My reason for studying psychology Essay

Casey Anderson

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Why am I taking this class? My goal is pursue a career in Criminal Justice. There are so many different opportunities in criminal justice. My interests in this field are being an attorney, judge, forensic psychologist, crime scene investigator, probation officer, criminal defense lawyer, prosecutor, CEO, or working in a juvenile facility.

All of these opportunities and I haven’t chosen one yet. I am taking psychology because not only is it required that I take it for my major but maybe it can help me figure out what career path I would like to take. If I like psychology than maybe I can pursue a career in criminal justice dealing with psychology. If I don’t like it then I will know that I don’t need a job that requires a background in psychology.

What do I hope to learn from this course? I have heard that there are so many great learning experiences you can receive while studying psychology. For example being a criminal psychologist. You can into the minds of the criminals and figure out things like what would drive a person to commit such heinous crimes . I want to learn why criminals commit the crimes that they do. Who tells them to commit these crimes? How do they plot out their crime scenes? How do they pick their victims? Do criminals usual start out in their home towns so they can have an advantage of attacking the victim in a familiar place? All of these unanswered question I’m hoping will have answers by the end of this course.

I also want to learn all the different philosophers. For example John Locke, Epicurus , Plato, Aristotle , and Confucius. I Have learned about them but it was never a detailed course . My favorite philosopher is freud.Thats what I like about psychology there are no wrong answers. What is one thing I want you to know about me? I wanted you to know the reason why I chose to be a criminal justice major. I chose this major because I thought it would best fit who I am as a person. I have always seen people going In and out of jail, I have seen someone getting arrested tons of time, I have seen people go to court and never come back home to their families but I never understood why . I wanted to know the business side of law. I like watching Law and Order on television and; yes I know law and order isn’t real it’s just for a show but it gives me a glimpse of what to look forward to.

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