Most difficult aspects of learning English Essay

I studied English language at school and in university, but when I started to work in Russian-American it-company I met several difficulties with my English. I understood that my English wasn’t perfect and I need study more to build my career,, because in this company and generally you have to speak English most of the your work time. I decided to study English more seriously, but I met some difficult aspects of learning English like grammar part and reading part. First difficult aspect of learning English is grammar. In every language in the world grammar have some special things. But if you know well grammar part you’re speaking and writing will be correct and people will correctly understand you. For example, grammar help to people build sentences, how to ask questions, how correctly use verbs in different times, nouns.

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However, I met another difficult part of learning English like reading part. Next part is reading. For example, just imagine that you get new documentation for thirty pages in English about new software in your job and you have to read and understand technical issues in the very short time. In this time you have to use your reading skills like scanning and skimming. This is skills will help you to understand what about topic without reading and translating every word. That’s why when you are learning new language reading skills are necessary. In conclusion, I think that those parts are the hardest because they involve the most difficult aspects of learning a new language: grammar and reading and it take a lot of time to master them.

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