Nokia’s strategy


Nokia is a consumer led company. There is a progressive and uninterrupted addition in consumer engagement with engineering and communications globally. Peoples are broadening their manners of communicating to include the web and, societal webs are going cardinal to how people communicate.

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Peoples want to be genuinely connected, independent of clip and topographic point, in a manner that is really personal to them. And, Nokia ‘s promise is to link people in new and better ways.

Nokia ‘s scheme is to construct sure consumer relationships by offering compelling and valued consumer solutions that combine beautiful devices with context enriched services.

Narrative of Nokia:

  • Nokia ‘s first century: 1865-1967: From roots in paper, gum elastic, and overseas telegrams, in merely over 100 old ages Nokia becomes a powerful industrial pudding stone
    • The move to mobile: 1968-1991: The freshly formed Nokia Corporation is ideally positioned for a pioneering function in the early development of nomadic communications
    • The nomadic revolution: 1992-1999: As Mobile phone usage roars, Nokia makes the sector its nucleus concern. By the bend of the century, the company is the universe leader
  • Nokia now: 2000: Nokia sells its billionth mobile phone as the 3rd coevals of nomadic engineering emerges
  • Merchandise:

    Mobile phones

    1. 1.1 Authoritative series – The Mobira series
    2. 1.2 Original series
    3. 1.3 1000-9000 series
    • 1.3.1 Nokia 1000 series – Ultrabasic series
    • 1.3.2 Nokia 2000 series – Basic series
    • 1.3.3 Nokia 3000 series – Expression series
    • 1.3.4 Nokia 5000 series – Active series
    • 1.3.5 Nokia 6000 series – Authoritative Business series
    • 1.3.6 Nokia 7000 series – Manner and Experimental series
    • 1.3.7 Nokia 8000 series – Premium series
    • 1.3.8 Nokia 9000 series – Communicator series ( discontinued )
    1. 1.4 Smartphone series
    • 1.4.1 Nokia Cseries – Consumer series
    • 1.4.2 Nokia Eseries – Enterprise series
    • 1.4.3 Nokia Nseries – Mobile Computer series
    • 1.4.4 Nokia Xseries – Multimedia series
    1. 1.5 Other phones
    • 1.5.1 Nokia N-Gage – Mobile bet oning devices ( discontinued )
    • 1.5.2 Cardphones ( PCMCIA )
    • 1.5.3 Concept phones

    2 Services and solutions

    1. 2.1 Online services
    2. 2.2 Software solutions
    3. 2.3 Security solutions

    3 Assorted merchandises

    1. 3.1 Mini laptops
    2. 3.2 Internet Tablets
    3. 3.3 GPS merchandises
    4. 3.4 Accessories

    4 Merchandises marketed by Nokia Siemens Networks

    1. 4.1 Telephone switches
    2. 4.2 Tetra

    5 Merchandises marketed by Vertu, Nokia ‘s luxury phones trade name

    6 Discontinued merchandise lines

    1. 6.1 Personal computing machines
    2. 6.2 Computer shows
    3. 6.3 Digital telecasting
    4. 6.4 ADSL modems
    5. 6.5 WLAN merchandises
    6. 6.6 Military communications and equipment

    Nokia Green Initiative

    Nokia is traveling green by taking back old phone for recycling and has started “ we: recycle ” run and pressing people to go “ Planet Saver ” . It ‘s bespeaking people to drop old phones at Nokia precedence trader or Nokia attention Centre and promising to recycle the metal and plastic to do utile things, ensuing into no excess excavation and no film editing trees. It ‘s besides assuring to works a tree for every phone you drop.

    In today ‘s world, recycling old phones is non such a common pattern. Is n’t this a really advanced and large corporate societal duty ( CSR ) , the size at Nokia operates is big and roll uping phones from 1000s of precedence Centre and Nokia care need immense logistics and so level all these phones. Nokia has over 1 billion phones sold worldwide.

    Nokia is a market leader in nomadic devices and with leading comes great duty. Nokia aims to be a prima company in environmental public presentation. Our vision is a universe where everyone being connected can lend to sustainable development. We want to determine our industry and drive best patterns says Nokia on its web site.

    How many times you have upgraded your nomadic French telephone in last 3 old ages? What you did with old French telephone? Many of such French telephones remain someplace in the corner of the room or thrown in ashcan. When your phone is lost, courser is non lost and therefore you pile up large stocks of these coursers because they are non standardized for all phones. You merely maintain these coursers at place for indefinite clip.

    Think, you excessively can non lend to salvage Earth by reacting to Nokia ‘s advt.

    There ‘s still a batch in an old phone

    Old phones might look worthless but they still contain many useable and valuable stuffs. Nokia ‘s thought is to do it easier for consumers to move green by offering the possibility to return old, fresh phones and accoutrements. Authorized Nokia Service Points, flagship shops, municipal aggregations, industry association ‘s aggregations, or retail merchants ‘ runs are all possible channels for returning used merchandises.

