Nurse And Friars Role In Rome Juliets Deaths English Literature Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a calamity written early in the calling of William Shakespeare about two immature “ star-crossed lovers ” whose deceases finally unite their feuding households. The nurse and friar Lawrence may non to the full be to fault but I am to see to what extent they are to fault, and how together their actions caused their deceases. I will reply the inquiry utilizing a PQA manner of composing with quotation marks to exemplify my points more clearly.

Romeo considers Friar Lawrence person he can confide in, and hence Tells him about his newfound love, Juliet, every bit shortly as possible. The Friar, nevertheless, is non positive. He feels that Romeo is really headlong in his determinations, holding “ loved ” Rosaline a hebdomad ago, and provinces, “ Young work forces ‘s love liesaˆ¦ Not genuinely in their Black Marias, but in their eyes ” . Bing a really wise adult male, he warns Romeo to decelerate down a spot, but Romeo insists he wants to get married Juliet. Friar Lawrence so sees that the relationship could be used to convey the rival houses together.

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The nurse is a retainer in the Capulet house and can be seen as a contrast to Juliet. She appears to be in higher standing than the other retainers since was a wet nurse to Juliet, is present in private household conversations and is trusted by the Capulet ‘s.

Juliet and the Nurse portion a close bond, one that ‘s greater than one of a miss and her retainer. Since being her “ wet-nurse ” the Nurse has become over the old ages Juliet ‘s close comrade, intimate, friend and female parent. After Romeo is banished the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet alterations. When the Nurse suggests that Juliet should bury about Romeo and marry Paris, she loses Juliet ‘s trust and assurance and Juliet decides to seek the aid of Friar Lawrence.

The nurse and Friar Lawrence parallel each other in the drama in the manner they both are protecting the secretiveness of their matrimony, protecting themselves from danger and both attention about Romeo and Juliet. The Nurse and Friar Lawrence ne’er meet during the drama and are incognizant of each other. This caused confusion as both were seeking to assist in different ways.

Friar Laurence performs the secret nuptials ceremonial for Romeo and Juliet.A The Friar still believes that Romeo and Juliet ‘s relationship is non true and are n’t truly in love, but he agrees to get married them anyhow. The Friar gives Romeo what he feels to be good intelligence that Romeo has non been sentenced to decease by the Prince, A and has merely been banished.A This displays the Friar ‘s optimism, which helps him see the good in every state of affairs.

A Juliet begs the Friar to assist her in her as Paris is inquiring to get married her.A Because he ‘s spiritual, the Friar is besides looking for a manner to avoid get marrieding Juliet twice, so he helps her program her “ decease ” .A A He goes to the Capulet house after Juliet is discovered “ dead ” , and tells the household to hotfoot their asleep girl to her funeral service and so to burial.A He justifies this by stating “ it is God ‘s will ” , and lowers himself by utilizing God as a tool in his dishonesty.

The Nurse helps to travel the action of the drama along. After her relationship with Juliet is established, the following clip she appears she creates a struggle between Romeo and Juliet. During the Capulet ‘s party, she tells both Romeo and Juliet each the individuality of the other, and that they are from the rival house. The Nurse is the courier to Romeo to garner all the inside informations for their secret matrimony, and at this point she warns Romeo non to ache Juliet, demoing her love for her and boding the deceases. The Nurse gives Juliet the intelligence that Romeo killed Tybalt and was exiled by the Prince, farther aching Juliet emotionally. The Nurse arranges for Romeo and Juliet ‘s nuptials dark and concluding farewell.

Friar Laurence married Romeo and Juliet, trusting that their brotherhood would convey an terminal to the changeless feuding between their two households, the Montagues and the Capulets. Though the mendicant ‘s purposes were good, they were stairss along the way to calamity. In the Friars faith, it was a wickedness to get married person who was already married ; therefore he did non desire to get married Juliet to Paris when she was already married to Romeo. Juliet questioned Friar Laurence ‘s purposes herself, stating, “ What if it be a toxicant, which the mendicant / Subtly hath curate ‘d to hold me dead, / Lest in Marriage he should be dishonour ‘d / Because he married me before to Romeo? / I fear it is ” , but still, her faith in him as a womb-to-tomb friend overcame any intuitions that she had.

The Friar abandoned Juliet in the grave because people were nearing and he was afraid he would be discovered, “ I hear some noise, lady. ” And was scared because in those times he would hold been executed for making what he did. Besides because if he was seen in the grave with dead Romeo and dead Juliet he would be thought to hold tampered with the organic structures and that they were n’t in love, merely the mendicant traveling the organic structures.

The nurse ‘s motivations for assisting Juliet are rather ill-defined, it may be she merely wanted to assist Juliet, or that she merely wanted to be in on the chitchat. Her advice though is less wanted as the drama progresses possibly as Juliet discovers her motivations or as the nurse gets bored of the current state of affairs ; this is particularly apparent when she tells Juliet to get married Paris and bury Romeo. “ I think it is best you marry the county / For it excels your first ( matrimony ) . ”

The nurse betrays Juliet in the drama by non back uping her determination to stay with

Romeo. Alternatively of back uping Juliet the Nurse alternatively believes “ I think it is best you marry the county Juliet feels betrayed by this answer as the Nurse “ dispraise my Godhead ( Romeo ) with that same lingua / Which she hath praised him beyond comparison / So many thousand times The Nurse ‘s treachery causes Juliet to travel to the Friar with the purpose to perpetrate self-destruction should he be unable to assist Juliet, “ I ‘ll to the Friar to cognize his redress. / If all else fails myself have the power to decease. ”

Other factors which could hold led to the brace ‘s decease could hold been Mercutio and Tybalt contending in the street, the feuding households or the destiny which brought them together. The contending between Mercutio and Tybalt caused the prince to lose forbearance with the two households and when Tybalt died this made the prince banish Romeo, this cause the mendicant to do the program to “ kill ” Juliet. The feuding households caused Romeo and Juliet to maintain their love secret, and this led to Juliet taking the toxicant which made her appear dead. Destiny could hold played a large function particularly when the missive from the mendicant to Romeo was non delivered because of unwellness.

In decision, I will state you my sentiment sing the functions of the mendicant and the nurse in Romeo and Juliet ‘s decease. First of wholly, the Friar impetuously agreed to get married Romeo and Juliet, even though he knows it will do subsequently jobs. The Friar agrees to give Juliet the potion. The Friar makes the full program, which will take entire flawlessness and cooperation on everyone ‘s portion to work efficaciously. Inevitably, it is Friar Lawrence ‘s ‘ mistake that Romeo is non informed and ends up baffled about the recent occurrences affecting Juliet, which led to his decease. The Nurse allows Juliet to get married Romeo which started the whole sweet sand verbena peal and besides did non state her higher-ups, even cognizing that it was non right for her. She besides made the error of stating Juliet to get married Paris which Juliet to utilize the mendicants broken program. In all I think the mendicant is most responsible for the deceases of Romeo and Juliet, because he stated their jobs with matrimony, and ended it with decease.

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