Music And Its Effect On The Psychology Of Teenagers Media Essay

“ There has been a monolithic sum of research, seeking to place the psychological and behavioural effects of music on a adolescent. Society stigmatizes different genres with common belief and misconceptions, such as listening to classical music makes person smarter and heavy metal and hardcore blame causes unmanageable fury and ill will. Stereotypes, misconceptions, and the inclination to construe observations and research excessively loosely have tainted the true kernel of musical psychological science, which is the analysis of how different musical facets react with the behavioural and emotional facets of adolescents. ” Deeha ( 2008 ) [ online ]

Harmonizing to ( n.d ) [ on-line ] , Music is defined as “ The scientific discipline and the art of tones i.e. , sounds of higher or lower pitch, begotten of unvarying and synchronal quivers, as of a twine at assorted grades of tenseness ; the scientific discipline of consonant tones which dainties of the rules of harmoniousness, or the belongingss, dependances and dealingss of tones to each other ; the art of uniting tones in a mode to delight the ear. ”

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Music is besides defined as “ vocal or instrumental sounds ( or both ) combined in such a manner as to bring forth beauty of signifier, harmoniousness, and look of emotion. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

“ Music is cosmopolitan and yet it is besides comparative and subjective. What may be music to one may non be so to another. ” Estrella ( n.d ) [ online ] defines music as “ an art of sound in clip that expresses thoughts and emotions in important signifiers through the elements of beat, tune, harmoniousness and kineticss. ” ( n.d ) [ online ] ( n.d ) [ on-line ] defines psychological science as “ the mental or behavioural features of an single or group or the survey of head and behaviour in relation to a peculiar field of cognition or activity. ” ( n.d ) [ on-line ] defines psychological science asA ” theA mental make-upA orA structureA ofA anA individualA that causesA himA orA herA toA thinkA orA actA inA theA wayA he orA sheA does. ”

“ There are many theories sing when and where music originated. Many agree that music began even before adult male existed. Historians point out that there are six periods of music and each period has a peculiar manner of music that greatly contributed to what music is today ” . Estrella ( n.d ) [ online ]

Medieval/Middle Ages

“ Music during the Middle Ages is characterized by the beginning of musical notation every bit good as polyphonic music. During this clip, there were two general types of music manners ; the monophonic and the polyphonic. “ Estrella ( n.d ) [ on-line ] . “ Mono means one noteA at a timeA while polyphonic agencies two or moreA differentA notesA at the same clip. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]


“ Renascence means “ rebirth ” and in music this period brought approximately many alterations in the manner music was created and perceived. ” Estrella ( n.d ) [ online ]


“ The music of the Classical period, which spans from 1750 to 1820, is characterized by simpler tunes and signifiers such as the sonatas. The piano was doubtless the primary instrument used by composers during the Classical period. ” Estrella ( n.d ) [ online ]


“ Historians define the Romantic Music period to be between 1800 to 1900. It is characterized by utilizing music to state a narrative or show an thought, and the usage of assorted instruments including air current instruments. Tunes are fuller and more dramatic. ” Estrella ( n.d ) [ online ]

twentieth Century

“ Music during the twentieth century brought approximately many inventions on how music was performed and appreciated. Artists were more willing to experiment on new music signifiers and used engineering to heighten their composings. ” Estrella ( n.d ) [ online ]


Music is of different types. We have ;

Classical Music




R & A ; B




New Age. Bhattacharyya ( 2012 ) [ online ]

“ Rock and axial rotation is a signifier of music that evolved in the United States in the late fortiess and early 1950s, with roots in chiefly Blues, Country, R & A ; B, Folk and Gospel music, and rapidly distribute to the remainder of the universe. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

“ Authoritative stone and axial rotation is played with one or two electric guitars ( one lead, one beat ) , a twine bass or an electric bass guitar, and a drum kit. In the earliest stone and axial rotation manners, either the piano or saxophone was frequently the lead instrument, but these were by and large replaced or supplemented by the guitar in the in-between to late 1950s. The monolithic popularity and eventual worldwide position of stone and axial rotation gave it a alone societal impact. Far beyond merely a musical manner, stone and axial rotation, as seen in films and in the new medium of telecasting, influenced life styles, manner, attitudes, and linguistic communication. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

“ Wind is an American musical art signifier which originated in the beginning of the twentieth century in African American communities in the Southern United States from a meeting of African and European music traditions. The manner ‘s West African lineage is apparent in its usage of bluish notes, improvisation, polyrhythm ‘s, syncope, and the swung note. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

