ObamaCare America’s Healthcare Essay

Obamacare, America’s Healthcare

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English 1020-104
24 April 2013

Thesis statement: Government healthcare is undermining the healthcare system not to mention the framework of the Constitution. The quality of healthcare today will diminish and it will restrict the healthcare supply. I.) The history of government healthcare

A.) Medicare set up in 1965 intended to relieve the financial burden of medical bills for the elderly and disabled. B.) Medicare will be broke by 2016
II.) The disadvantages of government healthcare (Obamacare) A.) Patients have to wait on average of three years in other countries for diagnostic tests or procedures. B.) Unaffordable expansion of the federal government.

C.) Will create cost crunching bureaucrats.
D.) People will die from waiting for medical care.
III.)The Constitution does not give Congress the power to create commerce. A.) Obamacare imposes an unconstitutional tax.
B.) Obamacare will make it extremely difficult to see the doctor of your choice in a timely manner. IV.)The fallacies of the critics of American healthcare.
A.) Truth behind healthcare spending in America.

Obamacare, America’s Healthcare On September 17, 1787 delegates of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia presided over by George Washington, created the United States Constitution in which established America’s national government and fundamental laws that guaranteed certain basic rights for its citizens. This plan was devised of a system of checks and balances to make certain that no single branch would have too much power. Unfortunately, many Americans today believe that government should play a much larger role in the decision of its citizens’ healthcare needs. This will inflate Government Bureaucracies which has always been unresponsive to consumer needs. “Government healthcare must be stopped” (Huffman). It is undermining the healthcare system, not to mention the framework of the Constitution.

The quality of healthcare in America today will diminish and it will restrict the healthcare supply. Universal healthcare is not a modern issue, this debate has presided within the governing branches of this country for well over one hundred years. Reform efforts fell through repeatedly, thus creating private insurance as the alternative with doctors maintaining a vigilant eye. During this time doctors had great concern that they and their patients would come under the dictatorship of the insurance industry (Jacobs and Skocpol). By looking at the government’s healthcare program Medicare, set up in 1965, this program was intended to assist the disabled and the elderly to have access to healthcare and relieve the financial burden of excess medical bills. The Medicare program was designed to model the private insurance system. As the healthcare system has changed, Medicare now sets the standards for all insurance companies. This program provides insurance for approximately forty-three million elderly and disabled people. Around the turn of the century, when the economy plummeted the (SGR) sustainable growth rate formula was intended to keep medical spending in line with changes in the gross domestic product and as the SGR formula began to add up this started to put cuts in the physicians pay. Every year since 2002, Congress has voted to stall these cuts and put them in limbo, thus resulting in billions of accumulated debt, with no clear plan on how to pay for it.

This formula is known universally as a failure (Jacobs and Skocpol). Congress admits that Medicare will go broke by 2004 but according to Forbes the trustee’s claim that “Obamacare’s double counting and that Medicare will be broke in 2016” (Forbes). As Speaker Nancy Pelosi, admitted last year, Democrats “took a half a trillion dollars out of Medicare [Obamacare], the healthcare bill – and you can’t improve Medicare’s solvency by taking money out of the program” (Forbes). Obamacare is estimated to cost $938 billion over ten years according to the Congressional Budget Office. With these enormous deficits that are already in place within the governments health insurance Medicare program is one of the many reasons that government healthcare must cease. There has never been a government office that can force the same amount of productivity out of each dollar than that of the private sector. The private sector has more rewards to the individual for striving to become better in their respective field. When a government employee performs their job above expectations there is generally less of a reward. Most of the time government employees have set schedules and do not get paid overtime or receive bonuses. These employees have extremely good job security whereas the private sector, because of competition people have to constantly perform in order to stay employed. Healthcare is a service industry that exists to meet the needs of patients.

