Mother and Child Communication Essay

Mother and Child Communication

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            Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defined listening as a verb used (1) ‘to pay attention’, (2) ‘to hear something with thoughtful attention: to give consideration’ and (3) ‘ to be alert to catch an expected sound’ (“Listen”). Therefore, listening involves two or more people who took turns in talking or who exchange thoughts in a manner that both person or parties will be able to have the chance to share and be heard. In the movie entitled “An American Rhapsody”, Suzi and her mother seems to have a problem listening each other’s opinion and thoughts.

             Suzi’s mother thinks of what is bets for her and thinks that by making her grounded, she would stop going out at night and seeing her friends who seems to be teaching her things a fifteen-year-old must not do. Citing one incident from the movie was the time when they had arguments about her leaving the house that ended up in a confrontation and Suzi refused to talk. The second incident was when Suzi woke up and found out that her bedroom window was placed with grills to prohibit her from going out at night and then a lock outside her door was used to confine her in the room. Suzi tried to call to her mother to let her out but she did not and so the young girl have to do something to free herself. The last incident was the morning after the second incident and Suzi talked to her father about going back to Budapest which her mother did not like.

            Both mother and daughter have differences and in the case of Suzi, she was awkward because that was not the kind of life she used to have and her mother on the other hand wants her to adapt to the changes. Her reasons for going back to Budapest was primarily because she wanted to be with her ‘mama and papa’. Suzi’s mother on the other hand have personal reasons why she does not want to go back to Budapest and why she wanted Suzi to act properly. Both lacked the ability to listen to the other which complicates both their lives and affected their relationship with others.
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