A ” From its early development until the present, wind has besides incorporated music from 19th and twentieth century American popular music. The word wind began as a West Coast slang term of unsure derivation and was foremost used to mention to music in Chicago in approximately 1915. Jazz has, from its early twentieth century origin, spawned a assortment of subgenres, from New Orleans Dixieland dating from the early 1910s, large band-style swing from the 1930s and 1940s, bebop from the mid-1940s, a assortment of Latin wind mergers such as Afro-Cuban and Brazilian wind from the 1950s and 1960s, jazz-rock merger from the 1970s and late 1980s developments such as acerb wind, which blended wind influences into funk and hip-hop. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

“ Hip-hopA music, besides referred to asA blame music, is a music genre typically dwelling of a rhythmic vocal manner called blame which is accompanied with endorsing beats. Hip hop music is portion of civilization, which began in the Bronx, New York City in the 1970s, preponderantly among African Americans and Latinos. The term blame is frequently used synonymously with hip hop music. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

“ Rapping is a vocal manner in which the performing artist speaks rhythmically and in rime, by and large to a round. Beat generations are traditionally generated from parts of other vocals by a DJ, or sampled from parts of other vocals by a manufacturer, though synthesists, membranophone machines, and unrecorded sets are besides used, particularly in newer music. Rappers may execute what they have written down in front of clip, or improvize on the topographic point with or without a round which has become known as “ free-styling ” . Though blame is normally an built-in constituent of hip hop music, DJ ‘s sometimes perform and record entirely and many instrumental Acts of the Apostless are besides defined as hip hop. In the 1990 ‘s, a signifier called “ gangsta blame ” became a major portion of American music, doing contention over wordss which were perceived by some as advancing force, promiscuousness and drug usage. Nevertheless, hip hop continued to increase in popularity, and by the twelvemonth 2000, it was a basic of popular music charts. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

“ Reggae is a music genre foremost developed in Jamaica in the late sixtiess. While sometimes used in a broader sense to mention to most types of Jamaican music, the term reggae more properly denotes a peculiar music manner that originated following on the development of ska and rocksteady. Reggae is based on a rhythmic manner characterized by regular beats on the off-beat, known as the filth. Reggae is usually slower than ska, and normally has speech patterns on the first and 3rd round in each saloon.

Reggae vocal wordss trade with many topics, including faith, love, gender, peace, relationships, poorness, unfairness and other societal and political issues. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

“ State music is a blend of popular musical signifiers originally found in the Southern United States and the Appalachian Mountains. It has roots in traditional common people music, Celtic music, gospel music, and quaint music and evolved quickly in the 1920s. The term state music began to be used in the 1940s when the earlier term hillbilly music was deemed to be degrading, and the term was widely embraced in the 1970s, while state and Western has declined in usage since that clip, except in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it is still normally used in the United States. In the Southwestern United States a different mix of cultural groups created the music that became the Western music of the term state and Western. ” ( n.d ) [ online ]

All these types of music have different effects on different adolescents ; both positive and negative.

“ The mean individual spends several hours a twenty-four hours listening to music, whether they see it as a chief activity or merely as something to take up infinite in the background. It is non surprising, so, that music has a great consequence on how worlds think and act, perchance even impacting intelligence. Several surveies have been conducted on this theory ; though some consequences are questionable, the consensus position seems to be that music has the capacity for both positive and negative effects. ” Andrew ( n.d ) [ online ]

In America ; “ Researchers found that people could do accurate judgements about an person ‘s degrees of extroversion, creativeness and open-mindedness after listening to ten of their favourite vocals. Extroverts tend to seek out vocals with heavy bass lines, while those who enjoy more complex manners such as wind and classical music tend to be more originative and have higher IQ-scores. Another survey conducted by research workers at Herriot-Watt University looked at more than 36,000 participants from all over the universe. Participants were asked to rate more than 104 different musical manners in add-on to offering information about facets of their personality. ” Cherry ( n.d ) [ online ]

Besides, “ music can hold a positive curative consequence. Musical therapy uses music and all facets of music to better and keep physical, emotional, societal, and religious wellness of an person and is defined by the Music Therapy Association as an grounds based music intercession to carry through single ends within a curative scene. Peoples of all ages can harvest the benefits of musical therapy, particularly those who suffer mental wellness upsets, developmental upsets, Alzheimer ‘s disease, substance maltreatment, encephalon hurts, physical disablements, or chronic hurting. ” [ online ]

