Music industry marketing and promotion

Dear Joni,

Thank you for your inquiries about artist direction and the music industry, I will be happy to assist you find the right pick ‘s and usher you through all the advantages and disadvantages of the many countries that combine to do the music industry. I hope that by the terminal of this missive you will hold come to a determination in what you want to make, I will hold weighed up the Pro ‘s and Con ‘s of each state of affairs and given my ain sentiment on each facet that you may come across.

The music industry is a tough topographic point to be a portion of, you may be asked to subscribe contracts that deceive you of what you are acquiring and appear better than what in world they are.

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You are on the right lines to desire to pull off yourself as an creative person, I would strongly urge you to endeavor to pull off yourself to get down with and derive experience in the undertakings that are necessary in this sphere before you manus over your trust to anybody else.

What is the responsibility of a director?

The director is responsible for many facets of you as a concern. It is a directors duty to develop and come on your calling. Directors will web with record companies ; cover with publicity, every bit good as agents. Take attention of all concern related work including accounting.

What is the advantages of holding a director?

First allow me sketch some advantages of holding a director before I explain the significance of non holding a director. Directors want you to win the same manner you do! A reputable director will hold a batch of experience in the music industry, from this, they will hold a big set of contacts of which could incorporate person that opens the gate for your calling. They will assist you to put yourself realistic ends in short mid and long term and do certain you hit the mark. They will book you gigs and do your music heard in the public, known as merchandise development. A good director will be honest to you with the concern and calling advancement but will besides be a spot oblique in acquiring the best trades and dialogues. Directors will besides themselves pay for initial start up costs for you and assist with your public perceptual experience, your image and stigmatization. As the director is taking complete duty for all the concern and finance sections, you will hold complete freedom in being able to concentrate on chiefly your creativeness and vocal authorship.

What is the significance of being your ain director?

You already own most of the needful accomplishments to take on the undertaking of managing, but being your ain director is all about passion and entire devotedness to yourself as an creative person and concern. You are already half manner there in footings that you have built a fan base on networking web sites every bit good as bring forthing involvement in your unrecorded scene.

A premier advantage of being your ain director is of class non necessitating to pay another director. A typical director will desire 20 % of your gross income which in theory could impact your income rather a spot, and of class you want to do as much money as possible.

Bing your ain director puts you in complete control. You are non holding to set great sums of trust into another person, and you are able to do all your ain determinations. You will hold to organize a great trade of things yourself, doing your ain originative infinite to be about absent. You may necessitate to take clip to larn the accomplishments needed for making and pull offing your ain histories. You will necessitate to screen out your ain accompanying instrumentalists and set up the dry runs needed for your stuff. You will necessitate to make your ain advertisement and promoting, every bit good as booking your ain gigs.

Having a Manager can be seen as a disadvantage in some facets, they could potentially maneuver you down a way that you were originally unintended to travel down, they may pull off you into a more commercial side of which you may non desire but hold small control over. Whilst pull offing yourself, you know precisely where you want to travel.

Music Industry administration and understandings

If you decide to be your ain director you are traveling to come across tonss of different understandings in the music industry that you will necessitate to partake in, in order to derive the most possible in your calling. Here I will name each administration and explicate the intent of them and why you should be involved in them:

Bits per inch

British Phonographic Industry – For protection, publicity, representation and support.


Music Managers Forum – A topographic point where music directors can web and happen resources.


Phonographic Performance Limited – This is a licensing company based in London. They will licence your recorded music and pictures so they can used for broadcast medium.


Performing Right Society – This is company which will roll up all the licensing fees from consumers that use your music and administer it back to you.


Mechanical Copyright Protection Society – This is a company that will pay you all of the royalties you earn from your music when it is sold or broadcast. They will pay composers, music publishing houses and songsters.


Musicians Union – Here you will happen most professional working instrumentalists profiles and be able to web with them.

These administrations are critical for you in order to register yourself into the music industry. As you can see you must go portion of these administrations to roll up your royalties, your licensing fees, and addition contacts and resources.

Not long ago anybody who knew anything about the music industry would hold told you that the record trade is the Jesus of all trades and the lone manner to the top. Timess have changed and this is surely no longer the instance, record companies are losing money largely because of the immense rebellion of the cyberspace. The cyberspace has allowed users to freely portion their digital media with one another, along came napster, which gave users an easy platform to portion their files which of class most popular files were mp3 ‘s of music.

The cyberspace has now become the new manner of selling music, for every bit small as 79p for a individual, there is non much money to be made from selling singles and albums entirely. That said, the record trade is non to be passed up if the right offer is made, but unluckily record companies are coming up with new ways to acquire every bit much money from the creative person as possible in the signifier of 360 trades. My words of advice is to non accept a 360 trade if it is offered to you, the contract states that any net incomes you make from unrecorded Tourss and ware can be claimed back by the record company, and as cadmium gross revenues are non doing money, losing the net incomes from these other beginnings could restrict you from any net incomes.