However, providers make the rules and control all decisions as far as what will or will not be covered, with Medicare setting the standards for the providers. This means the government already has and has had a direct input on America’s healthcare needs. There is no question that American healthcare, a mixture of private insurance and public programs, is a quagmire. Insurance premiums have more than doubled in the past five years leaving a lot of companies on the brink of bankruptcy. Americans are increasingly looking to the north for a feasible healthcare model and ironically the Canadians are looking to the United States for the care they need. By reviewing Canada’s healthcare system patients have to wait for any diagnostic test or procedure, on average of three years. A patient with breast cancer needed to wait four months, when the standard care is four weeks. Government healthcare will create cost crunching bureaucrats reducing the size of medical classes, closing hospitals and capping physician fees, thus resulting in thousands of patients waiting for necessary treatment causing extreme delays and or even death waiting for needed treatments. Recently in Britain, which also maintains a government run healthcare system, a cancer patient needed to get an appointment with a specialist, only to have it canceled forty-eight times. Not to mention that there are more than one million Britons that must wait for some type of care. France too has a government run system.

In August of 2003, during the heat wave when many of the doctors were on vacation and hospitals were stretched beyond capacity fifteen thousand elderly citizens died (David Gratzer). Healthcare has become an issue from hell. The new Obamacare will be going into effect in 2014 and it has been noted that not even Congress knows what to expect. It is an unaffordable expansion of the federal government’s role in the healthcare system that puts strict regulations and burdens on healthcare companies, employers and citizens. It exceeds the scope of the Commerce Clause. The Constitution does not give Congress the power to create commerce in order to regulate it. It also threatens the founding fathers creation of a limited government. The powers in Congress are given few and specific legislative powers. Obamacare imposes an unconstitutional tax. This tax fails to apportion the tax among the states by population, which makes it an invalid tax (Garrett). The Constitution is the governing body of the United States and is built on its governing principles. These principles states that government powers belong to the people. Obamacare will be dictating to the people what medical procedures will or will not be covered and make it extremely difficult to see the doctor of your choice in a timely manner.

Many critics of American healthcare Paul Krugman with the New York Times argues that costs are too high. “In 2002… the United States spent $5,267 on healthcare for each man, woman and child” (Gratzer). Canada and Britain’s spending, he notes is a small fraction of that. This is not giving a clear and concise picture because the United States is much wealthier than other countries, this makes it only logical that the United States would spend more on healthcare. For example, America’s high spending on research and development, M.D. Anderson in Texas, a prominent cancer center, spends more on research than Canada (Gratzer). The healthcare in America is expensive and there are problems that need to be addressed. With medical expenses continually rising makes it even more tempting to give into socialized medicine but Americans must look at the overall picture. By measuring the American healthcare system by how well it serves the citizens who are sick then American medicine excels. The American survival rate for Leukemia is fifty percent.

The European rate is thirty five percent. For prostate cancer the survival rate is eighty one percent in America and sixty two percent in France (Gratzer). America is right to be looking for good quality healthcare at affordable prices but looking into Canada and the European socialized systems is the wrong answer. The government bureaucrats will cut prices by shrinking access to healthcare and only at the expense of the patients needing quality care. By implementing government run healthcare will only make the problems worse and push the United States down a path that will make it impossible to overcome. Having an open market of competition has always proven to drive prices down and quality and productivity up. Any form of socialized medicine would be atrocious for patients and doctors. Other countries have proven that these programs do not work. Future costs of medicine will escalate upward and bureaucrats will take it upon themselves to ration medical services.

Eventually, physicians will be made to practice medicine against their better judgment. As in states like Tennessee (which has its own version of government health care, TennCare) many doctors are either leaving the state or quitting medicine entirely due to slow payments because the state bureaucrats are abusing the system and costing their businesses thousands of dollars. Combining the new Obamacare program and TennCare, Tennessee will end up with a shortage of doctors. Most of the problems with the current system have been the result of bad government policies. Thus, when combining the worst (Obamacare) with the bad TennCare, this country will acquire the very “worst” that government will have to offer. So America should be prepared for the Daffy Duck medical quackery and the whole cast of government looney tunes that will forcefully administer healthcare to its ailing patients.

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