The wordss of music besides affect the psychological science of adolescents. “ Music wordss have undergone dramatic alterations since the debut of stone music more than 40 old ages ago. This is an issue of critical involvement and concern. ” [ online ]

“ Rock music wordss have become more explicit-particularly with mention to sex, drugs, and force. Recently, heavy metal and gangsta blame music wordss have had the greatest concern. In some instances, the wordss communicate potentially harmful messages such as drug usage, sexually transmitted diseases, hurts, homicide, and suicide have all become portion of mundane life for many American teens. ” [ online ]

In the U.K ;

“ Heavy-metal music has been a beginning of contention since its beginning in the 1980s. Heavy metal typically contains aggressive music, accompanied by violent wordss, go forthing many to claim that it can hold certain negative effects on the adolescents that listen to it. There have been several surveies done to prove the effects that heavy metal really has on adolescents. ” Godard ( n.d ) [ online ]

“ One of the most vocalized claims about heavy-metal music is that it makes its hearers, particularly its immature hearers, more violent. A survey done by Loyola University has found that this is, in fact, non true and there is no direct relationship between heavy-metal music and force in adolescents. In fact, it was found that participants that listened to heavy-metal music were less violent than those in the control group. The ground is ill-defined, but one conjecture is that since the hearer is exposed to violent music, they become inauspicious to it and diminish their desire to be violent. ” Godard ( n.d ) [ online ]

Besides, “ the Calgary Herald has reported that adolescents with higher degrees of intelligence are of course drawn to heavy-metal music, specifically because it relieves the force per unit area of a nerve-racking life. There is besides a big sense of community and solidarity among fans of heavy-metal music, something that intelligent people prefer. Listening to heavy metal is seen by most teens as a manner of let go ofing their internal choler and can really assist loosen up teens, taking to more difficult work and increased academic public presentation. ” Godard ( n.d ) [ online ]

Furthermore, “ it has been found that there is a nexus between the sum of heavy-metal music a adolescent listens to and the alleged “ macho ” personality. Adolescents that listen to heavy metal a batch are more likely to fall into a personality type that craves changeless esthesis and bangs from life. These will be by and large extroverted persons sexually, though they may non be socially. ” Godard ( n.d ) [ online ]

Last, “ all sorts of music have an consequence on temper. Heavy-metal music was tested to see if it evoked positive or negative emotions in its hearers. A survey by Shaleen L. Coss of the psychological science section at Loyola University found that participants who listened to heavy-metal music with violent wordss and music were less likely to experience depression subsequently than those who listened to non-violent vocals. They besides found that heavy-metal music hearers had higher self-pride than other participants because of the haste one feels from violent music. ” Godard ( n.d ) [ online ]

In Nigeria ;

Akpogena ( n.d ) [ on-line ] says “ Music captures the bosom. It is a powerful religious force. It can be a tool of great good or a arm of great devastation. Too much of our popular music is non even singable. Not merely is it frequently without recognizable melody, pitch, meter or tenor – and even without tune, harmoniousness or regular beat – but it is besides so blasphemous that it is unquotable. Many blame and stone vocals have gone far beyond the mere bounds of erotica to vile ferociousness, scatological crud, sadistic nihilism, profane irreverence and provocative degeneracy. Previously, dad music was about ever sentimental, cockamamie and unsubstantial. Now, it is nightmarishly barbaric. With the coming of dirt stone, hip-hop, peasant stone, gangsta blame, decease metal and velocity metal, a new moving ridge of wildly angry music with minimum tune lines or maulerss, rough and deformed electronics, ceaseless syncopes, and vile wordss – has swept onto centre phase. Steeped in a hopeless worldview of self-destruction, occultism, sexual maltreatment, self-mutilation, barbarous sadism and random retaliation, the music is dejecting, dark and hurtful. ”


The plants above shows that music that music has both positive and negative effects and the type of music that a adolescent prefers can make a important consequence on how the adolescent behaves. It besides shows that classical music, specifically Mozart, can do an addition in the academic public presentation of a adolescent.

Furthermore it besides shows that the wordss in the vocals adolescents listen to impact the manner a adolescent behaves and thinks. As the wordss become more expressed, so does the adolescent.


Music has both positive and negative effects and it differs from one adolescent to another.

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