Another path to take is the publication trade, it is frequently considered a better option to a record trade. With a publication trade you will have a twelvemonth ‘s progress money, with the publishing house having the right of first publication to all that you write during the clip you are signed. From all the royalties you receive, these are all paid to the publishing house until the progress has been to the full repaid. The advantage over a record company is from the per centum splits you get thenceforth the progress has been repaid. It can be anything from 50-50, to 80-20 in your favor! This is a much better return than any record company will give you.

Producer understanding – Unless you are be aftering to bring forth your ain music you will necessitate a manufacturer to make a quality sounding maestro for your music. An understanding with a manufacturer could use to one vocal or an full album. The manufacturer is traveling to desire a royalty for the retail monetary value of the individual or album, depending on the repute of the manufacturer, the royalty rate can run from 1 % to 6 % . Some manufacturers may desire a rise of royalty rate after the vocal has sold x sum of transcripts. Manufacturers will besides necessitate an progress with similar system to the royalty rate, the sum depending on the repute of the manufacturer. An inexperient manufacturer my do it for free, whereas a professional manufacturer can inquire for up to $ 15,000 per song/master.

If you believe you are non acquiring the right sum of exposure or merely non acquiring noticed, you may be in demand of a unrecorded agent. A unrecorded agent may be the best manner to raise your profile in the universe of music. An agent will hold tonss of contacts in the concern, viz. ; record companies, manufacturers, vocalists, DJ ‘s and MC ‘s. An agent will seek to acquire you the best possible gigs and support you in the unrecorded scene. The bureau will necessitate you to subscribe a contract that enables them to take a per centum of your income from the public presentation that they got you, they can take up to 15 % typically. If you strongly believe that a unrecorded agent is what you need to progress to the following phase it is more likely an agent will come to you so you traveling to an agent every bit long as you have some involvement and have put yourself out at that place and are acquiring noticed.

Band understanding – the ground it is a must to compose up a set understanding is to forestall issues in the long tally particularly if the set splits up and confusion comes in with right of first publication and royalties. The understanding must province who owns what in footings of right of first publication, that includes the music, the wordss, the sound recording and other things like graphics. Other of import factors such as who came up with the set name or who has the right to utilize it, does the set name still use If the set splits? How will the income of royalties be split? Without a set understanding things can go really slippery as nil has been agreed beforehand.

With all these contracts and confounding linguistic communication you must do certain you to the full understand what you are subscribing. Let me get down by stating if you can afford a attorney so it is really advisable to acquire one. Whilst you are signed to a record label you are non able to enter for anybody else during the term you are signed. Make certain your record label trades with the music you play, if your music is of a less popular genre so you are better off with a independent label that trades with that manner.

With all contracts there are a figure of clauses that are negotiable and that can better the contract in your favor if you know what to inquire for. A record company will sometimes subscribe you a figure of options and non needfully sum of old ages in this instance options being figure of records. A record label could subscribe you to make 6 records instead than old ages. Make certain you understand what is being asked of you in the contract and negotiate to a figure that suits you. Here are some clauses you should be cognizant of in contracts. I will explicate each clause and what is the scenario to be in:


This is merely the continuance of the contract in months. Be cognizant of how many records they are inquiring you to bring forth and in what clip. Try to maintain the term to every bit short as possible as you do non desire to hold jobs with your label but be forced to maintain with them for an drawn-out continuance


You will be able to negociate how much money you will acquire to utilize on recording clip, advertisement, publicity, etc this money nevertheless will be paid back from your royalties.


This is the sum of money that will be given to you at the start of contract, it is a misconception that a immense progress is better. I would urge that you do non inquire for a immense progress, alternatively take clip to work out how much money you are traveling to necessitate, and so merely inquire for every bit small as you require.


Where in the universe your music will bring forth income.


Simple, the more the better! Do non accept anything below 10 % as a new creative person.


During the term of your contract the record company will have the Masterss of your vocals, make certain that there is a recapture clause in your contract that states you will re own the Masterss when the term is over. This will be in your best involvement as you will desire to go on to utilize your catalogue of music after your term is over

In respects to the term of the contract, you wanted to cognize what would be the best term for you. You will happen that in most instances the term of a contract for in your instance a new creative person, will be for one twelvemonth, but it may besides include an option for the record company or you to widen this for up to 4 old ages, this is non the best instance as it could intend that even if you want to stop your contract, the record label can take to maintain you signed for potentially a farther 4 old ages. This could hold a enormously affect what you want as an creative person. My recommendation is to seek to negociate to a lowest continuance contract and every bit small optional extensions as possible giving you much more freedom to go forth if things are n’t traveling to be after.

I hope that this has been of usage to you and will steer you and assist you to do your picks. I wish you the best of fortune and hope that your calling is a successful and profitable one.

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