My Goal of Working in the Financial District Essay

My Goal of Working in the Financial District

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            I am Angela (Surname), a junior in Rutgers University majoring in finance. The reason I chose this major is because my goal is to work in a major financial district in the future. In addition, I have been working at front desk of a dental office but I plan to move to a major corporation after I get my degree.

            Moreover, one of the major reasons I chose this major is that I believe it plays a highly significant role in society. In general, finance deals with the concepts of money, time and its accompanying risks. Considering the fact that virtually the entire world is experiencing an economic crisis, I believe now is the most appropriate time for me to study finance as it greatly relates to the problems that most countries are facing today. Basically, I believe that by obtaining a degree in finance and working in a financial district someday, I would be able to help in my own little way understand and solve the economic burdens that most countries are carrying.

            Furthermore, I fully believe that I have a good understanding of finance which is why I am confident that I can make an impact on the field. These past years, I have been constantly updating myself with the movements of the stock market, banks, and other information related to the field of finance. I believe that my past readings on them will greatly help me in goal to become successful in my chosen field.

            Most of all, I believe that I possess the right attitude and values which would enable me to flourish in the field of finance. Aside from my good work ethic, I am also very passionate in my chosen field and I ensure that I always do my best in my studies. I have constantly shown passion towards finance and I continue to work hard to contribute to the development of the field. In short, with my knowledge of the profession, my skills, and most of my attitude, I believe that I would be able to work in the financial district and would not have a hard time attaining success.

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