    Understating our environmental footmark

    Nokia ‘s environmental work is based on life rhythm thought. This means that it aims to understate the environmental impact of our merchandises throughout our operations, get downing with the extraction of natural stuffs and stoping with recycling, intervention of waste, and recovery of used stuffs. We achieve this by better merchandise design, close control of the production processes, and greater stuff reuse and recycling.

    Our environmental attempts focal point on:

    The power of we: working together to protect the environment

    We: Evolve= To protect the environment we need to alter the manner we live and work. We can all take little stairss frontward every twenty-four hours. Try new things. Share thoughts. Be unfastened to new possibilities. We can cut down the sum we fly. We can countervail our indispensable flights. We can recycle more. Together, we can alter things one measure at a clip. That ‘s the power of we.

    By showing duty through our ain actions, sharing our cognition and ask foring others to acquire on the journey, we can do a existent difference. Every journey starts with a little measure, and every little measure affairs.

    Of class, it starts from all of us at Nokia. Peoples look to us for illustrations of sustainable behavior in the manner we work and live. We can take the manner. We can develop solutions to do it easier for everyone to make their spot. With a billion people utilizing our devices, this can add up to a batch.

    One of import measure is to better the manner we portion information and prosecute everyone at Nokia. The more people join in driving eco invention and acquiring involved, the more we can lend to protecting the environment.

    We: Make= Nokia devices come with eco betterments

  • Eco content and services: Eco-minded wallpapers, eco tips in tutorial, maps for path optimisation and prosaic pilotage. More eco content and services available at Ovi.
  • Energy efficiency: Power Save manner, ambient visible radiation detector, unplug courser reminder, High Efficiency Charger AC-10.
  • Materials: free of PVC, free of Ni on the merchandise surface, free of brominated compounds, chlorinated fire retardents and antimony trioxide as defined in Nokia Substance List.
  • Recycling: device is up to 80 % reclaimable.
  • Boxing: up to 60 % recycled stuff. 100 % reclaimable. Reduced compact bundle size.
  • Our attack is to continuously better the environmental sustainability of all our merchandises. Rather than presenting one-off “ green ” devices, we see this as a stairway of inventions that are so bit by bit rolled out across our merchandise scope.

    We: Energise= We ‘re doing nomadic devices more energy efficient by doing them smarter. The latest 1 ‘s incorporate characteristics like pilotage, cameras, music participants & A ; internet entree, so you do n’t hold to purchase, usage or recharge separate electronic points.

    We: Recycle= We design our merchandises to last and have a planetary Nokia service web to look after them, they keep working. But a batch of our phones are no longer used. Our planetary consumer study reveals that 44 % of old nomadic phones are lying in shortss at place and non being recycled. From our latest study why merely 3 % of people recycle their nomadic phones globally.

    Why should you recycle a phone that ‘s non being used? Recycling means we do n’t necessitate to pull out and polish every bit much stuff for new merchandises, salvaging energy, chemicals and waste. If every Nokia user recycled merely one fresh phone at the terminal of its life, together we would salvage about 80,000 metric tons of natural stuffs. Besides recycling gives your phone a 2nd life.

    We: Support= When it comes to making our spot for the environment, making things together frequently helps. We support administrations and articulation communities that are taking the manner and make solutions together. Mobile engineering allows making practical environmental and societal betterments and assist distributing the messages.

  • WWF:We work together with WWF to happen new ways of heightening Nokia ‘s environmental public presentation and increasing the environmental consciousness of everyone in the company.
  • Industry spouses:We besides work together with others in our industry through associations and enterprises, including:
    • European Information Communications and Consumer Electronics Technology Industry Association ( EICTA )
    • International Chamber of Commerce ( ICC )
    • Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association ( CTIA )
    • Electronicss Industry Alliance ( EIA )
    • World Business Council for Sustainable Development ( WBCSD )
    • Global e-Sustainability Initiative ( GeSI )
    • RosettaNet
    • Comprehensive Approach for Recycling of Electronics ( CARE )
    • Environmental Policy Group ( EICTA )
    • Waste Issue Group ( EICTA )
    • Measure Solving the e-waste job
  • IPP:Building environmental policy that works
  • And we took portion in the European Union ‘s IPP ( Integrated Product Policy ) attack to environmental policies.


    The growing of nomadic communications means it ‘s of import for Nokia as a market leader, to take the manner besides in sustainability and demonstrate best patterns. As portion of our duty, we provide in-depth information on how we aim to be a prima company in footings of environmental public presentation. With the co-operation of all the persons we nokia could easy make a spot for the environment to guarantee a green environment and therefore play an active function in salvaging Mother Nature and Planet Earth.


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