of all kinds. Number rods, sandpaper numbers and spindle boxes are a few of the materials used to teach. When the child is ready, the information will come just as easy as the other areas. Children will learn and develop naturally through the materials and proper environment for them.

An absorbent mind is how Maria Montessori describes children between the ages of three and six. They are at the most critical age and are in need of much required nurturing of their curiosity. This helps to lay the foundation for all their future developments. Children form themselves by taking in their environments; they are able to do so without any effort or fatigue. The prepared environment is very important to the child’s development; it is designed specifically for them, to encourage their eagerness and keep the child’s natural interests in mind. The environment that the child learns in has to be a nourishing place, created to meet his need for self-construction.

Together with the accessible area and materials the child is able to teach himself with some guidance from the teacher. The environment the child is in must have a supportive atmosphere, everything being close to his size will not intimidate him but pique his interest more, thereby helping grow his self-confidence and willingness to try new things. A Montessori classroom is an open safe space where the child is allowed to move freely from activity to activity, encouraging him to interact socially in many ways. The aim of the prepared environment is to make the children to feel comfortable and safe. It also shows them that an organized area helps them learn, it frees the child to focus during periods of learning by keeping the environment free of clutter.

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