Netw206 Standardized Configurations Across the Network Essay

Assignment Background Information
This project will provide support for High-Definition IP cameras for DeVry’s campus network. In Phase 1, you designed a network switching infrastructure that supported both the existing data traffic, as well as additional camera traffic, according to requirements. In Phase 2, you will create standards and provide a configuration template for implementation teams to use in future deployments. Phase 2 Assignment

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As the network engineer, you have been asked to standardize network configurations across the Devry University campus. This week, your manager has scheduled a meeting to discuss with you specific configuration requirements based on camera density and traffic patterns, standards that you are proposing, and your configuration template that addresses the following design requirements. Design Requirements

Your configuration template should address each of the following, keeping in mind that both the existing data traffic and the camera traffic must be supported: 1. Four camera VLANs;
2. Local VLAN database;
3. Standard trunking protocol with non-default native VLAN;
4. Nonstandard management VLAN;
5. Standard hostnames;
6. Local authentication database with privilege level 15 for all senior network engineers and privilege level 1 for junior engineers; 7. SSH transport for VTY ports; and
8. Password-protect on all out-of-band management ports;
You are required to prepare a detailed network report for your manager at the next scheduled meeting. Your report should include:
1. Standardized network configurations to be used across the campus network; and

2. Any concerns based on the current network design.

IMPORTANT: A report template is provided beginning on the next page and you
must use it to submit your assignment. Before submitting your assignment, delete the first three pages of this document containing the instructions. Your submitted assignment should begin with the Title Page and only contain your report. Research Options

The following websites are available to assist in your research and design for this project. Cisco: Solarwinds:

Manage Engine:

Standardized Configurations across the Network
DeVry University
NETW206: Introduction to Switching
Submitted to:
Date: 0/0/00

In the last week, we just got an idea about the network configuration which we are going to implement in the organization. As per the requirement, we have to implement 150 cameras in the network. So we have to have huge bandwidth in our network to transfer the data from 150 cameras. By implementing the technology called Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), we can save the bandwidth of our LAN. VLAN means a group of devices on one or more logically segmented LANs (configured by use of management software), enabling devices to communicate as if attached to the same physical medium, when they are actually located on numerous different LAN segments. VLANs are based on logical instead of physical connections and thus are tremendously flexible. There are two types of VLANs.

1. End-to-End VLANs
2. Local VLANs
End-to-End VLANs

The term end-to-end VLAN refers to a single VLAN that is associated with switch ports that are widely dispersed throughout an enterprise network on multiple switches. A Layer 2 switched campus network carries traffic for this VLAN throughout the network. If more than one VLAN in a networks operating in the end-to-end mode, special links (Layer 2 trunks) are required between switches to carry the traffic of all the different VLANs.

Local VLANs

The Cisco Enterprise Campus Architecture is based on the local VLAN model. In this VLAN model, all users of s set of geographically common switches are grouped into a single VLAN, regardless of the organizational function of those users. Local VLANS are generally confined to a wiring closet. If users move from one location to another in the campus, their connection is changes to the new VLAN at the new physical location. So in our scenario, we are going to use the End-to-End VLAN concept, because we want to manage cameras centralized. Our main objective of implementing VLANs in here is, increasing the bandwidth. Also by using End-to-End concept, we can gain more flexibility in placing cameras. Also we can save additional cabling cost and no. of switches. So in this scenario every switch is having 5 VLANs. They are, 1. camera_vlan_01

2. camera_vlan_01
3. camera_vlan_01
4. camera_vlan_01
5. default vlan

Configuration of a switch
switch#configure terminal
switch(config)#hostname 2010P_ACCESS_01
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vlan 2
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-vlan)#name camera_vlan_01
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vlan 3
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-vlan)#name camera_vlan_02
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vlan 4
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-vlan)#name camera_vlan_03
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vlan 5
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-vlan)#name camera_vlan_04
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vtp mode server
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#vtp domain DeVry
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#interface fastethernet 0/1
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-if)#switchport mode trunk
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#line vty 0 4
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-line)#transport input ssh
2010P_ACCESS_01(config-line)#password PASSWORD
2010P_ACCESS_01(config)#enable secret PASSWORD


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